Comments for Guest Arrested After Refusing to Leave Disney Springs

Disney Springs

Credit: Disney


  1. Michelle

    Good for the people disobeying! You are outside! Why should you wear a mask unless you are sick?

    1. OP

      Are you 3? As an adult you should know (common sense) if you are in private property, you follow their rules and guidelines. They teach you this in grade school. Either be an adult or stay home and learn from other adults on how to function in society.

      1. SandyM

        You are very rude and obviously not a representative of how to function in society

      2. Dave

        Spoken like a true little sheeple statist

        1. Jesus

          Hahahah love your post

    2. Mimi

      Attitudes like yours are part of the problem.

      1. Van Hamlin

        I was just at Disney Springs. I waited in line like I was going on a ride. However, I was entering an outdoor shopping mall. Everyone was very nice but I was waiting in a line to spend money at a mall.
        I don’t have a problem wearing my mask but I can’t think of another outdoor mall checking temperature.

        Then I realized that there was nothing special about the mall. The best stuff was a huge cookie and a gigantic doughnut with bacon on it!
        If a business wants to check my temperature then OK but Iam not waiting in-line for a cookie.

        1. Burt

          Cool story, bro

        2. Connee

          I love that you have the choice to
          Stay away from Disney if you don’t like the rules!

      2. Amanda P.

        I vote for life bans for any of the disgusting sad excuses for humans who don’t follow the implemented safety protocols! We pay good money to be there and neither children nor any adult should have to deal with such trash

        1. Christine

          I totally agree. The people that won’t comply are the reason we are the leader in deaths per capita in the world. We could have been out from under this if these “2 year old” adults would simply follow the rules. Thank you Disney for enforcing the rules

          1. Timber Creek High School

            While I do firmly agree on Disney having a right to deny service as any other business does *cough cough wedding bakeries that have religious standards *cough.
            Where are you getting your facts florida is actually in the bottom half of death per capital on covid with NY and NJ in the top two as cuomo did a lot of lying.

          2. Rroe

            Timber Creek High Schools have apparently not had statistics classes as of yet. Out of 50 states, Florida according to yesterday’s statistics is number 3 behind Texas and California. Anything goes in this state……Glad Disney is stepping up to plate with their own regulations.

        2. JENNIFER

          My family went to Magic Kingdom for the first time in 11 years. I was very pleased with the guidelines and how strict they were enforcing the rules. People were crowding me while in line for a ride and a worker told them to move back. I appreciated it completely. They made sure people were wearing their masks correctly, and I appreciate that. I was a little concerned beforehand that it wasn’t going to be as fun, but we had an amazing day! Thank you Disney for having the guts to be different and stand up to the people who don’t care about the health of others!

        3. SandyM

          So go be miserable and rude while you spend your money. The rest of us will spend ours where people have a brain

      3. Terri

        Good for them? Are you condoning criminal behavior? They all deserve to be locked up for the animals they are.

    3. Amity

      Careful! Your low cognitive ability is showing. You might want to tuck that in.

    4. Mark

      Amen! We are not communist China. You don’t get to tell me what I need to do to help you feel safe. I am a die-hard Disney fan that is on the verge of ending any support of the Disney companies for myself and all of my children and grandchildren because of this nonsense.

      1. Tom

        No shoes no shirt no service. Ever heard of that ? Feel free to break that rule as well?

        1. Sue

          I am so tried of people saying that because you don’t know the history of no shirt no shoes no service. First, there is NO law that says you must wear shoes or a shirt; not even a mandate. Second, it was a quiet protest by businesses during the civil rights movement, but not against civil rights, but against hippies who didn’t want to wear shoes or a shirt.

          1. Daddy Piranha

            Even if there were no laws about shoes or shirts, that doesn’t matter on private property. He was told what the rules were, he did not comply, he was asked to leave, he refused. That is breaking trespass laws.
            You would think that with a name like “sue” you would know more about the law.

          2. Syrio

            No one’s saying it’s a law. It’s a policy most businesses have. Just like Disney currently has a policy mandating masks. The parallel is pretty clear.

        2. Poolside

          This is the saddest reflection of human beings in a comment section I’ve ever seen. Shame on all of us.

      2. Johnmasterson33@gmail.com

        Goodbye. We live here year round not a week. Stay home if you dont want to play by the rules.

      3. Cindy Murphy

        I feel exactly the same way!! I’ve been a Disney pass holder since 2013 and am seriously considering not renewing them this year if Disney doesn’t stop acting like this. They have completely ruined the magic,

        1. Jamie

          Oh grow up. Disney is a business. They did what they had to open the park and they’re following CDC guidelines. Would you have rather they stayed closed all year like Disneyland? I swear I’ve seen children be more mature about this than some adults.

        2. Ceridwen

          Disney hasn’t ruined the magic. It’s the entitled guests who think it’s all about them that has ruined the magic. And this isn’t just during the pandemic, guest behaviour has been going downhill for years.
          I’d like to think the price hikes would deter the entitled from going to Disney considering they are the biggest moaners, but, sadly those who are the wealthier and are regular visitors and AP holders seem to be the most entitled.
          Mask up or don’t go and consider yourselves lucky to be able to go as there are many who can’t because they lost their jobs and need food boxes rather than an over priced cookie or those outside the US who got a discount when they lost their DDP only to be unable to use it when travel bans were implemented and will be paying a lot more for trips when we can travel to the USA again.

      4. DonP

        “ You don’t get to tell me what I need to do to help you feel safe.”
        You are correct… but Disney (and any other business or individual can tell you what you need to do if you want to be on their property. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

        1. Mike R

          ok. bye.

      5. WDexter

        Disney is a private property owner and they do get to tell you what you need to do in order to be on their property. They can tell you that you must wear a tutu and top hat to visit Disney Springs and trespass you if you don’t comply. This is basic private property rights, which is a fundamental conservative value.

        If you don’t want to wear a mask, you are free to not enter their private property.

      6. Trish


      7. Ceridwen

        No, you no, you are entitled America

      8. Ren

        Disney is a private company, unless you own A majority of stock, you don’t get to make the rules. You are paying them for a service, and just like you aren’t allowed to run the rides yourself or steal the merchandise in the stores you must obey the rules set forth by the company. If you dont want them telling you what to do, I suggest you find another place for your entertainment.

      9. UbreakitUbuyit

        This is health issue folks. No different than 2nd hand smoking. Surely you wouldn’t want me to smoke around you and your grandkids (granted the cancer from 2nd hand smoke would kill you much much slower than COVID ever would); but why would you want me to show up at Disney with COVID and breathe germs all around you? Do you hate your family? Just because you may not die from COVID, doesn’t mean being hospitalized on a respirator is living. Your hospital care and costs certainly won’t be free. Speaking of free, let’s consider about how many tax (billions) of dollars that have been used because COVID hygienic sloppiness. Why keep wasting everyone’s tax dollars by allowing the virus to spread? What is so hard about respecting the health of others? It sounds very unkind and selfish to refuse to wear a mask. I love my country and the people that live here. COVID is real whether you choose to believe it or not.

    5. Bob

      Stay home little girl

    6. Chris

      You are right, of course. As you can see, the sheeple love to follow these mindless rules and show their virtue

      1. Gern Blanston

        I think it is very interesting that you call others sheeple when I am sure you are listening to “others” who are telling you that this isn’t a serious issue.

        I am not sure how following safety guidelines set by a private business is considered a mindless rule.

        You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Listen to the science and do your part. If you are not willing to do the bare minimum (wear a mask/social distance/follow common-sense rules) you should just stay inside until the pandemic is under control. You should also allow everyone who wants to be vaccinated to go ahead of you in line and just wait until next year if you are even planning to vaccinate at all.

        1. Susan

          You are apart of the problem, because you are not researching the science. Based on their own numbers, which is has been inflated by 3 fold, there is a 98% recovery rate. But here you are listening and following along with the mainstream media. Do some real research. You will find that 1,000s upon 1,000s of doctors and medical researchers have been silenced because the science proves that masks do not work; social distancing goes against our natural grain; and that the are therapies that can and will cure covid. The rest, including Bob Iger, have a false narrative they are pushing to keep people like you under control.

          1. Bert

            Alright, Qtard.

          2. Ceridwen

            Bob Iger isn’t in charge anymore. Get your facts straight.

        2. M

          “Not listen to the science”? Dude, educate yourself. The Common Cold is a Coronavirus and has the same deadliness as covid19. In fact from Jan2019-Jan2020, 217K people in just the U.S. died of the Common cold and 68K people died of influenza A&B. Did we mask up then…..nope.

          1. Bert

            Common cold is a Rhinovirus which is prevalent in between 30% to 80% of all cold virus cases. Human coronavirus is a meager 15% at most. Nice try, Qaren.

          2. Bert

            The most commonly implicated virus is a rhinovirus around 30–80% of the time; whereas human coronaviruses is roughly 15% at most.

          3. OrangeDon

            What don’t you understand? It’s private property. They get to make the rules. . How would you feel if I came into your house and started coughing on you and your family? You’d probably ask me to leave. Same thing. Get it? If you don’t like it don’t go. Disney will not miss you one little bit

          4. KSJSsc

            M can you give us your source on this information? I am pretty sure that there is no way that over 200 thousand died from the common cold in one year. Maybe in a decade, but that is even stretching it. I may be wrong here, but I’ve worked with infection control for years and have never heard this. The flu is way more deadlier than the common cold and though Covid may be in the same family as the common cold it is definitely not a cold. OK back on topic. Being this is about Disney World, wear the damn mask at Disney or don’t go. So simple. It’s not forever.

          5. UbreakitUbuyit

            If you don’t like constantly hearing about COVID all of the time, wear a mask. It’ll stop spreading.

    7. Clr

      So was it a head injury or inbreeding that’s made you like this?

    8. WDexter

      You should wear a mask because you are on private property, and the property owner has decided that visitors to their private property should wear a mask.

      Private property rights is a core conservative value.

      Disney could dictate that all visitors to their property must wear a top hat and spats, and refuse entry to all visitors who are not complying.

      This has nothing to do with politics.

      1. mhornNJ

        WDexter. “Private property rights is a core conservative value.”—
        Excellentt point! In some states a private property owner has the legal right to shoot someone, who they perceive to be a threat, if that person is on THEIR private property. But Disney can’t ask visitors to wear a mask???? If people want to hold on to the right to defend THEIR property and set the standards for behavior on THEIR property then don’t try to deny Disney the right to do the same on THEIR property. If you fight to remove Disney’s right then be prepared to lose your own rights to dictate how “visitors” known and unknown to you behave on YOUR property!!

    9. Ann

      Good that lunatic got arrested. Boot them out and keep parks safe!!

    10. Connee

      Good for Disney! Can’t follow rules? Stay home. More room for the rest of us!

    11. Vicky


    12. Vicky


    13. Sandy M

      Amen sister!

    14. all that’s left for you to do is stamp your foot. I won’t, I won’t.
      Grow up. No sense lecturing you because it would not sink in. So “Beware”.

    15. ChasUGC

      The reason that everyone wears a mask is because no one knows who is sick. If a person, sick with Covid, inadvertently sneezes in your face, it doesn’t matter if you are outside, if he doesn’t have a mask and is not social distancing. You don’t know until you start to exhibit symptoms. But, you could be a spreader long before you exhibit symptoms. So, you could be infected and not know it for a week, while you are spreading it, without your mask.

    16. Robert Coats

      Myth! All private businesses open to the public are legally “Places of public accommodation” and are prohibited from refusing services on the basis of discrimination … that includes medical conditions (unable to wear one for health reasons) or religious exemptions. This is law. Private businesses cannot make policies that violate law. A guest that has a health condition that precludes wearing a suffocation device is not trespassing. Disney is committing crimes by having him arrested.

      1. UbreakitUbuyit

        Lol “crimes”. The real crime is the 550,000+ Americans dead and the billions of tax dollars wasted thanks to COVID hygenic sloppiness. But yeah, pitchforks for Disney protecting it’s own best interest in not becoming known as superspreader, and losing even more attendees. #priorities #lovethyneighbor

      2. UbreakitUbuyit

        The real crime is 550,000 American dead and billions of dollars wasted thanks to coronavirus hygienic sloppiness. But yeah, pitchforks for Disney attempting to protect its own best interest by not becoming known as a superspreader spot. Love your neighbor. Prioritize what is truly important.

    17. Bonn

      Idiot stay home if you don’t want to wear a mask. Private business can forbid you entrance without a mask!

  2. Chuck Yadmark

    its private property. As a medical doctor and moral human being I think its a good idea considering how crowded it gets. If you don’t want to wear a mask don’t go.

    1. Dan

      It honestly should be the other way around..You know like it was…since the inception of everything…like life. If YOU don’t feel safe, YOU should wear a mask…All that being said I’m still going to go because I have no problem following rules of private property. I do however understand these people’s frustration. I also think it’s pathetic that every time a liberal disagrees with a conservative on mask wearing they go right to name calling…grow tf up, all of y’all.

      1. Mike

        Maybe if the majority of conservatives nowadays weren’t so selfish liberals wouldn’t be name calling, just saying…

      2. Faith

        Surely some adult in your childhood told you to wash your hands after you use the bathroom or before you eat? They were referring to “germs.” You can’t see germs but they’re there and not everyone wants your germs. When a person gets bigger and becomes a grown up, they are supposed to care about OTHER PEOPLE and some of those children enjoying the park have grandparents whom they love. Just be kind. It’s simple. Be kind and have some concern for other people.

        1. No! It’s called respect so then you would say have some respect for other people! Not have concern for other people your comment doesn’t really make sense at the bottom of the paragraph! ???‍♀️

      3. Jess

        Florida is averaging 6,000 cases a day. Until the cases go much further down you can’t just make on your warped “perception” of safety.

        1. Susan

          Where are getting your numbers from? That has never been reported in this state or anywhere in the US.

          1. Flyer

            Florida Covid Count for 3/5/21: 6,118 new cases, 120 deaths. The daily numbers are being reported by various news media across the state, including the Orlando Sentinel and Miami Herald. Maybe you should read a newspaper or turn on the news once in a while.

      4. bert

        alright, snowflake.

      5. bert

        Your backwards method of preventing illness would guarantee a major spike in infections on a regular basis. sound pretty dumb to me.

    2. Chris

      Thanks for reminding us that being a doctor means little.

      1. Keith

        Until you need said doctor to save your/wife/or child’s life…?‍♂️

    3. Susan

      And as a doctor you took an oath to do no harm. There is no solid scientific nor medical evidence that masks prevent the spread of anything. And, as a medical doctor, you know for a fact that you wear the mask to protect yourself from the patient. How much are they are paying you to lie?

      1. Craig

        We are staying at a Disney resort through our time share this spring. This will be first time in 25 + years of going we will not be visiting the parks, just a personal choice. I figure there are plenty of other sites to visit during our stay.

      2. UbreakitUbuyit

        There is no scientific evidence that masks do not stop the spread? Wow, what a statement. LOL. I truly believe all people who do not believe in masks should go volunteer maskless for a few months in COVID wards to see the people that are suffering on respirators. Let me know if you change your mind about the mask when you or someone you truly love gets it and suffers. Why risk it? You know the longer you keep your mask off, the more it spreads, and the longer all of this drags out right? What is so awful and what does it hurt to try to slow the spread with a mask?

    4. Shannon

      Why is disney not allowing neck gaiters. As someone who wears behind the ear hearing aids, ear loops are an issue. Please add neck gaiters

      1. Jamie S

        I also wear behind the ear hearing aids. I have found masks that tie behind my head work much better for me than behind my ears (and also don’t fog up my glasses). Neck gaiters have been studied and determined to be not quite as effective as masks, which is likely why they are not allowing them

  3. Michael Thurman

    Absolutely absurd. Who else remembers when it was just supposed two weeks to flatten the curve? Good for this person for refusing to comply. The vulnerable and scared can stay home. Let’s get on with life already and turn off the fake news.

  4. Miss

    Too bad authorities aren’t as good at enforcing masks covering the NOSE and mouth of employees at Mom and Pop type restaurants. They are in contact with and handle food served to hundreds of people a week. A surprise infection could easily pass to thousands for them not following safety rules everyone else does.

    1. AP

      According to the CDC. “Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that handling food or consuming food is associated with COVID-19.”

      1. CB

        It’s not the handling, it’s the breathing all over it!

        1. AP

          That’s part of the term handling. Anything including breathing is the legal definition of handling

  5. Amy

    They need to replace the word guest with man. After being asked to leave once you are no longer a guest.

  6. Nobody

    Please explain how he was inciting violence yet only charged with trespassing?

    1. Kelly C Sills

      Wxactly i wasnt doing anything except spending time with my faily with my mask on

      1. Me

        You were endangering everyone there. Don’t like the rules? Stay home. Disney doesn’t need you, nor do we.

      2. Cajun Proud

        Seriously Kelly? Maybe the good people in Orlando need to google your name and read all about how you hate to follow rules: Like pay your debts-and defraud State Funded projects-cheat the Louisiana State Police out of $850k overtime pay. One should wonder how you can afford a family vacation to Disney while you owe so many people/companies.

        1. Bert

          wow, that’s the most random gish gallop and strawman combo I’ve ever seen thrown together. Q would be proud of your ability to pull BS out of nothing.

        2. Ok look we had insurance from a company called NATIONWIDE insurance now after i put in over 20 million personal dollars in coastal NATIONWIDE choose to take the work from coastal they took all payables and receivables additionally they hired one contractor to complete the work which still remains uncompleted and if anyone hasn’t been paid than look to those parties as coastal hasnt been involved in those relationships in 24 months sorry for your confusion. And i was wearing my mask to further clarify no idea why someone keeps saying i wasnt

          1. Cajun Proud

            No Mr Sills, You received the funds due La State Police long before NationWide bonding had to step in and assume the debt. The A/R still on the books at that point fell miserably short of the Coastals debts on the Sun Shine Bridge Project–and you know it.

  7. Sparkle

    It is unfortunate that there are people who are so egocentric that they are literally mentally hindered. These type of people don’t understand the purpose of the face mask or social distancing. People against wearing a mask are incredibly ignorant, self absorbed individuals. Wearing masks is to keep people safe. No different than wearing a seatbelt, putting safety rails on a staircase, wearing a helmet or mouth guard while playing sports, or wearing shoes into a store. It is for safety people! Despite how uncomfortable or inconvenient a mask may be to wear, it is not mandated to ruin your life. It is mandated to save lives. It is unfortunate that those of us who do the right thing have to put up with people whose intellectual limitation keeps them from wearing a mask, social distancing, and making overall good decisions.

    1. AP

      Private property is private property. Follow the rules or do not enter. Everything else you mention is complete garbage. NO ONE is responsible for your health but you. Maybe we should check your cholesterol before you eat that chili dog or maybe check your blood pressure before you have those nachos. Or how many people did you kill over the years spreading the flu. Don’t worry about the other person, worry about yourself. It’s unfortunate that we have to put up with narrow minded people like you that think everyone else is responsible for your health.

      1. RedHead0186

        Not true, if you’re part of a society you have some responsibility for the health and safety of others. That’s why smoking isn’t allowed in so many public places.

      2. Sparkle

        Thanks AP for proving my point. Your lack of empathy just shows how limited you are as a human being. So the question at this point would be are you ignorant because you are stubborn or just a lack of education? Hmmmm, I’m guessing a little bit of both. I’m just happy that Disney knows how to deal with “narrow minded” people like you.

      3. Sammy

        I agree!! It is crazy how quickly people can jump onboard such ridiculous rules because that is what the “news” is telling them to do!! Couldn’t agree with you more!! Masks are making people sicker, not helping people!! Just because my air comes out the sides and top and not the front ISN’T helping!! How dumb are people that have bought into this ridiculous mask wearing!!

  8. Mike

    I wish people would just stick to the facts and not put opinions in articles

  9. Kelly C Sills

    First of all my mask was on ?
    Second i my temperature was checked as i arrived this same day and took dosney majic bus to the on property disney resort saratoga springs where my temperature was checked again
    Third there was no warning disney plain clothes officer went striaght to handcuffs while at dinner with my 3 sons
    Fourth i have videos of entire situation
    Sixth i left went to universal had a ?? awesome welcomed time good luck to disney ??????????

    1. Tom

      You seem very innocent and I am certain Disney was wrong to have you arrested. You seem reasonable and getting your point of view is so refreshing.

    2. ScrewDisney

      If what you’re saying about the video is true, you need to post it immediately, Disney will definitely back down and issue apologies and possible compensation if you have an embarrassing video of the incident. They sound completely in the wrong if your account is accurate. You should definitely release the video, it would put a huge amount of pressure on Disney.

      1. Kelly C Sills

        How do o post videos here?

    3. Ceridwen

      Good grief, try learning proper spelling and grammar.
      If you want to make a point sounding like a literate adult helps.

  10. Kelly C Sills

    Than after that to maie matters worse disney took me to a secret dungeon and never took my temperature than when i finally got to jail the extremely polite and nice police officer took And documented my temperature of 98.1 idk go figure ??????????

    1. Ceridwen

      Disney prison is a myth

  11. Thunder

    What’s this trespassing crap? He wasn’t trespassing just because he simply went past the check up thing

  12. Kelly C Sills

    Than disney representative asked me if i was a disney vacation clib memeber because if i had been they would let me go as you cannot tresepass if you are an owner disney vacation club i told the woman i owned several hundred shares of dosney and they threw me in jail ?????

    1. Cajun

      Kelly-just stop. These people have no clue how shady you are: the fact your currently in serious fraud problems with Coastal Bridge, you skipped out owing the Louisiana State Police 850k in payroll —have failed to complete many State projects-can no longer bid on State Projects, owe the IRS millions: what the hell are you doing on a vacation to Disney when back home you owe millions in law suites ?
      Disney is a great place, families don’t go there with their kids to expose them to some grown man refusing to wear a mask -you are not “special”, and either learn to follow rules are stay home.
      People: just do a search of him and read all about Mr Kelly Sills of Louisiana.

      1. Alsocajun

        Your name is hidden, please allow us to investigate you

      2. DP

        To “Cajun” whoever the hell you are:
        I am friends with Kelly and have known him for a long time and he is NOT shady! You seem to be the person that is not only shady but a jealous jerk! You must work for one of His competitors who are so upset and jealous over all the state work that Sills companies get so they are constantly getting the media to print lies! If I were a kelly I would sue all of you including donkey Disney! Your panties are in such a wad obviously and you must be a miserable & angry person! Lmao!
        Why don’t you get a life and stay out of Sills life! You are just jealous that you don’t have his life!
        He stated he had a mask on! This is all just a ploy to make him look bad! He is a family man and was there with his 3 boys!
        If others have been arrested for bypassing the temperature check then why Isn’t all the other offenders names listed too And embarrassing their families and hurting their businesses? Why call out one? The media harm is worse than the arrest in my opinion!
        They owe Kelly an apology and a refund!
        Get a life Cajun because you clearly are jealous and have no idea what you are talking s as about And are spewing pure LIES! ?

    2. Bert

      Oh honey… Disney doesn’t care if you own stock or own a vacation club membership. They care about the general safety of the guests at the park and not having a COVID hotspot at one of their parks. Maybe you should take your entitled snowflake and boycott Disney and burn some Disney merch to send a message too.

    3. DP

      Kelly, ignore the haters boo! They are just so jealous of you and your success they can’t stand it! Sue all of them! ?

  13. Thunder

    What’s this trespassing crap? He wasn’t trespassing just because he simply went past the check up thing. He shouldn’t be in trouble just for going past that tent thing if he’s following the rules

    1. Kelly C Sills

      My temperature wa checked upon riding disney express bus and while checking in Saratoga springs than i didn’t skip a temperature checkpoint i just walked from disney Saratoga springs to boathouse restaurant spent 300 dollars and than got harassed

      1. WDexter

        It’s private property. So long as they’re not doing it based on a protected class, they can insist on checking your temperature every 10 minutes as a condition of your continued presence on their property.

      2. DP

        Kelly, ignore the haters boo! They are just so jealous of you and your success they can’t stand it! Sue all of them! ?

  14. Chris

    Disney needs to get rid of these stupid rules. I was at the Springs recently for a group dinner. Having to wear a mask outside is stupid and became almost unbearable. Many of us won’t be back til they return to normal

    1. Kelly C Sills

      I had my mask on ???????? The entire time

      1. Bob

        Post the video and show us all how Disney was wrong

        1. a.r.

          the response of the cops seemed more severe than the crime of bypass a temp check while wearing a mask. The article says yelling and waving arms which is not true. In reality they should be grateful to him for finding a place you can shortcut through from Saratoga Springs.

  15. Sue

    We just came back from Disney last week. Oh my goodness the mask thing is just insane. It’s borderline harassment! All six of us including a 7 & 3 year old wore our masks and in the crazy heat, and from all the walking if your mask slipped down off your nose at all they were on top of you to the extreme. On every ride they say it three or four times. Enough already! Every picture we have has us with masks on!!! We wanted just one in front of the castle with our mask pulled down and they have people jumping on you. But……..if you want a picture from one of their professional photographers well then all masks are off!!! Double Standard!! We watched that happen many times. Plus if masks work then everything should be open everywhere across the country if they don’t work why do we need them? Just saying.

    1. Local

      Disney photographers WILL NOT allow you to remove masks. We’re local annual pass members at Disney all the time and have witnessed on numerous occasions people trying to remove their masks when Disney “professional photographers” are taking their photos and they do not allow it at all. Thank you Disney for taking people’s health and lives seriously. If you don’t want to wear masks go to Universal because they put profit over people’s lives. Myself and many others applaud Disney’s efforts to protect people in a state whose governor is an outright idiot

      1. FLorida Girl

        Were you there with Sue? Did she not see you walking right behind her family every single step or something?! She said she was JUST there and personally witnessed this happening. There are family photos on FB of WHOLE family groups with no masks on posted up in front of main “photography” spots… Just because you are a pass holder means absolutely nothing here, (but it does show your pick-me-a-b side coming out) on whether or not certain photographers will let a family take their masks down for 20 seconds to snap a photo in the WIDE OPEN fresh air!!
        Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean diddly-crap either!! For heaven sakes, like taking a group photo with no mask is that big of a deal anyway, it’s not like you’re sitting there coughing and sneezing on everyone or thing ?
        Disney ~ Ruining family vacation memories since they opened back up!!! But I bet they are super quick to try to shove some overly expensive Mickey Mouse or other character mask in your face to buy huh Probably made in China ??

        1. Sue

          Thank you and yes I witnessed it several times ! My husband and I just looked at each other and said are you kidding me!!!

    2. Kit

      You only have to wear a mask while on vacation here.

      Think about the cast members, who can’t afford to quit because there’s no jobs here, who have to wear a mask 40 hours a week in the heat and sun, and on top of that have to deal with entitled people all day like you and the other folks complaining about the masks.

      You probably complain you need to wear a mask for 20 minutes in a grocery store as well. Get over yourself. Start treating people around you like humans and wear the tiny piece of fabric on your face.

  16. Common Sense

    The number of people who don’t understand the purpose of masks is so disappointing. Masks aren’t meant to protect the wearer; they protect those around the wearer in the small chance that they have COVID without symptoms. In a family gathering, that’s small; but when we’re talking about every guest on Disney property, even a tenth of a percent could save lives.

    However, that’s not the point here. Regardless of your opinion on masks, the owner/operator of any private property can ask you to leave. If you don’t, it is called trespassing. They don’t need any reason, so long as it’s not discriminatory based on some protected class like religion. Whether or not you agree with Disney’s assessment of the mask situation, the trespassing charge is valid: the person refused to leave the property when requested. If you invite your friend over for dinner and (s)he refuses to leave, you expect to have the right to remove them, wouldn’t you? It’s the same for Disney; they can ask you to leave, whether or not you agree with it. If you refuse, there are consequences.

    1. Mike

      Well said!

  17. Patricia

    Was at Disney Springs last Sunday morning. No problem with wearing a mask but they forced everyone into a crowded no social distancing line just to take everyone’s temperature. It’s nothing but COVID theater. Disney puts people more at risk by cramming you in a long line in a hot parking garage with little air flow. It’s so stupid. I’m done with Disney until this crap is over. I won’t miss a thing.

    1. Gina

      Yes that parking garage temp check is more crowded than any experience I’ve been in since covid started..I left in horror during Christmas season, elbow to elbow

  18. It’s about time people start standing up to this controlling, fear mongering & trampling of American’s civil liberties over a virus that’s not going anywhere, has a 99% success rate, has a vaccination that can’t keep you from catching it OR spreading it IF you catch it…you know, like the other 4 stands of Coronavirus & influenza. So what will Disney do this summer with all the visitors, of all ages, who will be suffering from heat stroke because of the temps & having to wear these stupid masks that DO NOTHING?!? ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    1. M

      Thank you!
      All of these mask wearers are extremely ignorant in the fact that the Common Cold IS a Coronavirus (well, it is made up of 5 different coronavirus strains) and carries with it the SAME genetic coding for viral pneumonia which carries the same “deadly” factor.
      The Common Cold mutates 5-7x per cold & flu season.
      Breathing in and out properly is also a way of regulating your body temperature. If you can’t do that, your temperature goes up.
      Where was Disney’s mask mentality when H1N1 was declared a global pandemic in 2009-2010?

      1. UbreakitUbuyit

        What’s the difference between COVID-19 and the common cold?
        Both COVID-19 and the common cold are caused by viruses. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, while the common cold is most often caused by rhinoviruses. These viruses spread in similar ways and cause many of the same signs and symptoms. However, there are a few differences.

        Symptom check: Is it COVID-19 or a cold? (see chart on website)

        Taken from Mayo Clinic website “COVID-19, cold, allergies and the flu: What are the differences?”

    2. Steve


  19. Mike

    To all the people complaining about wearing masks make sure if you ever have surgery to ask the doctors and nurses in the operating room to make sure that they don’t wear masks.While you’re at it why bother stopping for red lights either

  20. Cindy Murphy

    I was just at Disney on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I can tell you they have ruined the magic with their ridiculous rules and enforcements! The cast members are no longer friendly but have become cops who’s only job is to enforce “proper” mask-wearing. I was holding a drink in my hand, sitting down with my mask off about to take a sip when a cast member walked by and told me to put my mask on unless “actively eating or drinking”. I said “do you see this drink in my hand???” She said, “well you’re not actively drinking it if you’re just holding it”. I was like OMG what the F is wrong with you people?! Literally no one was within 6 feet of me at the time, I was sitting down in an area of EPCOT where no one else was, yet the cast members who now think they’re cops just HAD to come harass me. It’s sooo f-ing ridiculous and I’m over it. There is no more magic at Disney, at least not for now.

    1. FLorida Girl

      It’s like the facemask Gestapo!!! Just patrolling around waiting to be able to harass someone… I wonder if they put out an ad in the local paper advertising for these jobs? Hmm… “Attention anyone with a bully mentality, narcissistic personality, and inferiority complex: We. Want. You!!” Then they have Mickey doing the whole finger pointing pose from the WWII army recruiting posters!!

  21. Alayna

    Unfortunately Disney isn’t truly able to follow through with their mask mandate rules. We have been there 4 times in the past 2 months and there have been many people walking and eating through the parks and while in line at rides. I believe they don’t have enough cast members to truly enforce their own rules. I wish they would because we love going.

  22. Steven Crozier

    No matter what side of the issue your on here the fact still remains all Disney property is privately owned. There for YOU have a choice to make. Obey the rules set out by them and enjoy all that Disney has to offer. Or if you don’t want to obey the rules stay home and wait until the mandates are lifted. It’s pretty simple. If u don’t like it stay the heck away from Disney property and let the tens of thousands who have no problem following the guidelines enjoy themselves. One huge reason why this pandemic is lasting so long is all the people who seem to thing they can do what ever they want and break all rules. Get on board with helping solve this problem so we can ALL go back to a somewhat normal life. Do you think any of us want to be wearing masks while at Disney?? NO!! but if we all do what we need to do this will go away alot damn quicker.

  23. RR

    Thank you for making it safe for everyone without giving in to those who want to break the rules. BREAKING THE RULES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. I personally thanked cast member s who were enforcing the mask rule recently at Epcot.


  24. Trent

    Yes mask work. They work to divide people. Just like the government wants.

  25. Molly Willett

    This mask mandate has gone too far for too long.
    Just wait till Disney asks for a Gov’t bailout.
    60 Disney stores closing already.

    If masks were truly required, all us non madk wearers should have died by now. But they say more people who wear masks test positive, than those who don’t.

  26. Susan

    Here is my take. First off, there is NO enforcement of the mask under the Governor of Florida so technically you do not have to wear it. The only way Disney can get law enforcement to respond is to say the person is trespassing and that is starting to come to an end as law enforcement is realizing they are wasting their time. The sheriff has a legal obligation to uphold the constitution for all citizens/residents and the not wearing the mask is not violation. In fact, being forced to wear a mask or have your temperature taken is a violation of your constitutional rights. I will never again visit Disney or purchase another product from them as it was Bob Iger who first suggested face masks long before the CDC RECOMMENDED it. Read that – it is simply a recommendation to wear a mask – they off zero reason as to why. The WHO has completely moved away from it.

    1. WDexter

      All of Disney World is the private property of the Disney company, and they can enforce whatever dress code they wish, including masks, tutus, top hats, or mouse ears. Their recourse if you do not comply with the dress code is to remove you from the property by having the local police trespass you.

      This has nothing to do with the state mask mandate, the constitution, your freedumbs, Ron DeSantis, or anything else. It’s just basic private property rights.

      You probably think of yourself as conservative, and I’d just like to point out that private property rights are a core conservative value.

  27. 17 states are open including Florida, this plandemic BS needs to stop. Until it does we will not be visiting any of your parks.

  28. Paul

    Oh good gravy, people are actually arguing in support this guy’s behavior?

    No one has any “right” to be on private property without the owner’s permission.


    He obviously went there with the intent to raise a stink. I hope he’s stinky in jail for a while.

    1. Kiamai

      If others have been arrested for bypassing the temp check then why aren’t you listing their names too and embarrassing their families and hurting their businesses? Why spotlight one? The media harm is worse than the arrest

  29. Kiamai

    If others have been arrested for bypassing the temp check then why aren’t you listing their names too and embarrassing their families and hurting their businesses? Why spotlight one? The media harm is worse than the arrest

  30. I don’t really give a crap about all you Karen’s and Ken’s with your attitudes. What I care about is the treatment of the little guy. The employees doing what they are told so that to keep there job’s. My daughter has been called horrible names to being spit on to being pushed down. Alot of you with your own children and young adults with you are teaching your own that it’s ok to be mean and disrespectful to someone doing there job. They do not make the rules. You are a disgrace. Protest and write to the company. It’s your God give right as a person but it’s not your right to be a complete jersey and treat people they way you wouldn’t want your loved ones to be treated. Signed a proud mom of a DisneyWorld employee.

    1. Flyer

      Michele Hansen – My husband and I enjoyed a trip to WDW in December 2020 and had a WONDERFUL time, in no small part due to the all of the incredibly nice and welcoming CMs we encountered. I don’t know if we happened to cross paths with your daughter, but if she’s anything like the CMs we did meet, you have every reason to be proud. It’s CMs like her that made our Disney vacation still incredibly magical during these “different” times. Please tell her we said THANK YOU for all she does!

  31. Helen R

    Lifetime ban seems appropriate for that selfish immature knucklehead.

    1. ??????

      Lifetime bans are way too far a treatment over a stupid chinese beer bug virus that has a 99% survival rate.

      Don’t be woke, it’s even worse than covid.

      1. So what if it has a 99% survival rate? Would you be OK if 1 out of 100 people you know die in the next year when they otherwise would have been alive? How about the people who live and have lifelong breathing issues?

  32. Selena

    Better to die fighting for freedom than live the rest of your life as a prisoner..

    It’s sad to see all of the brainwashed people complying with their freedoms being restricted.

    Disney needs to let people make health choices for themselves. If they want to wear a mask, wear one. If you don’t, then don’t. Temperature checks are useless. Let’s just call this what it is .. a farce.

    1. Thank upu for all the support
      Thank you to the oramge coontry sheriff deputies for being so kind and fair to me i am sorry the one plain clothes disney supervisor has a napoleon complex for the record to get this striaght 1. I wore my mask 24/7 never removed my mask and there was ZERO instruction to go thru any tempeesture check when i WALKED from my hotel room at disney saratoga reaort to boathouse resturant disney springs my mask never came off and the disney so caled security sipefvisor never checked my tempersture however when i got to jail the extremely kind officer asked why i was there toopk my tempersture and documented 98.1. ???THETRUTH

    2. I'm Right

      You can tell how privileged Americans are when wearing a mask is considered an infringement if freedoms. Go live in North Korea and let me know what it’s like to really have no freedom.

  33. Jason

    It should have always been a personal choice to wear one of not. If you are that scared, stay home!!! Its absolutely ridiculous that you have to stop walking to take a drink or a bite. If you want to wear one…..fine, wear 3 of them, but I shouldnt HAVE to wear one. IMO???

    1. WDexter

      You don’t have to wear a mask.

      However, Disney has decided that as a condition of allowing you on their private property, you have to wear a mask.

      Not wanting to wear a mask is not a protected class under civil rights laws, so they are perfectly within their legal rights to refuse you entry if you refuse to comply.

      Stop thinking of it as a “mask mandate” and think of it as a dress code. Dress codes are legal.

    2. No, if you can’t follow the rules, YOU STAY HOME!!

  34. Georges

    Why do some people complicate things ?
    Their house their rules.
    I hate face mask , but I also follow rules in private property. Stop crying and just don’t visit if you’re not ready.

  35. Toni Johansen

    We just spent a week at Disney, staying at one of their resorts, and I was so relaxed because I knew all the precautions were being taken to keep me safe. There are rules for everybody and if you don’t like the rules stay home. I want to apply to Disney for all the precautions they took!

  36. Jelly

    why so many mask comments when this whole article has zero to do with mask wearing.

  37. Jack

    He will win the lawsuit. Good for him

    1. No he won’t. Shows what you know. It’s private property and they can legally make their rules. This has already gone through the courts!!

  38. Carol martin

    He should have been arrested as well as permanently banned from the property.

  39. Sammy

    I have obeyed the stupid rules because yes, they are Disney’s rules and I’ve wanted to go enjoy the Parks! I realize that there is a big portion of people out there that seem to think that the “magic masks” are doing something and they can no longer contract a disease?? Believe the Science they say, as long as it is YOUR idea of Science! I don’t believe for one second that wearing a mask is doing anything but harming myself! I firmly believe if you want to wear a mask, then by all means you should be allowed to, but forcing others to wear one because “you” think it works is WRONG! Wear a hazmat suit if you want, or DON’T go to an amusement Park that has tons of people there! Having gone to the Parks several times this year, I now realize that Disney can no longer use the slogan “Happiest Place on Earth” because the workers DON’T care about anything other than running around making sure they ENFORCE the stupid mask wearing!! How ridiculous is it that you can take your mask off to eat while stationary, but heaven forbid you move, even if you’re 50 feet away from ANYONE!! I got yelled at for being over 10 feet away from anyone (even with a mask on) because I wasn’t on the exact dot the lady thought I should be standing on! They announce over the loud speakers every 15 minutes or so…that YOU WILL BE REMOVED if you fail to obey the mask rules ( certainly reminds you ever 15 minutes how bad Disney has lost its touch at being a Happy Place!) I would love to see Disney do away with ALL mask wearing and if people are uncomfortable with that, they can put on their N95 or STAY HOME! SO MANY people have decided that it is THEIR job to POLICE others for such a ridiculous thing!! DISNEY is definitely losing their Magic!!

  40. In most places you don’t have to wear a mask outside including Florida. When you enter WDW, it is considered private property. They can do anything they want. Governor Desantis said recently that WDW voluntarily closed in March 2020. It wasn’t the states idea. To tell you the truth, I am surprised that there haven’t been more issues. Disney put in many bars and lounges in the parks. Something that was taboo in the 1970s when the park opened. You cam get a cocktail anywhere on property and they have events promoting it. Disney is fighting now with Universal to advertise liquor more. More drunks, more trouble.

  41. Not important

    I just came back from Disney and I have decided I am not renewing my annual passes my 11 year old daughter took a sip of her water and before she swallowed it they were asking her to put her mask on, they now have people standing in line watching you as you are no longer allowed to eat or drink while standing in line, the eating I can understand but when it’s over an hour and 90 degrees outside I would like to stay hydrated and drink water but nope no longer allowed. I don’t understand how you can stand still and eat or drink through out the park but to take a picture out in the open which takes two seconds you can not remove your mask for a picture. I’m not renewing my passes and I was very unhappy with my experience

  42. No, if you can’t follow the rules, YOU STAY HOME!!

  43. Donna

    Morons like this are the reason we can’t get rid of this crap.. Anti maskers.. YOU, are the reason people are still dying.. I see non maskers walking around smirking like they are doing something grand, when the fact is all they are doing is showing their true iq’s and self worth!

  44. Ren

    Disney is a private company, unless you own A majority of stock, you don’t get to make the rules. You are paying them for a service, and just like you aren’t allowed to run the rides yourself or steal the merchandise in the stores you must obey the rules set forth by the company. If you dont want them telling you what to do, I suggest you find another place for your entertainment.

  45. Josette

    I go to Disney every 2 years they did me a favor with their stupid rules now ill go somewhere else

    1. Jay

      Seaworld and universal Orlando have mask mandates and temperature checks as well. And Busch gardens as well and Legoland.

  46. Danielle Crump

    I did not read the article. BUT I had the worst experience a few days ago at disney. 400$ to spend over 6 hours on hold to change a simple date change on our tickets. Billion dollar industry with the worst customer service on the PLANET! I hope I never take a step on disney property again.

  47. SG

    Keep up the good work Disney! Once this pandemic is over, we will return to normal. As an American, it makes me angry to see one of our own behaving badly. There’s no excuse for putting others in danger because of a little inconvenience. And if you don’t agree, don’t go to Disney!

  48. Brian

    It’s there rules, if you don’t like it, then simply don’t go! I have had covid, it’s real and it can kill you! I am a castmember, covid has changed my life, we can beat this thing if we only work together, we are too divided against each other, and and too many over sensitive feelings tough S!@#, get over it, the world does not revolve around you! Nobody gives a crap, what color, what size,shape gender you are! We all live on the same planet, sad part of that, is there are a lot of sad selfish people! Here at Walt Disney for the most part strive to make this the happiest place on earth! Truth is you can’t please everyone!

  49. Sammijo

    I’m glad Disney is enforcing it’s safety procedures. Good to know they value their workers and customers.

  50. Josh

    They are to strict. We have a child with a disability that can’t wear a mask. This has prevented us from allowing our family to enjoy the Disney experience. We are all about safety as the rest of us are able and willing to wear a mask. They should make medical exceptions.

  51. X

    One of the main things that *has been implemented all over Walt Disney World Resort property is temperature checks.

  52. SANDY M

    The magic is gone ☹
    I had to cancel our reservations for 7 at Key West Resort 2 bedroom villa & park tickets for 8 nights because I refuse to suffocate myself and my family who are fully vaccinated to please someone’s virtue signaling at a corporate level. I’ll spend my thousands of dollars at a beach house and private restaurants and activities in Florida that have common sense.

  53. S

    There is no pandemic. This new grab for power is illegal. People are shoulder to shoulder everywhere with no affect. People go for fun not to be harassed with rules. Even in Christmas all the rules and don’t do that, and not one merry Christmas. YOU ONLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO BREATHE IF YOU ARE BUYING FOOD OR DRINK, SPENDING YOUR MONEY IF NOT NO BREATHING MASK ON OR SPEND MONEY. Stop the police state. People are not cows to be led through fences.

  54. Dennis Haffner

    Disney follows all State & Federal guidelines concerning COVID for the safety of all guest visiting Disneyland.

    The rules and guidelines are her for a reason, and no-one should disrespect these guidelines, not sould they put others in harms way because “they” have a “personal problem” to deal with.

    The General Public doesn’t need to be exposed to people like this.

    Be respectful of others.

    JMO, and all have a great day!

  55. Ben collins

    I have questions, why would the employees wait until the person is already inside the park to warn him? They are better off denying entry at the gate.

    1. Kat

      He wasn’t inside a park, but Disney springs, he walked from the Saratoga springs resort to the boathouse restaurant bypassing a temperature check . He was wearing a mask and he said he had his temperature checked when boarding the Magical express bus from the Orlando international airport to the Saratoga springs resort where was staying and they also checked his temperature there.

  56. Robert Coats

    We have so many uniformed people on this comment thread…It’s so sad.
    LOOK: If you can only enjoy access to a public accommodation (Disneyland) if you follow their rules, then next week they require you to snort a line of coke as you go in, is that OK because it’s “Policy”? NO!
    Policies cannot violate the law. And this medical treatment center taking temps and requiring medical devices – without a medical license is violating the law. To refuse service for not wearing a germ-rag is violating the Civ Rights Act. Declining to take medical advice or treatment is your right. It is not a crime and therefore is not grounds for “trespass”. On the other hand any Disney employee calling for your arrest for trespass has just committed felonies and should instead be arrested.

  57. UbreakitUbuyit

    Lol “crimes”. The real crime is the 550,000+ Americans dead and the billions of tax dollars wasted thanks to coronavirus 19 hygienic sloppiness. But yeah, pitchforks for Disney for attempting to protect it’s own best interest in not becoming known as super spreader, and losing even more attendees. What a crime. #priorities #lovethyneighbor

  58. Grandma JoJo

    I am not on Disney’s side because everyone deserves compassion not just the rule followers and sheep. Some people need compassion and you should give back his money for anything he hasn’t used.

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