Comments for Thomas Kinkade Studios ‘Mickey and Minnie in Greece’ Sweepstakes

thomas kinkade studios Mickey and Minnie in Greece

Credit: Thomas Kinkade


  1. Gina

    My favorite painting is Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey.

    1. It’s hard to choose just one. They’re all so beautiful with the colors used and the scenery. Santorini is very appealing. Mickey and Minnie are amazing in any scene.

  2. I have my favorite hanging at home signed by Thomas Kinkade “A new day at the Cinderella Castle”. However, Greece is favorite place & this painting is definitely a close second.

  3. KAREN S

    Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii

  4. Celeste Pacifico

    My favorite is Greece or the Cinderella painting, big fan of the Thomas Kincaid series

  5. Cheryl Offutt

    I would love one of these paintings

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