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  1. Kim

    I will likely use both. Since you don’t have the option to pay for merch with the MagicMobile method, that gives an advantage to magicbands. The other potential issue is keeping a charge on the phones for those of us who like to be all day in the parks. However not even having to open my iPhone is nice for entry and photo pass.

  2. Missy

    I love the flexibility of using either especially since I too would worry about my battery dying, or even losing my phone. Plus the difficulty of quickly opening your phone with Face ID now while masks are mandatory is a time issue when there’s a line of people. I will likely stay with the ease of the magic band until the kinks are worked out.

  3. Grace

    I’ll be keeping my phone in a zippered pocket belt that I use while running to keep hand free and secure, but available when I’m sitting or waiting to check wait times and to be connected if I’m needed,, etc. I don’t want to drag it out every time I want to get in line or pay for a drink,, or worry about connecting or charge.
    I’ll have the app, but now will also purchase a magic band for our trip. Its just two of us, so not much of an added expense

  4. David

    App won’t work at the security gate for your Disney resort either, you need the band or a card from front desk.

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