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  1. Joan

    that is absurd as long as you are wearing your face covering why not be able to scream works well in Florida

    1. CJ

      They assume screaming is voluntary.

      1. Dan Sheffer

        If Your Wearing Your Mask Or Face Quard
        I See Nothing Wrong With Screaming On Rides

        1. Shannon Stamper

          This is why CA is a massive fail and people are fleei g. Utter stupidity.

  2. Erica

    Absolutely stupid. Get back to normal and recall Newsome.

    1. Chris

      Newsom is proving how incompetent he really is with this nonsense. Honestly, I hope he continues to do so, as it will help ensure his removal from office.

      1. Sue

        up 2 million signatures and continuing to climb (only 1.5 were needed).

    2. Pauline Navarro

      The real problem isn’t Newsom, though I agree, he is a piece of work, as my Mom would have said, the real problem is WE WHO HAVE TOLERATED HIM AND HIS DICTATES! If we ALL simply stood up and went out, maskless, pick a day..say April 19, the anniversary of The Shot Heard Round the World, Lexington, that some say started the Revolution, what would happen? You have heard the story of the frog who boiled to death, not realizing the pot was heating up? If we all pick a day, and stand up, what would happen? We would stop the pot from boiling. Do it. April 19.

      1. stacey

        I agree – make it a campaign worldwide. This madness must literally end and I am with you. Not to mention my bday is 4/19

      2. Michelle

        Amen! We need to do this. These mask don’t do a damn thing it’s proven. We need to stand together and take back our freedom.

      3. Sue

        You and your mother are absolutely right! I have been saying the same thing along. NOT one business was ever constitutional obligated to close and NOT person was every obligated to wear a mask. Now politicians are desperate to hold onto the power.


  3. Rusty shackleford

    This world has completely lost their minds.

  4. Rusty shackleford

    So we can have fun, but no too much fun. If you were so worried about “safety” you wouldn’t be open..but you lost enough money right ? Summer is coming so open up, but make it miserable for everyone who doesn’t believe in the scandemic

    1. Dale Gribble

      Nice job on stealing my name !

      1. Robert nicholson

        Look governer gavin newsom i dont live in your state any more but i was born there you cant enforce. No screaming on roller coasters that is against the guests rights i can understand if they spit on someone on how that would effect covid 19 but now your going overboard…. They wear masks if your afraid of the masks flying off i suggest you get masks that have bands around there heads.and pass them out to guest so they dont fly off plus…
        Guests pay good money to have fun at amusement parks key word amusement which means having fun so if they cant scream then lower the ticket price or your tax dollars will go away cuz patrons will not spend there money for them NOT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!! I miss my home town but i know from experiece i would not spend hundreds of dollars if i cant scream on any roller coasters…..this is absurb so i think you should think twice before enforceing these guidlines. thank you ….this is just my opinion

      2. This is ABSOLUTELY UTTERLY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Phoebe L Ho

      Can we please have the thrill rides open? I promise to keep my mask on, and if I scream for joy during something I haven’t experienced in ages, can you really blame me?

      1. Eric M

        Joy is not permitted in california


      1. Sue

        I totally agree!

  5. Peter

    Its dumb. But it does make sense tho, when someones screaming and yelling, the back seated person is full of spit. With or without the virus this is sick and gross!

  6. Eric M

    If it wasn’t for New York, California would be the dumbest state in the country

  7. Jeanine

    Oh my word…. I’m sorry, but I agree with the person who commented that this world has gone crazy. Just came back from DisneyWorld 2 weeks ago and honestly, it was miserable most of the time. You just can’t feel free and enjoy yourself when the mask police is always in your face. I was scolded 2x for my mask positioning which was completely over my nostrils and mouth, but I have a bigger nose. So….it must have not been acceptable that some of my nose was exposed. This is just ridiculous. We were scolded on Tower of Terror for our party of 6 (4 kids, myself, and my husband) were not touching the dot with our feet. I could go on, but I won’t. Sorry but we are definitely done with Disney unless the mask mandates and craziness with social distancing is done.

    1. Pauline Navarro

      I have repeatedly said I will not bring my family until the completely absurd OUTDOOR MASK requirement is lifted. Completely baseless. Anyone who fears the Virus that much, stay home. The rest of us, take off the dang masks and get back to living and breathing freely. I keep proposing April 19, the anniversary of the Lexington “shot heard round the world” that some say started the Revolution as a good day for all of us to throw off our masks and get back to living freely. April 19.

  8. GrandmaGooGoo


    1. Brandon

      Why are the comment sections on this site always full of right-wing drivel?

  9. Pauline Navarro

    How long will we tolerate the completely absurd, unscientific, power grabbing dictates of Newsom? How long before we all wake up and get back to living? Those who wish to be vaccinated, stay home until you are. The rest of us who are already vaccinated (or not), get back out to living and stop kneeling before the Emperor Without Clothes. Disney, I will not bring back my family until you stop the silly masking, esp outside!! And I WILL scream on any ride I wish!

  10. Barbara

    I’m assuming screaming is an involuntary response to joy or fear, so it may be very challenging for Disneyland to enforce such a rule.

  11. RGB

    This is completely insane. The legislators should be working on more important issues in the state then not screaming and roller coasters. If it is that much of a concern close the ride.

  12. mike gunthner

    It’s stupid recommend to hold your excitement on the rides , not me

  13. Nicole

    I’m gonna build a time machine out of a plane, so I can time travel and save the world!

  14. Ben collins

    Disney is the magical place on earth, not the quietest place on earth. The ending result is hearing people having fun, Walt would want to see people having fun, doesn’t live up to Walt Disney standderds.

  15. J.

    Ha ha, good luck with that one. More silly virtue signaling. When does common sense return?

  16. This is ABSOLUTELY UTTERLY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Marc Disney

    STUPID!!!! Governor Newsom is an idiot! As long as people wear a mask, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  18. Robert Coats

    Are you changing the name of “California Screaming” to California Muzzled”?
    Governors don’t make laws and this one is on his way out.
    His “Guidelines” are not law.
    Stop complying with narcissistic tyrants.

  19. KenG

    Note to others who live in free states: Now you know how dumb our Gov is and how poorly our state is run. Absurd.

  20. V

    Are you serious?! Newsom is an idiot. This has to be the most stupid thing he has said, thus far, during this whole BS pandemic lockdown control agenda. It’s no wonder that people are recalling him and leaving this state (destroyed under his command) at an alarming rate of OVER 600,000 a year. This state is DEAD.

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