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Jungle cruise

Credit: Disney


  1. LL

    Updating the attraction is fine, but why change the name to Rivers Journey?

  2. TacoCat

    Oh No ! Now the headhunters are going to be upset.

  3. Can’t wait. Am planning for May of 2022.

  4. tvnutt

    They already made it politically correct in the 90s. When I was a kid the rhino was chasing all Dark skinned guides up the pole. They later added white people.

  5. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I don’t like that they are changing the name. Not sure if I’ll go on it. Waiting to see the end product. I understand that the parks are going to be updated sometimes. But when they’re changing almost everything it doesn’t allow me to go and relive childhood memories & that’s disappointing.

  6. Barbara Ervin

    All I have to say is they better be damn sure they represent every skin color on earth or someone will surely be offended and God knows they don’t want that happening! As for the name, I see no reason for that change unless perhaps the word jungle is now offensive to someone!

  7. Nancy Beaupre

    More concerned about how run down wdw was! Not enough staff to keep social distancing and mask compliance in effect. So many things closed no food available. But prices remain high. It’s my favorite place but I’ll. Wait to go back!

  8. Phoebe L Ho

    The changes are fine, but why change the name Jungle Cruise? That’s the name it had from the beginning, there’s nothing wrong with it. Why change the name?

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