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Jurassic Park River Adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Chris

    It’s time for the parks to get rid of the face diaper requirements. Masks don’t work and are just for show.

    1. Renee Bishop

      Totally agree.

    2. Burnthemask


      1. Jamie

        Out in the open air, there’s no reason to have one on. I may understand some of the indoor closed rides but not coasters & water rides. Doubtful Disney will follow suit. They will do this another year I’m sure.

    3. Sun Dog

      Yes, between the numbers of people who have had it and recovered by now, and the increasing availability of the vaccine for those that want it, it makes sense for the masks to start coming off by Summer. Let’s hope good sense prevails and we take another step toward normalcy.

      1. Jane Doe

        to late , worst day ever today, 87 degreeswith mask police everywhere in the parks, yes, if you want to wait 100 minutes or more to ride a water ride to take the mask off on.. lol..
        Never again!!! Get rid of mask in those counties..

        even with mil discounts, not worth the lines, or time and hot air mask breath.. Universal and Disney , whatever that county is needs a spanking..

    4. car


    5. The O

      Oh Trumpers, their denial of the truth never ceases to amaze me.

      1. Fred

        Do some research, sheeple.

    6. Oscar

      But you know what does work? Injecting disenfectant right in your veins. Trump said so. Try it out and then let me know what works best. Mask or disenfectant.

    7. Amanda

      100% right.. I WONT walk in 100 degree heat with a mask. Summer time folks will be passing out. I plan on going end of July but only if mask are not mandatory.. I’ll keep checking back..

  2. Jeanine Lopez

    So, help me understand, Volcano Bay does not enforce face coverings because it is a water park. Thousands of people, no mask. But switch over to Universal and they are required everywhere. Time to stop this. NO MORE MASKS!

  3. Kermit

    Let’s be real here, numerous individuals take their masks off on the rides and the themeparks (both Disney & Universal) do NOTHING about it. So in reality you “can” take your mask off on ALL attractions.

    1. jane doe

      bull crap, was there all day at iniversal with mask police at every corner.. only two ply can be worn.. single breathable not accepted

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