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Disneyland Legacy Passholder

Credit: Disney


  1. Christine

    It is horrible I paid 3000 for our families tickets. My dad was sick with cancer. So we only went 3x. Then he died march 5 last year. The day of his funeral we started down and it was closed. . I had just paid them off that same day.We have been pass holders since 08. They only wana give me back 150 back for all 3 passes. I feel really ripped off plus so many black out dates. On th deluxe now.

  2. Winkie

    I have been a signature plus passholder since 1989. It was my Christmas, birthday present all wrapped into one. I loved every moment and will cherish the many memories I had there. I ready to make so many more when the park opens. The refund I get will go towards a new pass and new memories. Will it be the same don’t know, all I can pray is that Disney will do right by those passholders who are Grandfathered in.

  3. Brenda

    My granddaughter and I are so excited to attend the new Touch of Disney, and will try to get tickets starting tonight at mid-night. We have been AP holders for years, and are now Legacy Pass Holders. So much fun in the past, great memories, and can’t hardly wait to make new ones.

  4. Carol

    What can I say, I have been an annual passholder for many years, and have enjoyed many adventures at Disneyland with my family. Now I am a “Legacy Passholder” with special perks, (a magnet and pin) that I would receive if only I can purchase the currently unavailable $75.00 “Touch of Disney” special event ticket. If these are freebie items for legacy passholders, why can’t they just be sent to us, show that we are appreciated in some small way, by Disneyland? I don’t think Walt Disney would not have treated his loyal guests this way.

    1. Robin

      I totally agree with your comments. Why does the park play games . For what you pay to have an annual pass, that’s the least they can give us.

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