Comments for Long Virtual Queues Signal Massive Demand For Disneyland

two men dining at lamplight lounge on pixar pier

Credit: Disney


  1. Santiago Alcantara

    I tried at midnight, but reservations were not available yet. Then, when I checked at 8:20am, I joined the queue on my cellphone. Then, on my computer shortly after. A couple hours later, it crashed or something and kicked me out. Then, I was finally able to get in and there were no more reservations available. The most frustrating part is the lack of information… especially because I only bought the tickets to Touch of Disney in the hopes of dining at Lamplight Lounge. It was a waste of money, sadly.

  2. Cj Brown


    Team Disney Anaheim can go suck it!

    I can order on my device for curbside pickup at Knott’s Berry Farm Mrs. Knott’s ? Dinner Restaurant with minimal waiting!

    Knott’s +
    Disneyland –

    1. Thomas

      While I still love Disney I think Cedar fair/ Knott’s has done better for their employees and fans during the pandemic.

  3. Thomas

    Yes indeed it was very frustrating! They should have had time slots for specific days starting with the 18th. Like the above poster I started checking at midnight. I caught it when it went live about 9 but wasted all morning starting at an animation of big thunder mountain. By the time my “turn” came the day I needed was all sold out. Perhaps we should have been invited to make reservations for prepaid prix fix package for the specific day when ordering the the touch of Disney tickets.

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