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  1. Anonymous

    Your vision is flawed, this information is old and there has been many developments since

  2. Lynx

    Hurd is a guilty violent aggressor who because she couldn’t make it on her own, has tried to destroy Johnny in her greedy climb grabbing onto his name, which he built up and he worked for which is her sad claim to fame. She would have disappeared and been forgotten for her own mediocre talent.
    She is a flash in the pan, compared to his long, spectacular career so far, and Johnny Depp deserves and must get better than she dished out.

    1. Mark Kaplan

      Yeah, she’s a regular Roxie Hart if you ask me.

  3. Cathy Erickson

    It’s a shame that actors have supported cancel culture, it appears to have come back to bite them on the butt.

  4. Jules

    Have you seen the trailer for Minimata? Johnny Depp doesn’t need Disney, or WB. They will regret playing their games when their movies tank without him.

  5. Shel

    I have no handle on my comments. I’ll try to keep it short. I’m here to support Mr. Depp.

    1. Shel

      I’m ignoring the ignorance. It makes me want to regurgitate my small intestines in chunks. I won’t acknowledge it, therefor it doesn’t exist.
      I trust Mr. Depp will get through this stronger and better than ever!

    2. Imelda

      What goes on between two people in any marriage is their problem. Now as for his ex is think she needs to move on and hope that her accusations are correct for a fool she will be in the end. Johnny made his way in this industry without her in the beginning. She came later but like every woman out there throwing themselves literally on movie stars or basketball players. They just want to be in the fame light as well and don’t forget about the money. If they cant have the man then no one can. Woman like her make the rest of us good ones look bad…. What a shame…. Johnny needs to stay making all and any movies he wants. He is such an awesome actor. Especially “Cry Baby” my favorites movie. Keep Johnny and throw her back where you found her…. Johnny stay with The Pirates….

      1. Shel

        I agree, he needs to continue sharing his talent and heart with the world. But I don’t think AH is important enough to cancel his career. I think someone is using her to do it. Someone that thinks they are the Alpha and Omega. But he is more of a Gog or Magog! He needs to STOP! Mr. Depp has earned and deserves his career.

  6. No need for Disney to make POTC 6 without Depp, no one will go see it and they will lose alot of money from franchising too. I personally will have nothing to do with it and will buy nothing themed by #6.

    1. MrsWeasleysTwin


      1. MrsWeasleysTwin

        Not interested in any more POTC movies etc without Depp. He can’t be replaced.
        I may not agree with him personally such as his political views, but as far as an actor he’s great at what he does. And my opinion on the allegations is swayed by his exs having his back.

  7. Marc Disney

    I’m just going to say it. I have no intention of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 6 if Captain Jack Sparrow is not going to be in it. I’m so sick and tired of Disney always siding with the popular vote instead of doing what’s right. “I don’t see Disney as right-leaning or left-leaning”. You’re right Bob Chapek, it’s not. It’s “popular vote” leaning!

  8. Won’t be going to see Pirates because without Depp it is a worthless franchise and won’t be going to see the other movie with. His ex is a freaking nutcase and he should be allowed a retrial in the UK. He was found innocent in the US!

  9. If Disney is smart, they’ll be rehiring Johnny Depp for part of the Caribbean 6 after the Virginia trial next year in April. If Disney seriously thinks that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 without Johnny Depp is going to be successful then they’ve got another thing coming and that is a gigantic box office flop! Mark my words.

  10. lynx

    Infinitum Nihil and all his associates will kick WB’s a$$ and make them blush if they give him a ticket to wooork!

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