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  1. Andres

    Please bring back parades especially the move it shake it parade with vocalist s loved it. Disney Jr Live and we loved Guardians of the Galaxy remix in the summer. Can’t wait ! For live entertainment !

    1. Rod

      Both Resistance queues opened and closed during a single screen refresh on Tuesday, the only time in two years we could have experienced the ride… but we have sung with Frozen. Revisit priorities!

  2. Lynne

    Please bring back Finding Nemo!

  3. Lynne

    Please bring back Finding Nemo! We miss all the entertainment!

  4. Helen

    Bring back YeeHa Bob at Riverside

  5. Nick

    We’re working on it? I’d hope so. I mean, why wouldn’t you be working on something that guests are obviously demanding.
    Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re still saying “we’re working on it” 3 months from now. Or, even 6 months from now with any significant opening(s) to coincide with the October 1st kick off of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

  6. Barbara

    How about the fire works and staying open a little later. How about the boat parade on the water?

  7. Lisa

    I would like for you to quit canceling movies like Dumbo and Peter Pan and all the other old Disney movies because the canceling culture could you please just stop it everything does not have to be politically correct in this world little children do not understand that it’s the adults that understand that and you know what these movies were made for a little kids they weren’t made for adults quit falling into the trap of these adults thank you and I could say this I’ve been a Disney fan all my life and I’m really glad I have all these movies And I’m so glad that I’ll be able to play all these movies for my grandkids and my grandkids to be able to play them for their kids to show what Walt really stood for and not one of it was racist so stop with this stuff bring them back.

  8. Stacey Tucker

    Bring back “Beauty and the Beast” live on stage!!!

  9. Cathi G

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring back the Hoop De DOO Revue. When I was there in 2018, it was cancelled thanks to the hurricane. It’s my ALL time favorite. I’m going again in October for the 50th anniversary. Im keeping my fingers crossed that it will be open.

  10. Tina Williams

    Hoop De Do Revue PLEASE. We are camping with three young boys in August and we really want to being them to this show!

  11. Lesley

    My family has looked forward to Finding Nemo: Musical every time we visit! PLEASE bring back! Animal Kingdom is not the same without it….

  12. Grandmom

    It has been 28 yrs. since my last visit to WDW with my family. We are returning this September with the hopes of being able to once again experience castle fireworks, the Hoop dee do revue and the Spirit of Aloha. These were my children’s favorites and I now want to share them with my grandchildren on their first visit to the magical world of WDW. PLEASE bring back the magic and all the meet and greets by the 50th celebration.

  13. Frank OMarra

    Bring back Finding Nemo. My kids favorite and one of the reasons we go there annually.

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