Comments for New Signs Remind Disney Guests to Wear Masks in Photos

disney face masks sign

Credit: ITM


  1. Jeff

    I’m at the parks right now and have purchased the photo pass. If you are not properly wearing a mask, the photos are never shown to you in the Walt Disney World app. I confirmed with a photographer that there are employees who censor these photos and remove them even if a face covering malfunction happens inadvertently.

  2. Stephanie Pena

    This is another reason why NOT to go to Disney. From what I understand Florida doesn’t even have a mask mandate , and this is going way ,way too far. Go to Universal! Way less harassing when it comes to masks.

  3. Alisa

    Seriously – if you are taking a photo with your family, fairly sure you are going to be six + feet apart from anyone else and should be able to remove your mask so you can see facial expressions. Since Disney is supposed to be “the happiest place on earth”, only makes sense you would want pics with smiles. Just one more reason not to pay the exorbitant ticket prices they charge.

  4. KenR

    The mask requirements, especially the ones requiring healthy people without a fever to wear one outside is just plain stupid. People like to say things like follow the science. Then do it. The science does not support mask wearing outside by healthy people, especially younger people. It’s time for the Covid Theatre and the silly policies to be abandoned. I’m also tired of Covid being used as an excuse for poor service, and fewer amenities.

    1. Sheri

      Walt would never agree to this new breed of cast members who harass my granddaughter about wearing a mask as she goes into the restroom to wash an icecream covered face. I blame management but geezz they lost a long-time fan!

    2. Sheri


  5. Asher baca

    Universal allows face shields as an ada acc.
    Why disney has to be so anal is beyond me. People are being vacinnated too. Newsom in ca incorporated cdph face covering exemptions for guests in his guidelines. Knotts and universal i contacted and they allow shields and magic mountain does. Contacted Disney in ca and never replied. I know they don’t allow shield for down disney. Don’t known what they will do when they open on April 3 since our democrat gov newsom incorporated exceptions into his guidelines.

  6. Sue

    Unbelievable! Who wants a photograph with a mask on? Disney you really have gone down the toilet. I bet both Walt Disney and his brother Roy are rolling in their graves because you have become political as opposed to being the best place on earth. Enough with the crap. There has never been any science that proves masks work.

  7. Sheri

    First they make me purchase a “Disney approved “ mask because the gator my granddaughter had wasn’t good enough…and they charge $10 for it (about $2 outside of parks). Then when she has to go to restroom to wash her icecream covered face they made her wear a mask over the goo or she was barred entry into the restroom. Disney is inventive but I didn’t know they trumped the cdc. Not a fan anymore!!

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