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  1. Kelly Sroka

    No way is this true. I was scheduled to sail March 13,2020 and was able to cancel. Get total credit and this happened even though our cruise actually sailed. It was the last out.

  2. Concerned

    This is crazy. Should I sue the DMV office where I got it last March? They made me wait in a lobby full of sick people. This will get so out of hand if every one sues every possible place they could have gotten Covid-19. Disney did not create the virus and intentionally give it to passengers.

  3. Jordan

    Tsk nerve with some people it’s their own fault for boarding in the first place, for all we know this is probably just some Karen or something filing this lawsuit.

  4. DCL has always put the safety of their Guests first and foremost and if anyone looking to board any of the ships of the line presents as ill – even at the last minute at the boarding terminal – that person and/or party will NOT be allowed to board. If the plaintiffs are stating they were infected on board, there may have been a slight possibility- but someone in their respective traveling parties may have already been ill, but thought they had a cold or some such and boarded anyway, so as to not miss the fun of a DCL cruise.

  5. Leslie

    There is no way to positively determine where a person contracts Covid. Good luck to the plaintiffs proving they caught it on the ship. Why not the hotel, the cab to get to the cruise port. How about the airplane ride back home or the rest areas and restaurants they stopped at. All these people want is a payday and a settlement

  6. If you book a cruise knowing we are in a pandemic then you are responsible for your actions. Disney did not force you to book your reservation. We must utilize our common sense.

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