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  1. Amy

    We’re Annual Passholders and live 45 minutes from Disney World. We’ve been going as often as we can since they reopened last July. Also spent one night at Pop Century at the beginning of August.
    We feel safe at the parks and don’t mind complying with the safety rules, because they mean we can go there.
    We’re having a cousins reunion there in about two weeks (3 cousins coming in from New York and two from here in Florida). We will all be staying on property (Caribbean Beach) and are super excited to be able to do this!

  2. Maestro

    With only 38% of those surveyed who have returned since reopening, and with the top two reasons for NOT having come back being waiting out the end of masks and waiting for the return of suspended amenities; it is clear that there is a problem with the current business model. If this poll is an accurate microcosm of the Disney-going public at large, the company is losing business and will need to make some changes. They will need to start adding back value for price by dropping the park reservation system, reopening the venues that are closed, and restarting fireworks, character interactions etc. Also, with the highest complaint being masks, time to take a good hard look at the science and start the process that eventually leads to masks becoming optional and eventually gone. A business can’t lose profits of this magnitude indefinitely. Sooner of later, something has to give.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Maestro, the problem here isn’t the layperson poll or even your difficulties with statistics, it is assuming you know more than scientists, doctors, the executives at Disney, and institutional shareholders that have caused Disney’s stock to double since instituting the mask requirements.
      I mean, is it possible that you are right and hundreds to hundreds of thousands of people are wrong despite being highly educated and experienced in the exact areas you are criticizing? I guess…
      Is it more likely you are letting your personal biases on mask wearing project fault on those that actually do know what they are talking about? (SHRUG)

    2. KenR

      Maestro, Well said. Agreed! I have yet to see a scientific study that clearly shows how healthy people, without a fever, wearing a mask outside, is a good idea and not just theatre. But one thing is clear, and you do not need to be a statistician to understand it, most people are not going to spend full price on a Disney vacation when they are forced to wear a mask while simultaneously getting less entertainment, less park hours, less service, less menu items at fewer restaurants, and less amenities. The parks are losing money, the Disney CEO said so recently, and attendance is way down. It’s not because people are afraid to go to WDW, its because of the Disney’s own policies. The parks and resorts would fill to capacity if they lift their self-imposed restrictions and bring back the shows.

  3. We have been twice since last year have reservations for Oct visit. Plan on going late April or May depending on when I can get a park pass. Hope fast passes come back. Wanted to eat at Sannu in Animal Kingdom but no reservations through end of May. Our 15 year old grandsons favorite restaurant.

  4. KenR

    I spent a week there last March with my wife and have a trip planned for December at Christmas but that is in large part due to my DVC points that expire and must eventually be used. I am a frequent visitor and have much different expectations than a 1st time guest and can tolerate a certain degree of “Less Magic”. I would not recommend a 1st time guest or infrequent visitor come to WDW at this time. The masks, zip tied plexiglass panels everywhere, reduced bus and transportation service, closed restaurants, reduced hours, no fireworks, no parades, no quality live entertainment, and reservations required for everything, including time at the resort pool, make for a crappy first experience. As I walked outside, alone on the boardwalk with my wife one night wearing our stupid masks, I could only think to myself how much I wish these masks rules and useless distancing requirements will be gone by the time we get there at Christmas.

    1. A.

      Wow, you have to have a reservation to use your resort pool? I had not heard things were that bad. Here’s to hoping that by the time you do your December trip the restrictions will be gone.

  5. Marisa

    Our family was hoping to come to Disney this year after the terrible year everyone had, due to the pandemic, and still continue to have, however , we decided it’s not worth it at this time due to the high cost of the trip and yet you are charging a high cost when activities , amenities,etc. continue to stay suspended and people continue to suffer as a result of the pandemic. If you truly wanted to have people return, you will need to offer much more than what you are currently offering—or lower your prices. Although our family enjoys coming there, it’s just not worth it at this time.

  6. Derrick

    I love Disney parks in general. I’m not on social media, and haven’t been for years now, so I wasn’t polled. I’m one of the folks though who will wait until more of the magic has returned and mask mandates are gone. Over the past year I’ve traveled to plenty of places, and regularly attended outdoor (and some indoor) amusement maskless, and we’ve all been just fine. I vote with my dollars for the businesses I fully approve of.

  7. LL

    Our family is holding a reunion there in June. I’m looking forward to the smaller crowd level. Wearing a mask in 90 degree weather with high humidity will not be fun, but I accept it so long as this very contagious virus continues infecting people. My life, to include entertainment isn’t going to stop because of a few simple rules.

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