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Credit: Disney (left) Universal (right)


  1. Linda

    Gov. Newsom claims his travel and theme park restrictions will help reduce the spread of Covid in California. While he discouraged Californians from travel, he is allowing thousands of migrants (many with Covid) to enter California thru San Diego and be dispersed to unknown locations in the state. Just how does this help control the spread of Covid?

    1. Anonymous

      Kkkaren has arrived with her racist post about how much she hates brown people.

      1. Kkb

        Not about race idiot.

      2. Mike

        You always know you have reached a point of logic that lays bare the lunacy of wokeism when the calls of racism start. What Linda said is logical and shows it really ISN’T about the science for the Left, therefore she had to be shamed! To answer your question Linda, letting in an unknown number of infected migrants can never lead to a good place for Commiefornia. But liberalism/wokeism is not about logic or science, it is completely about feelings. And living a life completely based on feelings doesn’t work. Good luck!

  2. Kkb

    I would love to go. I live in Nevada. Can’t wait.

  3. Connie

    I live in Missouri with a California native. We want to bring our granddaughter to a once in a lifetime visit to his home state and Disneyland and have rudely been told we even tho vaccinated are not welcome. Makes me wonder why we would want to come to your state at all

  4. zack

    you can go if your out of state, they are not checking id’s ffs

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