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Credit: Disney Investors' Day Livestream


  1. John

    Looks like we need to convince the Disney Board of Directors to fire Bob Chapek, so we can get Kathleen Kennedy removed.

    She’s literally burning money, sabotaging the most successful show Disney+ has, scarred away most of the fans and failed to bring in many new ones to replace them, destroyed the legacy of the most popular Star Wars characters, threw out tens of thousands on IP properties who sold over 100 million books and replaced them with subpar knockoffs that don’t sell merchandise, and all films under her reign have had massively declining sales.

    This meeting was like listening to White Star Line’s CEO praising Captain Edward Smith as his ship the RMS Titanic was sinking.

    1. Cotty

      She can say anything or do whatever and she doesn’t get removed, is she blackmailing Disney? Or she involved with someone on the boards of directors…. honestly is ridiculous she still have a job

      1. Michael a

        She probably threatened to sue and raise stink in the media about Disney being sexist, Even though it is a merit and business decision.

      2. Joe

        Her last name is Kennedy. Did you miss that?

    2. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Actually by sheer financial Star Wars is bigger than it ever was before. So everything you said is wrong and perpetuated by your blind ignorance.

      1. Ben

        The reason Star Wars is bigger than it ever was is due to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Kennedy with her feminazi agenda is doing everything she can do destroy Star Wars. We original fans have tried to ignore her political views, but we are done. With the announcement that her contract was extended myself and I am sure many many more people have decided we are done with all things Disney. Disney wants to fuel the cancel culture, we will cancel Disney.

      2. Joe

        Meh. Most of that can be explained by inflation. The population is much larger than it was in the 70s. Also availability with streaming makes it easier to profit. Especially when you take over a beloved franchise. If you don’t see them having financial consequences you’re blind.

        1. We’ll see how long the company can keep alienating fans. For myself, Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm won’t get another penny until Kennedy is long gone (for a start). #FireKathleenKennedy

      3. Backcountry164

        It’s a pale shadow of what it could of been. Anyone with an IQ North of 50 can easily see, and admit, this painfully obvious reality…

      4. C

        The numbers don’t support your statement. That is all.

        1. J

          You have to look at where she had control. Every project she has been in charge of has failed. The 1st stages of high republic, last jedi and rise of skywalker, solo. They all did poorly with fans.

        2. S

          Au contraire, numbers ALWAYS lie. Don’t use numbers for anything.

      5. The Emperor

        What drugs are you doing? Star Wars has turned into Crap Wars under her.
        The only merchandise selling is Prequel and Original Trilogy.

      6. Chris

        Fade in #firekathleenkennedy

      7. Nosyone

        Except under her expert guidance sw declined in revenue and reportedly Solo lost money

    3. Sabrina Cisne

      Chapel needs to go too! Can’t believe Kennedy has a job at disney. Disney used to be about families but with Kennedy it’s all her agenda she is destroying Disney, I wanted to take my 5 grandkids to Disneyland but it’s not going to happen, we are done with Disney, Marvel which is shoving the agenda on 4-7 year old that are not mature enough to understand all that. It is sad that Chapek and incompetent Kennedy is kept, no talent Larson is kept but they fire Carano for her right to freedom of speech what hypocrisy in Disney. I am done with them, they won’t be getting any more of my money.

      1. Santa

        Yes… “no talent” won her an Oscar. This is one of the most nonsensical posts I’ve read. Disney doesn’t need your money.

        1. The Emperor

          Which goes to show that the standards to win an Oscar have been severely dumbed down.
          We shall see how popular Brie Larson is with the Home Media sales, merchandise sales and box office of Marvel 2.
          Q-Anons Storm has a better chance of happening before “Captain Marvel” becomes the greatest superhero ever

        2. Cody J Duncan

          Oscars can and have been bought before.

        3. Disney doe s need your money,this problem is spreading into Marvel; The immortals is going to bomb.Brie Larsen is going to further damage their brand: The loss of Luke Skywalker could be fatal. No matter what happens in Mandalorian and Bobba Fett it inexorably leads to Luke Skywalker drinking “Green Mild” from an Alien Titty and later going up in a cloud of smoke!.
          Its common knowledge in Hollywood who is backing Kennedy AND his power is just immense.
          Why he still backs her is anyones guess.

  2. Paul

    It’s clear that Kathleen Kennedy is not interested in Star Wars that is entertaining, but in her own agenda that is not. Get rid of her!

    1. Benji

      Like Fidel Castro, her rule over LF will be “til the very end.

  3. Drew Walston

    And Disney shows all fans, once again, it doesn’t give a crap what we want or like, they’re just gonna tell us what to like. The sequel trilogy was the “season 8” of the star wars franchise.

    Those corporate turds are still backing someone who has effectively killed one of my favorite franchises for me, so I guess they don’t care if I spend any more money on star wars or the merch…

    I was really hoping Favreau, someone who actually cares about the star wars universe, might get the job!

    1. Jannie Olson

      My family and I really hated her for the last trilogy. It was awful!

  4. Jar Jar Binks

    Pretty predictable few comments in here. I hope she stays for 20 more years, just so all these idiots that genuinely think they’re 100% objectively right about the absurd things they say, can stay miserable in their made up world. No point in debating the righteous & omnipotent Star Wars fans. There has been 1 perfect SW movie but only 2 bad ones (only 1 from Disney), this is of course my opnion, I know that’s a foreign concept to these people too, that these stories are subjective. This fandom has been one of the most toxic since Phantom Menace. But hey gotta be mad about something right? RIGHT?! ARGHRRAH!!!

    1. Joe

      I loved the prequels. I love Star Wars. I can’t do it anymore. Anyone that approved of “Geode” doesn’t give a crap about Star Wars. I am done with Star Wars. I got excited with Season 1 & 2 of “The Mandalorian” but Kathleen Kennedy is hell bent on destroying Star Wars again. If you enjoy stories being told with the sole purpose of furthering a political agenda, by all means enjoy.

    2. Backcountry164

      LOL! You are literally worse than the people you came here to cry about but are somehow too dense to see it.
      Those people are expressing their opinions just the same as you are. They hate on the movies and the people who made them while your hate is directed at them. How you con yourself into seeing a difference is beyond me…

    3. The Emperor

      The Prequels are Renaissance art compared to the garbage of Kathleen Kennedy’s Crap Wars.

    4. Cody J Duncan

      Nah man. They butchered a pre-made lore. Retconned way too much, and basically wrote off the concept of effort and hard work in their films. I wanted to like the new trilogy, there are moments that genuinely feel like they couldve been grwat. But the overall lack of a plan, drama amongst the staff, and the constantly changing writers Star Wars has been made into another generic SFX franchise. The fan base is pissed off. That doesnt make them toxic. There are toxic people everywhere. Stop generalizing.

    5. This piece suspicioulsy sounds like Ryan “Ruin” Johnson:simila words and phrases;He is a compulsive blogger

    6. Nosyone

      So you’re not keen on debating and then proceed to last down your own opinion like it is God given truth everyone should accept. And you think you’re the good and intelligent one…

  5. JT

    I would prefer someone who at least seemingly enjoys Star Wars. Beyond that simple ask, someone willing to put together a coherent plan of direction over say, a trilogy, that would be nice too.

  6. Pj

    Get rid of her, would be best theng for Star Wars.

  7. Carlos Jones

    Disney has done it’s damage to Star Wars. I think this is where the train stops for the Star Wars universe. I’ve reached a point where, I just don’t care about it anymore. Disney has just been such a disappointment. Good job!

  8. SWR

    KK is the worst executive in Hollywood History, Bob’s please end the Nightmarish disease that is ruining Star Wars.

  9. KRM

    Lol! Seethe, fanboys, seethe.

    She’s here to stay. Star Wars is as profitable as it has ever been, and you owe it to Kennedy. Especially after she made the call to green light Favriloni taking on The Mandalorian.

    Whine and moan all you like, but at this point you are powerless, little, sniveling apes that are not taken seriously. Your screaming, whether intentional or not, stinks of nothing more than petulant cries of “WoMaN BaAaAaAaD!” and you can go ahead and take it all over to YouTube with the other basement dwelling hacks.

    You sure ain’t getting anywhere here anymore.

    Seethe. It’s delicious.

    1. C

      Uhhh that’s not at all what they’re saying, but go ahead and keep being a sexist, overgeneralizing hatemonger.

    2. Lego Clone Trooper

      Woman bad, that’s why Ahsoka is one of the most loved Star Wars characters

  10. Bob Boogie

    She is horrible. Sure Star Wars has continued to make money but thats in spite of her. It would of made a lot more without her fanbase hating decisions. Disney needs to wake up or this franchise they paid dearly for will dry up into a shriveled husk of what it once was.

  11. Backcountry164

    All Chapek did was confirm the death of Star Wars. Kennedy just doesn’t seem to care and most of the people under her have either given up or were never capable to begin with. The new High Republic character is literally a rock. Really?? Pretty sure that the critics have enough to work with so why is Disney making it even easier??

  12. Tony

    As impassioned as all of these comments are, personally, I highly doubt anyone of any influence at Disney reads or pays any attention to them. And if they’re at all wise, they’ll ignore the rants on social media.
    It’s basic economics. Disney is a business. It needs your money to succeed and endure. If you like their work, then by all means, give them your hard earned dollars. If not, then spend your money elsewhere. At the end of the day, the bottom line will guide them.

    1. The Emperor

      Go woke go broke has a better ring to it.

  13. tony

    She needs to go now, as she has her own non-star wars agenda.

  14. Steven

    Get ride of Kenny she is destroying Star Wars

  15. Steven

    Get right of Kenny she is no good for Star Wars

  16. Marcus

    I would say you might want to delve a bit deeper into your statement before flat out insulting others. By and large, adjusting for increased ticket prices, the original trilogy is still unquestioningly king. The force awakens did well, as did rogue one, mainly BC they were new and ppl wanted to see the new direction. After those 2, ticket and media sales dropped significantly. Rise of skywalker ranks lower than some of the prequels, and solo was an unmitigated disaster for lucasfilm (tho I did actually enjoy it.) So while the new star wars movies did in fact bring in more money, comparing the times, inflation, and ticket prices, Lucasfilm and star wars are not in fact bigger than it ever was. In fact, I dare say the mandalorian did much to shave what may have become a dying franchise.

  17. C

    Star Wars is dead. I’ll never support anything Disney again, and that goes for any business that won’t listen to its customers and instead doubles down on its failures

    1. Ken

      Excellent point! A good business listens to its customers. Those that don’t, lose customers.

  18. Christopher Lacher

    I’m now officially done with anything STAR WARS if that despicable worthless piece of excrement Kathleen Kennedy is still in charge of Lucasfilms. Disney will not get anymore money from me. As much as I love the Marvel Universe, I will probably walk away from it also. I just can’t support a company like this. Mr. Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave seeing how his beloved company has turned into a disgusting money grabbing corporation.

  19. We’ll see how long the company can keep alienating fans. For myself, Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm won’t get another penny until Kennedy is long gone (for a start). #FireKathleenKennedy

  20. S

    She won’t be Disney’s problem after Congress breaks up Disney under antitrust, takes Lucasfilm away from them, and hands it back to George. Disney must be and will be broken up and have Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and everything Iger bought taken away from them. All the media giants are getting broken up under antitrust in the not too distant future. Nobody will miss Disney ownership of Star Wars or even Marvel.

  21. Diane

    I will be canceling my subscription to EVERYTHING Disney AND Star Wars. You have made a terrible mistake to keep her on!!!!!

  22. Chapel you are crazy. Kennedy will continue to ruin the Star Wars legacy. FIRE HER ASS just like she did Gina Carano by TWITTER and social media.

  23. Bryan Dawson

    Whatever your opinions are, nobody’s job should be above review.

    If the main series of movies you were tasked with creating are panned by the already built in fan base and any new fan base isn’t large enough to sustain or justify a multi-million dollar purchase than you’ve failed at your job.

    Disney needs to take a good long look at the bottom line that Lucasfilm is creating and truly review who is having the most positive impact on it.

  24. Tim

    Kathleen Kennedy has allowed herself to become the topic of conversation. Disney has invested over six billion dollars in Star Wars, and few are discussing the franchise instead it’s all about Kathleen Kennedy, and other Lucasfilm employees. Disney needs to do something to get the audience talking about Star Wars and not hashtags and “cancelling”.

  25. Jmdoggo

    Creative talent yeah right
    If there where any talent coming from that ma-rey-sue loving bitch.

  26. Bob

    The fact we are talking about this woman and not the products disney is offering is proof enough of h she should not be in charge.

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