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billy dee williams lando

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. B4

    This is the most retarded thing that I have ever read on the internet.

  2. Cool

    He is at least Robosexual from his role in Solo

    1. Jam

      Lmao look at these angry conservatives

      1. Dean

        I’m not conservative and this is wrong. If a character is gay it’s one thing but to retroactively go back and make a past character pansexual pretty much feels like pandering. Imagine if they went back and did this to a pansexual character. The outrage would be visceral.

  3. Greg

    OH MY GOD, Disney! This insanity has to stop ✋! You have to quit forcing gay onto everything in your movies.

  4. Antwan Lawrence

    You got a Galaxy full of white people you got three black people in the whole damn franchise why does the most famous One have to be a homosexual? Please stop taking the masculinity of black men we have fought hard enough to be recognized as men for Disney to come along and to snatch the masculinity from one of our proudest characters.

    1. Matt

      Lol I love how masculinity is tied to being straight. If you are so macho yourself, why are you whining in a disney comments section. Maybe ask yourself what makes a person admirable before you try to bring others down.

  5. Paul

    I’m just here to watch the hilarious responses from the Christian right.

    “OMG!” “How dare they!”

    Hold on a sec whilst I get some popcorn…

    1. Andrew

      Do you have your popcorn yet? I think it’s dumb. Aside from the fact, I consider my ” Christian right” I think it’s dumb and way to intentionally reach LGBT. I don’t agree with this “lifestyle” but it’s business. Just don’t push in my face.

  6. TacoCat

    I am just going to give up trying to find any sanity in this generation.

  7. Andrew

    If you look at episode 5 “Empire Strikes Back” Lando was flirting with Lea! If I didn’t enjoy watching SW “Clones Wars” currently then I’d cancel Disney +

    1. Backcountry164

      There are other ways to watch that…

  8. Tim

    In Legends, Lando actually had a wife named Tendra Risant who bore him a son, Lando Calrissian Junior well past the Galactic Civil War.

    In the movies, you can tell that Lando was definitely flirting with Leia (“hello what have we here?”, “give [Leia] my love”).

    In other words, this guy is a massive flirt and womanizer in every shape or form. Hell he even subtly flirted with SABINE about “impressionistic artwork” for Pete’s sake!

  9. Sue

    I never once wondered about his sexuality. Imagine that.

  10. Bored

    They can’t create an original lgb character that anyone is interested in so they have to ruin Lando. I don’t care who sleeps with who. I’m just tired of the lack of creativity in the entertainment business.

  11. Joe Mamma

    Sounds about left

  12. Tony

    More non-canon gibberish from the Kathleen Kennedy wing of Lucasfilm.

  13. Matt

    Why is this an issue?
    It shouldn’t be is he straight or gray.

    Who cares it’s a character in a movie.

  14. Confused

    Angry straight people are such dumb-dumbs. Do you actually think LGBT people were loosing sleep over whether or not Lando is pansexual or not? Sure we like representation, but I’m not aware of anyone in the Secret Gay Counsel trying to make this happen.

  15. Backcountry164

    Does anyone else remember when it didn’t matter what a characters sexuality was?? This is supposed to be progress??

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