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  1. Jeanne

    Going in October and really wish the Dining plan would be back… It is so much easier to not have to worry about paying as you eat… even if they started with a modified plan of some sort would be a help…

  2. Wally

    Title: “When could free Disney Dining return to Disney World?”
    After a looong peroration, the short answer is: “We don’t know”.
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  3. Paul Lanphear

    Those of us who lost our reservations last year and then were offered free dining to rebook only to have our second reservation canceled and the free dining taken away, should at least have been given vouchers for free quick service meals when we rebooked again.

    1. Melanie Durham

      I totally agree

  4. Tad

    Ya got me! Here I read this article hoping to find out how to get “free dining” at WDW. Pre-pandemic, for the Regular dining plan (as part of our lodging and ticket package) we paid $78 for an adult and $30 for kids, plus tax. And a gratuity at the table service restaurant. That was one quick service meal, one table service meal, 2 snacks and the refillable beverage cup. Our choice to buy the package but it certainly wasn’t “free”. Based on the title of this story, please share how we can get “free dining”. 🙂

    1. Mary Loss

      Pre-pandemic, Disney offered free dining plans during lower attendance times, to entice more visitors. To get the free dining, you generally had to pay full price for the room, with Value resorts (and sometimes moderates) getting quick service plan and higher-priced resorts getting regular dining plan. Now, it’s hard to say when (if?) free dining will return, but you really need to follow sites like this one or facebook pages to know it’s available, because it usually sells out fast!

      1. Tad

        Thanks Mary, appreciate the info …. but it really wasn’t “free”, it was an inclusion when paying a full non-discounted price for a room and ticket package rather than taking advantage of a promotional rate. So the answer is do the math to determine if it’s cheaper to pay full price and “get” a dining package or pay a discounted rate and add the dining package for a fee. Thanks again.

        1. Melanie Durham

          True story

      2. Anna

        The free dining plan was the absolute best ever. We utilized it every year and went to great restaurants and yes the hoop de do review faithfully. Paying for just gratuity was perfectly fine. We are not stepping foot back in Disney world until we can once again enjoy all of the the magical amenities such as the great dining experiences, shows and parades. Sorry there is just no point.

    2. Katie Wells

      Booked for Dec 2021 but will cancel if Disney Dinning Plan doesn’t return…. That’s a no go for my family ?

  5. Karen

    Really miss the free quick service dining plan. We did this in 2018 & have booked for October 2021, another resort vacation package. Please start back all the dining plans, but especially the free quick service plan for the resort vacation package. It was awesome! It took the stress out of planning our meals & made our trip even more enjoyable!

  6. Jane

    Now that things are getting somewhat back to normal will Disney bring back the magic wand & wishing star to Cinderella’s castle? Also is Bibbity Bobbity Boo going to reopen?

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