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Donald Duck Disneyland

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  1. VB L

    I will welcome Disneyland and support visiting the park 100%. I know Disney will have stringent rules in place that will allow me to feel safer there than in most businesses. They need our support after the long closure and can only be successful with the support of their fans.

    1. Vivian card Card

      Since you discontinued annual passports, there is no way my family of 9 can afford Disney. Was a passholder for 10 years. You are not in my budget. It would cost me over $1,000 just for tickets for one day.

      1. ToddB

        Glad you won’t be joining disney again. It is exactly your attendance that has ruined the experience. Cheap AP families that take up all capacity and are rude and entitled.. go make Knotts your new home…

        1. Lisa

          What has ruined the Disney experience in their increased park capacity, not just AP. It’s all about the money and that is the excuse Disney throws out so they can charge more. Their prices are really high and a single day ticket is very expensive when it’s so crowded you can’t get on more than a few rides. I will still go, but I don’t have a big family either so I can afford it. We had annual paces and early world drop a couple hundred every time we went, so their logic that pass holders don’t spend money isn’t really true. Most of us spend more not less money in the park because we had passes

        2. Joe Smith

          Your reply is equally as rude.

      2. M.Gray

        We hope there will be some type of new passes. We were able to go much easier with passes which included parking and photos. However, we plan on returning with a total count of 14 of us. We really want to bring our grandkids and stay at the GC if possible.

  2. Lu

    We hoping to use our tickets from last year in November 2021.

  3. SeattleZan

    I look forward to going this fall when hopefully there should be less people. Also want to see how the pricing will go. It’s gotten way too expensive.

    I’ve had both vaccines, but I can wait.

    1. Rg

      The pricing is only going up, up, up. 15% cap leaves me with a $300+ one park ticket, and that’s being very conservative. Demand has never been higher considering the supply available.

  4. Greg

    When they reopen for out of state guests, you can be sure we will be there!

    1. Caresse'

      When will that be?Never?

    2. Lisa

      When will that be do we know

  5. JustJessee

    Happy for all the California fans who get to go again! Please be respectful and safe out there, the rest of us want to be able to visit again too at some point lol

  6. Gigi

    I miss Disney, but am not ready to go where there are crowds until we are closer to herd immunity. Maybe closer to Fall.

    1. Slim

      I now have no plans to ever return to Disneyland. We have attended regularly every year for the last 30 years. My youngest son, who is 23, had never missed a birthday at Disneyland. Typically we spent 3-4 weeks of time annually, staying on Disney property. My state of Arizona is currently over run with California residents. Everything from Sporting Events to Hotels and Restaurants are all jammed to capacity with people from California. They all escape the oppressor of a Governor and come here. Now, he says I’m not welcome! Well I get it, We won’t be back!

      1. Pili


      2. Stephanie N Smith

        Please don’t come to California you are exactly the type of person our beautiful state doesn’t need. Thank you!!!

        1. Rob

          Please don’t speak for all of us. Your comment has me thinking the same of you.

      3. patty

        We cant send our children to school but your going to allow disney to open really come on somthing very wrong here people need to wake up and get their priorities right, wont be going

  7. Kathy

    I wish they were allowing out of state guests. We would b there. So, if Orange county drops into the orange tier can out of state guests come then?

  8. Jerry

    Right now it is only a recommendation from the state that the parks, such as Disney, once open be for California residents only and on the Disney website it mentions absolutely nothing about that. This article states that as fact and that is not true.

    1. Vivian card Card

      Since you discontinued annual passports, there is no way my family of 9 can’t afford Disney. Was a passholder for 10 years. You are not in my budget. It would cost me over $1,000 just for tickets for one day.

    2. Emily

      Happy Disneyland will finally reopen. I agree with some about the annual pass holders crowding it up and driving the prices up. The prices go up because so many pass holders spend little to no money when they visit. They don’t pay for parking, don’t buy food or souvenirs. The fast pass was meant for pass holders who didn’t want to wait in long lines. Hopefully now more people can enjoy the Disney experience without the crowds from the local pass holders.

      1. Lily

        I was an annual passholder. I paid over $1000 for my pass. I usually went once a month and not in the summer at all. That would average $100 per visit just for admission . I assure you I spent money when I was there on food and merchandise . I don’t understand why you act like we don’t pay. Every guest used fastpass!

  9. Jerry

    Actually, I just double checked and under the governor’s revised guidelines the parks will be for a California residents only, so please disregard my above comment. Thank you

  10. Jerry

    Actually, I just double checked and under the governor’s revised guidelines the theme parks will be re-opening sometime in April for California residents only, such a bummer.

  11. How about monthly payments for senior citizens? Disneyland is my only entertainment and paying huge hunks of money at once I can’t afford. You know seniors won’t be attending a lot. Senior discounts of some type. We don’t ride most of the popular rides or stay a long time. So hope Disneyland will make it a magical place for us seniors!!

    1. Lisa

      That’s actually a really great idea! I would love for them to do something like that

  12. Jen

    Sweet! Would love to visit with 15% capacity! I’ll actually be able to get on all the rides! So excited. I bet it’s going to be pricy, but being able to go on everything might be worth it.

  13. David From SoCal

    Went to Downtown Disney and was harassed beyond any sense of reason or enjoyability (e.g. being swarmed upon and yelled at for a selfie with my kid with masks pulled down despite being 30 yards from the nearest person but able to remove masks to eat or drink inside a restaurant 6 feet away from neighboring tables). Now they’re stepping up their already draconian mask pedantry. Sorry, but I have no internet in paying Disney obscene amounts of money to treat me and my family like peasants with their zealous dogmatic tyranny of enforcement. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of sheeple sycophants who will feel so safe by the nonsensical abuse of others while dismissing the absent majority as selfish or non virtuous. Have fun!

    1. Observer

      You sir are a liar and are definitely part of the problem. I’m happy to hear you will never be back, because your attitude and sense of entitlement is not welcome.

      1. Renee

        Amen. He’s one of those poor oppressed victims who believes masks are soul crushing. Good grief.

  14. Thomas

    Looking forward to the So Cal parks reopening. People are all angry that California may have erred on the side of safety. We will never know how many lives this may have saved. I am actually flying to Florida for a Disney fix end of next week. While I feel safe on Disney property I won’t really be spending much time anywhere else. Touch of Disney is already sold out if I am understanding the website. I was able to snag tickets for 03/18/21. That it sold out in a few hours shows that tickets once on sale will be in high demand. Sad that annual passes are going away for a while but I understand.

  15. Nancy Manera

    Yes !! We can’t wait !! So excited ❤

  16. Don

    We are looking forward to the opportunity to visit Disneyland once it allows out of state visitors again.

  17. Allyson

    Some of the mean-spirited and negative comments are disappointing. We are recovering from the worst pandemic of any of our lifetimes. Governers and businesses are doing the best they can to keep people safe. We have all suffered, but there is hope on the horizon. Soon vaccines will be available to everyone, and businesses can reopen safely, without stressing our hospitals and first responders, and without risking the precious lives of our loved ones. Be patient and stay safe. See you real soon!

  18. Lisa

    So basically if we live out of state we cant go to the park with our family wow that’s really disappointing

  19. Lily

    To all those complaining about opening to only California residents: I am pretty sure WDW opened to only Florida residents first. The state of California is huge with a very large population. California residents have been under strict regulations and would be less likely to defy the rules in place because we want the park to remain open, our economy needs it.

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