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  1. Ellora

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Joeann

    I was planning a visit until you said CA residents ONLY! ?

  3. Ted

    We are planning an early November trip Hopefully us Washington folks can go by then. We had to cancel twice already

  4. Emelio Juarez

    I have been a pass holder for many years and with Disneyland keeps raising their prices. I think we should all boycott Disneyland until they bring down their prices. I can remember when a daily passport was $20.00.

  5. Patricia Mccollum

    Hi! How accessible are Disney Land tickets for a family weekend package with all accomodations of flight and hotel accomodations and cost?

    1. Debralawyer

      I too think the prices are way out of control I haven’t been back with these prices and I want to comeback

  6. We are planning a multi-generational family trip for October 4. We live in Oregon and were season pass holders. All 80 of our fingers are crossed.

  7. Debra lawyer

    I to think Disneyland ticket prices are way out of control this is supposed to be a fun place to come but because of the prices I don’t get to enjoy the park any more and I would love to come back

  8. Manuel Sanchez

    Im from Las Cruces NM when will I be able to purchase tickets? I would like to go in May

  9. Marsha

    Looking forward to walking Main Street again. Enjoying the sights and smells of Disneyland.

  10. Donna Wulff-Davis

    Have been coming to Disneyland since it opened and have seen the expansions, lose some rides and cost increases. I think they were maybe a couple of dollars when they opened up to $180 now, I can hardly wish to think they take into consideration the long time pass holders and give us all a price reduction. It looks like the trips of maybe 3 or 4 a month will now be once or twice a year. Hope Disneyland will still make our Dreams Come True!! Donna Wulff-Davis ,Murrieta, CA

  11. Kaitlin Fong

    Here’s to hoping they do a further extension on expiration for Canadian resident tickets. Our borders have been closed to non essential travel and I doubt they will reopen much before the tickets expire. I realize I can take them to the ticket booth and pay the difference though. Here’s hoping anyway!

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