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  1. Mike

    Yes, Yes, Yes!! Now if we could make those Hours permenant through the summer (or even longer) we’d being the whole family down for a week. It’s so much money to tracer, the shorter hours make it hard to justify the expense

  2. Bob

    Considering how Disney is controlling guest capicity, park passes and park hours, there are major issues that people need to consider before planning to even go to WDW. First is one cannot plan ahead for their Disney vacation. Park hours are not even posted beyond 5/15. Also, park passes are very limited. Wait times are well over an hour in all parks which means you will spend half your park day standing in lines. In addition, there are no shows, no parades, no fireworks, and many venues are closed. During spring break, park hours have been extended because guests will be spend much more time standing in lines. My suggestion is to not even consider going to WDW untill 2022.

    1. Jo

      Wow! It’s not that bad! In fact, Not planning is kind of nice. We’ve been twice since Covid it reopened in July, headed down again next week. No problem getting park reserves for any of the parks on any of the trips. The lines move more quickly than they did with fastpasses! There are regular cavalcades/parades in all of the parks. There are fireworks in Magic Kingdom, and Epcot is firing up Harmonius. Many table service restaurants are still closed, but the new mobile ordering has streamline getting meals. I don’t know where you get your info, but my first-hand experience is that it’s a good time to visit the Parks before they get back to sardine-capacity.

  3. Bob

    WDW extended park hours for Spring Break only. After SB the published hours show that parks close at 5, 6 and 7 … before it gets dark. At 35% guest capicity there should be no lines. There are no shows, fireworks, or parades. I have been to WDW over 100 times and planning in advance with fast passes is the key. Managing my vists with fast passes on previous vists, I have never been in line more than 15 minutes.

  4. Maria

    So glad we went at the beginning of February! The crowds will be unable to distance properly. I would never feel comfortable with the crowds that will be there for Spring break!

  5. Shellie Karm

    Glad to see the hours extended for spring break and hope they soon get extended permanently! Hoping some of the other magic will come back as well. As a longtime Disney fan and traveling back and forth from Texas to visit oh, I want my grandkids see the magic of Disney more than once.

  6. Chante

    Ride wait times are long because of the lines. Disney’s wait times are generated by the length of the line. But when you consider that each group, and by “group”, I mean, your party, that you are at WDW with, are actually standing 6 feet apart from other guest/groups. You can prob guesstimate 1/2 the wait time.

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