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  1. harry

    this is why we love desantis

    1. Summer McRae

      Yes indeed!

    2. Kathy B.

      I don’t live in Florida, but I visit and I totally agree with the governor.

      1. Andrea

        You are the best Governor for FLA. Keep up the great work. Thanks for not listening to biden.

  2. Anonymous

    Except it’s NOT “normal society,” DeSantis! When Biden and other officials bring up these vaccine passports, they’re talking about temporarily requiring them for LARGE SCALE events like concerts, sports games, theme parks, etc. You won’t need a proof of vaccination to go to the store. You won’t need one to go to church, the park, dentist, school, two feet outside of your home, etc. For crying out loud, calm down! I don’t understand why some of these Republican politicians jump to conclusions whenever any COVID safety protocol is put in place. That’s why I’ll be sticking in the great State of Ohio where our Republican governer actually has a clue.

    1. Dolores

      There is nothing temporary about this. This passport will be set in stone until we get a President with brains. Why do you think you will be wearing masks forever? I know people who have been fully vaccinated and still plan on wearing the mask.

    2. Jerry

      When does it end? So a person who refuses a vaccine can NEVER travel anywhere again or go to Disney or go to a sports game or a college, or any other large event unless they “voluntarily” take an injection? Give me a break! When does this madness end? There is nothing they are saying that is temporary. Nothing.

  3. Summer McRae

    Thank goodness we live in Florida!
    And thank goodness for DeSantis!

  4. Kathy B.

    I don’t want no passports,we don’t have them for any other major illnesses that you can get.
    This virus will never go away just like the flu every year.and every year they will offer the covud shot just like the flu shot. Either you want it or not. For me I don’t want it.

  5. Kathy B.

    I’m sorry but they don’t want them temporary, like everything else they want to control you and know exactly where you are at all times the masks were suppose to be temporary too its been over a year. My opinion ,thats all, enjoy your day!

  6. No more!

    Thank you Gov DeSantis! More Republican lawmakers and citizens need to stand up and say NO MORE! The president does NOT have the right to throw away our Constitutional rights! We do not live in a dictatorship, we live in a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference.

    Mandating vaccination passports will divide this country even more. That is the last thing we need from public servant Joe. Don’t forget HE works for the people of the USA, we do not work for him.

    We are OFFICIALLY past the 2 weeks to slow the spread. By a YEAR!

    1. Julie

      Thanks for not caving in to the radical left agenda on these “experimental rna modifying drugs” They are proven NOT to stop Covid anyway.

  7. Leah

    Gov DeSantis is right. Disney stop caving to the left. Our current president is an idiot.

  8. Pauline Navarro

    Gosh, Democrats “led” by Pres Biden (right…eye roll..do you really believe that?). Why not TB-vaccine passports? For cryin’ out loud, that RESPIRATORY (OH NO, PEOPLE CAN KILL ME BY BREATHING!!), has killed more than 1,500,000 people PER YEAR for the last 40 years in my adulthood!. That is 60,000,000 dead people from that respiratory communicable disease in the last 40 years. WHY NOT PASSPORTS to include TB Vaccines? Why not malaria-free passports? Just takes ONE malaria positive person to be blood-sucked by a mosquito then come to me. 1,000,000 people die per year from malaria. that is 40,000,000 in the last 40 years. WHY NOT MALARIA TEST EVERYONE? Or, how about HIV? I know, I know, not respiratory communicable. But, c’mon folks, we all know this is transmitted by a basic human experience across all ages and genders. 75,000,000 have died world wide (650,000 here in the USA alone) in the last 40 years. And, while we are at it, 650,000 die from Flu worldwide annually. That is 26,000,000 dead in the last 40 years from something we can vaccinate against. In the 2017-18 winter, 80,000 USA folks died from flu alone (bet you didn’t know that, did you? Normally we average 35,000 or so)Why, oh why, aren’t we forcing everyone to get their FLU vaccine and PROVE it and all the rest of their health before they travel anywhere? Why not force us all to be checked every month or so and update our health cards for HIV (no vaccine yet!), so we can travel and mingle? Quit, people. Just quit letting ANYONE continue to use this disease as a method to destroy your basic rights (to medical privacy, to practice commerce, to speak, to move freely around this nation) under the guise of “protecting” you. Animals in Zoos are “protected” too. Is that really what you want? Not me. I will not return to Disney until we are mask-free outside (really, Disney? when are you going to listen to actual science?) and can eat inside.

  9. Pauline Navarro

    “Temporary”? Like the “15 days to flatten the curve” that became..13 months so far? How stupid do you think we are? (Oh..right)

    1. John Neumann

      Everywhere I’ve lived, proof of vaccination for childhood diseases is required for kids to go to school. Why should COVID be different? If you choose to be a moron and refuse to get vaccinated, you *should* be treated differently from responsible citizens. (true medical exemptions can get a doctor’s note)

      1. Stephanie

        Are you ridiculous??? You do know there are 1000s of kids that go to school without any type of vaccinations, right??

      2. Stephanie

        #1. I’m never getting the vaccine. #2. Thank the Good Lord for Gov.DeSantis! Hopefully Gov.Abbott does the same .
        #3. Do not go to Disney until the mask mandate is over with, trust me!

    2. KenR

      “Temporary”? Exactly. These power obsessed politicians would have everyone poor and praying for another $1400 stimulus check every few months if they had their way. They’d also have you double masking like some fool for the rest of our lives too. They are already using “the variance” as a way to keep infringing on your rights. Disney management are huge supporters of democrats that crave these lockdowns and unemployment. It’s public record and you can see the money they poured into the Democrats election funds.

  10. Barbara Iles

    And for those that are unable to get the vaccine due to health reasons .
    Unbelievable they would even think about it!

  11. Dis fan

    Im glad people who have a brain actually use it, vac pass are ridiculous, another way of big government control, as for anoymous, your and idiot, stay home and hide, stick yr head in the sand and be afraid, all the facts above are true, check the CDC website its there, i want to know what im up against instead of watching the news, which spreads fear and chaos, enough is enough, i live in chicago and our idiot democrat governor wants the passport, stand up and be heard, we’ll be in Disney in July looking to have fun, mask or not, we need it, get yourself educated and enjoy life before its to late.

  12. Joyce Lindsey Lindsey

    It makes me laugh that people think its only republicans that want safety. We all want it and dems or reps have nothing to do with it. I say get the vaccine all of you.

  13. Paul

    Here’s the reality: it is legal for businesses to require employees or customers to be vaccinated. You’re screaming, “No, that’s illegal!” Wrong. Do your research.

    If the state prohibits it then the business can sue the state. You’re screaming, “No, that’s illegal!” Wrong again. Do your research.

    So, if airlines want to require a vaccine passport, that could be ok. If a state wanted to, that would be ok. If Amtrak wanted to, that would be ok. If WDW wanted to, that would be ok. If you don’t like it, don’t go to any of those places if they chose to require this. That’s also ok.

  14. LL

    I believe we’re eventually headed in this direction as a way of controlling people’s movements, oops, infectious people’s movements. See how easy that can be confused?
    International travel requires a passport and in some cases visas. Soon domestic travel will require an ID meeting certain federal requirements. Guess what, proof of vaccinations from deadly viruses will one day be added to the list. Many of you already have shot records on file with a hospital. An electronic shot record used properly can help us get back to normal.

  15. Tad

    Sorry kids, too late. If you want to travel to certain countries in Africa, Asia or South America a vaccine passport (proof of vaccine) for yellow fever and meningococcal meningitis is required. Now it’s unlikely many will ever travel to those countries, innoculations (and proof of) to travel have been around a long time. And currently a number of countries in Europe are considering requiring proof of the C-19 vaccine to enter (i.e. vaccine passport). But with Epcot’s World Showcase offering a realistic depiction of everyday life in all these foreign lands who needs to leave the comfort of central Florida? And who really wants a microchip embedded in their arm with the vaccine shot when you are already being tracked by the use of your smartphone every day? 🙂 🙂

  16. KTM

    Yikes. Hard pass on this, thanks.

  17. Andrea C

    You are the best governor For Fla. Stand your ground against the so call president.

  18. I was wondering where I could thank this brave leader. A leader is someone who speaks the truth even when those words are unpopular. Thank you Ron DeSantis for giving us hope for our nation. We will see how Disneyland rolls. As long time out of state APS we are completely out of the playing field in purchasing tickets. From Annual Pass Holders to banished. We will see what you do Disneyland. Orlando may become the new Anaheim for our regular Disney destination.

  19. Dolores

    If Disney World requires vaccination passports I will be cancelling the pass I have had for 23 years.

  20. Joslyn

    Thank God for DeSantis. I am not getting the vaccine and I should have that right without being denied the opportunity to be a part of society. We don’t do that for any other disease and there are things far more deadly and dangerous than this one. Even in the middle of a measles outbreak Disneyland did not require everybody to have a measles vaccine And that is far more deadly to children and seriously dangerous to adults. No new normal.

  21. Concerned Conservative

    I grew up conservative in a very conservative state. A true conservative by definition wants and strives for smaller government, i.e. a government should not have a say in how a business decides to run their business. Denying businesses the right to choose to require vaccines or proof of vaccination would be the complete antithesis to conservatism. Disney will be well within their rights as a US business to choose to enforce mask wearing or requiring proof of vaccination. As any publicly traded company, they will choose what is best for profits and what will increase the stock price for shareholders. Desantis banning a business from being able to choose to require proof of vaccination is the definition of government overreach and is the exact same “communist socialism” that Trumplicans say democrats push. It’s honestly an embarrassment to conservatism and the values of what our forefathers created. I think now would be a good time to take a humble and hard look at your values. Do you value being a conservative or are you only in favor of “conservative values” when it benefits you or doesn’t require personal sacrifice? Please reply with your thoughts and what you have learned from this exercise, thank you!

    1. WoW

      Well said and very rational.

    2. MTK

      Inside the Magic held their own poll asking how many people have been back to Disney so far (only 38% of those surveyed), and if not, when they might return. Of those who are holding off, they asked the reason why. The most popular answer? Waiting out the end of the masks and other restrictions, and in second place, the return of fireworks and other suspended amenities. (third place was waiting for lifted travel restrictions and a distant fourth was waiting for the vaccine) If these poll results are an accurate microcosm of the Disney-going public at large; the company is losing business with the current operating model. They will need to make changes to bring back customers and to please those shareholders you mentioned.

  22. KenR

    I am astounded at the number of people that actually trust the government to do the right thing with the power they have. It’s even more astounding that so many people support the government’s ability to restrict a persons ability to freely travel due to a. Virus with a near 99% survival rate. Let that sink in. The harm that our governments did with their shut downs, mass unemployment, kids not learning in school, and deficit spending have done far more damage than this virus.

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