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  1. Indy

    This is largely due to not having Fastpass which artificially doubles and triples standby wait times. Maybe people will finally see that Fastpass is not helping your overall waits. There was a really telling day in Disneyland pre pandemic when Fastpass went down over the entire park and stayed down all day. Screen grabs of the park app with really low wait times appeared on social media and we’re a real eye opening to many .

  2. Staci Ewing

    We visited DisneyWorld the 2nd and 3rd of February. At MK, we waited 10-20 minutes for Space Mtn, Big Thunder, Peter Pan, Small World, and walked on several like Haunted Mansion, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh. Jungle Cruise was the longest wait we did at 30, but we didn’t do the Mine ride as that was at 50 minutes all day long.
    The next day we did Epcot, and we walked onto most rides. It felt unreal! We picked the ride order well, as later in the day, Test Track and Frozen were 30-40 wait times. Without the crowds and the long waits, it was the most magical experience indeed, especially with the safety protocols.

  3. Jep

    I’d gladly wait in line longer and not have the stupid mask mandate than to have shorter wait times but have to wear what amounts to a muzzle. Ill visit Disney when and if they ever get rid of the ridiculousness that continues to get worse by the day.

    1. Squished

      We just went this past week. The wait times were longer than we have ever waited. We do normally go at very off times of the year though. 60+ for small world, jungle cruise, mine train, 75+ for splash mountain and thunder mountain. The race cars, little mermaid and carousel had short times. We left at 3 because we were sick of standing around ?. We did enjoy ourselves but wow. With 35% capacity, you would think the wait times would’ve been much shorter.

      1. Mitch

        You went mid March during spring break. What did you expect? Even pre-covid that’s a nightmare on it’s own.

    2. Nick

      Wait times were longer for me across the board in Dec 2020 Vs. Dec 2019.
      The reduction in capacity did little to make up for no FP.

  4. SA

    We visited last late fall 2020. I think it’s important to note that there are NO fast passes so every ride you want to ride you wait-a long time due to distancing and the park only filling 1-2 rows per ride vehicle. 90+ min wait for Frozen in Epcot, 2 hour wait for Pandora rides in Animal Kingdom, 90+ minute wait on Slinky Dog, 80+ minutes for Jungle Cruise.
    You also wait out in the heat instead of undercover so you can be socially distant and there is no eating or drinking allowed in line.

  5. TS

    We went October 2020 and magic kingdom lines were around 30-45 minutes, Epcot was around 40 minutes for Test Track. Hollywood Studios was long. Falcon was 90minutes I think? 75 for runaway railway.
    Animal Kingdom had long waits. Dinosaur was 45 (not bad) but anything in Pandora was at least 2 hours. Even in the pouring rain. Safari was like 15 minutes, but we went straight there when they opened.

  6. EM

    are these wait times compared with 35% capacity? What happens when it goes to 50% or 75%?

    1. Mako

      Consider the fact that the lines are socially distanced right now which makes them longer, they are not loading the attractions full capacity, many restaurants, kiosks and shops that would normally absorb more of the crowd are still closed. Still no parades, character meets or fireworks to pull people out of attraction lines. Once capacity goes up, the situation should get BETTER as long as they reopen the things that are closed, pull the social distancing markers off and start loading fully.

  7. Laura

    Yes, fast pass inflates the wait times. The point of the queues is to absorb guests. Now that there’s more plexi and they’ve started loading every row on the coasters and whatnot, the wait times are even better. We’ve also noticed wait times being more even per park, with only 10-15 mins between the longest and shortest wait times particularly at HS, on average. The main thing people keep forgetting to mention is that the reduced capacity is not much different than the average daily attendance. We were concerned about going on a spring break Saturday that was at capacity, but it wasn’t bad at all. Accomplished 4 parks in 1 day!

  8. Glen Roebuck

    We waited two hours for the new mIckey’s and minnie’s runaway railway, but that was it. If it was a ridicuous wait time we skipped it. Oddly Peter Pan, which was always at least 70-90 mins was a 20 min wait. Weird.

  9. Ken

    We just got back from Disney World 2 weeks ago. The lines were ridiculous! Hour to 2 hours for the most popular rides. There is no reason they can’t implement fast passes, especially since we saw staff giving people fast pass times to return to busy rides. We didn’t even get in the queue for Rise even though we tried at both times due to high volume of people in the park. 35% capacity sure looked pretty full us especially since many of the restaurants and rides were closed. Don’t get me wrong, we had a fantastic time! We were just very surprised at the crazy wait times when it was supposedly limited capacity.

    1. Rodney Simonson

      We were there at the beginning of this Month. Missing from this analysis :

      We were at Frozen Sing Along 45 minutes early for three different showings, only getting in on the third try. Pre-shows have been curtailed, and expriences compressed, which are only noticable by thise of us who visit often. With extended lines, due to distancing, lines are in the open and more visibly daunting, prompting guests to try another experience.

      Pre-pandemic we could complete 10-15 experiences in multiple parks in a day, including bus rides between parks. This year, six experiences in a single park at higher cost. Your charts leave out a lot.

    2. Rodney Simonson

      We were there 3/5-12, as well. Third try, 45 minutes before show times, got us into Frozen Sing Along. Rise boarding party queue opened, filled and closed during a screen refresh at both 7a and 1p. A year and a half ago we did 15 experiences in multiple parks in a day. This year, 6 in one park… at a higher cost in time and money.

  10. KenR

    35% of capacity sounds great at face value but most people don’t know what full capacity actually is. It’s rare that a park ever reaches it. So if most of the time “when it’s normal and busy” they may be at 60% or so. If thats the case, then 35% of maximum capacity (which is rarely ever reached) would be about 58% of what most guest usually experience. Add to the fact that so many restaurants are closed and capacity In the rides is a less and you get really long lines at rides like Small world and Pirates. They are only putting people in two rows of each boat. And I’ll just add my 2cents and say that the mask are really STUPID!

  11. Merritt Ratliff

    Mask are hot and it is humid…the story is very inaccurate…the lines are not 30 min
    We were there 3 weeks ago feb 26
    Jungle cruise an hour wait. Soarin an hour, porayes an hour test track an hour tiki storm 3o min, splash mtn an hr, an dont take about HS!
    Rock an Roller coaster hr an hal, couldn’t go into toy story land ! Too packed! Slinky dog over an hr..no star Wars stuff we even attempted..way too long..left HS at 130..what a waste of energy time and $#

  12. Diane

    Visited on March 8 2021. Very long wait times for everything. With limited guest capacity, the ride seating is also limited. So there’s no real advantage to fewer guests. We’ll revisit during a slower time once the park opens up more.

  13. Mitch

    People surprised about wait times in March? It’s always busy. There’s a reason there are blockout dates in March and April.

    I always avoid the parks during March and April. Visit middle of May before Memorial day, then don’t return until mid September.

    I went Sep 2020. Nov & Dec 2020. 1st week of Feb 2021.

    AK in September was nice. No line was longer than 30 minutes. Safari was 10 minutes. Everest 15. Avatar 30.

    Epcot in November was dead. You’d have entire sections to yourself. Test track was 30 minutes. Frozen 20.

    Back to AK in February. Much busier than September but we did all the rides by 4pm.

    The lack of shows and parades do make it feel busier, but the lines move much faster than pre-covid.

    If you’re going in March or in the summer or around holidays when you don’t have to, you’re doing Disney wrong. Pre-covid, hollywood studios was a nightmare and I don’t plan on visiting that park any time soon.

  14. Pam

    We went on March 16,2021! Rode all rides except splash mountain because over 75 minute wait time! Still enjoyed a bucket list item marked off! Food was great! Shopped and Cinderella castle was awesome! Will come again next year!

  15. Todd Bryant

    I have a trip planned for mid-June but certainly nervous about the wait times. I have older boys, who like to stay until park closure. Can anyone comment on the wait times at park closure, as that’s probably my biggest concern and I imagine it’s a nightmare to get on buses for heading back to your hotel.

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