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  1. KevinY

    I’m going in July when I expect north of 50% of Californians will have been fully vaccinated.

  2. Chris

    Honestly there is absolutely no reason that anything should have been closed more than the initial two weeks. California has proven lockdowns and government interference DO NOT WORK. We are among the worst in the country on deaths from COVID and even worse on deaths from other causes during COVID.

    1. John

      Finally a non DS who actually has common sense. Couldn’t agree with you more. I still can’t believe the people willing to spend the money just to walk around half the park and eat 🤷‍♂️

      1. Charles

        This whole locals only thing is stupid. If I live in Reading, 19 hours away from Disneyland I can go. But because I live outside of Phoenix, AZ, 6 hours away I am barred. I am fully vaccinated yet can not enjoy my happy place for months.

  3. Douglas A. Stewart

    As a [now] “Legacy Passholder” from Minnesota, we will likely have to wait till they finish satisfying the locals before I can go with my wife. Hopefully we can be allowed entry for our annual Anniversary/Halloween Party trip, our streak was broken so we might have to stay a few weeks.

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