Comments for Amber Heard Wants Johnny Depp’s $50 Mill. Lawsuit Thrown Out

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  1. Savage Lynx

    Why should it get thrown out? He has new evidence, which Ms. Heard herself subpoenaed; that’s what the circus kick up the dirt’s time to jump in the matrix of “GET DEPP” is about!

    1. Shel

      Her team lives in fantasy world for the greed and the envious. They should be closely examined for the outrageous accusations and demands they are making. Her story is exactly what it is, a STORY. Trying to turn an argument into DV is so wrong. Then showing aggressive violence towards Mr. Depp by successfully debilitating his career, that’s criminal! Her team can hang up on me all they want, I won’t back dow, and they won’t knock him down!

      1. Shel

        I was trying to say ‘her team gang up on me all they want’ but autocompletook over.

        1. Lynx

          Yea, don’t go near pajiba without backup they are vicious HeardSucka cl0wns! I tore apart their human garbage article, but the gauntlet is cut-throat. Herd team waves the good fight flag, but they are knives out for meglo-greed & fame hunger, they are insatiable and their lives depend on their lies.

      2. Mona Allardice

        We love Johnny Depp…
        He is an amazing actor.

    2. DeZundre Montrel Lee

      The dude jack sparrows real name isnt johnny depp so how are they gonna do that his real name is my name

  2. Ann

    I’m sure she does want it thrown out. I hope he nails her in court.


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