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  1. Charlie

    cancel media must stop I vote no! leave Depp

    1. Mrs. Greer

      Are you Freaking kidding me: JD’S character J.S. is very very unreplaceable in the Pirates of the Caribbean a Fans Fav & No one and I mean one Can play him better!!!! So No leave Sparrow at Disney. When I 1st saw the new changes to the old classic ride: I was even more excited to ride that ride. You all need to set aside the actors life from the acting because it has nothing to with their ability to act!!!


        What Disney is doing to Jack Sparrow and Deadpool is so wrong! Even with a petition JD shouldn’t return. Just watch it flop and hide the giggles!

        1. MistyMiMistyMisty Wells

          Keep Johnny! Pirates would not be the same without him

        2. Fidel

          Pirates is not the same with out jd with out a doubt jd is Jack sparrow leave him be it was wrong for disney to even think of removing him

        3. Kit

          I wouldnt pay to see the new movies without JD. Not interested.

          1. Kimberly Lynn Robbins Zemke

            Keep Johnny Depp.

        4. Kimberly Lynn Robbins Zemke

          You make no sense

        5. Barbara Ervin

          A lot of things ‘Disney’ is doing are wrong. Things started going wrong once there were no more Disneys involved in the business! I wish I’d been Walt Disney’s daughter, had I been the family would still be involved in the business!

      2. Debbie Dutton

        Exactly!!! What does his personal life have to do with his abilities!! Sparrow makes the ride what it is today and even the ride is better for it!!

        1. Kind of like Political views of a Star Wars actress. That too was ridiculous to remove her🤨

          1. Carlamarih

            Jonny deep é essencial no filme, eu n ao assistiria o próximo filme se ele n estiver

        2. Is Me.

          That’s what mentioned on their agreements with Disney. no matter how many vote “no”, as a star as we said a public character, once they r in any law suit, thing change all the time.

        3. Joe Brown

          500,000 no’s and counting! S**t on that, Amber

        4. Dayna


          If I see that a movie is great I’ll go see it. I’m not going to stop seeing a movie or not do a ride because an ACTOR did something stupid in his personnel life, I going to see the CHARACTERS.

      3. Sendy

        No replacement the role was not made for him he made the role no cap

        1. Gracie

          No,no,no.no,no, you must be nuts to consider leaving Captain Jack out of Pirates. You. Are choosing to leave the audience out of the theater also.

      4. Paul Mccorry

        Just leave him the way he is.

      5. Donna Groved

        Leave Johnny Depp at Disney .
        He’s Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean
        Great Disney movie fan
        I just don’t see how any more Pirate of Caribbean will be classic as other if remove main player like Jack Sparrow ( Johnny Depp) it want be same .
        You can ask any child a name of a pirate they say Jack Sparrow .
        That what make a Disney special the movie that are classic.
        Please keep Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp at Disney
        I Love Disney 55 years from Kentucky

      6. Patti

        Johnny Depp is not in the ride Jack Sparrow is. He stays!!! this world is nuts!!!

        1. Michael Smith

          Jack in the ride sucks. Bring back the original

      7. Angie

        No, he should not be removed from the movie, or any other movie. He IS Captain Jack Sparrow. Without him there is no movie.

        1. Cla

          Remove JD? Absolutely NOT!

        2. Adrian vargas

          Do no t l like deep he a good actor
          And I love all the movies with deep in please don’t

      8. Donna

        ABSOLUTEY AGREE! He CAN NOT be replaced. Boycott Disney if they do. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor, and his personal life is not our business. Shame on Disney! Keep Johnny Depp. We love him!

        1. Ted F.

          It’s an embarrassment to consider removing him. His personal life is not on display, only a iconic character. Should we go through every actor and voice actor that’s been involved with a Disney movie and any who the cancel culture considers unfit remove them from the rides and movies? How many movies and actors would we have left. None of us are perfect in our personal lives.

        2. Jake

          Disney didn’t say they were thinking of canceling him from the ride. It was this article and the writer!

      9. Lola

        He was a really great actor. But he can not speak properly anymore. Therefore he can not act. I guess his life choices weren’t that great. This is all a set up so they can get rid of him and get publicity. Sad, cuz I really like him.

      10. Cherie

        Captan Jack is a fictional character there for he can’t be held responsible for the actions of the person who plays him. He should stay a part of the pirates of the Caribbean story, and I don’t believe any other actor would do that character Justice. Captain Jack should stay.

      11. Doris E Carl

        Leave JD alone. No one can replace him!!!!

      12. Cindy

        Amen! The character is Captain Jack Sparrow. Who cares about the actor? So with the cancel culture already. Because if one is canceled, we will be canceled simply for living!! It’s all too ridiculous.

      13. tina m.

        I agree .Johnny Depp has given his all to make Captain Jack as loved as he is.The movies and attraction ride would not be as popular or fun with Captain Jack removed.Remember it’s about fun and happy.

      14. Michelle Hopper

        Johnny Depp IS Pirates!!! JD is one of the most versatile actors EVER! His personal life is NOT up for debate where Disney is concerned. Yes, most people know of whats been surrounding him, i.e.: trouble over his dogs, divorces, children, alcoholism, and a very chaotic schedule. Ambrr Heard has a history of relationships like this: chaotic & violent. Not saying hes innocent. His marriage to Heard has been a whirlwind of crap. However, as I said above, he IS Pirates. Leave him where he’s at in the parks! I will never watch another Disney ANYTHING or the new POTC films. Keep him or lose thousands!

      15. Shirley Corbin

        Wow no one plays it better than Depp!

      16. Nelson

        Depp play Sparrow outside the box and no one can really replace that! The Man has unique acting skill that ishard to over look or re-cast by someone else! So as fan of his work i say NO!

      17. Richard

        Keep JD as JS.

      18. Dianne Mezzano

        Leave Johhny Depp, as Jack Sparrow. He is the iconic Pirate.

      19. Dayna


    2. Ben younce

      Just keep him !!!

    3. Emily

      I heard the other day that Disney is keeping Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. They are also on his side and the have his back.

      1. Leticia Moraes

        I hope so! Pirates of the Caribbean is nothing without him!

      2. Is Me.


    4. Misty Wells

      Do not remove Johnny Depp! Pirates would not be the same without him!

      1. angel

        i say he need to stay as caption jack sparrow

    5. Chris Kinney

      First of all, the title of this article: Should Disney remove Depp from Pirates of the Carribean ride. The animatronic is Jack Sparrow, not Johnny Depp. Part of the problem with these cancel culture idiots (besides the fact that cancel culture exists, period) is the fact that they can’t tell the difference between an actor and his or her characters. Second of all, Depp has not been convicted in a court of law on any counts yet, it’s a case of he said/she said so far. Innocent until proven guilty? Not in this society. More like guilty if accused.

      1. Kristie

        I’m sure Disney wouldn’t be so quick to give up all of the revenue they’ve made off of Johnny Depp and his portrayal of Sparrow. I say if they remove his likeness, they should forfeit all the money they’ve made from the films and merchandise based off of that character. When you start talking losing money, Disney will change their tune. I’m growing tired of Disney and their misguided efforts to be PC.

    6. Diane

      No they should NOT, because he makes Captain Jack Sparrow and nobody could ever place him!!!

      1. Kristine M Ledford

        He should be removed from everything that he looks separate children Alexis gets very much and so do I I love my kids very much I was almost severed spinal cord with 375 lb of pressure he needs to be fired


          Could you pleatext with punctuation, and use nouns and verbs, or speak English. Your comment makes no sense.

        2. Sara

          Are u saying Jack Sparrow tried to sever your spinal cord? Also have you looked at the evidence? Cuz there’s a lot of witness statements and private recordings of him and amber talking about their fights and in all of it, the only evidence is against Amber Heard. Witnesses all, several hundred from his entire life say he’s the most generous and kind person. Multiple Witnesses, including her employees described many times when she abused him or themselves, verbal and physical abuse and that she tried to force them to lie in court for her. He also described her attacking him in their conversations and she belittled his experience but never denied that she did it. She never accused him of hurting her, she only said that he made her furious because when they would argue, he would leave so that it could not get harmful to them. She also admits hitting him in the recordings because she was trying to shove open a door and then hit him in the head with her hand after but in court she said she only ever hit him to protect someone else, her sister, who she had previously attacked and left bruises all over. It really seems like she’s the abuser and he is the victim. Check the evidence yourself.

    7. Well said Johnny Depp’s future wife Rocky Roxy Depp totally agrees with you there i have seen my husband Johnny’s captain Jack sparrow animatronic on the ride 9 times and would be very angry 😡 if disney removed him. Like the films i’ve seen over 607 times, my darling husband to be Johnny Depp is captain Jack sparrow savvy, NO JOHNNY NO PIRATES

      1. Hope

        Agreed! Jonny depp is is all of my favorite movies! It would be foolish to remove him because he is the movie!

      2. Well said lynsey!and may I wish you and your wonderful husband all the very best of luck for your future together,there can be no Pirates without Johnny Depp!I’m boycotting Disney until Captain Jack is back where he belongs!lots of love from a massive fan in Newport, South Wales.UK.xxxxx

      3. TK


    8. Kristine M Ledford

      Yes yes I believe that mr. Deb should I’m still waiting for the sheriff for my case number in regards to the 2018 domestic violence and assault to almost over my head from my body and Shawn threats and mr. Pringles Dressed to Kill Me the stiffening of a little over five million dollars free clothing lines text messages except of my computer my television my personal documentation that’s affiliated with my ex-husband is threatening to drop my daughter’s head ties was all can watch and drag and increase in the center of it that text me on February 8th and told me you left me why OK stalker son-of-a-b**** here’s why no offense to any can a lawyer or judge but I was almost paralyzed from the eardrums down and he thinks that it’s funny I don’t think it’s funny I’m a mom and a gram that destroyed my figure skating career I don’t think it’s funny you might think it’s funny

      1. Ani

        Try using punctuation so we can make some sense of what you wrote.

        1. Pamela Donovan

          You really think punctuation will help that mess of random words?

      2. Regina Myers

        Sorry for what happened to you, but Johnny Depp wasn’t involved. He hasn’t been proven guilty in ant type abuse while A.H. has a history of it herself.

    9. Leticia Moraes

      Pirates of the Caribbean is nothing without Johnny Depp! I won’t watch it if he’s not in it. And the Disney ride will be completely boring without him!

    10. OGamerGirl

      No! Absolutely not!!!!! This man’s entire career was dragged through the mud by a psycho abuser who stalked and studied him for years before getting with him. Disney apologized and they need to keep him. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

    11. Christina FiField

      Hell no!

    12. Werd

      This is such a manipulative post. This was pretty much just placed here for clicks. Disney has never said they’re considering this.

    13. DeLana Acton

      He is an excellent actor…who has been a victim of revenge and violence. No one is perfect, but he has paid his dues and deserves to be praised instead of rejection. Let him stay!

    14. Michael George Lewis

      I agree. This cancel media has to go. Bring back the slave girls too.

    15. Maria

      Disney…. Don’t go there like the radical left that is tearing this country apart…. we have been a Disneyworld fan family of 5 we spend 10 days I. Disneyworld… You guy’s remove Johnny Depp we will be traveling to other parts of the US each year NOT Disneyworld.

    16. He’s a pirate for goodness sake. He must stay. 😁

    17. Mags

      Disney is being rediculous, not only should his pirate related items not be pulled but taking out of movies is just as stupid! His personal life is just that personal! Get a grip separate bussines from personal.

    18. Chris Miller


    19. Donna

      I agree!

    20. Kathy

      No!!! Leave Captain Jack. Who cares about his personal life. He’s part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”

    21. Carlos

      Do not remove depp from anything and i wont be watching the next installment of pirates of the Caribbean if hes not in it! The “F” UP thing is you guys found him guilty along time without a trial.

  2. S1

    He should be removed NOT simply because of the Amber Heard situation, but because he never should’ve been there in the first place. The attraction needs to be kept separate from the movies. The theme parks and the studios need to be kept segregated from each other. Mandatory synergy is bad. Pirates should still be stuck in 1967/1971 and I fully expect the attraction to revert to its old self one day with all the original scenes as designed by Walt and Marc Davis restored.

    1. Jane

      He should simply NOT be removed because of the Heard situation, since she is an abuser and liar who stole 7 mils from sick kids.

      1. S1

        Heard Schmeard. What I’m trying to say is many Disney fans and the purists have been against his addition into the attraction from the beginning. I’m fully on his side regarding the Heard situation. For example I would be angry if Disney revoked his Disney Legend honors over this mess. I’m separating Depp as a person from the Jack Sparrow character. I’m talking about restoring the attraction to its original glory the way it was built and that includes also removing Barbossa and bringing back the original Wicked Wench captain, the wench auction (we wants the redhead!), and even replacing Jack in the barrel with the woman again. Undoing the movie additions and the changes that X Atencio infamously called “Boy Scouts of the Caribbean.” I fully expect Pirates to be restored to its former glory. 2027 would be a good target date given that would be the 60th anniversary of the attraction or 2042 for the 75th.

        1. Debbie Dutton

          Ugh no!! The ride is sooo much better now leave it alone!

      2. Chari a Medel


      3. Donna

        Once again the true victim gets the crappy end of the stick! Letting Amber Turd get away with her bs just green lights future abuse… Leave Johnny and his Captain Jack legacy the hell alone!

      4. Bonnie Murrell

        There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without JD. This is a he said, she said situation. None of our business. Disney pay attention to roles not personal lives.

    2. Manny

      Back to original would mean bringing back bride auction? Or is this not ok?

      1. Kathy

        Original Disney needs to be left untouched!

      2. Jennifer Heidel

        Last time I went on the ride in Disneyland 2015 the Bride Auction was still there so I’m not sure what you’re talking about it being gone. The rest of the frankly dumb changes both before and beyond that point with the pirates chasing the women for food and the mayor of the city being questioned about Sparrow rather than the treasure which STILL makes more sense were there.

      3. Yes, bring it back.
        And leave Splash Mountain alone while you are at it!

      4. S1

        It most certainly would. Complete with the redhead the way she should be and with the original voice of Paul Frees as the auctioneer. His voice work for Disney is legendary. The only ones who complained about the original wench auction are an extremist minority and if changing it back made them boycott, they’d be a drop in the bucket.

    3. Marilyn

      I am not a Depp fan. He never should have been at Disney in the first place. Other actors have had a great deal more taken from them because of domestic violence. Why should he be different.

      1. Chris Kinney

        He shouldn’t be any different, but ONLY after he is legally convicted, NOT after just an accusation.

        1. If you really want to do this, I see no reason to watch this movie without Johnny Depp

      2. Carrie

        Maybe because 1. He didn’t abuse her, 2. Amber LIED and it’s all coming out in the recent weeks how much she has LIED. Do a little research.

      3. Regina Myers

        He was accused of D.V. not proven. A.H. on the other hand has been proven of D.V. Have you even listened to the tapes between Depp & A.H? How about reading transcripts. Just hope you aren’t accused of something you didn’t do.

      4. Sara

        Because he’s the proven victim of domestic violence but there’s is no evidence, other than the word of his admitted abuser, that he has done anything wrong. Please go look at the evidence yourself, not some youtube summary with a slant but actually listen to the audio recordings and read the witness statements, watch their testimonies. And also learn about narcissistic abuse. I promise u will se that the only thing he did was keep getting physically and emotionally attacked for trying to escape every time she got confrontational, that is what she said many times but she never accused him in their conversations of abusing her, just of trying to escape and prevent harm. And also, like a typical victim, he spends the whole time trying to get her to admit to her abuse of him and explain why she would do that to him and she just belittled his experience but never denied it, she even admitted to hitting him and throwing things at him and called him weak and told him no one would ever believe him if he tried to tell the world she abused him. I guess she was right.

    4. Debbie Dutton

      The ride want half as good before the changes no way it should go back. Walt embraced these kinds of changes he was a visionary!

      1. S1

        No it wasn’t. Nobody would’ve complained if Depp was never added at all. Synergy his bad and changing it was an act of vandalism. Walt is also dead and the idea of change went out the window when he died. Changing it back would be making it great again.

    5. Alex Bayer

      That is not true. Jack sparrow is a big part of the franchise. And nothing can replace him. The franchise wouldn’t be there without Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow

    6. Ginny Griffiths

      How dare they even consider that out of order!!!!!!!!

    7. Matthew Foley

      Okay I kinda see your argument except without the attraction there would be no movie so its hard to divorce the two
      But to remove him now would only stand to further support the abuser and victimize depp. The evidence is overwhelming that this is a case study for the double standard of when the WOMAN is the abuser and man the VICTIM.
      Leave Sparrow and take Mera out of Aquaman instead. Better yet remove Mera and replace her with a character played by Johnny Depp.

      Disney is so PC pandering back asswards

  3. Darth Helpful

    Only if he is replaced with a transgender robot.

    1. Matt

      A transgender robot would be more attractive than a robot that looks like you… Dont want to scar children that much

      1. Jane

        Johnny’s the one who goes to the children’s hospital to visit sick kids, so you must mean someone else. Maybe you’re attracted to transgender robots, but don’t take it out on kids.

      2. Anti Disney

        The question is sick! Who cares! With all the sicko policies and people in the Biden administration as well as the Democratic Party this should not even matter!

        1. Stephie Rae

          It’s a shame that Johnny Depp is a victim of Heard’s abuse and is being smeared by her, and Disney is blinded to the truth. Just like the Dems are abusing their power while accusing everyone else of their own heinous crimes! Pure Evil!

        2. Kevin

          Hypocrisy. Claiming the moral high ground if it helps your agenda. Gross.

        3. Chris Kinney

          The people reading this article care. It is for those who are interested in the things this article present. Go to a site with articles about what you are interested in, and voice your opinions there. No one goes to a basketball game expecting to cheer on football players.

      3. Jim

        Wow. Talk about hitting a nerve


        I agree Ginny! If people think JD should be removed due to some ridiculous
        personal issues, get rid of Michael Jackson! Talk about personal issues!!! None of our friends are supporting Disney anymore!

  4. Lynx

    Disney did not give him enough time to clear his name since Heard bamboozled his character all over the internet. He was also dealing with the death of his mom, the day after the divorce. She is a dangerously cold-hearted person. Then add a DV arrest record, lying to the public about her donation, and her own mental and physical abuse of Johnny, and the real question is why did they remove him from anything anywhere?

    1. Shel

      I’m trying to figure that one out. It only took 1 article to see she couldn’t manipulate him so she took her story to anyone else that would listen, knowing people love drama. But he’s much smarter than she is. He inspires me!

    2. Chari Medel

      Estoy contigo,a parte de eso,Johnny le ha hecho ganar muchos millones a Disney,sólo Piratas del Caribe sin Jack Sparrow no hubiera llegado a nada.
      Por mas que se empeñen Eduardo Manostijeras sin Depp no hubiera sido quien es,el Sombrerero Loco,Sam,de Benny &Joom,inolvidable,ssus personajes son míticos en Disney,pero el es el mito,que no se confundan

    3. Mesibylla Michelle Girouard

      Lynx is 100% correct, his Mom had just passed away, he had a lot going on & did not defend himself properly….this hearing is Not OVER Depp is NOT an abuser and he should not have been removed from anything or any movie… without Depp there is No Pirates of the Caribbean The End

  5. Angela

    Johnny should have never been removed from the franchise whatsoever, he was the one being abused, not the other way around. I have been a longtime fan of the Pirates films and I won’t watch or support them now that Johnny has been removed from them.

    1. Joam

      Depp should be involved in all things Jack Sparrow. Producers, etc may have handed him a script, but Depp brought life to the hilarious character. HE created Jack Sparrow. He IS Jack Sparrow. His personal life is his personal life. His acting life is his acting life. He got the part for his acting abilities, not his marriage. I would venture a guess that he is not the only actor to ever be accused of domestic violence. Would you have the judicial system write a script? No? Then you can’t let HIS personal life dictate his acting life. I don’t condone domestic violence or other abuse, but none of us really know what goes on behind closed doors. Not my business. I simply don’t care about his personal life. I don’t enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean series because of his personal life. We can all use a good laugh these days. No one but Depp can be Captain Jack, and deliver those lines with the perfect timing and tone of Depp. Remember, HE created the character. His voice and only his voice should be Jack in the animatronics.

  6. Mariah

    I’m not even quite sure why you’re doing a poll like this at this point. He lost the libel case but the case helped expose the damage SHE was doing to him. His removal from the attraction and his “cancelling” Johnny from society is essentially punishing the victim.

  7. Greg

    Cancel culture IS a cancer that needs to stop now. Not one person on this earth is perfect now or from the past. Everyone makes mistakes that’s what makes us human beings. We’re not robots or computers. If you’re offended then learn how to deal with things yourself instead of ruining someone’s livelihood.

  8. Joni

    Johnny Depp should absolutely remain part of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He will ALWAYS be Captain Jack Sparrow to myself and my son. There are no POTC movies without Johnny Depp!! Justice for Johnny in court and in life!

  9. It would be helpful to know the libel case specifics to voice an opinion. The information we have seen thus far is that Amber H. Is going to prison presumably for manufacturing false evidence?

    1. Femme

      One of the biggest specifics of the libel case is that the judge was essentially in Rupert Murdoch‘s pocket. Murdoch owns the tabloid that Johnny was suing, and the judge’s son works for talk radio UK which Murdoch also owns.

      As to the specifics of the case itself, look them up. They are everywhere. The biggest, most damaging evidence though comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Google her video deposition for their divorce case and you will see exactly how hard she lied under oath. It is available to the public, you can find it just about anywhere on YouTube

    2. Nicole

      Disney needs to stop. It is worse enough they took him out of the franchise but to take away his character out of the POC ride is over the line. People love seeing Captain Jack. He was the reason we all went to those movies to begin with and why guests go to that ride.

      1. Rich

        I’m waiting for the woke crowd to demand they remove Disney from Disney World as Disney promoted the “song of the South” movie through the Splash Mountain ride so Disney was obviously a racist and needs to be cancelled.

        1. Candace

          Shhhh don’t give them any ideas 🤦🏻‍♀️ That would be HORRIBLE. And wouldn’t doubt it that they would do such a thing. And guess what, the new Disney would be happy to oblige. They are part of this cancel culture and I’m sick of it. Everything could be canceled, eventually because there will always be someone offended by something

    3. Sara

      I totally appreciate everyone trying to stay informed on this but be careful cuz there’s a ton of cluck bait over this topic now and they are spreading a ton of misinformation. If she is found to have tampered with evidence or lied under oath, she could be penalized but nothing has been determined yet.

  10. It would be helpful to know the libel case specifics to voice an opinion. The information we have thus far is Amber H. going to prison presumably for manufacturing false evidence??

  11. Ray Ruiz

    Johnny Depp should not be removed from the parts and should be reinstated for the movies. Enough of this b******* cancel culture

  12. Backcountry164

    Disney is a garbage company. Don’t waste any of your money on them.

  13. Cindy

    There would be NO Captain Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp. No other actor could have brought him to life the way JD did. Shame on Disney for even considering removing him from the Pirates ride, and I won’t spend a dime on any Pirates movie without him.

  14. Doreen Harkema

    This is RIDICULOUS. FFS you’re going to erase one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time in case it offends someone. Boo hoo. Leave Depp in the rides. You’re already losing millions by attempting a POTC movie without him

  15. Johnny Depp made a lot of money for the Disney Company. If they remove him, they will be the most ungrateful group of people on the planet. Bowing again to the Woke (Political Correctness on elicit drugs.)

  16. Femme

    So help me, if he gets removed we riot.

  17. B

    This couldnt be more out of touch with current events. Dont you know that Disney is already talking about rehiring him for the next Pirates movie? Aren’t you aware that his wife was the one who is the terrible person not him? This article reads like you wrote it 6 months ago. Forget about it?

  18. Donna

    Johnny Depp is a truly remarkable actor. He made the character Captain Jack Sparrow and Disney should leave things as they are. His personal life is just that PERSONAL!!!

  19. Steve

    At least he’s not a bigot like the majority of the commenters posting here. I say leave him in. It’s entertainment.

  20. Deb

    I vote no. Keep him. He is a phenomenal actor.

  21. Timothy W Buffington

    Yes he should be removed. He made a comment about assassinating a president that was aimed at Trump and has apparently an abusive side towards women. Disney “claims” to care about others feelings by changing other park rides. Why is he special ? Oh yea. Money. 😆

    1. M

      Trump is trash. Keep Depp, he is a great actor.

  22. Diane

    This is getting ridiculous, you know Walt Disney is probably so disappointing in what Disney is doing now.
    There are so many actors that have issues and they carry on. KEEP DEPP.

  23. Monica

    Absolutely not. Depp is innocent and everybody knows it

  24. Peggy

    No do not take johnny depp out of franchise. If you do you should also stop employing amber heard. From what I’ve read about the exwife she also has anger issues. Jack sparrow can not be played by any one else .i sill not watch any movie if you repace him.

  25. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! HE IS THE BEST EVER!!!! WE LOVE 💕💕 Johnny Depp.

  26. Rish

    We all know she was lying to make her career go forward. They released a recording of her abusing him, horrifically, and then blaming him for the abuse, basically saying that if he was different she wouldn’t have to abuse him.

    Disney has made a mistake keeping her around and punishing him. Taking him out of Pirates of the Caribbean would be a huge mistake.

  27. Bxmamipr

    Absolutely not. Both are grown adults and it seems Heard had a lot to do with the issues. Culture has become entirely too PC, and it is none of everyone’s business. Johnny made that series.

  28. Tommy C Crews

    It’s funny how the cancel culture loves to cancel the things or people they don’t like but as soon as it’s someone they do like it’s omg no canceling them.

  29. Johnny Depp should definitely stay including in the next pirates of the Caribbean. I’m for one and I’m sure many fans will not be seeing the new movie without Johnny Depp. Dons net made millions mainly because of JD character.

  30. Nichole

    Johnny Depp is one of the best actors of my time I love all of his films growing up cry baby was my all time favorite movie he is a beautiful person inside and out… everyone is blowing all of this way out of proportion people make mistake that’s what it is to be human I’m sorry but Disney would be making a huge mistake if they took him out

  31. Pam

    No ! Keep Depp as Sparrow. He is hired act and does a great job of it. Have been waiting for another movie with him as Sparrow. Wouldn’t go see it with another actor.

  32. Well I Really don’t think so drop along with the rest of crew are what make it so enjoyable! I still rewatch them just to see Johnny’s reactions and antics !! They are all AWESOME I BELIEVE

    1. Faith Lee Young

      Keep Mr.Depp please we all mess up but to take who he is isn’t right. He is Jack Sparrow. please give him a sencond chance.

  33. Sheryl Pelamati

    Keep Johnny Depp!!!!!. I don’t what ur problems r, but he is the ultimate pirate, scissorhands, Charlie n his chocolate factory…etc!!! 🤘

  34. JD, should not be removed from Pirates, he’s made that part his and his alone, and your employer should be supporting him on this the evidence in this case sways over to him you heard the tapes, you see the pictures and listen to the evidence and he’s telling the truth, her on the other hand had been reported before she was seen and heard in an airport, the only reason she was not prosecuted was her ex didn’t want to press charges, there’s other reports she was watching her sister in the gallery giving evidence in this trail, her sister kept looking up her sister is terrified of her, but I’d love to know one thing, if you remember David Soul was a wife beater and he kept his job, there’s a few out there that have kept their jobs so Why are they punishing him, who hasn’t done a thing, and they’re taking the word of this woman who can’t lie straight in bed . Come on what ever happened to support your employees but also it’s been well published the judge refused a lot of JDs paperwork and evidence so it wasn’t a fair trail and there’s a second hearing

  35. Keep Johnny. He is an icon. His ex was caught in numerous lies.

  36. Armi Geddon


  37. Debbie Dutton

    Pirates without Johnny Depp as jack sparrow would be a huge disappointment. I don’t want to see the movies or the ride without him anymore! Pirates are some of my favorite movies! I watch them over and over. I think it will be boring without Depp. Disney will be making a huge mistake with the fans to remove him!!

  38. Heather Kempf

    You are way behind on your facts. Disney has apparently already apologized to Johnny Depp and reinstated him in his continuing roles in Pirates of the Caribbean series and others. As audio tapes, etc have shown that Amber Heard has perjured herself by lying about the whole thing, Johnny Depp never physically abused her, in fact, she was the abuser. Throughout their relationship before and during their marriage, she physically abused him, even cutting off the end of one of his fingers when she threw a liquor bottle at him and the shattered glass cut off the end of his finger. She called him a baby and a coward for running away every time she started physically abusing him and throwing pots and pans, etc at him. He would leave so that he wouldn’t hit her back, because she would not stop. It is on tape. She admits it all. His security people also claim that they had to pull her off him many times. The police came because her friend called because she was on the phone and heard them fighting, when they arrived, Johnny wasn’t there and there was no evidence of any abuse to her at all. She showed up in court with the bruise on her face, but even on the elevator cameras just before she was leaving to go to court, quite clearly, she had no bruise on her face and security camera footage and personnel testified that the entire week before that, no marks on her face either. It was makeup, she had professionally done before arriving at the court and she lied. She continued to lie and ruined his career and reputation because if those lies from 2016 until just recently, when the truth came out. Multiple body language experts, etc after watching her deposition tape all proclaimed her a liar. It seems that Ms. Heard us a narcissistic psychopath, who has a history of physically abusing her girlfriend in her previous relationship before Johnny Depp, she was arrested by the police officer who witnessed her doing it! So, no, Johnny shouldn’t be removed from the Disney Pirates if the Caribbean exhibit, he has suffered enough because if her lies. She also promised in court that she was going to pay all $7 million if her divorce settlement to two charities, went around doing interviews claiming she had, and she is legally bound to do so, she did receive all $7 million if her settlement, but she still 4 years later hasn’t paid those charities. She also claimed that Johnny wouldn’t let her drive, but there is videotape, and roadway cameras hits of her driving, she owned multiple cars in her name only, Johnny had a classic car restored for her and there is a news segment on that, and a video of a man who came out to show her how to use certain electronics in one of her new cars where she made really suggestive comments to him (and he knew Johnny) and made him obviously uncomfortable. So yet another lie. Amber Heard is the Bad Guy in this scenario, and she has set back women who are abused and the #METOO movement that she was routing, as well.

  39. Sheri Marie Carriero

    He should be canceled from all things children for what he has said several times about president trump. Those are terrorists words

    1. Nyx

      Trump was an awful president. It is facts, no matter how you look at it. This article has nothing to do with the orange cheeto. This is about the abuse he has suffered and the fact he is getting punished for it.

      1. Tim

        He didn’t say anything wrong about BLM or China so Disney will keep him

  40. Brenda

    Life has become one great big witch hunt (oops offended witches). Leave things as is. Don’t like don’t go.

    1. August

      It’s ok, we are use to being hunted 😊

  41. Brenda

    Life has become just one big witch hunt (oops offended witches). Don’t like don’t go. So simple.

  42. Peter

    No way – this woke thinking from Disney has to stop. They are offending more people than they are pleasing.

  43. Rroe

    Cancel Culture is going to get canceled. Disney needs to wake up and stop being so stupid as to listen to these low lifes.

  44. Geri

    No he’s Jack Sparrow don’t do it

  45. pixie garcia

    Johnny Depp is an ICONIC actor that brings acting quality to a new level. He brings believability to any character he plays. Whatever is going on in his personal life is enough of a hindrance to him. I believe that he is innocent until proven guilty! I feel that his employer (in this case Disney) should live by that! At the very least keep Jack Sparrow in the ride!

  46. rex

    Keep Captain jack sparrow (Depp) he alone makes the franchise.

    1. Cheryl Jefferys

      No Johnny Depp, not Jack Sparrow?? The next movie will be a flop without Johnny Depp.. He makes that movie. Does he have personal problems right now….dont we all?? Finish the movie with him as Cpt.Jack Sparrow. I will NOT watch the new movie, if he is pulled from it.

  47. Absloutely!!!!
    Unless of course they revamp his character with a pair of boxing gloves in a can of PBR🤷🏻‍♂️

  48. Kathy

    Stop all of this madness! Leave Captain Jack alone! For some reason we have raised a generation of brats that think the world should be perfect! Well, wake up! We humans are all deeply flawed. Every last one of us had done something wrong. Stop robbing the majority of quality entertainment!!
    Leave everything alone! All of you judging everything so harshly needs to go back back under the rock that you slithered out of! If you start judging all of the actors in history, we would have zero entertainment industry. STOP IT! Leave Everything That has been loved for years alone!! I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THIS!!

  49. Mr Mark R Witney

    Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow IS Pirates of The Caribbean. Pirates of The Caribbean has been a MASSIVE earner for Disney and Parks. Pirates of The Caribbean without Captain Jack would be ludicrous. The whole idea of “Pirates” hinges on the character of Captain Jack brilliantly realised by Johnny Depp. Without that character “Pirates” would /will be a sham and Disney will realise a failure of fortune for being far too pretentiously woke. Its up to them, of course, but I see no logical reason why “Pirates” can’t go on being a sound and lucrative investment with Jonnny Depp as Captain Jack. He’s far too a talented actor with a really, really impressive portfolio to throw under a bus because of one personal relationship failure and unfortunate court case. If he continuously repeated these errors then Disney would have good reasons not to employ him. But until, or if that occurs then give the man a break and let him prove again just how good a character actor he really is. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow……….

  50. Pamela Wilson

    I vote that all these fools starting this bs should be arrested for false accusations, and for causing problems where there where none. I for one am sick of all this cancellation of the past, what the hell are they really scared of? Idiots the whole bunch of them

  51. Barbara Rollison

    Leave it alone you are making a big deal over nothing. You people have already took down a lot of the old rides and replaced them with stupid ones so knock it off and leave. Johnny Depp alone

  52. Barbara Rollison

    Leave it alone you are making a big deal over nothing. You people have already took down a lot of the old rides and replaced them with stupid ones so knock it off and leave.
    Johnny Depp alone

  53. Admin'ral Gern

    You all know this is in regards to the Disneyland Attraction and not the movie… right? He belongs in the movies yes, but not the attraction.

    Ditch Depp and bring back the Redhead (chickens?? really Disney??)

    Then join our Pirates group on FB: “P4L – Disney Pirates for Life” Yarrrr…..

  54. Nicole

    Nooo. El es la cara de Piratas del Caribe, es como hacer Harry Potter sin Harry Potter

    1. Leave Depp where he is please! I’m tired of the changes because someone is offended! I wants the red head and I wants Johnny Depp. If he’s not in the next movie, I’m not watching.

  55. Absolutely Not.
    We want JOHNNY DEPP in Pirates of the Caribbean, and on the Disney Parks
    They should separate personal life, from his Professionalism.
    Johnny Depp, is Jack Sparrow, He is Grindelwald, He is the Best Icon, the Best Actor in the World.
    Like my friend said, Indiana Jones, without Harrison Ford, it isn’t Indiana Jones, and much more films.
    Please wake up, and think……Johnny Depp, is UNIQUE.

  56. Stan

    Not only should Depp be removed, let’s remove ALL the pirates as I’m sure the concept must offend some snowflakes somewhere. Let’s just have the dog (unless someone is offended by making the dog hold keys in his mouth) and some women stand around and rename the ride to remove the word “Pirates.”

  57. Leave Johnny Depp alone!Haven’t you done enough to ruin his career.Kids love Pirates of the Caribbean and the one thing they always say when you ask who,s in it?Johnny Depp every time!!Hope Disney realise they’re shooting themselves in the foot!!

  58. Anna

    No way !!! Johnny Depp is awesome!!!

  59. Catherine

    What the hell?? Is this a real question?? Why should he be removed? Hes done nothing wrong! Leave the guy alone and stop spreading rumours! Why are people so keen to attack him? Why does everyone always side with the female when something like this happens? OK most of these types of cases have the female as the abused but in this case its the complete opposite! Just leave the poor guy alone

  60. Brandon

    Time to be “revamped”? It’s already been revamped around 15 years ago, which his character was the main addition. Only thing that needs “revamped” is cancel culture woketards that are just trolls without a sense of humor. And the people that bend the knee to everything they “reeeee” about, no matter how absurd their demands are the real problem. Those people are weak, thin skinned robots. Absolutely spineless.

    A vast majority of people just want to be entertained. There’s a lot worse people in Hollywood and DC than Depp. Amber Heard, for instance.

  61. Ken

    We want the redhead; a worthy trade for JD. Nothing wrong with the original or traditions.

    Wonder how long it will be before they start thinking about changing the Disney world name since Walt would not fit into today’s modern thinking.

  62. Megan Martin

    I want to go to Disneyland or Disney world but if they take out Johnny Depp’s animatronic Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride I won’t be too happy and neither will my daughter I won’t I will probably not go because of that reason so do not take out Captain Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

  63. Arif

    Without Johnny Depp, the POTC films are nothing

  64. Vicky Oliver

    No JD should stay you cant make a film without the main guy

  65. I see a double standard going on here with the public and Disney. How is that different from a public figure acting inappropriately towards a female? Depp lost his court battle. If he is left in place everytime I am on that ride that is what I will remember.

    1. Jayme

      He molded and created Jack Sparrow like no other, take him away and the entire series will sink to the bottom of the sea, and unlike the Black Pearl , it shall never return to see see the sun shine on Pirates of the Caribbean-but rather fall destiny to upheaval and Mutiny by its dedicated fans who give vows of “ honor among thieves“ to the ONLY Captain, Johnny Dep, aka Jack Sparrow!

  66. Megan. I wanted to go Walt Disney world and Disneyland but if you take out Captain Jack Sparrow from your Pirates of the Caribbean rides I don’t think I would like to go there anymore just cancel culture needs to stop

  67. Lynn

    No Johnny, no Pirates!

  68. He’s the original Jack Sparrow. Keep him with Disney.

  69. Laurie Cooney

    No. Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp. Personally I feel Amber Heard was the abuser and instigator.

  70. Robyn

    Do not take Jack Sparrow down!!!! Johnny Depp brought that character to life despite what’s going on in the media. They are both loved by millions. Leave them both be! We got your back JD and Captian Jack Sparrow.

  71. Jayne Haas

    No. Definitely not.

  72. Ronald B

    If you do take Johnny Depp out I will not watch any more shows from Disney and my Disney Plus I will cancel it and I’ll make a nice protest on all Sites for others to do the same. Also will not ever go to Disney World again.

  73. Tim

    He didn’t say anything wrong about BLM or China so Disney will keep him

  74. Kathy N.

    Just cause he lost that battle doesn’t mean he’s guilty….he has his faults, like everyone. Leave him and his images alone, leave him in Pirates, the ride and the movies.

  75. Lori

    STOP cancelling everybody!!! If you’re going to cancel Johnny Depp, then remove him from the Pirates movies. Remake them. Not! You wouldn’t be removing Johnny Depp anyway, you’d be removing Jack Sparrow, a fictional character from a movie. Leave the Magic alone! °O°

  76. Jeffrey Davis

    Only if they want to completely ruin YET ANOTHER IP. Go home, Disney. You’re drunk.

  77. Jamie Sarven

    I don’t think he should be removed .

  78. Candice


  79. KEEP JOHNNY DEPP… I’m Sooo Tired of this cancel culture…I have a very large diverse circle of friends and family and NOT ONE of them thinks he should go.Please Disney stay on track Don’t follow Fake Media n the 5% of the populations( cancel culture )

    1. Eileen

      No Jonny Depp’s is known by all people and kids world wide as Captain Jack. Pirets of the Carebin. Known all around the World. Don’t try to replace Him.

  80. Hans bauer

    Pay your park admission & shut up!

  81. Marsha

    No. Leave things alone. Stop dropping to every little whim of the public criticism of THEIR dislike. Stand up and have a backbone Disney.

  82. Jeannene Nelson

    Captain Jack Sparrow should definitely be kept as an integral part of any Pirates Of The Caribbean rides/publicly/merchandising as Capt is is the lead character in the films. And furthermore, as time has passed it has come to light that Ms. Heard is, in fact the person, of the two, with the abusive and volitile personality, that her bruises were paint, and his injury required surgery. Therefore, it behooves Disney to both rehire, and offer an apology to Mr. Depp. It also makes good financial sense on their part.

  83. irene

    keep johnny depp he is irreplacable and his humor and good looks undeniable!

  84. Faith Lee Young

    Keep Mr.Depp please we all mess up but to take who he is isn’t right. He is Jack Sparrow. please give him a sencond chance.

  85. Brown

    It amazes me that an abused man gets stripped of working, while the abuser continues on. We know what she did, I have no respect for her anymore. No one can play Captain Jack Sparrow better than Jonny Depp. His personality is all over this role. You continue to take away the parts that make the difference in the way you see the role/movie. What he plays, he makes his own and the movie is much better for him being in it. Keep him in everything he plays and if there are a second, third and so on, you need to keep him each time. Whatever you took away from him, give all of it back.

  86. Geo

    Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow.Do not remove him!

  87. Teresa

    People are just ridiculous..I
    mean let’s just erase everything and rewrite history…C’mon..Sounds pretty ridiculous..right? He is playing a character not vice-versa

  88. Laura

    Leave Johnny Depp captain jack Sparrow Alone. He deserves to be there . Just cause because certain people want to make trouble for him doesn’t mean he has to pay the price.

  89. Laura

    Leave Johnny Depp captain jack Sparrow Alone. He deserves to be there . Just cause because certain people want to make trouble or him doesn’t mean he has to pay the price.

  90. Carol Plummer

    Heck no . I love Johnny Depp . Leave it alone . They are screwing enough with some rides .

  91. Deb

    I’m sorry but his personal life is just that and should have nothing to do with his professional one. Disney always trying to hold people to higher standards is out of hand. People are not perfect and who knows how much truth or fiction is part of his personal issues. Disney is jumping the gun on something that’s none of their business.
    Leave the character alone. Personally if Depp is not in the next installment of pirates I will not be spending my money on it. Same with Beasts. I HATE when they change actors in a series.

  92. Danny Pearson

    Pirates without Jonny Depp is like a football match without the ball! Take him away and I can guarantee the series and all things related will flop! The poor guy was abused, everyone heard the testimony and because of some biased judge who probably was promised a happy ending by heard went against him! The whole thing stunk! Let Jonny Depp do what he does BEST!

  93. Nancy Schlenker

    No..leave him be..I don’t believe a word Amber Heard speaks..She is nothing but a lying manipulative women with mental issues..out of curiosity l listened to all the videos and evidence and I believe her goal was to get everything out of him she could..All her lies are starting to come out.Soi vote no!!!!!!

    1. We have a pedo president with video evidence, yet we need to remove Depp from Disney due to rumors?! It was rumored that Walt was a pedo himself, so what is next, remove the Walt from Disney?! We did that 20 years ago.. Ever wonder why yall just referred to it as just “Disney” film?!
      Heard had a choice to leave, yet we are all stuck with Pedo Joe

  94. Johhny Depp should always be in the Disney attractions and also all the pirates of the Carrebean movies. He makes Jack Sparrow. No one can replace him for any reason. His personal life should never be a factor of how he performs as an actor and as a human being especially when someone is lying about him for whatever reason. The studio should know that the POTC are nothing without Johnny & the public will let them know.

  95. Andrew

    They should keep the Animatronic and the Real JD….. will not watch any Pirate movies if he is not included . He make the movie click.

  96. Drew

    No JD, no pirates movie. He makes it happen

  97. Alise

    You know it’s mind blowing to me that Disney was so ready to drop Johnny Depp from the POTC movie franchise and now possibly the attraction ride when Johnny is the one who made that movie what it is today and made Disney $Billions in money. They should be kissing Johnny’s ass for him to come back and play Captain Jack Sparrow

  98. I will never watch a Pirates Of The Caribbean film without Johnny Depp! He makes my movies what they are! Bring him back!

  99. Kinadear

    Considering Amber Heard was the abusive one admitting it on video and on audio, this is a stupid question. The fact that hollywood ignores this fact coz she’s a woman is infuriating. She should be removed, not him.

  100. Linda olson

    Keep Depp on as Sparrow. Divorce is hard enough on couples without the world piling on to destroy one or the other in a relationship. A little compassion please. Let the courts dish out punishment not the media.

  101. Amber Wilson

    Gina Carano!!!!!!! Just saying

  102. Aj

    We want the RED HEAD!!!!

  103. Cyndi

    Leave that man alone!!! Damn…hes aweso.e as kack sparrow he is what made pirates of carribean popular..As for Heard..well,she has alot of faults as well what about her..abusive indiscretions ..her track record in smugged as well…but nobody wants to hear that…All I got to say is Something doesn’t add up..let man work!!! Get over it…if you don’t like him fine just don’t go to his movies,etc…shut the hell up!

  104. Wendy

    No do not remove johnny depp. I am against abuse but Amber heard is just as responsible for the issues in their marriage. Johnny depp is the one being victimized.

  105. OGamerGirl

    No! Absolutely not!!!!! This man’s entire career was dragged through the mud by a psycho abuser who stalked and studied him for years before getting with him. Disney apologized and they need to keep him. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

  106. Gemma Tarr

    AH admitted to lying and abusing JD, this shouldn’t even be a conversation.
    Leave CJS in Pirates, leave him in and stop raising this as a possibility.
    It should never have been raised as an option.

  107. Louavallvillebilly

    Heck yeah Disney needs to keep Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow! WTH is Disney thinking? Disney has gotten dangerously full of themselves. They’re about to screw up really bad. Sorry about Johnny’s personal problems, but let’s be perfectly honest here, who gives an damn? I know I don’t. She stayed with him during all of that abuse. She should have left! She knew he was half crazy. Most of the artistic geniuses in the world such as Depp always end up being a little strange. Weird. Odd. Different. Wether it’s true or not, as long as there isn’t any video of Depp actually striking Amber, I say leave the mans private life out of his business life. I could care less about his personal life. BRING BACK JOHNNY DEPP Disney! You will be royally F-ing yourself if you have the nerve, the audacity, THE BALLS! to spend a zillion dollars to make a Pirates if the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. Face it Disney, Depp owns Pirates of the Caribbean! Fans of the series will not pay any money to watch any future Pirates of The Caribbean if Johnny Depp isn’t playing Jack Sparrow.

  108. Cory Warren

    The jack sparrow animatronic stick out against the more cartoony originals. I didn’t care for them on those grounds when I was at Disneyland in 2019.

  109. Darlene

    Keep Depp! He made those movie a major hit . Not to mention the cash he made in merchandise T-shirts, the Pirates of Caribbean movies. Do not remove him from the attraction either.
    Depp is The Pirates of the Caribbeans franchise without him you have nothing!
    There is no other Captain Jack sparrow

  110. Jessica Biswas

    No. Why would you remove the one person or character that epitomized “Pirates of the Carribean”? Thanks for making us all that money…now get out?


    I have not yet been to either one of the Disney Parks, but I think ti is so wrong that when a person has some sort of problem in real life they have to remove the character they portrayed from a ride. How sad. I have also seen articles where people wanted Brer Rabbit and his friends removed from Splash Mountain at one point. I think it had to do with racism, or something. How do made up characters get the blame for real life problems? Why does Disney feel the need to ruin every ride just because of outside issues? I feel that if and when I am finally able to visit the parks, there won’t be anything left to them that makes them special and the happiest place on Earth. Everything I am looking forward to seeing will be gone. No offense, but is it Johnny Depp who is in the news for the reasons listed…or is it the character Jack Sparrow. They are two separate people…one real and one made up.

  112. Tammy

    Even the Pirates ride without Captain Jack Sparrow and there’s no Pirates franchise without Johnny Depp! He’s been falsely accused by his abuser and if you don’t believe me, listen to the audio check out incredibly average on YouTube to hear who the true abuser is and its not Johnny!

  113. Kevin T

    No, leave Johhny. He is what makes Pirates of the Caribbean what it is. He is an awesome actor.

  114. Gerri Burdick

    I certainly hope they cut Johnny Depp out of Any movies! He brings magic to the screen! All jis previous characters were very well played! And he should Not be taken out because of the “nameless party” She’s the one who has continuously been lying!! She’s the fraud and She should be removed from any future films!

  115. Jo

    He is Pirates of the Caribbean. He made it what it is. Not worth watching without him

  116. Zonie

    Not sure anyone but those 2 know who was abusing who . 2 shift ALL the blame onto JD seems so
    unfair . Leave him be n keep
    The attraction .

  117. Keep him without Johnny Depp Pirates would fail

  118. Debra

    There is no Pirates without Johnny!! He is an innocent man that deserves all the accolades he can get. Kind, Generous, and humble ❤️❤️❤️ We are with you JD. All my love 😍

  119. Leave Johnny Depp alone!! Leave Jack Sparrow alone!! Depp is Sparrow!
    Sparrow is Depp!!!

    1. Leave the original Johnny in his movies and also Red in aquaman why are you always changing the original actors that sucks if you do that my family won’t pay to see your movies and were a big family so keep the originals!!!!!!

  120. Rox

    No! It’s ridiculous to find someone guilty based on no proof. I believe Pirates of the Caribbean won’t make it if they don’t have Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Stop the “Cancel Culture BS!

  121. Sandy

    Remember Captaian EO (Michael Jackson)
    Leave this alone.

  122. Gina

    Please leave Depp in ride and in the movie. Without Depp The Pirates of the Caribbean will not be the same.

  123. Shelley young

    No!! Delete media nonsense

  124. Helen Ferguson

    Jonnie Depp is the only Jack Sparrow. Stop changing things because of private life give the actor his due. No one else can do Jack Sparrow like Jonnie Depp stop the madness. We enjoy the attraction Pirates of the Caribbean!!! Leave Great alone find something else to do!! LONG LIVE CAPTIAN SPARROW LONG LIVE JONNIE DEPP!! YO HO A PIRATE LIFE FOR ME!!!

  125. david

    leave johnny Depp at Disneyland

  126. Velma

    Leave Johnny Depp ALONE!! Keep his likeness in the ride. ‘Pirates’ is no longer ‘Pirates’ without Johnny.

  127. Kelly Shea Brandt

    Pieates wouldnt be so great without him. He needs to stay.

  128. Joe

    He did nothing wrong!!! It was his ex-wife abusing him, and Lying the whole damn time!!!

  129. Victoria

    Absolutely not, why would anyone even think to remove him, he made that movie successful, and he is an amazing actor and a very charitable human being.

  130. Pamela Vandenaker

    I vote yes! Depp should remain in the films and in the rides.

  131. Dianna

    Depp, one of my favorite stars…two sides to every story…depending on who you believe. I think Heard is a gold-digger…knew how to work Depp, an older man. Keep Depp as Jack Sparrow.

  132. Lonnie

    Hell no. Captain jack sparrow is a one of a kind character and must stay on as so. It’s not Disney’s business to adhere to cancel culture due to someone’s personal life. I support Johnny Depp in his everyday life and in his professional life. Jack sparrow is a must stay iconic character. Without Captain jack sparrow, there is no pirates in the Caribbean. Stupid cancel culture.

  133. Tawnie

    JD… Amazing actor and I for one think all of this BS needs to stop. I have seen nothing that has proven him to be the monster he has been accused of. If he is replaced I won’t watch. This is ridiculous

  134. Yvonne de Boer

    Johnny Depp is innocent. Captain Jack Sparrow is his creation. Leave him where he is. He alone helped make a lot of money for Disney and still does. He is a beautiful soul and. Fantastic actor. He deserves respect and admiration. Leave him there

  135. Susie Ashley

    Leave Jack Sparrow alone at the Disney Parks. There is only one Jack Sparrow he is great in the movies. He is a great entertainer at the park the people. I have been to Disney world at least 22 times in my life time. I always go back to the Pirates of the Caribbean first Love it.

  136. Karen Rose

    No! He’s Jack Sparrow. He is a fine actor, I will not go see the movie if he is not Jack Sparrow! He’s made you “Disney a lot of money” You let him go without checking the facts! Disney, you would be making the BIGGEST mistake if you let him go! This so rud

  137. Jackie Smith

    Leave Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise as Jack Sparrow that this role was created by Mr. Depp and is a vital character in all the Franchise movies and Disneyland ride. I realize Mr. Depp is having some personal issues that the news media is focusing on right now. I do hope this he said/she said is resolved soon before these two actors destroy their careers but regardless Johnny Depp is a fine actor and has created a character that is so beloved by so many people not only in America but all over the world and I don’t know about anyone else but I could use some entertainment that makes me laugh and feel good right now which is why I go to Disneyland or watch their movies. Keep Johnny Depp in your Franchise as it is a good business decision for Disney and his fans will love Disney!!

  138. Jackie Hodges

    Leave Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise as Jack Sparrow that this role was created by Mr. Depp and is a vital character in all the Franchise movies and Disneyland ride. I realize Mr. Depp is having some personal issues that the news media is focusing on right now. I do hope this he said/she said is resolved soon before these two actors destroy their careers but regardless Johnny Depp is a fine actor and has created a character that is so beloved by so many people not only in America but all over the world and I don’t know about anyone else but I could use some entertainment that makes me laugh and feel good right now which is why I go to Disneyland or watch their movies. Keep Johnny Depp in your Franchise as it is a good business decision for Disney and his fans will love Disney!!

  139. Dc

    This needs to stop….. Accusations should not be the end-all to careers. If they are going to remove him STOP making pirates movies period!

  140. Lynn

    If he goes, so should she it takes two!!!!???

  141. MikeTheJew

    It’s sad that a known paedophile like Amber heard Is able to manipulate the media to blackball Johnny Depp

  142. Mr J Whittingham

    Jonny Depp is captain Jack!!! The franchise wouldn’t be the same at all without him. So my vote is to keep him.

  143. Jeff

    “Please cancel the cancel culture. Thank you!” – normal people

  144. Diane

    Absolutely not! He didn’t do anything wrong, it’s the words of a nasty woman that damned him despite his previous partners refuting everything she claimed about him
    Get rid of Donald Trump from the Hall of Presidents as he is a disgusting excuse of a person. He is seditious and a pervert. What a world we live in when people demand Depp’s removal and think Trump should remain

  145. Ms Freya Violet Locke

    I wouldn’t believe something just because The Sun said it was true. They love to pick on celebrities and a villain sells papers, whether they are printing the truth is irrelevant to them.
    Cancel culture is ridiculous and needs to stop.

    1. Diane

      The Sun is one of the worst rags out there.

      1. Elysian

        No one could replace Johnny Depp as Captian Jack Sparrow. This character is totally his. Why isn’t Amber being pulled out if her movies. Why is everyone listening to her lies. She apparently knows she can get away with it and is purposely trying to ruin Johnny. She is a truly disgusting person and has already admitted she lied. Her career should be ruined not Johnny’s.

  146. Mark

    No. Captain Jack Sparrow has nothing to do with johnny Depp’s problems. Liberals suck they want everyone under their control, change everything that goes against they plans to destroy America culture and history. Wake up America!

  147. Louise

    Leave it as is. He’s a character in a movie.

  148. Sage

    The animatronics of Captain Jack Sparrow should stay! They are now integral with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and to remove them would remove some of the magic of that ride! Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow just as Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones: irreplaceable as the titular character. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow shouldn’t be suffering being almost blacklisted the way Johnny Depp has unfairly been these past few years.

  149. George

    You people are all cowards. You jump when a small minority starts screaming. He stays as the silent majority says he stays. You call yourself executives, stand up and be counted Forget about political correctness.

  150. Rude Mutant

    Isn’t this also libel? Since Herd had basically admitted lying, why aren’t you talking about getting her out of the movies? Why is Depp still on the chopping block?

  151. Jeffrey Richard Teixeira

    Stop the PC bs!

  152. John Holst

    NO!!!! Johnny is and Always will be Jack Sparrow!! My family Loves him in and out of his character…he belongs in the ride!!!

  153. Sakura


  154. Patricia Cameron

    Keep Johnny Depp in the Jack Sparrow role!

  155. Ann

    Johnny depp is jack sparrow his ex wife was not innocent in the whole ordeal I love Johnny depp if you remove him from movie franchise you will lose many movie goers myself included

  156. Laura


  157. Sue

    Leave Johnny Depp in Pirates Ride AND Movie! It’s a Movie Character for Heaven’s Sake! 2020-2021 is the Time of the Cry Babies! If we dismissed every Movie Made because of Actor real-life Character flaws , there would not be any Movies!

  158. Johnny depp is one of the most accredited and awesome actors on this planet. He is so diverse and brings to the screen characters with his ability to be very creative. I believe it would be a big mistake to remove him from the disney park where he has successfully entertained people of all ages.

  159. Gen

    Please keep J Depp Park!

  160. Piratas del Caribe es JHONNY DEEP.
    sin el fracasan.
    Lo juzgan antes del juicio, es de locos.

  161. Dave

    Seems simple enough: you don’t like Depp? Then don’t see the movie. Problem solved.

    But if you’re going to be butt hurt he’s in a film, TFB!

  162. Johnny Depp gives his great talent and imagination to all of his rolls. The ex should X herself out of any of his professional business. Whether I believe her aligation or not- and I don’t. Disney has made a mistake by eliminating JD. it will lose so much imagination, the art of loving a villain, we are always anxious to take outr kids and grandkids a to see Johnny handiwork and surprises! Ii be can assure you our family and friends will boycott the films he has been robbed of. Nice thing about opinions.. Disney you can always change your mind! With fond warm feeling towards the Mouse, please think this over.

  163. G

    Do not remove J Depp.

  164. Kellie Ochoa

    I think Hollywood needs to stop using a actor’s personal life unless it’s a life threatening issue. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Politics and personal matter should not be involved because it does not effect the actor’s ability to do his or her job. This is especially true in Disney’s case. The ride and the movie will not succeed without JD as Captain Jack Sparrow. I think it’s ridiculous how Amber Heard still gets acting jobs and she is also involved the case. This is a sexist move and if the roles were reversed Amber would be whinny about it. Disney needs to stand up for its actors because without them their company would not be successful.

  165. karen keightley

    Johnny Depp is Jack sparrow and should not be removed if anyone should be removed from movies it should be Amber heard she is a lying woman. Johnny Depp should be kept God bless him 🙏

  166. Jen

    Johnny Depp should absolutely be in the movies going forward! It would not be the same without him!

  167. AriR

    I don’t want to cancel him but I do think he should be removed! Even though well done, I hate when they added him and also when they took away the auction scene. Don’t crew with old, iconic rides, especially for a film franchise!

    1. Russ

      If they get rid of Depp then I get rid of Disney

  168. Celeste

    Johnny gives the pirates street cred. You know that certain je ne sais quoi. Don’t mess with it if ain’t broke!!!
    Carry on…

  169. Connor

    Why do the media want to remove Depp? Because they’re gullible. And when the truth is revealed to them, they stick to their delusions out of shame. Amber admitted on tape that she abused Johnny, that alone from the many reasons why he’s in fact the victim should be enough to quench all the sheep. But nooo, a pretty girl can’t lie or be in the wrong, it’s unthinkable. And if you can’t feel the sarcasm, then feel the reality check when she goes to prison. Educate yourselves. The majority of people are behind Depp because they actually have rational brains that weigh up facts and see through smoke and mirrors.

  170. Hope

    Keep Johnny Depp! He is Pirates of the Caribbean. Without him the movies wouldn’t be a smash hit! Jack Sparrow is irreplaceable.

  171. Kam

    keep Jonny Depp if you replace him the movie will be trash he made pirates of the Caribbean a GREAt movie and I want watch the next one without him in it. (KEEP JONNY DEPP)

  172. Carrie Shephard

    No no no no stop all of this ..bring him back on everything .he ia a great man being punched for something he didn’t do..

  173. AriR

    This post is about removing animatronic from ride, not about the films! I only say remove because it is an old-school legacy ride. I also say they shouldn’t remove old scenes because they’re not PC. Leave the ride as it was built.
    By, the way, I thought Depp kind of ruined the movies. Made them silly and kiddie, instead of dark and more adult. The films pretty much sucked. Mostly because of Depp.

  174. jennifer

    Keep him!! Johnny Depp “Jack Sparrow” is what makes Pirates of the Carribean. Without Jack Sparrow there is no movie or attraction. The 2 go hand in hand.

  175. Mary pen

    You are basing decisions on ONE account… there are always three parts to the story… her side, his side, and the combination which makes up the truth… our society needs to stop! Just stop and live your life… don’t live thinking what may upset others. If they’re upset or offended.. move on

  176. Kate Joy


  177. jms

    keep him.

  178. Susan

    She lied!!! She admitted it! She lied about JD hitting her and all the other made/up fights she claimed!! Leave the image of Jack Sparrow! We all love that Character and the actor Johnny Depp that portrayed Jack Sparrow!

  179. Lara

    Disney family wake up! You are a disgrace to Walt’s memory. I always loved Disney, but I am at the point where maybe its time to stop doing business with this company. Walt was about family. Your ABC channel shows trash like the bachelor. Grown women fighting over some rich guy. The parks are to expensive for parents to bring their kids. I stayed at your hotels. The employees were even saying how bad the company is now.

  180. Lesley

    No Depp should stay . Whatever is going on in his private life should have nothing to do with his work. Without him the Pirates to me would never be the same.

  181. Sarah Wilkinson

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow is what makes Pirates of the Caribbean so popular. He has been wrongly accused and smeared by a popularity seeking narcissist. He is wrongly being punished for the lies that have never been bothered to be fact checked.

  182. Christopher A Brown

    I say if disney removes jack sparrow from the pirates collection it will be time to boycott Disney.

  183. Virginia Lawhorne

    Leave it alone! Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. And to make a “Pirates “ movie without him is a waste of time an money. Who do they think will watch it? It should be about an actor’s ability, not his personal life. Considering all the scandals of Hollywood, who is Johnny Depp being picked on?

  184. Freddie

    Why do people STILL want to punish this man? It’s been proven that Amber Heard was the one abusing him, but she hasn’t yet suffered a singular blow to her career. This is gross

  185. Johnnie Depp is the Pirates of the Caribbean. Without him it will be nothing.

  186. Haylee

    Amber confessed to abusing JD, and he acted in self defense. We need to stop labeling him as an abuser when he isn’t. Amber is a disgusting women and is ruining JD career. He should remain in all his movies/shows. Women can abuse too.

  187. Kora

    Disney would have to be crazy to do that his career and name has been drugged through the dirt by false accusations he did great with all the pirates of the Caribbean movies leave him be

  188. Ida Melendez

    Leave Depp in pirates
    He is the Movie I will never watch nor buy any more movies of pirates collection ever ever again.
    My Grandkids will never again get to see the best actor in the series.

  189. MD

    A yes means you’re ok with erasing / rewriting History….

    I for one am not…. History is History… For better or worse…

    If Hollywood’s underbelly were truly exposed Celebrity would be redefined…

  190. Joe

    No! Heck no! Absolutely not! Leave the guy alone as he’s had enough crap on his bed. I support Depp in any and all future roles as will my family and everyone else I know. If you didn’t take away from this that my answer is no, my answer is NO! Get a grip, get a life and move on. Cancel “this”

  191. Pamela

    He should not be removed from the pirates anything!! He is an excellent actor and without him future pirates aren’t worth watching! No one can ever match him,his legacy, and acting stuffed Disney’s pockets, and as far as I am conserned he will forever be the only pirate!!

  192. Regina Myers

    Disney is going to lose big money with these shenanigans. Mr. Depp brought them great profits & fans. I will not support anything Disney if they keep persecuting Mr. Depp. He is the reason I got interested in Disney to begin with. No one can replace Mr. Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow.

  193. Rob East

    They should keep him. He is a awesome Actor.

  194. Matthew Brewster

    My opinion regarding the domestic Pirates rides us simple: get rid of all traces of the movies! Restore the ride to its original state, which includes the AA figures that Jack replaced in the finale of the MK version.

  195. Christine Galio

    Are You kidding He is Jack Sparrow,He’s the movie and the whole “nine yards “ and He was found not guilty,She is a “Waco “
    and she was the one abusing Him,listen to the recording’s that She made and she also throw the buttle at Him that cut his finger off,Johnny Depp always walked away from the fight,
    I will never watch the movie again without Johnny Depp !!!!!!!!!

  196. Tee

    You can leave Jack Sparrow, but please bring back the original auction scene (and every other thing the “PC” police changed over the years). We wants the redhead!

  197. Donna Marie Williams

    I certainly will not pay to see the Pirates movies without JD in them. I own the entire series up-to-date. He is the only one that can be Jack Sparrow. I think his private life should not interfere in his movies. All his Pirates movies have been spectacular. They have brought a lot of fun for myself, my children and my grandchildren!

  198. Carolyn

    The same thing will happen to “pirates” that happened to “Aladdin “ when they removed Robin Williams.

  199. Dezi

    I have been a JD fan girl since scissor hands…. I have seen all of his movies and only watched the pirates movies because of him. If his character is removed I will refuse to watch it. This is gonna go just as well as when 2 and a half men got rid of charlie sheen. RIP Pirates of the Caribbean….. You shall be missed 😥

  200. Brent

    All the way into this year and this writer can’t even mention all the not so new info showing how amber was the abuser…

  201. Elizabeth Winheim

    Johnny is innocent!
    Amber is lying!

    Keep Johnny!

  202. Judith SMITH

    Captain Jack would not be the same with anyone else playing that role. If you remove him from the ride it would be like removing him from the stories n movies. You will loss all the excitement n fun out of the ride. His personal life is not his characters life. So NO do not remove him from the ride or you will lose a lot of fans.

  203. Bill Zeisset

    Absolutely not, Depp has made Pirates of the Caribbean what it is!

  204. Brennan Armacost

    Leave Jack Sparrow AND Johnny Depp in all the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise movies and ride attractions! He is out there, all alone, without YOUR support, trying to clear the wrongs that were done when his ex tried to assassinate his character. You won’t even wait for the dust to clear, and you want to totally erase him forevermore. With all he’s done for you! You should be ashamed of yourselves, you greedy people! Not only did he give you Jack Sparrow, but the Mad Hatter! He’s worked so hard for you! You should be treating him like a valuable employee, and not piling this hate on him. You should give him the benefit of the doubt about allegations that have NOT been proven to the standards of a criminal case. He had NOT been charged! He is NOT guilty! Please quit ruining our fun! When we see a Pirates movie, we want to see Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. We want him to be in the whole movie, and to be THE LEAD ACTOR!!! We want the story to revolve around him and we want him to triumph! And he will! Wait for it! Greedy bastards!!!

  205. Andrea Marie Sapp

    Please leave Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow he is a great man a great actor there’s always two sides to every story no one really knows what she has done and what she has not done towards him to only listen to her side of the story is wrong besides like everyone else is saying Jack Sparrow’s character is exactly what is in the ride and on the movies it’s not Johnny Depp personally if you replace him with someone else it will not be the same and I honestly believe the franchise and Disney will lose a lot of support we all know they have the most money in the world and it’s not like they need anyone to be on their side but Johnny Depp need someone on his side and if Disney is not going to stand there with him he has a lot of fans that will my family is a few of them

    1. Erika

      JD should not be harassed because of his private life . His work as an actor (and a very good actor) should not be stained because of his private life domestic disputes. I for one love the caricatures that Mr. JD plays in think he rocks at them! and I guarantee that no other actor (with all due respect,) can not do ! Im upset to see they would even concider it!! Loving Disney the way I do I must say Shame on your Disney for even considering the removal of Mr. JD😡ok

  206. Hannah Rachel Charmaine Tan

    The only pirate I know is Jack Sparrow portrayed by Johnny Depp. There will NEVER be The Pirates of The Carribean without him. I thought Disney is Where Our Dreams Come True?? It will be a NIGHTMARE watching The Pirates of The Carribean without Johnny Depp! I will never spend my hard earned money watching any Disney Movies ever if this is how Disney treats actors that made them Billions of Dollars. Shame on you, Disney!

  207. Doug

    What is this world coming too?? Remove Depp is an absolute Joke.

  208. Kay S.

    WOW!!! This is unbelievable! Whoever is running Disney now is absolutely nuts! You do realize he’s been falsely accused right? I mean you do have large ears over there right??? If you have ears then you’re able to listen to recordings of what’s really been happening in Johnny Depp’s life! Go ahead and make another Pirates movie and see how horrible the earnings will be! Somebody on the wrong side of this must have dirt on someone high up at Disney cause what you guys are doing to this man after all the money he’s made you guys is absolutely crazy!!!

  209. Susan Zeaken

    No way he is Jack Sparrow!

  210. kl

    Depp’s personal issues have absolutely nothing to do with Depp as an actor, public figure or who he is personally. stop destroying his life… it’s not entertaining at all.

  211. Lee

    Johnny Depp is not Jack Sparrow, Jack Sparrow is a character he played, All people, including those who are on this bandwagon to fire people they disagree with or dont like or think have done wrong, regardless of proof, need to wake up, take an honest self assessment, and see just how much you should be pointing fingers at others. Johnny Depp is a peeson who performs a role, quite well, that is his job. What he does in his personaly time should be left out of it. Hypocrites.

  212. Curt

    You should NOT remove Depp or Jack Sparrow. And he should be in the next movie or it will tank.

  213. Greg

    No ! Johnny Depp should not be removed from the Pirates ride at Disneyland. To me he is a main stay of that ride.

  214. Greg

    No ! Johnny Depp should not be removed from the Pirates ride at Disneyland or Disney World. To me he is a main stay of that ride.

  215. Bonni Douglas

    Look at her interviews (spoiled hateful narcissist) and her deposition body language analysis. If it’s not completely obvious, as it should be, that she’s a liar and lunatic, that clarifies things.

  216. Michelle

    I have been a JD fan for most of my life. Yes, he always had his issues (drinking, drugs, etc) but despite his inner demons, at his core JD is an awesome human being and no one should replace him in any maner. How many celebrities do you know that dress up and show up not just to children’s hospitals but to Disney theme parks and surprise fans?!?! There’s no one in this world that could ever replace JD and I think everyone should just give him a second chance. Amber Heard is no saint either. She did just as much damage to JD too. I think she should get the same treatment as JD for her part in all this. Otherwise, leave JD alone and let him continue his work!

  217. Lisbeth

    Typical feminist. She ignores that Heard lost her domestic abuse case after medical records and eye witnesses proved she was lying and she in fact abused Depp.

  218. Carla

    Keep Johnny Depp. He is an amazing actor and cannot be replaced.

  219. Lucy P

    The storyline is flipped. It’s come of light that Johnny Depp is the victim and Amber Heard the abuser. Report it like other media has: Look it up, actually pretty interesting and distressing. Keep Depp in the parks and the movies.

  220. Chris Wood

    That ride has been around long before Depp was born. It won’t make a bit of difference to the ride its self if Depp character was left in or taken out. On the other had Johnny Depp make the movie with his character Jack Sparrow. Don’t blame Johnny Depp because the writers and directors didn’t deliver a blockbuster. Now they can start a new trilogy to the movie by going back to the very beginning, before Jack Sparrow. Or start a new trilogy after the curse was ended. They don’t need to reboot the serise, just have Sparrow pass the torch off to a new Captain.

  221. Leave Johnny depp alone!I don’t believe a word his ex wife Amber has said&what has that to do with the most charismatic actor of modern day films,I love every single film Johnny has done, how can Disney remove him,its an outrage!I will have to boycott Disney now,until they put Johnny back where he belongs, as Captain Jack Sparrow!I will not watch another Pirates of the Caribbean film without the main character, its the only reason I watch them,he brings such joy to my very boring disabled life!I love you Johnny Depp ,good luck with everything you do!and thankyou for the years of pleasure and laughs you have brought me&my family,from a middle aged disabled housewife in Newport, South Wales,UK.xxxxxxxxx

  222. JLL

    Seriously…Pirates without Depp? Total fail. Shame on you Disney, you should stay neutral on his personal matters, he brought you ENORMOUS success! Where’s your principal?

  223. Tina

    Are you serious, nothing like kicking someone when their down. They already dumped him by kicking him out the franchise (Disney will lose money because of this) now they want to acknowledge any of his existence to the franchise. Johnny Depp made the franchise and made Disney money leave Depp in the theme park.

  224. Frank

    ⚡️Depp ,over the years, has proven just who he is !!! 👎🏽

  225. Jane

    Captain Jack Sparrow should remain on the rides. Pirate of the Caribbean without Captain Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp will be terrible.

  226. DonP

    I’m tired of the cancel culture B.S.! Disney has a movie and a ride about pirates and they’re trying to be politically correct? Pirates weren’t PC. It was bad enough when Disney reworked the ride and had the pirates, supposedly, chasing after the women for the food. Now there are people complaining that JD shouldn’t be able to represent a pirate?

  227. Erika

    JD should not be harassed because of his private life . His work as an actor (and a very good actor) should not be stained because of his private life domestic disputes. I for one love the caricatures that Mr. JD plays in think he rocks at them! and I guarantee that no other actor (with all due respect,) can not do ! Im upset to see they would even concider it!! Loving Disney the way I do I must say Shame on your Disney for even considering the removal of Mr. JD😡

  228. Barbara Ervin

    As far as I’m concerned there is no Pirates of the Caribbean if there’s no Johnny Depp. He is the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow!

  229. I am a DVC member and WDW productions needs to listen to their people! NO DO NOT Remove Depp
    Stop being political, and worrying about the left! We need you to make movies and continue on as Walt would of wanted! Stop please
    From Tampa

  230. Allyn

    We still live in a country where the premise is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Amber Heard’s accusations are just that, accusations. From reports, she is the one who has been abusive. All of his former partners have stated that these allegations are preposterous. Johnny Depp has delivered for Disney many times over, and the least they can do is give him the same loyalty. Johnny Depp IS and will ALWAYS be Captain Jack Sparrow. He has brought just the right measures of charm and eccentricity to the role. If they recast, I will not be going to any of those movies. I would be very disappointed in Disney if they removed Captain Jack from the ride.

  231. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is a Crime, Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, he does an outstanding job being a great actor, When I watched Pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl when I was 13, I loved the movie, when more Pirates of the Caribbean sequels came out, I ended up falling in love with the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Character that I fell in love with is Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow became my favorite Disney Character of all time, When I rode on Pirates of the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow being added to the attraction, I really love how Disney added Captain Jack Sparrow as part of the ride, it ended up becoming one of my favorite ride at Disneyland, my favorite part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is Seeing Captain Jack Sparrow Hiding in the costume, Captain Jack Sparrow Hiding in the Barrel, and Captain Jack Sparrow singing a pirates life for me, That is the reason why Pirates of the Caribbean is my Favorite movie franchise and my favorite ride at Disneyland and when I go Disneyland my favorite character to meet at Disneyland is Captain Jack Sparrow and I enjoy meeting Jack Sparrow at Disneyland he is my favorite character in Pirates of the Caribbean and my favorite Disney character of all time, I would not like it if Disney takes him out of the park because I will be upset and that would be a crime, because Johnny Depp made Jack Sparrow a legend and an icon to the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise and to Disney, I also like how Disney added Pirates of the Caribbean to the Fantasmic show and I like how Jack Sparrow is part of Fantasmic. Without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean is like Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones movies, James Bond movies without James Bond, Spiderman movies without Spiderman, Rambo movies without John Rambo, Harry Potter movies without Harry Potter, Iron Man movies without Iron Man, Captain America Movies without Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy movies without the Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman movies without Batman, Superman movies without Superman, and Thor Movies without Thor is a crime and these movies without the main character and actor will fail and that’s why we love the character, why we love the actor that portrays are beloved characters, that why I love Captain Jack Sparrow and that’s why I want Disney to Keep Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride and as a Meet and Greet Character at a Disney Park we all Love Captain Jack Sparrow.

  232. Diane

    In recent weeks we have seen a lot more of people losing their minds because someone has said something they found ‘offensive’ and we are currently living in a time where people have too much power to destroy careers of people who haven’t actually done anything or have not been proven to have done anything. I’m not naming names, but, it’s now getting silly and detrimental to true victims as there will be a point when liars are exposed and no one will know who is telling the truth or who is deliberately making things up for revenge.
    Johnny Depp made Jack Sparrow the phenomenon he is, Johnny Depp made the mistake of marrying a vengeful woman. The judge who made the ruling should be suspended as her decision was without actual substance and the evidence was clearly on Depp’s side. I have no doubt a jury would have made the opposite choice on the evidence presented.
    And yet, no one is screaming for the lying seditionist to be removed from the Hall of Presidents. In fact I had to leave another message board because I got abuse for suggesting this.

  233. NO Plz dont take him off the ride i love that ride

  234. Griffin Jett

    Seems like media still hasn’t caught onto the fact that Amber Heard lied about it all and pulled a Jesse Smollett… why even decimate Johnny’s character more, when it’s also false.

  235. mike

    Might as well take him out. They are going to put a black guy in his place in the next movie! Disney wants equity, equality, and diversity they should lower their prices so minorities can afford to go there ! Gonna have to sooner or later anyway because all their new BS is chasing away all the white middle and upper financial class away that has been their go to for profit all these years! Have a magical day !

  236. Sue

    Keep Johnny Deep. Children don’t care about actors personal lives. The Pirate ☠ movies are great because of him. No one can do Jack Sparow like him. He is the best part of the movies.

  237. Jennifer

    Why remove the victim of domestic abuse? Overwhelming evidence shows that Amber Heard is the one who was the abuser, & he wasn’t the first s/o she abused she has a past of it but he suffered the worst of it – including losing the top of his finger & almost dying from infection. There are literally recordings of her emasculating him & saying, “ I hit you I didn’t deck you, I hit you – you’re fine”. Frankly I think it’s inflammatory you even mention removing him when he’s the clear victim. No Jack Sparrow should stay. She’s done enough to his career, & his children.

  238. Ro Bo

    Why would he? Have you heard the recordings of his ex wife where she threatens him with exactly what happened?

  239. Ivelisse Blanco

    No, no and no! He IS Jack Sparrow. If he is removed it would be a terrible disappointment, why even bother seeing new movies from the franchise or going on the ride?

  240. Michael Smith

    Remove him. Not for his current situation but because the Jack sparrow add on and revamp of the ride take away from it. Go back more to the classic. Keep the Red’s changes and bring back the classic.

  241. Pam

    It’s not pirates without Johnny Depp!

  242. Chad

    Absolutely!!! No wife beaters in Disney!!!!!!

  243. Joan

    Get rid of him. Been a regular to Disneyland all my life. Don’t care for it.