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disney store cast members at work

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  1. Matthew Flick

    I live on Staten Island and go to this store all the time. I’m not sure how true it is, but I read that after the parents told the cast members that their daughter could not wear a mask, they offered the girl a face shield.

    1. Tina

      A face mask is a face mask is a face mask! What happened to liberalism! I thought you guys were all for the underdog, the handicapped, the people who are different, the people that all the conservatives kick to the curb. Have the RULES changed now that there is a pandemic? Some expert who changes his mind every couple months says you must wear a mask after he said no need to wear one unless you were sick. What has happened to common sense an brotherly love. Stop with the rules already, grow up, and show a little kindness and understanding!

      1. Sue


      2. I truly believe that Disney is being kind by keeping everyone’s safety at the ultimate highest level possible,hopefully as we see more people getting vaccinated they will left some of their restrictions

      3. Brandon Capurso

        The difference is wearing a mask is for people’s safety, and not wearing one out of defiance is dense in every aspect. You’re putting others in harms way because you not only can’t be bothered to do the bare minimum, but you will fight it like a child not wanting to eat broccoli.

        You’re not a revolutionary. You’re just pathetic.

      4. Angela Shortall

        There have been studies that show that those gaiters masks are next to useless. Rules are simple and if people cant follow them even after being given an easy way to comply then they should go home and stay home.

    2. Lori

      No they did not

  2. Chris

    Umm, couldn’t she wear a mask that ties at the back of the head?

    We have some like that and they work well and meet Disney standards.

  3. Nor

    Until it’s your child…..#maskholes

    1. Danna Ortiz


    2. Sue

      Spot on!

      1. Marc Disney

        This breaks my heart! Disney is supposed to be about magic and encouraging and accepting all people. I understand the company is trying to protect its cast members and the public but as a former cast member, I can tell you that a reasonable accommodation should have been made. Quite frankly, I think the company has just become paranoid at this point, to the point where they’ve forbidden shouting on rides once Disneyland is opened at the end of next month. It’s just become ridiculous!

  4. Lj

    Grandson is 3 and has autism. He is unable to wear mask due to sensory issues. I guess we won’t be going after all

    1. CYN

      Then don’t. THE disney store is not a necessity

  5. mary

    Why do people understand the rules and expect they are the exception. This is nothing new. It’s been going on for a year. There are tie in the back masks find some for her.

    1. Dragon

      All you liberal mask lovers need to grow up and act like adults. Covid thing is a scam and you’re all dumb. Keep giving up your freedoms and eventually you’ll be left with none.

      1. Barry Widmer jr

        We went to the Christiana mall store and they made my 29 month old wear a mask or she was being denied entry !!! The law in Delaware requiring a mask is kindergarten aged children !!!! What the hell is this BS!! We have been going to this store every couple of months since the pandemic started just to get her out for a bit and the ruined her visit !!! They won’t see us again for a while !!!

      2. Mickeba

        Spoken like a real idiot “Dragon”. Be an adult, give your local hospitals your real name so that when you’re infected And suffering from Covid, maybe dying, they can prevent you from being treated for the scam. We don’t see “Dragon” on tv, in tears, moaning that “I didn’t know”.

    2. Dee

      There are plenty of items on the market that take the pressure off the straps off your ears. If all government jurisdictions and businesses had strict rules like Disney perhaps we wouldn’t still be in the midst of the pandemic.

    3. Tee

      What makes you think you know better than the CDC? For that matter what makes you think Disney knows better? This family was not expecting any exceptions, their child was wearing a face covering approved by the CDC and therefor there is no need to provide her with an alternative. Disney needs to update their policy to be in accordance with the CDC and be more inclusive. That’s the point of getting their story out.

      1. Manny

        @Tee please stop disseminating false information. There are 21 studies outlined in a meta states which also includes that Neck gaiters are worse protection than a paper mask. If you are getting paid by a right wing think tank consider your career choice.

        1. A

          Actually, the CDC recommends neck gaiters that are two fold.

    4. Kerry

      Disney has always showed us in their movies that we are all special and should be accepted as we are! By not Alexis entrance into the Disney store and making exceptions they are saying that only if you fit their mold then you are allowed in. The CDC has admitted neck gaiters are safe if not safer. This is discrimination and needs to be changed!!!

  6. Kristyn Williams

    I feel just awful fort these poor cast members about to lose their job at one of the best companies in the world. As for the gator problem it is company policy to offer alternatives including face shields.

    1. Stephanie Pena

      Every day, I loathe Disney more and more!! This is ridiculous! Especially when you go to Disney World and Disney Springs and there is 0 Social Distancing! Been at Universal for the past 2 days and much better experience!!

      1. Sandy

        Then only go to Universal.

      2. Maria L Severo

        Gators fall off thats why disney doesn’t allow them

      3. Bruce

        I will not patronize Disney until they come to their senses. I will not walk around the park with a mask on. Stop the stupidity

      4. Jc

        We went to Magic Kingdom and Universal last week. There is zero social distancing at either place. No one can seem.to obey the rules to stand on the markers in line even though it does absolutely nothing to advance them faster in line. It was annoying. Universal was doing a better job of wiping railings and other high touch areas down all day.

    2. Di

      You feel awful for the “cast members” and not for the child with a disability being shamed? Y’all got your priorities f*kd up.

    3. Maisie

      I work in the store and there is no policy that requires us to provide face coverings. They should have been aware that masks are a legal requirement in public places for over a year now so it isn’t Disney’s fault they weren’t prepared.

      1. Sue

        There is ZERO legal requirement for a mask anywhere in this country. A mandate is NOT the law. It is strictly Disney! There are numerous medical conditions and reasonings as to why some people cannot wear a face mask. Disney and all of its cast members are being discriminatory against people who cannot wear mask by turning they away – violating the law!
        Disney has been going down the tubes for years now with how they treat handicapped people to the point it violates ADA laws.
        You are part of the problem if you don’t show compassion and start letting these people in.

        1. Mo

          It IS a legal requirement. You can get fined for not wearing one UNLESS you have a medical exemption, of which this child did not have. Masks are there for everyones safety and it is not a lack of compassion to follow health and safety procedures. There are many kinds of masks that properly cover the nose and mouth so please don’t have a go at cast members for doing their job. If the company has told us to follow a procedure we don’t have a choice and it really does break out hearts turning people away.

      2. Tracy

        The child was wearing a CDC approved gaiter mask. They were prepared. The family only wants Disney to review their mask policy and consider revising it to include gaiters. They are not seeking fame, a free trip, or merchandise. They are not seeking that any employees get fired or that stores close. They are not seeking a loophole to get around the mask rule and have their child disobey a company’s. They have a disabled child who loves Disney and all it’s magic whom also experiences pain and a sliding mask because of her ear’s deformity. I am appalled at many of the comments I have read on here. Many show just how jaded our society has become to believe these parents want to use their little girl’s disability to game the system.

    4. Sue

      Best company in the world? Have you ever worked for Disney? My husband did for 4 years and constantly complained that Disney is the inventor of “red tape”. In past years, Disney’s own grandchildren were highly vocal about how poorly Disney employees are paid.
      And, really, all the employees should get together and take the dam mask off.

      1. Facts

        Yes I can echo that. Just take a quick trip into the Utilidor break rooms and ask all the cast members who are using it as a hotel room or sleeping in the West Clock employee lot at WDW. Disney is one of the lowest paying employers in Florida and only care about the upper execs. I worked there for 2yrs and it was enough. All Disney cares about is liability to lawsuits and that is why they are doing most of what you read about. I worked in general counsel for them, and saw it daily. As for the college program from overseas…it’s basically legal slavery. It’s definitely not all magic. Yet, they tell you you’re a cast member, and when not backstage, you put on a happy face because it’s all a show.

  7. Kristi

    How do ear loops stop the virus? A double ply face covering that cover nose and mouth is a face covering whether or not it loops around ears. Sounds like a major control issue to me. I doubt they would allow the tie behind either. The policy specifically says loops, not ties. Disney is supposed to be a place that brings children joy, not a place that shames them from being unique.

    1. Kirsten

      Parents are supposed to teach children to follow the rules, not look for loopholes and assume the rules don’t apply to them. Sounds like they set their daughter up for failure. This could have been avoided with a simple website check or phone call. Then they called the media to advertise their failure to guide their daughter properly? Very poor parenting.

      1. Lisa

        Are you kidding me? She has MICROTIA which means she doesn’t have a fully developed ear. She cannot wear a looped mask. Maybe you should educate yourself instead of being ass.

        1. Kirsten

          I should educate myself instead of “being ass?” Whoever taught you grammar also did a poor job.

          1. Lisa

            My grammar is perfectly fine. What is not fine is your lack of understanding to the microtia community. I hope you never have to experience or your children what these kids experience every day.

      2. Stephanie Pena

        Every day, I loathe Disney more and more!! This is ridiculous! Especially when you go to Disney World and Disney Springs and there is 0 Social Distancing! Been at Universal for the past 2 days and much better experience!!

      3. Sandy

        I agree. The parents that are always looking for ways to break the rules are training their kids to be entitled spoiled people.

        1. TeeTee

          So having a child with a disability is simply a way to break the rules now huh? Do you even hear yourself?

      4. Bob

        A loophole ?!?!

        The parents opted to have a child with a deformed ear, to beat the face mask system !!! Simply WOW.

      5. Tee

        Did you even bother to read the article before you supplied your two useless cents? She was wearing a CDC approved face covering that happen to not have earloops because of a medical condition that prevented her from being able to. No one was looking for loopholes or setting their child up for failure. The failure is within Disney for not being in accordance with CDC guidelines. Maybe next time educate yourself before opening your mouth and proving how foolish you are

    2. Paul

      Kristi, the face gators, even the doubly-layer ones, are made with very stretchy synthetic materials. They have to be to be able to be worn the way they are intended. I initially got some earlier last year for wearing during exercise.

      When you pull up the gator up around your face it stretches a lot. What research showed is because the material stretches that opens lots of space or gaps between the fabric threads. It pretty much made the gator useless from a protection perspective. I was curious with mine and sure enough, I could easily feel the air flow through the gator as I just normally exhaled, whereas when I wear a double-layer cotton mask there’s hardly any airflow detectable through that, even when I exhale strongly.

      Disney does allow “behind the head” loop-style masks. That should work for both the child and Disney.

  8. Lolo

    There are other iptions she could of used. A simple search on their website would of been easy to do. Ir even a phone call. She was offered a face shield. Come on ppl, it’s not like this is something new.

  9. India

    Read your comments back to yourselves, and then ask yourself why you would force a child to do that – just to make YOU feel comfortable.
    Mary, I hope to god you’re sterile.

    1. Tee


    2. Sue


  10. Rosa Gomez

    I happen to go to the Disney Store in the Montebello Town Center this weekend and the was a family with a child around 4 yrs old that only had a face shield and was denied entry to the store i thought was good. The Disney cast member was every polite and explained and even offered a paper madk for the child but the parent said he would not keep it on. So one of the adults stood outside of the store with him. I thought this was great of them and glad the parents were ok with it. Rules are rules no matter of age. If it’s store policy you need to be good with it. I applaud the parents for not giving the cast member any grief.

    1. Sue

      Are you serious? Read that back to yourself. Say it out loud. Now tell me what you would do if it was your child? I bet the child was crying and upset because that child wanted the Disney experience in the store – you let that part out. That Disney employee needs to be fired for not having compassion and allowing the child in.

  11. Kat

    I am a cast member at a Disney Store, I go through this every day at the door. Our policy is we require the mask be over the mouth, nose and snug under the chin. If they can’t wear a mask or have an issue (child with autism, etc), we will offer the guest a clear face shield. If they refuse that, we can not allow entry.

    1. Bruce

      Make sure you tell your employer to have this stupid mask policy forever.

    2. Sue

      And you should be ashamed of yourself for complying with this stupidity. There are numerous medical reasons as to why people cannot wear face masks or face shields.

      Disney has been violating ADA laws for years now. Time to sue for discrimination.

  12. Kay

    Being a parent of a child who has bilateral microtia, children with Microtia have a lot of options besides gaiters like masks that wrap or tie around the head or using an ear saver.

    1. Tonya

      Thank you, Kay, for chiming in on this conversation. Clearly you are a parent that is trying to raise a child that will prosper into a functional and successful adult that does not blame the rest of the world for their downfalls. Props to you and I wish we had more parents like you in this world.

  13. Kay

    As a parent of a child with bilateral microtia, there are a lot of options besides gaiters, such as masks that wrap around the head or with ties.

  14. Howard

    It people in general wore masks ? and social distance, Disney and other companies wouldn’t have to stress so much on these policies. Not to mention we wouldn’t have so many Covid cases either. But I am glad Disney is strict backup their Covid guidelines. Other places need to follow suit but Disney is setting a great example for how people should stay safe.

  15. Danna Ortiz

    Forcing someone to put something on shouldnt be a POLICY for customers. Wth happend to our national ANTHEM, FOR THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!! not the dictated. If masks are supposed to keep YOU safe, as long as YOU have yours on LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE and at that A CHILD! This is why many companies are losing money and customers. It’s like the store forcing people to wear coats because it’s cold inside to THEM!!!! I’ve worked retail before and even at my company I dont enforce NONE to do something they dont want. And I’m a HIGH RISK I dont even wear one. Get it TOGETHER AMERICA!!!

    1. Blake

      Lolol You’re forced to put something on every day. Ever heard of no shirt, no shoes, no service? Click it or ticket? Etc. You’re looking for reasons to be offended.

      1. Tonya

        Well said, Blake.

      2. Sue

        Do you even know where no shirt no shoes no service came from? It was a silent protest from businesses against hippies and the civil rights movement. The government never got involved.
        And it is not the same thing! You are asking people to NOT breathe with a face mask. If you are that concerned please stay home.

    2. CYN

      Well good for you Karen . I mean Donna . Same thing

    3. Kelli

      You mean like “No shirt, no shoes, no service”? Because you DO already follow “a POLICY” in stores, and you likely have done so for most, if not all of your life.
      Stop politicizing a scientifically proven way to help curb a pandemic.

      1. Tina

        You don’t need science to prove that a well person can’t make someone sick, mask or no mask. The fact that perfectly healthy people are being made to wear masks has to do with control not safety.

        1. Tonya


          Are you stupid? Or just ignorant? Perhaps BOTH? The virus has been spread by individuals that were unaware that they were sick! Not everyone knows! It is the whole “it won’t happen to me” mentality.

          1. KenR

            The virus is spread 70% of the time at home amongst family. Healthy people, without a fever, willfully going to a theme park should not be required to wear a stupid mask all the time. Especially outside.

          2. Sue

            You are the stupid one. Asymptomatic people do NOT and never have spread viruses or diseases – you must have actual symptoms such as running nose, cough, sneezing, etc. And before anymore mentions Typhoid Mary it was NEVER proven she had typhoid fever.
            Also, masks do not prevent the spread of anything.

    4. Tonya


      Your comparison of a facial covering during a pandemic vs. a coat for no apparent reason is about as retarded as me wasting my time addressing your asinine comment. But please don’t bring the rest of your short bus gang to hide behind America’s national anthem. We ARE free! We are FREE because people like my granfather FOUGHT for our rights!!! People like you need to spend more time being ruled by a dictator so that you will “get it”! Unless I am reading the wrong story, this family did not have guns being held to their heads being told that they must wear a face mask and go into the Disney Store. They were told that they had to abide by the Disney Store’s policy or they were FREE to not abide by the policy and go elsewhere. What about that does your people not get?!?!?

    5. Matto

      Masks aren’t intended to provide yourself with protection, they protect the people around you. Without enforcing safety measures like face coverings, many shops wouldn’t even be able to be open. Looks like you need to do some research.

      1. Sue

        Which is complete crap! Stop repeating the MSM. Medical professionals and scientists wear masks to protect themselves and no one else. You need to do some research as there is very little to zero proof masks do anything to prevent the spread of anything.

  16. John

    Companies are legally required to accomodate disabilities. The neck gaiter is a perfectly reasonable alternative. I hope the parents sue Disney for refusing to make reasonable accommodation, as this is ridiculous.

    1. Jeremy

      “The neck gaiter is a perfectly reasonable alternative.”

      No, it isn’t, because it doesn’t actually work.

      A regular mask with a gaiter over it to hold it in place since the other one bothers her ears would be a perfectly reasonable alternative.

      1. Tracy

        I agree Bob – These parents sound like just the types to search for a “loophole” via their disabled child to wear a different mask. The gaiter mask is CDC approved. The child was wearing a double layer gaiter scientifically shown to provide protection better than surgical masks looped or tied.

  17. Tina

    A face mask is a face mask is a face mask! What happened to liberalism! I thought you guys were all for the underdog, the handicapped, the people who are different, the people that all the conservatives kick to the curb. Have the RULES changed now that there is a pandemic? Some expert who changes his mind every couple months says you must wear a mask after he said no need to wear one unless you were sick. What has happened to common sense an brotherly love. Stop with the rules already, grow up, and show a little kindness and understanding!

  18. Alisha

    Our local Disney store is closing. I took my 3 son’s several times this past week. My middle son, age 5, has autism and sensory issues. He can’t do a mask, shield, or anything. The cast member tried and when she noticed she jus smiled and allowed us in ??‍♀️

    I do realize at the actual park and other locations my son wouldn’t be welcomed, which is why I continue to postpone our family trip.

    1. Tonya


      You shouldn’t postpone your family trip! You should absolutely go and raise cane when they tell you that your 5 year old can’t enter the park! This will also teach your child to throw fits and raise h3ll every time something does not go his way. Rules are meant to be protested when one does not wish to follow. When all of your protesting and fit throwing does not get your son into the park, you can sue! That’s how the snowflakes of today’s society are making everything practically unlivable for the rest of us “civilized” citizens of America.

      In all seriousness, I know it sucks and is probably disappointing to you and your family but Thank You for teaching your children to follow the rules, regardless of whether you believe in the rules or not.

  19. This child has a legitimate medical condition. Disney and the rest of you who are not being kind should be ashamed of yourselves. Children who have medical conditions should be allowed to cover their faces with a gator. This child can use a gator that should be allowed. Being turned away from disney bc of something you can’t control is not ok. Clearly this mom wasn’t blowing smoke up anyways ass bc you can see the child’s medical condition. Those of you who are being rude must not have children or a heart.

    1. Janet

      Just use the gaiter to hold an actual mask in place. Or get a mask that isn’t held up by the ears.

      It’s been a year. There are very simple solutions.

      I feel bad for the kid that they’re missing out because their parents haven’t found a solution for them that actually serves the purpose of a mask after an entire year.

  20. Kristin

    Disney store makes disposable masks readily available. It is the choice of the guest to not follow the rules required for entry. It’s disappointing that acting as if your exempt from basic rules makes news. CDC does not recommend neck gaiters as they have been proven not as effective, same for masks with valves. I’m over people kicking, screaming, complaining and pouting because they can’t always get thier way.

    1. Tina

      You and disney might want to go back to the cdc website concerning masks (Mask should be secured to the head with ties, ear loops, or elastic bands that go behind the head. If gaiters are worn, they should have two layers of fabric or be folded to make two layers). You may also benefit from reading up on the actual handicapp the child has before you start YOUR kicking and screaming.

      1. Tonya

        So you are saying that the store employees should waste their time by inspecting every single fool that tries to come in the door with a gaiter to make sure that they have it double layered? In the process, getting said fool’s germs on their hands, having to sanitize, and then move on to the next fool with a gaiter just “because”? And then every employee walking around the store would need to stop each fool periodically to check to make sure that the gaiter is still double layered?

        1. Tina

          Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

    2. Sue

      Key word recommend. The CDC ONLY recommends mask. And, let’s get something very clear here. the CDC did not even recommend that until Bob Iger said he envisioned a Disney with face masks and temperature checks which is 100% against HIPAA laws.

  21. Tyler Rowan

    All Disney stores are private property and they have rules that they have to inforce. As someone who has autism and struggles to breath with a mask on I know the difficulty of things like this. But I make sure to follow the state mandate and store policies because even after a year of this crap I still want to protect myself and others. So I applaud Disney for standing their ground.

  22. Maria Cammarata

    People going there know what the guidelines are before they go Disney is right people are all about suing to make money

  23. Christine Hansen

    Disney should “follow the science.” Gaitors are CDC approved and there are many people like Alexis that have birth defects that prevent them from wearing a mask with loopholes because they physically can not and/or have sensory issues. Their policy leaves to many people out….. that is especially hurtful from a company who pledges to be all inclusive regardless of gender, sexual preference, religion or gender identification. Their option was to wear a face sheild which is not CDC approved so it makes no sense.
    Disney resolution to this….. they offered the parents a one time free shipping coupon for Disney on-line. Nice. You aren’t allow in…but buy from us on-line. So wrong. DO BETTER DISNEY

  24. Samantha

    To say that the parents were trying to be an exception to the rule is so far from the truth. They didn’t say that their child could not wear a mask. They had her in a CDC approved mask that fit her disability. Everyone who is sitting here saying rules are rules, you’re disgusting and lack empathy. She’s a little girl and still was masked. She was following the rules. Disney, you aren’t a health agency. Do better. Stop making your own ridiculous rules. A mask is a damn mask. Disney is supposed to be a place where everyone is included, yet you’re making a little girl with a disability suffer. Shame on you. And to all the adults who have nothing but mean things to say about this girl and her parents, shame even harder on you. Parent shaming is NOT it.

    1. Fran

      “A mask is a mask”


      Is a mask made of mesh the same as an N95?

      Anyone who says this has zero credibility.

      Just stick a real mask under the gaiter so it holds it in place without the ear loops. I’ve seen this done and approved at Disney World. Problem solved.

  25. Addie R Martin

    Me and my daughter take my grandson to the disney store 2x’s a month when we went to mall of america they denied us entry saying my grandbaby needed on a mask he just turned 2 wgat 2 year old is going to keep a mask on guess what they lost 2 to 3hundred dollars from us and other people their sales going to drop big time

    1. Tonya


      That really sucks. I am so sorry that you were denied entry when their policy very clearly stated “All individuals over two years of age must wear a facial covering, with the exception of Addie R. Martin’s grandson.”

      You should definitely sue!

    2. Samantha

      My 2-year-old has been to Disney World probably 20 times over the last year. She wears her mask.

      Will every 2-year-old do it? Nope. Can 2-year-olds catch and transmit the virus? Yes.

      So, it’s unfortunate that your grandson is missing out, but that’s their policy and it’s reasonable.

      1. Sue

        It is child abuse to force a child to wear a face mask.

  26. We too were turned away from a Disney store in Palm Desert California. Even though we had masks that were approved by the state, a neck gaiter with ear loops, and triple cloth layers, tight over the nose and snug around the neck. They did however offer a plastic faceshield. I failed to see how a plastic faceshield that will not filter any micro spittle is better than a triple layer mask. At least the mask will slow down spittle even though it does nothing to protect against the Wuhan virus size molecules.

  27. I am the reporter who did the story. If you want the whole truth, go to PIX11.com and type my name in the search bar. The story should come up.
    The bottom line, left out of the story reported here, is there are studies published in November, 2020, one by the Univ. of Georgia and a peer-reviewed study by the Centers for Disease Control/National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (google these studies) that show unequivocally neck gaiters are just as effective as cloth masks with ear loops and the basic surgical mask, each of which Disney permits. In fact, the CDC study shows a double layer Neck Gaiter (material folded over) such as the one the little girl was wearing, is more effective than three ply cloth masks.
    Why Disney does not revise it’s guidelines to reflect these latest findings?

    1. KenR

      Because it stopped being about science many months ago.

    2. Jaime

      Hi Arnold. I’m going to take a stab at this one. At the WDW parks (and, I’m sure, soon to be Disneyland) – there are a lot of folks who have tried to enter with masks made of chiffon, cheesecloth, mesh, and other such materials. They claim that it is hot outside, or they paid a lot of money for their vacation, or they simply don’t wish to wear a mask. Their employees cannot possibly check every neck gaiter coming in to make sure it is double-layered and fits properly. In order to keep everyone safe, and in order to abide by the rules agreed upon in discussions with their employee union, they MUST require a particular type of mask. That was part of the negotiations between the company and their employees when bringing them back to work. Disney as a company cannot change this policy unless/until the union agrees.

      1. Ashley L

        Hi Jaime. I’m going to take a stab at you. Do you go to disney and wear the disney face masks? Or have you purchased any face masks from disney. The face masks sold at disney are 2 layer polyester fabric. Not cotton which is the most effective. So guess what. That 2 layer neck gaitor is the same fabric used for Disney’s masks which is equally effective. So maybe do some more research.

        1. Kirsten

          Hi Ashley, go stab yourself in the eye. His comment explained exactly what you need to know, particularly in the last few lines. Perhaps you should read it more closely, as reading comprehension doesn’t seem to be your strong suit.

          1. Wahkey l

            Hi Kristen, how very tolerant of you. Hope you have a MAGICAL day.

      2. Sue

        I can tell you know nothing about Disney. Do you know why Disney’s headquarters are in Florida? Because it is a non-union, right to work state unlike California. Disney dictates to the workers union what it will or will not tolerate. There are certain laws and rules Disney cannot get around in California and those are abide by. The actors are apart of SAG, but that is as far as it goes.
        Bob Iger of Disney is he one who first mentioned facial masks weeks before the CDC and Dr. Fauci did. Read their website, it is specific that the mask has to cover the nose and mouth, ear loops certain tightness and all and gives Disney employees the right to touch your face (a violation of HIPAA law).
        Disney has been violating ADA laws for years.
        The mask as never prevented the spread of any virus or disease. The mask is all about control. And, as my daughter once pointed out, Disney wants control of the world. And, all you stupid people who keep complying with this stupidity are giving up control to Bob Iger just likes he wants.

        1. KDC

          I can tell that you definitely know nothing about Disney. As a former Disney Cast Member who worked for the company for many years this information is inaccurate. Disney’s headquarters are located in Burbank, California. The only “headquarters” located in Florida is Walt Disney World’s offices which obviously only control Walt Disney World. I would know since I have been inside both buildings and know that all corporate decisions are made in California. Bob Iger stopped being the CEO of The Walt Disney Company back in Feb 2020, before the pandemic was even in the US. He is currently a chairman of the company but Bob Chapek has been the CEO since Feb 25th of last year and throughout this whole pandemic.

          Disney Cast Members are 100% not allowed to touch anybody, especially someone’s face. Anyone who has ever worked for the company will tell you that immediately. Cast Members receive training to deal with all sorts of situations and it is always specified that they are not allowed to touch anyone.

          Businesses have the right to change their policies at any given moment. It doesn’t matter if wearing a mask is legal or not, by choosing to go into a store you are abiding by the stores rules. If you believe wearing a mask is pointless then you are more than welcome to have your own opinions. But then don’t go to a store and fight them on their policies and stay at home where you won’t be upsetting retail workers who are only just trying to follow the rules they were given and trying to do their job. Most people working in these stores need these jobs and can’t just bend the rules when they please. Just follow each store’s policies and if you are unable to abide by them then continue on your way.

          1. Maisie

            Thank you for putting Sue in her place, because she has been making numerous comments all through this thread and I can tell she has no idea what she is talking about. She obviously just hates the company and will take any opportunity to complain about it.

  28. KenR

    Its time that the face masks rules and the rest of this “Covid Theatre” to end. Its time for business owners and individuals to set their own rules and decide for themselves what risk they are willing to take. The continued lockdowns, mask mandates, and curfews are about controlling other people. Its about being able to spend other people’s money under the vale of “covid relief”. It is about making people more dependent on the government. The science tells us that kids are very safe during this “pandemic”. The science tells us that 70%+ of the covid infections happen at home. The science tells us that if you are under 70 and do not have multiple health issues, you have a 97%+ survival rate. And for all of the people who want to mask up, feel free to, just quit requiring everyone else to follow your silly decision.

  29. Ashley

    Just curious? Are all of the people on here that are commenting negatively out wearing the masks that disney sell? Which are 2 layers polyester and not cotton as recommended the most effected by CDC. Yet you are saying all these negative things about this child wearing a 2 layer neck gaitor which is made of the same material as your beloved Disney masks. Get a grip.

  30. Maisie

    I am a Disney Store Cast Member myself and can empathise with both sides of the story. It such a shame that this child was not able to experience the magic and especially in these trying times to be turned away must have been very upsetting. However, the company have introduced very strict rules that we must follow regarding face coverings, which is for the benefit of all guests as well as us cast members. A lot of us are feeling quite anxious about having to continue to work in an environment where we are having to come into close contact with hundreds of people daily. Most of us haven’t been vaccinated and have to go home to venerable family members. Unfortunately in efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible we are required to refuse entry if a guest isn’t wearing a mask, unless they have a medical exemption. I feel bad for the child because it’s not their fault that the parents weren’t prepared. There are plenty of masks that don’t have ear loops and you haven’t mentioned any legitimate medical exemption so the cast members were just doing their job.

    1. Sue

      Which is absolute crap. Disney has been violating ADA laws and handicapped people for years if not decades! I miss the days of Michael Eisner.
      By the way, it was Bob Iger who first suggested face masks NOT the CDC.
      More guests are being harmed by wear the mask. Be the cast member who stands up and have compassion for those of us with medical reasons to NOT wear the mask.

      1. Maisie

        I didn’t think it was necessary to mention but I myself am disabled as I am a wheelchair user (btw handicapped is a very rude term to use) and the company have been nothing but welcoming towards me in that sense. I also work with a handful of others with disabilities, some if which have been with the company for over 15 years. I have been written up TWICE for trying to bend the rules when these new measures were put in place. I can’t afford to lose my job. Disney are extremely strict when it comes to health and safety. As much as it sucks we all have to accept that this is the way things are now. So don’t jump to conclusion that any of us find this aspect of the job enjoyable and tell me that I have no compassion.

  31. Caresse'

    1. It’s Disney policy right to say of what ground rules is layed on the table.
    2. The mom or farther could have gone in the store for the child while the mom or dad sat outside with the child.
    3. Just because you have a kid doesn’t give your child excuse to not wear a mask/if your child has medical condition (like a Karen would complain because they cannkt breath under the mask) the family need to stay home.

    4. I understand where the family anger is coming from but heath is first before a condition excuse to get in!

    Ect ect.

    Or the parents have a baby sitter watch the child while the parents go (sorry because if the child has medical condition and the parents wanna use for an excuse to get in it won’t work.)

    To all parents who have children maybe here and there like to use a medical condition in a Covid heath virus we’re in right now for an excuse just to get in a place it won’t fucking work so if you child has damn medical condition call up a friend,a loved one, anybody to watch your child instead of causing problems for companies like Disney because rn they really don’t have Ms. Karen and Mr. Kent medical conditions excuses.

    Rules are rules. Don’t like to follow them?STAY HOME UNTIL MASKS ARE LIFTED!

    I wish dumb people didn’t exist.

  32. Bryan

    I’ll be happy the day Disney gets rid of the stupid mask rules. No mercy from
    Me. They wanna touch my money?

    get rid of the mask rule

  33. Cindy

    It’s very sad when companies do not recognize a disability. Many autistic children are unable to wear a mask or shield, no matter how hard parents try to teach them, they are just unable to. It shouldn’t so them from participating in regular activities. My great nephew eats his masks – whether paper or fabric, doesn’t matter. He can’t bear to have anything around his head, either, so shields are out. If Disney is going to start dictating the level of protection to them include no one without the vaccine can enter their stores, they will definitely lose a LOT of customers.i might have to exchange all my Disney gift cards for Cruise Gift Cards. Sorry, Disney, a little compassion can go a long ways!

  34. Bryan

    You know what Disney you don”t treat a child like that I am calling you out on this one. Young children don”t understand what this virus is and to deny a child at your store is highly discriminatory and extremely wrong. Shame on you to deny a innocent child into your Disney Store,

  35. How cruel of you, besides being ignorant of the latest science.

  36. Linda

    I agree with Disney’s policy. COVID has not gone away. There are face masks without ear loops that tie or connect behind the head.

  37. Christine Basten

    Disney obviously doesn’t want children with disabilities in their park. They can’t even respect children who can’t wear a mask. If a child doesn’t communicate how exactly do you make them understand a mask. Yes go to school, Walmart without a mask but an outdoor park makes no exception for children with disabilities. Disgusting.

  38. It is unfortunate that children are put in the position of being turned away, but the fault is with the parents who put them in that position. This is a difficult time for everyone. We need to work towards the goal of ending this pandemic even if it means you can’t go shopping in a Disney store or go to one of the parks. THANK YOU DISNEY for doing your part.

  39. Alan Dombrow

    Disney’s face mask rules have been well publicized. They are there for the safety of cast members and its customers. Just like height measurements for going on rides. It’s for safety and based on science. Bravo Disney!

  40. Heather

    We were denied entry to a Disney store a few weeks ago because my 3 year old son refuses to wear a mask. It really wasn’t a big deal— we went somewhere else, and I saved a lot of money from not buying stuff that we don’t need. We can’t do a lot of these things we used to (fly, museums, classes), but I know this is temporary, and we are privileged to have each other and have this extra family time to spend together. My kiddo is over the moon happy with all the creative things we do that don’t require going places, so it’s all okay.

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