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disney world face recognition

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  1. Dart

    Wait what? Presumably one has to remove their mask in order to be scanned (or otherwise this facial recognition thing would be useless), yet you can’t drop your mask for five seconds while you stand six feet away from everyone to take a vacation picture with your family? When will common sense reassert itself?

  2. Hmmm

    Sensible decisions are no longer common. Yes, it’s silly that you can remove your mask for 30 minutes as you fill the pie hole, but it’s forbidden to remove them for 1 minute as you pose for a happy snap. To be clear, I support the wearing of masks when moving about and distancing can’t be maintained.
    But this article is about facial recognition. Hard to believe they can afford this test when they’re supposedly scrapped for cash?

  3. Disney fan

    Nearly everyone knows where we are bc of smartphones and permissions we click and allow on our phones. Theres millions of people at disney snaping pictures everyday…. who cares if they use your face for entrance? There not saying you must use this. Again nstead of complaining about a place ….just don’t go that simple. I love Disney ? and will continue to go with my family every year.

  4. Don't Mess with the Mouse

    Just for the record, whether you use the facial recognition lane or not they are already video recording you as you enter the parks. They are just looking for a new quick touchless option so that people don’t have to use the fingerprint scanners. You’ll still tap your magicband and it will scan your face. You do not remove your mask, as stated in the article. I decided to be too bold and take a family member who never wanted to spend the big $$$ to go to WDW and let them in on another family member’s AP. I made the mistake of thinking that since they weren’t using the fingerprint scanners that this was an opportunity of finally talking them in to going since I could get them in on a pass. I should not have done that because it was obviously a violation of the rules and taking advantage of the current covid state of affairs. I took them for a three day trip and we went right into the parks all three days. However the next time I entered the park my magicband did not work and I went to see guest services. That’s where they informed me that they have cameras at the entrances to the parks and they had recorded proof that the pass had been fraudulently used. I then had to pay for three 1-day parkhopper passes for each day that the pass was used by someone that it didn’t belong to. Completely reasonable on Disney’s part. I tried to get away with something and I shouldn’t have. Disney called me on it and I paid them back for their losses that I caused. I don’t know that they actually used any facial recognition software in their security screening but I do know that they did use photographic proof and had images at the point of entry that were directly linked to the timestamp of me scanning my magicband. I certainly won’t be doing anything like that again.

    1. Steelo1800

      There is a camera a top Hollywood tower of terror that could zoom into mainstreet USA that sees a person clear as day. Videos and photos have been used to catch many of cast members who let ppl in for cash. It’s a high security operation.

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