Comments for Certain WDW Ticket Holders Can’t Visit Any Park Next Week

disney world crowds

Both Images: Credit ITM


  1. Luisa

    My husband and I married 51 years have been visiting WDW since the 70’s and never stopped coming back. We try to come at least 3 times a year. We love your magic! We will be visiting in Sept 2021 and Dec 2021 and can’tt wait we miss you.

  2. Sean McManus

    The “magic” is gone and ain’t coming back.I was at WDW recently watching massive land whales jam their gullets full of gross food while Disney mask nannies yelled at me.The park was filthy, many attractions closed. I believe the future of disney is in China,they sure act like it .

    1. Not a Richard

      Watching people enjoy food and following rules makes me sad. Waaaaa!

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