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  1. Ronald Patterson

    as much as i think the whole mask thing is BS and so is the plexiglass, having “autism” and i use that loosely or being a celebrity does not make a difference, if the common folk can be booted out of WDW for not wearing a mask so can you, and with that said i’m sure WDW, was a much better place without a rapper and 30 off his friends with him

    1. JoeyJo

      👍we don’t need this slug. We need Yehaa Bob back at the Port!!!

      1. Carolyn Paradiso

        What a discriminating loser

        1. Mickeba

          He said it like a true racist.

      2. Danie

        You guys need to read ADA law. This is a 40,000-800,000$ federal crime with up to 10 years in federal prison to discrimination against the disabled. You can not segregate disabled people. We can call the cops on you for not providing a reasonable accommodation.

        1. Cryingfreeman280

          If you can’t follow the rules that is in place to save lives because of a disability then don’t come or wait to the rule is rescinded. Unless you are under 2 there is no reason not to wear a mask. Even people on oxygen can wear a mask over the oxygen tubes.

          1. Sue

            You are being discriminatory. Your fear ends where that person’s disability begins. There are numerous medical conditions that making wearing a mask impossible. My husband is one of those people. I wish I could sue you for everything you had for that remark.

          2. Tammy E.

            @Cryingfreeman280 :
            Yes! Millions of people are waiting for the mask rules to be lifted before going. There are a bunch of YouTube channels that livestream or post vids of park visits. I live an hour from WDW and have been a couple times since July. We decided that it’s hard for us to be happy with the current rules (and lack of FP’s!), so I enjoy a few YT Channels in the meantime. I’m not going to complain at the company, I’m going to respect their rules – same as when you visit someone’s HOME! If the dog owner puts away their dog when you come over, that’s cool, but they don’t have to – your choice to visit, or their choice to accommodate… doesn’t have to be both. I mean, heck, are you going to sue your friend because you are allergic to dogs and want to be at their house… Yeah, it’s like that.

        2. Jackora

          Ada allows discrimination if public safety is concerned including spreading of diseases

          1. Sue

            Read the law. No it does not!

          2. Mappy

            at Sue-

            No, this is not discriminatory. Wscrew you Sue, seriously, get over yourself. And no, you are not going to sue anyone over any comments you silly clown. Put your dang mask on and shaddup. Your husband too. There are not “numerous medical conditions” that make wearing a mask impossible. And if you have a rare condition that makes you so immunocompromised, then stay out of public spaces until the pandemic abates.

          3. No it does NOT!! I have a disability!! I know the laws! You sound very ignorant!!

          4. Tammy E.

            to Sue (who seems Sue-Happy):
            So what you are saying is that the common laws of America do NOT apply to someone who is disabled? Red lights – “nope, I don’t have to stop, I’m entitled to keep on going and the other drives MUST wait for me because I’m disabled” … Employees must wash their hands before returning to work – “nope, I don’t have to wash urine off my hands, I’m allowed to make customers sick because I’m disabled!” … give me a break… My son is autistic and he understands that if he wants to be at WDW, he has to wear a mask – when he’s had enough, we go home… I do not make excuses for him, but I do accommodate him – not the same thing. I’m so sick of the “discrimination” cries… If a bakery is not going to install a ramp to their door, then they don’t want or need the business of a wheel-chair-bound person – they don’t have to be sued, it’s not their job to accommodate the world… and Disney has done enough just to be open, they’re fine.

        3. Daddy Piranha

          If that were true then hundreds of Disney employees must have been arrested after a year of this, right?
          No? None?!?
          Then Disney has to have paid millions in fines so far?
          What?!? Not a dime?!?
          There must be dozens of lawsuits then that were successfully filed in civil court then.
          Not a single Lexis/Nexus result returned?
          You can’t possibly mean that even the ADA has said that emergency orders (ironically) trump these claims? Woah! Can’t be!

        4. Gern Blanston


          What reasonable accommodation is there for not wearing a mask?

          I always wear a mask, and there are many activities that I am avoiding due to Covid-19. As much as I’d like to, even while wearing a mask, I decided to wait until things are better across the board before returning to many of the places/activities I enjoyed pre-covid.

        5. Kevin Yoder

          The ADA has said that, due to the pandemic, business are allowed to require a face mask be worn while on their property. Yes, they need to provide alternate ways for customers to use their business, if available (ie, curbside pickup or grocery home delivery), they have a right to turn a customer away for not wearing a face mask if there is no other alternate way to provide their service. And if you could tell Disney how they could allow customers to have the theme park experience without setting foot in the park, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

          Disney is trying to run the theme parks while protecting the guests and their cast members during a pandemic. They have their mask policies. And you better believe they had their lawyers check to make sure it’s legal. And while I feel sorry for the kid and there’s a lot to criticize Disney for, I will never complain about them putting the health and safety of thousands of guests over one person.

          1. Tammy E.

            Yes! to all of that … I was just so happy to be in the parks again – and while it was modified and less enjoyable than B.C., I stuck to their policies in order to enjoy the Privilege! It is not a right to be there, it is a privilege, and so many people feel entitled.

          2. Jen

            Well said Kevin

        6. TJohnson

          Not true. It’s for the hood of all not for one badass and his group.

        7. I agree. My son has a condition where he needs to stay well hydrated and be allowed sugar on demand and with no fast passes we can’t get out of the 2 hours + lines in time so when we go I am going to get on the phone and discuss ADA accommodations that need to include a direct route to get into any ride in under 30 minutes or they need to allow him to eat and drink in line. If they won’t do it I am going to get a lawyer and start the process and advertise the fact that they violated ADA rules. They need to start opening up their rules now that the vaccine is becoming more available

          1. Amanda

            They have DAS passes for this specific instance.. works just like a FP. Disney is accommodating

          2. Themyscira

            I hope you have a lot of money, because Disney can/will keep this tied up in the courts with paperwork, extensions & filings.

            Can you afford to pay your lawyer $200 an hour over a years time until Disney decides to take a look at it??

            I think you need to stop watching so much court TV.
            Disney is a multi billion dollar a year industry… duo you actually think this is going to be quick & easy?

        8. Mary King

          It’s private property, if Walt Disney World says that everybody above the age of two regardless of medical conditions has to wear a mask or postpone their trip until later, then everybody over the age of two regardless of medical conditions needs to wear one if they want to come in. It’s their property they have the right to list whatever requirements they want. If your medical condition says you can’t wear a mask then come back when you don’t need to. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

      3. Mary

        Celebrity?Never heard of him…everyone is aware of the mask regulations….if the child can not wear a mask…plan your trip later….I blame the adults who brought the child expecting the rules to be bent for them…its on them…not DW

        1. Jennifer Gaines

          Totally agree. Yes, I feel sorry for the child – who NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN
          BROUGHT!! Read the rules!!

        2. Tammy E.

          Whoever this guy is – I didn’t even care enough to google him… Not sure what he thinks makes him above the rules… If he had purchased tickets on the website, or even visited the site at all, you can’t get on a page without all the Covid statements in purple.

          I 100% agree that the kids suffered because he thought he was somehow entitled to skip the rule. What else, did he think he’d get FP’s to all the rides and instant meals with the mobile ordering, too? And really, who takes 30ppl to a theme park that is not with a school trip? Birthday or not, it’s called research and comprehension … and Disney does not need his money – and I’m sure the current guests in the park are happier that such a large group wasn’t clogging the lines or restaurants! I hate seeing big groups there! Like, “hurry up, get in line before that big group!”

      4. GetAGrip

        With all the new variants of the CoVid strain out there, dang yeah! You better be wearing a mask, get your vacs, washing ur hands, and D needs to continue disinfecting the park, hotels, restaurants…an don’t ever stop. (B4 CoVid I normally brought my wipes, sprays, pumps in my hand bag everywhere. Also a set of utensils and washable straws…Bc if I have to put my hand in a bin to grab a fork/spoon/straw, so did everyone else. Humans I notice are dirty, many are just lazy…Disney has to make their environment safe for us.

    2. Donna

      You know, the “rapper” in this video sounded very calm and was using empathy, not violence or threats, to try to sway Disney Employees to let his cousin in. If his friends & family are of the same character, I’d take 30 of “them” as opposed to 30 “Karens” any day. I can only conclude that any negative perceptions you have of this man and his family are based off him being a rapper and/or him being black. Maybe go back and listen to how this man speaks and ask yourself if it really meets the stereotype you’re comparing him with. He sounds like a calm, well spoken man who loves his family. Most people could not & would not remain that calm if their family memeber was turned away from Disney for any reason. I don’t know what happened before or after the camera was on, but based on this video, this man has good character, perhaps, exceptional.
      Also, there’s a difference between “common folk” & children with autism or anyone else that would qualify for ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act.) The Act was created specifically so that people with disabilities were allowed accommodations and exceptions so they could take part in life the way other peops do. The Act was necessary because society was excluding people based on illnesses they had no control over. Society will have to accept that some peops can’t wear masks. The reality is if you’re vaccinated & wearing a mask, then you are doing all you can do to keep yourself safe; that’s all anyone can do.

      1. Flirty

        He can be calm and smart. Makes him a Karen even more. Rules are that masks are worn. Kid can wear a shirt and shoes, can be trained to wear a mask… OR, how about not taking the kids during a PANDEMIC if you are not willing to train the kid to wear a mask properly. Take kid to a park, like in nature, would be just as happy. Whether you believe in masks if not is immaterial, Disney requires them, and is not keeping it a secret that they are required. He ruined the kids day, not Disney!

        1. Michele G

          Only someone without any understanding of or experience with people living with a true disability could write comments like this. I truly envy you the luxury of your ignorance.

          1. Flirty

            I AM disabled. Wore and wearing a mask every day for the last 3 years. I also went to school for and taught disabled kids. Big they can wear a shirt and shoes (which they must wear everywhere in the US, can be taught to wear a mask. If you cannot do the work, it if the kid just refuses, DON’T GO TO DISNEY FIRING AN RFGONG OANDEMIC. It is only safe for me to go because it is the only place Karen’s cannot go, mask less, holkaring about rights!! Love it!! I could go there, but do not, currently, too far, and I am too weak.

          2. jim accardi

            Stay home then

          3. Yes! I agree! There is ALOT of ignorance on these comments!!!

      2. D.S.

        I don’t care who this man is or what race he is. Disney’s mask policy/covid rules are on dang near EVERY PAGE of their website. Did he really think a minimum wage worker at the front gate could override a CORPRATE rule?! Has he heard nothing about all the ppl before him with same problem?Disney makes no exceptions, period. This policy is NOT new OR news.
        As for ADA: Disney does a marvelous job complying, & in many instances go over & above what’s necessary to ensure all guests have a magical experience. However, the ADA does *not* cover a highly contagious, airborne virus. This was decided 13 mo. ago by the gvrnmnt, not indiv. businesses!

        1. Sue

          I am disable and I can tell you that Disney has ignored ADA rules for years now! Ever since Bob Iger took over, Disney has constantly made it harder to enjoy the magic anymore; doorways that don’t accommodate wheel chairs; forcing you through the line instead of a separate entrance; etc. etc. etc. The mask is the same thing – there are numerous medical reasons as to why a person cannot wear a mask. Disney is being discriminatory and it is high time some one sue them for it.

          1. Daddy Piranha

            Sue, how many discrimination suits have you won against Disney? How many ADA discrimination suits has anyone won against Disney? How many times has Disney lost to the ADA?
            People want money, Disney has billions, and if it were as egregious as you say (and you’ve said it repeatedly) that a layperson (and it doesn’t get more layperson than you) on a jury could understand it, why isn’t the Walt Disney Corporation hemorrhaging money?
            I think you’re just making this stuff up.

          2. Mappy

            Oh Sue, are you disabled or is it your husband? You are full of crap. Put on your mask crazy Sue.

          3. Gary Q

            Sue, you are completely wrong. What doorway can you not enter with a wheelchair? Do you mean a scooter? If you would check out title III and title IV of the ADA (which I doubt you’ve actually read), the doorways only have to accommodate a standard sized push wheelchair. There is also nothing about providing an alternate entrance except in situations where there are required steps or other physical barriers (barrier removal is fully explained in title III). You can also read the addendum which states that special accommodations (re: MASK GUIDELINES) are not required in situations where public Health and Safety are at risk…

            So instead of pretending like you are some sort of accessibility legal expert, you should probably actually flip through the ADA to see what it actually says… otherwise, you just sound like an ignorant complainer.

          4. Tammy E.

            @Sue (again):
            You have obviously not been to WDW ever … They have special boats in Small World, special ride cars in Spaceship Earth, and other special ride vehicles only for wheelchairs – that actually cause the entire ride to stop! Everyone on the ride is paused, wherever they are, until the Disabled person is safe and secure in the ride vehicle! There are ramps, wide doorways, special tables, and plenty of bathroom stalls (and many bathrooms without entry doors to make it easier) for handicap guests. You would know this if you had actually set eyes or feet inside the parks. The parks encourage visitors to “know before you go” to avoid disappointment.

            Disney was also the first to implement the special ADA Pass, for adults and children, to give them all day modified Fast Passes… and if you don’t know about that, then you absolutely have no clue what kind of things are in place for Disabled guests.

            Disney also has an entire section on their park website dedicated to “Guests with Disabilities” … complete with special food options, to include Kosher even. If you want to hate the company, fine, whatever, but maybe educate yourself before you get on your soap box.

          5. N

            Here’s an idea… don’t go to Disney. There. Saved you a lot of trouble. Find another vacation place to threaten with lawsuits.

      3. Beverly

        There may 8ndeed be people who can not wear a mask. So they should not be in the parks. It is that easy. Wait until pandemic is behind us and it is safe again.

        1. Sue

          You are being discriminatory. I think everyone who thinks they need a mask should be the ones to stay home and let the rest of us enjoy life. You do not have the right to tell me where I can or cannot go or who to address my health. You are part of the problem if you do not stand with this handicapped child. What would you do if it was your child? And, don’t say stay home because you wouldn’t.

          1. Daddy Piranha

            Sue, people playing the ADA card when they have no idea what the ADA say or what the ADA has said repeatedly about the COVID mask requirements are the ones that are the problem.

          2. N

            I would wait until the pandemic is over before taking my disabled child to Disney. I have a son with autism, and we don’t try to get people to bend rules for him. I wouldn’t expect them to run the rides at half speed because they scare him or turn the volume down either. We simply find things to do that he CAN enjoy.

      4. Beverly

        BTW the disability act was created for those with a physical disability. It does not cover possibly contagious people with fife threatening illness. Autism is not the real issue here. It is that person who happens to have it can or will not follow rules to protect them and others in the park from covid!!! So if who ever this rapper guy is, doesn’t want to come back, who cares.

        1. Good for you. Millions of us agree.

        2. Diamonion

          I’m autistic AND asthmatic, and wearing a mask is no problem for me. It doesn’t cause any breathing problems, it doesn’t restrict my breathing in any way because i wear them properly, and knowing the pain and terror experiencing acute asthma attacks, and having watched 3 family members suffocate to death on their own covid dissolved lungs, I wear my mask so you don’t have to suffer the same fate. If you don’t have the same courtesy, sit and spin, you’re a POS who doesn’t care if the people around them die horrible deaths because of their own entitlement. Anyone who claims they don’t wear a mask because of asthma is a liar, If they ever had an asthma attack they’d either be doubling up on masks or staying at home.

          1. bigDrick

            since your autistic then you know there are different spectrums. just cuz you can wear one does not mean another autistic person can. kinda makes me think you barely have it at all. probably a very minor case and you use it to get sympathy.

        3. Sue

          Then what do you consider someone with polio? That is a disabled person as a person with polio cannot breathe as it is on their own. A mask obstructs the airway. Therefore, this person would fall under ADA and therefore Disney is being discriminatory against them with this mask mandate that has proven to be 100% completely useless.

          1. Tammy E.

            I remember when my brother was angry that he could no longer smoke in a restaurant, saying it was infringing on his rights! Meanwhile, I’m happy that non-smokers could finally enjoy their food without that horrible experience. And when I was a waitress, I despised having to work in the smoking section – but it was my job… I was probably going to develop lung cancer because of those smokers that I had to wait on – but my safety was not important. That said, I’m glad that Disney is willing to accommodate the safety of their Cast Members for the sake of “discriminating” against would-be guests… Disney is putting their employees first, and I’m applauding that.

      5. Jack Mehoff

        Disney can take its “all inclusive money grab” and totally collapse. I will never support a Disney product again for reasons like this. Disneys tentacles have reached into countries and statements that don’t match mine any longer. Too bad Covud did not sink Disney.

      6. Lisa S

        Well said!!!!

    3. Robin

      Thanks for your post, Ronald. There are plenty of rules that people don’t like but we have to follow them (or fight appropriately to change them). Since there are no exceptions to the mask wearing rules beyond younger than 2, trying to go to Disney and not follow the mask wearing rules is not Disney’s fault. Any person that does that to a child should only blame themselves. Before I go to the theme parks (even prior to COVID-19), we always check the rules (e.g., can we take food into the park, do we need lockers, etc.). If there is anyone in your party that can not abide by the mask rule, then don’t go to the theme parks. It doesn’t matter how you feel about masks, you just need to follow the rules. There are alot of bad things happening in the world – being able to go to Disney right now and follow rules might not be considered one of them.

      1. Sue

        No Disney is 100% to blame. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave about this BS over a mask.

        1. Jolyth

          Oh my God Sue. Then just STFU and don’t go!!! Stop using this site as your platform. And while your at it, get off the cross, someone needs the wood.

          1. shani

            Sue needs to get a life and read the ADA. All she’s doing is spouting nonsense. I’m disabled and love Disney because it’s the one place that I can go and I know that my disability isn’t going to be an issue with rides. My wheelchair fits every where. Sometimes there are alternative entrances that I have to use for rides but I can still ride the ride! Some rides, they even ask me if I want to stay in my wheelchair. The cast members treat me like everyone else. I’m also immunocompromised and I feel safer going to Disney than I do going to the grocery store. Everyone knows the rules about masks. The ADA does not protect people who want to put other people’s lives at risk. I feel bad that the kid didn’t get to go to Disney but this isn’t the first time this has happened. If you are bringing an autistic individual to the parks then it would be common sense to check if they would be allowed to not wear a mask…the email you get before your visit clearly goes over the mask policy! If you can’t wear a mask then you need to wait until it’s safe to not wear masks…simple.

    4. Peter

      WELL said, my friend!!

    5. Mickeba

      Yeah, you’d have had a terrible time having to be around a rapper, right Ronald? You said that like a true racist.

      1. I didn’t know all rappers were black…

        1. franklin

          They have apparently never heard of Macklemore or Eminem.

      2. ethan

        lol mickeba! he didn’t say anything about race! you’re the racist assuming all rappers are black!

    6. Ka

      Also to my 3 yr old austistic grandson it was horrible…im not a celebrity

    7. Me

      Sue’s “disability” is probably her weighing 600 pounds because she’s a lazy POS who just screams on the Internet all day instead of actually moving. And she’s just bitter her scooter won’t fit everywhere with her fat @$$ on it.

    8. Lisa Cronin

      This is a simple rule to follow regardless of your beliefs! You are not above this no matter who you are……Disney is a luxury if a person in your party can’t keep a mask on don’t go. I am a mother of a child who has autism!!!

    9. Dis-craze

      Autistic or not you put others lives at risk by not wearing a mask. It’s not like the rules were secret or that your autistic child is being denied or singled out because of inconvenience or prejudice. The ADA doesn’t apply here because it’s a simple safety measure. Period. My son is autistic and if I could not get him to wear a mask, because I AM a responsible human being, 1. I would not risk his health and 2. I would not risk any other person’s health over a political statement that does so much harm and makes ZERO sense.

  2. How many children have been turned away for not wearing a mask at WDW? MANY. Autistic children have been turned away at the parks. This is not a news flash by any means. I’ve been in the parks during this, and I have seen kids and adults try to get away with something by pulling them down even watching for cast members approaching. I followed the rules even though I know logically the spread outside is astronomically against the odds. We are almost there. 6ft social distancing is now 3. We will make it. Herd immunity is coming by June in most places.

    1. Mere

      I will not go to anything Disney as long as masks are required. Following government control is something I will not be a part of even.

      1. Jeremy

        Good. Stay home.

        1. Flirty

          I bet Disney has much fewer jerks there with all of the “I don’t care about anyone but ME” crowd staying away. They care only that THEIR freedoms not be impinged upon, whereas the rest of us wear masks for us and yes, even other we do not know, for their benefit.

          Thus teitcwith the kid, He IS a “Karen”- I assume they knew the kid was autistic before that day. Disney has been very vkear about masks. The kid wears a shirt and shoes, right? Can be trained to wear a mask, even with sensory issues. Good riddance to buttheads who think the rules do not apply. HE ruined his own day by not having someone work with kid for mask wearing. Glad he will never be back, won’t be stuck on line behind him, hearing all about how awful Disney is because HE cannot break rules. Why aren’t the parents smarter? Don’t take your kid during an effing pandemic! Bet he will be back at Disney when they open fully, hope not if he thinks he is above the rules. Have heard docs advise that there are pretty much no medical conditions that preclude mask wearing,vevrn asthma or breathing issues. No sir, you are not special! Look what you put your kid thru!

      2. Darth Senses

        Okay, we get it. He won Georgia, bigly and storming the Capitol was a capital idea.

        Boo, Government! Boo, Science! Boo, Change!

        1. SamEagle

          Who is we? You forgot a lot more government corruption involved.

          Boo, billionaire funded corrupt politicians! Boo, politicized science! Boo, taxation without representation!

      3. Terri Tilden


      4. Marcie D Walker

        Great. Stay away. Disney doesn’t want you there anyway

      5. ChasUGC

        Thank you for contributing to stop the spread. Staying home definitely works.

      6. Fighting the Derp

        Good. I expect you to remove the seatbelts from your car as well. And drive on sidewalks, while you’re at it. And not carry car insurance, or a license, and speed everywhere you go. And smoke crack in stores and restaurants. And don’t pay taxes, and assault anyone even mildly threatening.

        There should be a name for this kind of stupidity. Wait, there is — hypocrisy.

        1. Len


      7. Ally Bedson


      8. Mickeba

        So you’re not obeying speed limits, having car insurance, wearing seat belts, drinking and driving and you still shout “fire” in the theater…. what other activities are you involved in to stick it to the government?

      9. Kat

        “Following government control is something I will not be a part of even.” I bet you do though, every day-speed and traffic laws, noise and trash ordinances, exposure laws, requirements for minors to get schooling, not smoking in public, drinking and driving, drinking in public, paying taxes, not starting fires in public, not robbing people, etc. etc. You in fact DO follow government control, Sparky, lol.

      10. Daddy Piranha

        Don’t wear a seatbelt.
        Drink and drive.
        Give the finger to the speed limit.
        I see a very definite and sudden solution to your teenager-like rebellious streak against government rules.

    2. Who cares

      That’s the way to go …….show them that you WILL comply with their rules and they will let things go back to NORMAL LOL GTFOH all the lies they have already admitted to smh they just wanted to see how far they could push you ….. & PUSH THEY DID SMH COVID IS AS REAL AS DONALD DUCK

      1. AFranken Berry

        Yep, 550k dead is SO fake Glad to not see people like you in the park. You stay away and keep bellowing about your “rights”-. The rest of us will have a ball, and appreciate those who act older than a two year old, able to follow rules, happily!

        1. RobinD

          I agree with your statement. I lost an immediate family member to COVID-19 last year – that’s not fake. Why do people keep saying that?! It’s very annoying. I try to find the good in people but the people that think we shouldn’t try to maintain measures that could help everyone stay safe (e.g., wearing masks) just seem selfish.

          1. JJH

            For starters, I truly feel your loss, however I need to ask…was your immediate family member wearing a mask all the time? If so, how did they get sick…masks work, right?!?

        2. JJH

          For the 550k, were they wearing a mask all the time? If so, how did they get sick…masks work, right?!?

          I can speak from experience, having had it myself. I wore a mask (n95) whenever I left the house, only stayed around immediate family members who were also always masked up… Mask work though…right?

          Not a fake virus, but masks are more of a security blanket then an actual means of prevention. The flu kills between 24,000-64,000 Americans a year, why weren’t mask protocols implemented years ago?

          1. franklin

            Because we have a yearly vaccine shot for the flu you doofus. Covid was a new thing and we had no way to protect ourselves against it. I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to get through their thick cro magnon heads.

            “Herp derp, its just like the floo!”

          2. Doc G.

            I also still caught it despite wearing masks. Maybe someone should remind Franklin here that we still have about 47 million Covid deaths to go before we catch up with the Spanish Flu. Perhaps he needs to get it through his, what did he call it again, “doofus, cro magnon head” that before he decides to be horrendously rude to a stranger on the internet, perhaps he’d better do his research. Nope, Covid isn’t the “herpey derpey floo”, it’s actually far less dangerous historically than our more deadly flu outbreaks.

          3. Doreen hurlburt

            Just so you know that you can get Covid from touching a door handle then rubbing your eyes. It’s not all about wearing a mask. That might be why you are told over and over to wash your hands, sanitize everything daily, don’t touch your face. Because the mask only protects one avenue the virus can enter.

          4. Doc G.

            Thanks for the advice Doreen, I am well aware though. Washed my hands all the time, carried hand sanitizer in the car to use after going through bank drive throughs, the post office, grocery store POS terminals etc., was very careful. Still got it. The good news is…it was essentially a bad cold. It hung on longer than a typical bout of it, but was really no worse for me. My spouse who is prone to chest related things got a bit of walking pneumonia with it but antibiotics from the Urgent Care cleared that up. No fun, but everyone is better now.

        3. Susan C Moncada

          Let’s see. We all will die one day there is nothing anyone can do about it. 550,000 in one year is nothing compared to 750,000 to TB in 8 weeks in 2019 and yet no outcry then. 7,000 to 8,000 people die daily in the US; that is over 2,550,000 deaths annually. And we are worried about only 550,000? Give me a break. The problem here is the fear that government is putting into the people by getting the media to push it. Covid has a 97% recovery rate. Besides, look at the CDC, only 32,000 actually died of covid; the balance died with covid which indicates that the person had other underlying health issues that would have taken their lives as well.

          1. Daddy Piranha

            You are truly an awful person. Not just at understanding math, but an overall awful person.

      2. Tracy

        So glad to know that I can comfort my cousins by telling them that their father, who was a perfectly healthy man of age 72 died of a fake disease! Thanks for letting me know that!

        1. JJH

          For starters, I truly feel your loss, however I need to ask…was your family healthy family wearing a mask all the time? If so, how did they get sick…masks work, right?!?

          1. franklin

            You’re just going to keep copy/pasting this until you get the answer you want to hear aren’t ya?

          2. ethan

            and franklin you’re just gonna keep thinking masks will protect you right?!?

          3. Douglass Abramson

            Masks greatly reduce the risk of catching any viral respiratory disease; but you’ve missed the point of the mask mandates. Wearing a mask may not protect you 100% from catching Covid-19; but it will prevent you, if the correct kind is worn properly, from passing along your Covid-19 infection to others, even if you are asymptomatic. The point of wearing a mask is to protect other people.

      3. Sue

        THANK YOU!

  3. LisaAnn

    Thank you WDW, for upholding your mask policy for all guests! If guests can’t follow the recommend CDC mandates, to protect others from Covid-19, then don’t go to the park! Period! And, BTW, this journalist’s title of “celebrity,” for this unknown rapper, is hilarious! 😄😷

    1. Mere

      They are not mandates they are only guidelines.

      1. Teresa

        Since they have been shut down for most of the past 12 months and they are a private company I can’t blame them for being overly cautious. The cruise industry is also going to have the same very strict policy and restrictions. I think most of this has been b.s. also and I have a child with special needs who struggles with masks.

        1. Bryan

          If your an anti masker definately do not plan anything with Disneynot even going to the Disney store .

          Disneyland has been closed for a year now and wish they stay closed but hey whatever.

          I’ll go to the beach where at least you don’t have to wear a mask unlike Disney wait no not Disney like Maskeyland

      2. Vince


      3. Vince

        👍 Exactly!

    2. Heather

      What an elitist thing to say. You clearly don’t have anyone close to you with any medical condition. Wipe the Disney poo off your nose and run along.

      1. RG

        How sad you think you deserve special treatment Heather. It goes both ways, there are plenty of people with medical conditions either following the guidelines begrudgingly or being protected by them. Keep the mask on, your attitude is childish like the rapper.

      2. Internet Avenger

        They said it was a “celebrity.” If you’ve not heard of said “celebrity”before does it make their complaint less valid?? YEP. You’re no different than anyone else pal. The family member needs to wear the mask or leave. Pretty simple.

      3. Rune

        Oh my god, I can not. I have asthma that has been made markedly worse by wearing a mask for the past year, my lungs are definitely weaker, and guess the f*ck what, I still do it. At my labor intensive job, no less. Fortunately I work at a place that cares enough to let me out of the heavier tasks, but I have never asked for an exception. Know why? Cause if a mask is hard on my lungs, covid would be WAY WORSE. I will allow myself to be mildly inconvenienced if it has the potential to save someone else, because I’m not a monster.

    3. Terri Tilden


    4. Colette

      I go to Disney World every year starting when tickets were $135 for a week & never expired. I didn’t go in 2020 because I think the pandemic is real having lost family & friends. One cousin thought all this “pandemic” was over blown. He learned the hard way. My friends go every year too. They bought me back a great Mickey mask. Which I wear everyday. I appreciate Disney being so strict with THOUSANDS of people coming from all AROUND THE WORLD. It shows they care. Don’t worry my family & I will take their place. No mask, no problem STAY home until we are mask free nation wide..

    5. Cole

      Listen. This guy went to the park knowing full we’ll what the face mask requirements were & probably thought that his “celebrity” would allow him to side step the rules. He KNEW that the kid didn’t like wearing masks & this would be a problem. He is the one to blame for the kid getting turned away, not the employees who were applying the rules equally to everyone.

      1. Susan C Moncada

        And he had ever right to believe that Disney would abide by ADA laws and allow his austic family member as they should have. Shame or Disney and shame on you.

        1. I agree! I am disabled too! Just because there is a plandemic doesn’t mean the ADA laws stop! We have rights too in this overblown farce!

  4. K.M.

    Ughh, the only mask article I want to see is an announcement saying they have become optional.

    1. ChasUGC

      Your entitlement precedes you. You do not have the “option” to choose to infect people on the chance you or anyone else is infected. But, I’m sure this idea goes way over your head.

      1. Daniel

        And your entitlement to presume simply existing in public translates to “infecting people” as though they didn’t have some voluntary say in the matter as well. Bottom line, we have ALWAYS had contagious deadly disease even before covid. Because you got some tyrants in government to make a mandate doesn’t mean you now have power to create a reverse right of sorts and control everyone in public simply because you choose to also occupy a public space. I get that being drunk with power feels good, but your hangover is just around the corner. In the meanwhile, people will complain about pedantry when they see it as is also their right. Disney has the right to be jackasses too, it’s their property afterall. Ultimately they’re going to find that their zeal in mask enforcement doesn’t translate to their bottom line very well. This too shall pass.

        1. Fighting the Derp

          It’s ironic that you describe mask mandates as being “drunk with power”. Being drunk in public is also a crime, not only due to the harm you could cause yourself, but more because of the harm you could inflict on others. Wearing a mask is the exact same thing.

          Wear a mask.

          1. Flirty


          2. Nature's Wonderland

            No, being drunk with power would be continuing to require mask mandates and social distancing after vaccines are available to literally everyone in the country and COVID-19 becomes a seasonal issue with (comparatively) very little in the way death, in line with influenza.

            But that’s ridiculous. No one would have the audacity to reject the science and all current data trends to tell us we would still need to mask up and socially distance after being vaccinated.

            That would NEVER happen, am I right?

            Over the last couple of months, the data analysis of the pandemic thus far has shown us that our experts misled us either due to ignorance or opportunity.

            We’ve learned that the 6 feet distancing was misguided.

            We’ve learned that outdoor events and even indoor events in pods, are not superspreaders.

            We’ve learned that schools are not hot zones for COVID-19, even among teachers and staff.

            We’ve learned that masks are statistically effective to the tune of probably around a 2% reduction.

            We’ve learned that lockdowns do not work.

            We’ve learned that COVID-19 is mostly deadly to the elderly and the obese with comorbidities, two categories that could’ve been protected early.

            I was all for masks. I even tolerated the idea of a two week lockdown out of an abundance of caution. However, given the current data, and the fact that vaccines will be available for the entire population by May, it’s time to stop the shrieking alarmism.

            By this summer, it’s also time for the masks to start coming off — for Disney too.

            If you are of those zero-percenters, I can assure you that’s never going to happen. COVID-19 is sticking around, but with fatality numbers more akin to the flu, perhaps even less.

          3. Bren

            Natures Wonderland, NO, the vaccines are NOT available to EVERYONE yet. I would know since I am still in the age group, as well as my husband and daughter, that is not allowed to be vaccinated in our state yet. Your “knowledge” is so inaccurate. Please, do yourself a favor, and research before speaking nonsense.

      2. K.M.

        Make assumptions much? I’ve already had my bout of Covid (which I caught while wearing a mask everywhere by the way), so I will not be infecting anyone. The CDC has gathered enough data now to announce that it would be nearly impossible to have it a second time. If someone has had it and recovered, or been vaccinated; there is no scientific need to wear a mask any longer. At that point, it is all virtue signaling. But perhaps this idea goes way above your head?

      3. FreedomIsntLethal

        The world is not obligated to submit to communism in perpetuity for your IRRATIONAL fear of a mortality you’ll NEVER escape. PERIOD. If you continue with your COVID fanaticism, you can be reminded of the immutability of your mortality at 4,400 feet per second.

        All COVID communists are traitors. Count your days.

    2. Jiminy Cricket

      Who the hell is “Joey Bada$$”‽ and why couldn’t he have picked up a phone and inquired about the parks mask policy before traveling with his 30+ family members only to be turned away. Common courtesy must elude him as well as a lot of these people in the comments. Y’all need help….bad. Your sense of entitlement is concerning and a lot of you are in dire need of a reality check or an ass whooping. One of the two.

      1. Kat

        I think it’s “Joey Dumba$$, actually.

    3. Corey

      Mask are optional in Florida. Disney just like to play politics and treat their paying guess like criminals. Was there in June. Their is no more magic left, sadly all the cast members care about mask policeing. Sad it was such a great place

  5. Sherry

    I applaud Disney for not giving special treatment to someone who is supposedly “a celebrity” (never heard of him). There are many of us that don’t enjoy wearing them and may not even agree that they help but we can still understand and follow the rules as they apply to everyone!

    1. ML

      Thank you Disney upholding their rules. Really appreciate the Cast members trying their best to enforce. It is Disney’s rule. I felt safe when I was there because Disney is looking out for those who are kind and caring for others, not those selfish ones. If people feel that they do not want to follow Disney’s rules, then they should not go. It is just that simple.

      1. Heather

        Did you seriously just call autistic children selfish?? 😳

        1. Barb

          Some Autistic Children and Adults may not be able to tolerate the masks. Or perhaps others with a different disability can’t wear them. I
          gladly wear a mask to protect them and myself. I just don’t get it. What happened, to compassion and kindness? Is it that much of a sacrifice?

        2. ChasUGC

          It’s not the autistic children who are selfish, it is their parents, who would risk getting their child or others sick, instead of keeping their child at home.

        3. Ryan

          What bugs me is that Disney has chosen to go above and beyond what’s actually required of them. In our state, Ohio, masks are mandated, but are only required of people ages 10 and older. Our Disney Store won’t let you through the door unless you’ve masked your 2 year old. Why? Why do they feel that they know better than the Board of Health or local medical personnel? Their mandate for 2 and over is not preventing them from opening. It isn’t a requirement for them to stay open. It’s a mandate that the Disney Corporation has come up with no their own? Is it based in science, or do they just want to be seen as “safe” by the general public? Who knows, but they can expect to get backlash when they create their own requirements that are stricter than what the state is requiring. And until they ease up on the “2 and older” mask mandate, we are unable to go to the Disney Store since our 2 year old daughter won’t let us come anywhere near her face with a mask. It’s sad, but that’s what happens when they’ve decided they know better than the state’s health officials.

          1. Daniel

            Well said and totally agreed.

          2. Shelly

            Probably, for every person they “lose’ because of their strict mandate, they gain 3 others who are relieved that they’re taking it seriously. I truly can’t understand why people are so angry that a private company has it’s own rules that it expects people to follow. You all have a choice of whether or not you want to follow those rules AND you all know the rules won’t last forever. Make your vacation plans accordingly. Seems like a no-brainer.

          3. Daddy Piranha

            Texas has no mask requirement anymore. Do you Ohioans think you know more than Texans? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is smarter than the guys at NASA?
            Probably not because of this sample size of 1 person from Ohio not being able to spot a false equivalence.

  6. Robert bradshaw

    The rapping idiot didn’t think of calling Disney to ask them about the autistic child not wearing a mask and what they should do? The rapper knew this was a problem and wanted some social media coverage. Go spend your time somewhere else with your 30 plus family members.

  7. Stephanie

    Cast members are Harrassing in the name of “safety”. It’s ridiculous! I went during Thanksgiving and will not be back until the mandate is revoked. However, it’s absolutely not true that the ride will stop if mask is not on, I rode several rides with my mask down and never once did the ride stop. My advise go to Universal, just came back from there and they are much more lax with masks.

    1. Kat

      Congrats on admitting you’re a selfish a$$ who flouts the rules with pride. I assume that if you have kids, they don’t respect you or your riles, either.

  8. Chris

    Honestly, we now know there is no science behind the masks, thanks to persistent people in California demanding to see the science the state government used supporting the mask mandate. But the rules are the rules, even if we don’t like them, we either follow them or don’t go. I will wear a mask where necessary, but otherwise won’t. But again, I will follow the rules set forth by the place I am going.

    1. ChasUGC

      Masks work and they have been used for decades to reduce and prevent infections in the operating room, during and after surgery. So, it is nothing new and it works. It is not rocket science. Countries like Taiwan and New Zealand have proved it works.

      1. Daniel

        And do you know what the proper protocol is for masks in the operating room? Did you even know that the mask in the OR is MORE dangerous without these protocols being followed? The data on public mask-wearing is inconclusive and varying studies oscillate on their findings of their efficacy.

        1. Nunya


          1. Nature's Wonderland

            According to a recent report by the CDC, masks are roughly 2% effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

            Not statistically insignificant, but not game-changing to the point of mask hysteria either.

            Let’s all try to have some proper perspective here.

      2. Just because your a celebrity that means you play by different rules. You knew the rules of the park ever since they reopened. If you don’t like the rules stay the hell home. Boohoo and keep the drama to yourself. You can’t fix stupid!

      3. ethan

        LOL but the masks the surgeons are wearing weren’t bought in bulk on amazon and I’m sure don’t say “does not prevent the transmission of disease” on the box!!

      4. Susan C Moncada

        Dr. Fauci himself conducted 10 randomized controlled tests and concluded all 10 times that masks are 100% completely useless. Medical professionals, medical researchers and scientists all wear masks, gloves and gowns to protect themselves and no one else. The countries you cite, the people chose to wear masks; no one forced them and it proves nothing.

  9. Steph w

    Playing cast and loose with the word celebrity. Also, the policy is what it is. Tell the kid “put it on or we can’t go” bet he’d stop feeling “suffocated” then. Disney’s policies are in place for a reason. It wasn’t something they sprung on you last minute. Stop thinking you’re above the rules of the park. I don’t even feel a little bit sorry.

    1. Heather

      Clearly, with such a snotty comment you don’t have kids. Grow up.

      1. Kevin

        So your saying you teach your kids as you call them that they shouldn’t follow rules if they don’t want to?

      2. J

        I have two kids… as a parent I do get to tell them what to do. All these people saying that they just can’t get their kids to wear a mask are going to be in some serious trouble when they try to get their kids to do so anything later in life. Stop encouraging them them to not follow rules they don’t like and teach them that life isn’t always about what they want and that sometimes they are gonna have to do something they don’t want to because it’s the rules. My kids hate their school uniforms but they have to wear them because that’s the dress code. They learned that in prek at 3 years old and haven’t complained since. They are in high school now.. Masks are part of the dress code requirement in disney now. Make Your kid follow the dress code or stay home. It’s that simple.

  10. Bren

    Mask requirements have effectively excluded anyone with sensory issues from leaving the house. It’s discrimination, pure and simple.

    1. Kkb

      Oh crap. He just tried to get away with something because he’s a celebrity. (Never heard of him.) I have a autistic nephew and I’ve worked with autistic kids so I know why it’s like. No excuse.

    2. Daniel

      Having a policy that applies to everyone is in fact the exact opposite of discrimination.

    3. Christina

      No it’s not. Pure and simple.

    4. It is discrimination hands down. Disney has gone through and changed everything to be politically correct in rides which is absurd, but they turn away a child with a sensory issue… How does that work? I am sorry masks really did a great job stopping the flu this year. If they honestly worked why did so many people get covid? Are all these people rule breakers I don’t think so….

  11. Heather

    These comments are disgusting. This was a child with a medical condition. And all of you turned on the poor thing. Shame on you all.

    1. Jeremy

      Disagree. “Not wanting to follow protocol” is not a medical condition. Disney didn’t do anything wrong.

      1. Lisa

        I have a special needs adult child who had trouble with a mask at the start of the pandemic. She is now able to wear a mask without problems. We are going to Disney in July. I am not looking forward to the heat and the mask. She can’t wait to go and so we will comply with the rules. These rules are for everyone. I am happy to see that an entitled spoiled rapper was held accountable. It is his fault for bringing this child to the parks knowing the rules. The rules are all over the place. If you can’t follow the rules, stay home.

    2. Kevin

      If Disney didn’t have the mask policy in place they wouldn’t have been allowed to reopen. And if you don’t believe that just look to California and Disneyland is shut down with thousands of disney cast members out of work because the State is been so heavy handed. Disney’s hand was forced so they could open and people can enjoy a little fun. So why would a so called celebrity think he is special. I guess being mean and rude and no job skills makes anyone a celebrity today.

      1. Sue

        Walt Disney World resort is in Florida. The governor lifted any and all mask mandates any enforcement of same months ago. Disney needs to get over itself and drop the mask issue.

    3. Terri Robinson

      I have a medical condition also. I have an Autoimmune disease and take medication to suppress my immune system therefore I catch colds, the flu anything easily so I appreciate the mall rule. I also have an autistic child and we had to work with her to wear a meal but she does now.

    4. Curtis

      Going to Disney World is a luxury. If you can’t follow their rules, nobody is forcing you to go. Stay home. You don’t get a pass on mask rules just because you have a disability. Disney is keeping everyone safe and I applaud their efforts.

    5. Daddy Piranha

      You’re clearly using this child’s medical condition as a cudgel for your preconceived political stance. Shame on you.

  12. Marie Gregg

    My son has autism and I am claustrophobic. Neither of us can wear a mask. I am not however going to spend thousands of dollars to get us there knowing the rules. We are waiting until the mask policy lifts. Do I find it unfair that they are discriminating against those who can’t? Sure. But I wouldn’t want my vacation ruined by the judgy looks either. I also understand that people would take advantage who just don’t want to wear a mask. Disney is doing the best they can for the situation.

    1. Hades

      You can’t wear a mask because you’re claustrophobic? Seriously?? A piece of fabric over your mouth and nose fires up your claustrophobia? I’m calling BS on this one. You’re just like all the other entitled “Karens” out there who are finding some ridiculous excuse for not wearing a mask. Claustrophobia….LMFAO. Weakling.

      1. Kleo

        Claustrophobia manifests in many ways. Having your mouth and nose covered is one of those ways. I had a 3rd grade teacher that had it, and her trigger was having her eyes covered, so if a student did the “who’s there?” thing with their hands, she would flip out a bit.

        It doesn’t make them weak. It’s a legitimate phobia that they can’t help, and I guarantee they would love to be free of, if possible. Instead of ridicule, you could use some common sense, empathy, and reading comprehension. Marie clearly stated she isn’t using it as an excuse, and wouldn’t go during this time, so how is she being an entitled “Karen,” exactly?

  13. Shelly

    I agree with Disney… change your plans if you can’t wear mask to keep others safe…

  14. Steph

    Literally has NOTHING to do with the child having autism. Disney always goes above and beyond to accommodate their guests. While I feel for families that deal with challenges daily in these types of experiences, it is wrong to pin businesses as the bad guy when they have rules for everyone to follow. People are dying out here from Covid…this is not a game. Rich, poor, fat or skinny…everyone has to follow the rules.

    1. Sher

      You are correct in that covid is a very serious thing and yes we are in a pandemic with people dying. Some of these comments are really uninformed people I have a very developmentally delayed and autistic adult daughter. My job has been to keep her safe this last year with the pandemic. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like the rules of mask wearing or don’t believe that masks are necessary. The bottom line is that Disney requires them. If a person doesn’t want to wear a mask whether they are typical or disabled then it’s very simple…. Stay home! We canceled our yearly Disney trip because of the risks of covid. Maybe instead of trying to make those Disney cast members look mean or like they were discriminating against a disabled child this family should have enough common sense to keep this child home. It’s all about drama with people in this world. I wouldn’t dream of taking my daughter to Disney knowing she would never wear a mask nor would I want to risk her getting covid. It’s a pandemic and people will get through this. There are many more horrible things people have had to deal with over the last centuries then not going to Disney!

      1. Tessa

        Well said!

  15. RG

    Cannot follow the rules?
    Don’t want to follow the rules?

    Stay home. Not wearing a mask is a middle finger to every uncomfortable family that is.

  16. Tami

    I honestly don’t know why you would plan a trip to Disney and bring your child, whom you know can’t wear a mask, already knowing Disney’s mask policy. That is confusing to me.

  17. Sarah

    I think this mask requirement everywhere needs to stop. It is out of control. There has been MANY incidents where people have become severely ill with bacterial pneumonia from WEARING a mask. I personally have fallen severely ill from this exact thing FROM WEARING A MASK. Like several months ill, several months of antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, etc. I had several covid tests during this process and ALL have been negative. I also had “good mask hygiene”. A new mask at each place of business I would go into, hand washing immediately entering and right before exiting. People are real quick to say people “like me” need to stay home, but seriously think about it. IF, the virus was “that deadly” than why is there not red medical receptacle cans every where to dispose of face masks, gloves, etc. Like there is for needles for people that are diabetic, etc. I know the virus is a real, but on the other hand we see “flashes” of medical professionals in the media wearing what looks like hazmat suits when dealing with the virus, but us common folk are just told to wear a mask. Something just seems pretty inconsistent with that picture.

    1. Kaitlin

      I have worn a mask every day for 8 hours a day for over 10 years. As have all.of my 20+ coworkers. Or all the hospital workers/surgeons out there. Or the people who work with dangerous vapors. For over 10 years at my clinic, not one of us have acquired bacterial pneumonia.
      You may have but that is not normal and is not the result of proper mask use. Something else created that problem.

    2. Yes! I agree! Sorry about your experience wearing those masks!! Yes there is something else going on with this plandemic! Look up World Economic Forum you’ll see what the REAL reason for this plandemic and what is planned for our future!!

  18. RN

    I get it… I mean we have only been wearing masks in public for say 12 MONTHS now. Perhaps this rapper didn’t get that memo. Disney has been clear and consistant in their policy. Yes it is hard on the little guys, but COVID kills. Ask a nurse who has held the hand of the dying and watched 2 generations of some families pass. Stick to your policy Disney.

  19. Tina B

    Yea he also accused American Airlines of “racial profiling” in 2018. Seems his only rap is trying to stir up controversy! You can’t go to Disney without making an ONLINE reservation and you can’t go on Disney’s website WITHOUT seeing their Covid disclosure and mask requirements clearly plastered all over their site before you even navigate to a particular page. So maybe you should learn to either read or comprehend because Disney makes their mask MANDATE crystal clear and no where does it say they will bend the rules or lift their mandate for those claiming “celeb” status! Do you think you are excluded from the rules because you are a “celeb?” Nobody really likes wearing a mask but anything that can help prevent others from getting covid should not be considered a burden or be used as a political weapon. Do I like wearing a seatbelt?? No; but it’s the law so I do it. Do kids like being strapped into a car seat? No, but we do it to keep them safe. Do I like driving the speed limit? Not really, but I do it so I don’t wrap my car around a tree or worse yet kill someone. Do you also whine about a no shirt no shoes no service policy as well? My guess is yes! However, it’s really simple…. if wearing a mask is that big of a deal for you or any of your 30 family members then STAY home or go where masks are an option! But don’t blame Disney for your arrogant ignorance! You knew before going what the rules were. You just thought you could do whatever you wanted and get away with it. Shame on you for using your autistic cousin as a media ploy!

    1. E man

      It wouldn’t bother me. That’s why I wear the mask, to protect myself. I’d make an exception or find a better solution like a different mask that was more comfortable or one that he would want to wear like a disney mask with a cool character on it. I can’t imagine the excitement of going to disney world and have it shatter, all the anticipating be destroyed, a child’s dream and wish be denied the hurt I would feel as a child… disneys a real jerk

      1. Happy 2012

        Sorry but Disney is not the jerk in this situation the adults in the group that didn’t look at the rules which are posted all over. Don’t bring the child if they are unable to follow the rules.

      2. franklin

        Eh, they will get over it. Kids are pretty resilient. Also if the adults in the group really cared they wouldn’t have thought “Well, we are special. Disney will certainly make an exception for us!”

    2. Ally B

      Cleanliness saves lives. Not a mask. If they did, we would have used them since birth. Cold ls, the flu, phenomena, viruses and germs have existed since the beginning of time and we lived just the same not pretending to be a cartoon character covering our faces. Maybe its good some hide their faces but i will never. Nor will i pay to walk in a park only to suffocate myself. In time u will hear about all the health issues because of these masks as people lose oxygen n breath their own germs back in with no fresh air that our bodies need. Its foolish to spend hours in fresh air but receiving none. I have seizures. I will not add to my problems because of it. I only patronize businesses that are smart enough to know, masks save no one or less would have died from any blown out of proportion covid. We have a flu no one talks about either lol. Wake up sheep

    3. Sher

      Omg! I’m smiling because this was so perfectly written. Kudos to you!!!

  20. Camryn Mitchell

    I’m happy to comply with mask wearing. However, when it comes to recording happy memories such as a trip to WDW, I absolutely do NOT want pictures with masks! If I can take it off to eat or drink, a quick pic shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll wait as long as it takes, and if need be, won’t go.

  21. ChasUGC

    Isn’t the end of entitlement a tough pill to swallow? As if disabled or autistic people get a pass to spread Coronavirus. If only the rest of the country were more serious about this pandemic, like Disneyland, we wouldn’t still be in this mess with so many senseless deaths. And Disneyland is still the happiest place on Earth. Go figure.

    1. Darth Obvious

      Maybe take a deep breath and switch to decaff buddy. You seem to have some serious anger issues. Seriously, it’s every other comment here.

  22. Traci Frost

    Most people if they dont know by now, never will do and for the ones who don’t i feel exceptionally sorry for. This is politics and the poor folks “thanking Disney”. Little do they realize the jokes on them for wearing a mask for a virus that has less than a 2% mortality rate. Shame on them for not using their critical thinking skills and studying deaths v cases.
    If you’re that afraid of a virus stay home!! We don’t want to see your faces in diapers anyways.

    1. Sher

      Okay. But this isn’t really the what the article was broadcasting. You sound angry. None of anything we think matters in this situation. This family is degrading Disney cast members because the autistic child didn’t want to wear a mask. There is no way the family doesn’t know the rules by now. It simply doesn’t matter what we think of any of this. If you can’t wear a mask don’t go to Disney period. Stop the drama.

  23. Christina

    Good for you Disney. Never even heard of this clown but that doesn’t even matter. He got his 2 minutes of IG fame but harassing people who were doing their job. No one cares if you don’t come back.

  24. Ryan

    What bugs me is that Disney has chosen to go above and beyond what’s actually required of them. In our state, Ohio, masks are mandated, but are only required of people ages 10 and older. Our Disney Store won’t let you through the door unless you’ve masked your 2 year old. Why? Why do they feel that they know better than the Board of Health or local health officials? Their mandate for 2 and over is not preventing them from opening. It isn’t a requirement for them to stay open. It’s a mandate that the Disney Corporation has come up with no their own. Is it based in science, or do they just want to be seen as “safe” by the general public? Who knows, but they can expect to get backlash when they create their own requirements that are stricter than what the state is requiring. And until they ease up on the “2 and older” mask mandate, we are unable to go to the Disney Store since our 2 year old daughter won’t let us come anywhere near her face with a mask. It’s sad, but that’s what happens when they’ve decided they know better than the state’s health officials.

    1. J

      What are you going to do when your child is older and doesn’t want to follow her school dress code becsuse she “doesn’t wanna “?? You’re going to fight with her daily because you let her do whatever she pleased at 2 years old. It’s very simple if you stop thinking about things as a mask mandate and think of it as a dress code…. your child wants to go in the store tell her to put the mask on or she can’t. You teach her at home about putting on clothes and shoes and her mask should be part of those lessons. It’s going to be something she wears every day for the foreseeable future in most places of business. Stop teaching her to only follow rules she likes and start teaching her that the world doesn’t revolve around her. And before you say anything…. yes I do have children and they have grown into young adults who understand that you can’t always get what you want.

    2. Aaron

      Because it’s far easier to have one blanket corporate policy instead of trying to tailor it to each individual location. Do you also question why WDW is still requiring masks as well even though DeSantis has rescinded the Florida wide mandate on them?

    3. Dianne

      I agree with you, Ryan.

  25. E man

    It wouldn’t bother me. That’s why I wear the mask, to protect myself. I’d make an exception or find a better solution like a different mask that was more comfortable or one that he would want to wear like a disney mask with a cool character on it. I can’t imagine the excitement of going to disney world and have it shatter, all the anticipating be destroyed, a child’s dream and wish be denied the hurt I would feel as a child… disneys a real jerk

  26. Alicia

    As a parent of a severely autistic son I think that it is discrimination to tell families that they have to keep their kids at home if they can’t wear a mask. My son cannot get the therapies that he desperately needs because he cannot wear a face mask. The idea that masks save lives is deeply flawed. If the Netherlands and Switzerland almost completely eradicated the virus without making mask wearing mandatory, only hand washing and social distancing, while America has had rampant Covid with mandatory mask wearing, makes you wonder what we are doing wrong. Also everyone I know who has had Covid wears a mask, with the exception of a friend and her husband, brother, sister and husband who all probably had it in February, first week of March before social distancing was required, when WHO told us that it was not contagious and not to close our borders. And I am not a Trump supporter, I neither like nor hate the guy, I just care about facts and evidence to support it. The biggest thing that gets me is that we are more worried about a disease that kills 2% of the people who get it, than we are with cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, Cistic Fibrous and other diseases that have a higher morality ratio.

    1. Fighting the Derp

      You can’t give someone else cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, or cystic fibrosis.

      Both the Netherlands and Switzerland have mask mandates, and have NOT eradicated Covid-19.

      Wear the @&)% mask.

    2. Shut up Derp

      Thank you for your excellent comment!

    3. Susan Moncada

      THANK YOU! You are spot on. Disney is violating ADA laws to the hilt!

  27. Daniel

    After a visit to Downtown Disney and observing how pedantic and aggressive the cast members are in harassing guests over such strict rules that lack any scientific backing, I won’t be going to any Disney theme park. Once they get rid of this lunacy, I may return to purchasing an annual pass for my entire family as I’ve done many years before. Given their recent woke leftist stupidity regarding Gina Carano, their behavior regarding warnings on their own cartoons, and so many other examples of their embracing of postmodern leftist ideology, I’m becoming less and less inclined to spend ANY money towards anything ran by Disney until they start behaving in a less evil manner.

  28. Al

    We use the word “celebrity” very loosely nowadays.

  29. CA

    Sometimes it’s adults that set kids up for disappointment. Mask requirements are not new and the rules that Disney has in place are available for anyone to read, yet it was decided to bring a child to a place and expect the park to waive those rules. Some research beforehand could have avoided this situation. We have disabilities in our family (and yes, masks can be a problem) but a phone call and conversations helped us to make a rational decision for us.

  30. Ally B

    Cleanliness saves lives. Not a mask. If they did, we would have used them since birth. Cold ls, the flu, phenomena, viruses and germs have existed since the beginning of time and we lived just the same not pretending to be a cartoon character covering our faces. Maybe its good some hide their faces but i will never. Nor will i pay to walk in a park only to suffocate myself. In time u will hear about all the health issues because of these masks as people lose oxygen n breath their own germs back in with no fresh air that our bodies need. Its foolish to spend hours in fresh air but receiving none. I have seizures. I will not add to my problems because of it. I only patronize businesses that are smart enough to know, masks save no one or less would have died from any blown out of proportion covid. We have a flu no one talks about either lol. Wake up sheep

  31. Babayaga

    Celebrity? Never heard of this person.

  32. Nope

    Disney no longer cares about anything other than money…. We were just there in January and the magic of Disney is seriously lacking if it exists at all now. Some cast members are phenomenal and genuinely doing their level best to keep the magic alive but they are also at the mercy of their higher ups… just doing their jobs. That said if you have ever been to Disney before and know what the experience should be you will most likely be let down… first timer ? Don’t expect much and you might not feel the lack of magic… overall I would suggest strongly that you wait to go back to Disney parks when this COVID BS is settled down because we all know the hype is never going to end… government is never going to let us have pre-Covid normal lives again they have wayyyy tooo much control over everyone’s lives and livelihoods at this point to ever give up that power again… be kind to cast members they don’t make the rules. I don’t normally have to wear a mask due to medical conditions but there are “relaxation stations” and enough places to snack or drink that even though it was difficult and stressful it was mostly manageable with lots of breaks. It just sucked the fun & magic out of our trip…

  33. Nomad

    Yes… I see why you said “celeb”. It sounds a lot more impactful than “generic ass rapper that you’ve never heard of”. That would have been a lame story.

  34. Sam

    Disney has continually told the public that mask must be worn. If you waste your time and money thinking the rules won’t be applied to you, that’s your fault not Disney’s.

  35. Christy

    We went and won’t be back until the masks are gone…wear one if you want, stay home if you are sick don’t make it mandatory. They should absolutely let kids who have special needs in if they can’t mask.

  36. Tamara Dowd

    If you can’t wear a mask, stay away until you can go without. Simple. There are other fun things you can do as a group.

  37. Rob

    It is stupid to put kids in masks, especially 2 year olds.

    I am thankful that this rapper has brought attention to this, and I agree with him, and won’t be bringing kids to Disney. Harsh rules that go beyond the legal requirements and reasonable health guidelines is anti-customer.

  38. Jiminorlando

    Its all about the money. If CDC shuts down Disney again it would kill their bottom line. Mr. celebrity’s 30 friends and family members don’t even register on the bottom line at Disney.

  39. Sammie

    It’s just amazing to me how brainwashed everybody is. These “muzzles” that people are wearing are nothing but a symbol of being controlled by other people to gain power. They get everyone scared, they set rules, and them they come up with a saving solution, “the vaccine”, and then they win. This is nothing but a game. Y’all are the pawns. There is always a higher up telling you what to do. There are people out there who would rub poop on their face if the CDC or Fauci said doing this will protect you and those around you from “COVID”.
    Also, how is it that this smart virus know not to harm anyone when they are sitting or eating? Your mouth and nose are exposed and your shoveling food in. Hmmmm.
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!
    Anything that Bill Gates approves of can’t be safe.
    NOBODY can tell me otherwise.
    Anyone who tries to defend the masks, the vaccine, the Lying CDC, the EVIL Fauci and all things to do with this “Plandemic” are just proving to meet that Sheeples exist and that you are one.
    Good day!

    1. franklin


      People like you really can’t die off soon enough. I also think you hit every single space on my moron covid-speak bingo card. Congratulations! LOL

      Don’t forget to attack a 5G cell tower on the way home tonight so it doesn’t give you brain cancer.

  40. Randy

    Can an autistic child have covid germs?

    Simple answer; YES.

    Should someone who could have covid germs be allowed to spread those germs to others by not wearing mask?

    Simple answer; NO

    Why should someone bring risk to others because they are autistic?

    Afraid to fly?… Don’t fly.

    Afraid of heights?… Don’t climb tall ladders.

    Afraid of the dark?… Leave the light on when you sleep.

    Afraid of wearing Mask?… Stay home until risk of pandemic is over.

    Life real is all about YOU… And YOU must do things that make YOU happy…

    That means YOU must stay home if others are going to a place that requires a Mask, and YOU are afraid to wear one.

    Why should this even be a topic that needs to be disgusted?

    1. Mark Wright

      If your mask truly protects you from Covid or any other virus then why do you care if another person does or doesn’t wear a mask?

      That should be a individual choice not a government mandate.

      The CDC has already clarified that masks do not stop the spread or contacting of Covid.

      Even the “vaccine” does not stop the spread or contracting of the covid either.

      Thankfully 99.7% of all people recover from the Covid and Americans have now reached “herd” immunity anyways.

      Time to stop the useless mask mandates, open up all businesses, the schools, and the economy.

  41. Donna

    Just because your a celebrity that means you play by different rules. You knew the rules of the park ever since they reopened. If you don’t like the rules stay the hell home. Boohoo and keep the drama to yourself. You can’t fix stupid!

  42. Billbodoggins

    I’m not a big fan of all of the restrictions and mandates. People echo the sentiments of “trust the science” but in truth traditional rational science hasn’t been applied. There is no question that the typical rules of research and scientific investigation have been altered and politicized. It is interesting that this very site that is designed for Disney fans may have a front row seat to one of the largest unintentional studies of the whole pandemic. The lockdowns of California verses the non-locked down Florida. I am interested to see actual studies free of political bias, right or left, about comparisons between the effects of the varying policies of each state.
    That being said, concerning this article it truly is a no brainer. Sympathetically, I truly do feel for the family and the child who were denied entry, however when they created their parkpass reservation they specifically agreed to follow the rules of Walt Disney World. You have to read and agree to the Covid-19 rules when you make your reservation. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the rules they did agree to follow them when they decided to visit the parks. Disney didn’t blindside anyone and drop unannounced restrictions when they arrived. They only enforced the rules that the guests agreed to when they decided to vacation there.
    While it is true that I am not a huge fan of all of the Covid-19 rules that are in place, I am a fan of Walt Disney World and I am a fan of private companies having the authority to manage their own properties as they see fit. If I want to visit their property and they present me with a list of rules that they have and require me to agree to those rules prior to entry then it is completely fair and expected that I will comply.

  43. Mario

    Although I feel for the man and his family, particularly the child in question, I’m with Disney on this one.

    Just because you can’t wear a mask, even for a medical reason, doesn’t mean you have the right to possibly infect others.

    Disney is not a necessity such as a medical office or grocery store. They understand this and are treating the worldwide pandemic appropriately. I commend them for their actions.

    At this point in the pandemic there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing that you must research rules before going anywhere. It only behooves you to do so.

  44. Mike

    ADA violations are real.

  45. A Disney fan

    It’s private property. Don’t like their rules? Too bad. And nobody cares if you never come back.

  46. Michele

    I went to Disney because of their rules and because they enforce them. I stayed in the campground for a week. I did not get Covid and I did not die from wearing a mask. It was a break that I very much needed. I applaud Disney for enforcing. You know well in advance of your trip what is expected. If you don’t like it, don’t go. The rest of us appreciate you staying home.

  47. Caitlin

    My niece and nephew have autism. They struggle with keeping their masks on. And you know what my sister does? She only takes them into stores for short trips she knows they will keep them on. She doesn’t use their autism as a way to elicit special treatment. She doesn’t try to use their diagnosis to her benefit.
    This was just shameful.

  48. Rulefollower

    Maybe he should change his name to Joeydumba$$

  49. Susan Kowalski

    It is unfortunate when someone is not able to wear a mask, and I understand that this does happen, but Disney cannot allow this for one person and not for others. There is no way for others in the parks to know that this child is any different from their child that does not want to wear a mask. Big round of applause to Disney for sticking to their policy – even for someone that is ‘famous’.

  50. Shannon

    Pretty sure that the “celeb” , who after learning who it was surely I’m not the only one who has absolutely no clue who he is, but him never returning isn’t going to bother Disney one bit!

  51. Michael George Lewis

    Should be called “the dumbest place in the world”. Masks don’t work and their policy is beyond stupid.

  52. Stefanie

    Rules are rules no matter who you are. The fact that he tried blaming the cast members and called them out by name in a video he had every intention of broadcasting is being a Karen. Just because he didn’t yell and stomp his feet doesn’t change the fact that he felt he his family was entitled and didn’t have to follow the rules. I comend the cast members for how calm they remained in dealing with his hissy fit.

  53. Sue

    Wear the mask – it works!

  54. James

    I thought you said a celebrity? Who is this wannabe that thinks him and his family are more privileged than anyone else.

  55. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I agree with Flirty, depending on the individual child.  My step-daughter was born prematurely & had a brain bleed. She’s now a teenager.  She has CP & also cognitive delay. So her comprehension is sometimes on a 4 year old level & with some things, maybe a 10 year old.  I have worked in special ed for years so I was confident I could get her to wear a mask last year, while her mother told her she didn’t have to wear one because “of her condition.” I was able to get her used to wearing one pretty quickly.  But, I also understand there are children who indeed do not have the ability to understand or tolerate wearing a mask.   In that situation,  I wouldn’t take the child somewhere like a theme park without first making sure they would make an exception because otherwise it’s setting the child up for disappointment.  Pre-pandemic we have taken my step-daughter to Disney & they are very accommodating. I think businesses are afraid to make exceptions to the mask rules because they want/need to stay open. They are following the state rules.


    We just got back from Disney. The mask mandate is repeated over and over. You know the rules before you arrive. Same rules for everyone. Just do it

  57. Louise

    Stay out if you can’t comply. Don’t need you around.

  58. As a Disney Store Cast Member, I have had to tell people we “require” masks be worn. I have had to tell parents of Autistic kids they had to wear a mask. I have been yelled at, cussed out and F U’d by people. I have also been able to get some of these kids to wear a face shield when their parents said they wouldn’t. I’ve told them they looked like superheroes in their new mask. I’ve had smiles from kids and tears from parents who were thankful of the effort we put forth every day to try and make our guests experience magical. We can’t make everyone happy. But, most people thank us for making the effort and understand.

  59. Leslie

    Oh boo hoo. As a massive disney fan, I know its posted everywhere that you cannot enter Disney properties without a mask if you are over the age of two. PERIOD! You even have to keep it on between bites if you are eating. If you have a child/person who can’t or won’t wear the mask then suck it up and stay home or go somewhere else. Being a celebrity is irrelevant. Disney and any other company has the right to refuse entry to anyone who doesn’t comply. If you find their rules too restrictive, well then here is a novel idea, don’t go there!

  60. Meredith

    I feel so bad for this family. The fact that Disney won’t make accommodations for people with disabilities is horrible. My son has Down syndrome and also will not wear a mask. He hasn’t worn a mask one time during this entire “pandemic”. Guess what? He is fine and so are we. No COVID here. Anyway, we love Disney and can’t wait to return, but I know we won’t be able to go until they lift the ridiculous masking rules. I hope one day people will no longer be forced to wear a mask against their will. Wear a mask if you want, but it SHOULD NOT be forced on people.

  61. Leighth

    Who cares ? You are on WDW property and their rules prevail ! Go to the beach next time !

  62. Douglas

    A. Don’t care about what anyone who goes by Joey Bada$$ is concerned about.
    B. Your cousin should stay home if they can’t participate safely.

  63. Hudaphuc

    “. . . . posted the video alongside a captain . . . ” Captain Hook? Captain Kangaroo? Which “captain”???

    Ohhhh, you meant “caption”! Nice proof reading job!

  64. Gary M Fimbres

    Why try to humiliate Disney Employees for enforcing Disney Rules?
    Really Lame Badazz.

  65. Bobby

    Sounds like someone worth keeping out. Don’t need someone like that with 30 of their “friends.” Go deal crack someplace else, loser.

  66. Tony

    I feel for the employees that have to deal with this. I deal with everyday for the last year and am so over it. Our work policy is that of the state and are posted all over but still people try to get around it. I dont think anyone comes in not knowing the rules but comes in to break the rules. We as employees shouldnt be babysitters but this is now our job. So for you all the support this guy, thanks for making someone that is just tring to feed their family and do their job life harder. Its not like anyone would enjoy turning down someone from the entertainment they seek. I know i will never support this rapper ever again for the shaming hes tring to do when someone us just doing what they are told to put food on ones table. This shaming needs to stop.

  67. Tom

    The rules are in place for a reason. Disney reserves that right. They have been consistent with that all along. Anyone going there should check this out BEFORE they go. They can also call with any questions also.

  68. Tacocat

    How did he get 30 reservations for the same day?

  69. Ian

    I’m autistic and I don’t think they should be lenient for some people. This is a pandemic, not some other thing. The company is very accommodating for autistics, I’ve found, but they shouldn’t have to risk the health of their staff. I see ableism all the time, but this isn’t an example of it.

  70. JB

    This is an ADA lawsuit waiting to happen. It’s against federal law for a place like Disney to not make reasonable accommodations for a guest’s disability. I hope he takes them to the cleaners. Being safe is important, but common sense has to prevail at some point.

    1. Diamonion

      Yeah, and they were offered the reasonable accommodation of wearing a mask, them refusing the accommodation absolves the park of culpability, it was offered. The ADA itself says accommodations that could threaten the health and safety of others is not considered reasonable. My fellow people with disabilities, please read the ADA and know what your actual rights are, really, do the same for all laws.

  71. Brian

    Rules are Rules. We are in a Pandemic and hopefully soon will be past it. In the meantime, don’t take 30 people and someone who can’t follow the rules to a place like Disneyland. He ruined his family’s trip by not knowing the rules, or thinking he could bypass them somehow. Good Riddence. BTW I have a nephew with Autism and if he couldn’t wear a mask there’s no way we would take him somewhere he had to wear one, thinking we’d get away with it somehow. GTFO

  72. binki

    It isn’t a secret Disney requires mask for nearly a year. The outcome was predictable.

  73. Patricia

    I have no sympathy for people who think they are so special that they don’t have to follow rules that are set out by Disney (or any other private company). I don’t care what someone’s opinion is about the pandemic or why they think they shouldn’t have to follow the rules that are clearly set out by Disney. I appreciate Disney trying to keep people as safe as possible while still giving people a chance to enjoy the fun of Disney. If a person can’t or won’t follow the rules, then they should not be allowed to go in the parks. It’s not difficult; if there is someone in your group who won’t be able to wear a mask, then don’t go. Choose a different activity for your family and friends – and really, 30 people spending time together before we all are vaccinated is irresponsible. All it is going to take to shut down Disney World again is for a few people to come in without masks, infect others there or when they go back to their home towns or states. So, to this rapper and his group – pick another battle to fight; thinking you can get away with not following rules because of who you are is not the way to get anyone on your side. Good for Disney for sticking to the rules they have established for the safety of all the guests and cast members.

  74. Tacky Taco

    Relax everyone. With the way numbers are falling and herd immunity is increasing, this isn’t going to last forever. Some of the major corporations may hold on to the mask policy a bit longer simply because in this lawsuit-happy society we all live in, they feel like they have to got to extremes to protect themselves from our more litigious citizens. With that said, they WILL go away soon and all the Karens and Kyles will have to find something else to make themselves feel like they are better people than you.

  75. As much as I hate agree with celebrities now days, I think this one is a 100% correct. The young boy had an obvious medical condition that would not let him wear a mask. We have cancelled our huge family get together at Disney world staying at the grand Floridian this year again because of their stupid mask policy. This is a Disney policy not a state mandate. It’s their choices on private property, but I think this was a poor choice for them to make

    1. davis

      The parks are constantly filling up with all the reservations being filled each day. I don’t think they are hurting too badly.

  76. KenR

    I am perpetually surprised at the sheer number of people who are so supportive of these silly mask policies and believe that they are keeping them safe from a virus. Those zip tied plexiglass panels are also equally dumb too. Gees people, if you willfully go into a major theme park for the entire day and even multiple days you can’t be too afraid of the this virus. I am looking forward to seeing the total number of deaths in the US in 2020 vs 2019 and 2018. I’m betting the numbers are not going to be drastically different.

  77. Terry

    Hey Billy Bad A—, don’t be a dumb a—. Rules are the same for all, even a an AA (Anglo-American) like me.

  78. HEIDI

    To everyone who thinks that this family has no right to go to Disney World because they don’t want to follow the rules should all keep their opinions to themselves. It wasn’t that none of them wanted to wear masks, it was that one family member had a condition that made it impossible for them to wear a mask. Don’t sit there and say…look, I’m autistic and I wear a mask. Good for you…there is a wide spectrum of autism, so before you open your mouths and say that ALL autistic people can and should wear masks, maybe they can’t. Earlier in this pandemic, there was an article that stated if anyone had a medical condition that prevented them from wearing a mask, then to have a paper from a doctor showing that they have been seen by their doctor and found to not be able to wear a mask due to whatever condition they have. Also, to those who have asthma…again….no two people are affected the same way. I have asthma and if I have an attack to where I can’t breathe….I can’t have a mask on at all…..So are you going to DISCRIMINATE against me because of a medical condition. No one should ever judge another person just because they think they know exactly how people with certain conditions are. Just because one person can have something wrong and wear a mask, doesn’t mean that everyone can.

    1. Aaron

      Lemme ask you something: Are you somehow being forced to go to WDW anytime soon against your will? No? Then you have nothing to rail against.

      Its not discrimination when Disney has one policy for everyone to follow. It makes it 1000% easier for the CMs to follow since they don’t need to make exceptions for every third person that comes to the gates. Just stay away from any Disney properties until next year and you likely won’t have any issues. The mask mandate isn’t going to stay around forever.
      But please do everyone a favor a get the vaccine. It will help all of us get past covid sooner.

      1. TJohnson

        Great point

  79. Hmmm

    Such a long, long list of hateful comments. I hope everyone feels much better.

    My wife has her Masters in childhood special education and has taught many young autistic students. She clearly feels its wrong to try and force an autistic child into wearing a mask. In most cases they breathe just fine. The issue is, anxiety. The face cover can trigger anxieties the child is unable to cope. It’s fundamentally cruel to force them to wear one.

    But, what’s even worse is this wrapper and other family friends felt compelled to test Disney’s policy with an autistic child. Better times are ahead of us. Visit when it safe for all.

  80. Anita Johnson

    I am a cosigner to Disney’s prejudice. My son has Cerebral Palsy & I called in advice on two separate trips to assure they understood that noise and waiting would be challenging and we still had to come back to rides despite the fast past & we left the park after the meal reservations promised came with a 45 minute wait. Did I mention I also paid for special accomofations? Yio, I did, because know there’s always a price tag & I was fully prepared for that obstacle. Disney is horrible & we’re native Floridian’s. I tell everyone there’s NOTHING MAGICAL here & please don’t waste your money.
    Shame on Walt!

  81. Davidhhh

    Good riddance. He was the one who did this to the child by putting him in this situation where he expected to be able to break the rules. He doesn’t get to break public health rules and endanger the public health because he can’t control the children he’s with and because he’s an entitled celebrity

  82. Kenr

    I’m continually astounded at the number of people who “feel safe” because of a cheap mask and zip tied plexiglass panels. If this pandemic was so deadly to cause a true for everyone to where a mask everywhere, the last thing any one would be doing is joining hundreds of thousands at a major theme park. The mask worn by people without fevers, healthy enough to want to March around a theme park for the day is not protecting you and it’s not protecting me. It’s just a big stupid show.

  83. John Stratten

    If it is a a physical or psychological reason for not wearing a mask then you should have a note from a qualified physician stating that

  84. Gino

    Let me state for the record that I believe masks are completely, 100%, useless, I will even take it a step further and say that I believe masks cause more harm than good in a multitude of ways. I refuse to wear a mask and because of this I do not visit Disney property. However, rules are rules and Disney can set any rules they like, so long as those rules don’t break any laws. This all boils down to a situation of logistics. It would be impossible to inform every single cast member that one person over the age of two is authorized to not wear a mask. The entire day would be spent explaining to every single cast member and probably members of the public the situation. Not to mention the precedent it would set for others. HIPPA laws are very clear that you can’t legally ask someone to prove a disability or illness so you would have throngs of people claiming any number of disabilities etc.. to skirt the rule. Do I think it’s a stupid rule? Yep, I sure do. To expect people to wear a face mask outside in the hot Florida sun all day long makes about as much sense as asking them to wear winter coats, in my opinion. It’s pointless, does zero to help prevent Covid or any other disease, allows criminals to disguise themselves, dehumanizes everyone, and only serves to assuage other peoples fears. I feel the same way about metal detectors at the entrance to parks, monorails, etc… These only exist to make others feel better, they will do nothing to prevent someone from bringing illegal items in to the parks. My family has not set foot in a Disney park in years and while we do miss what Disney used to be we feel we are missing nothing due to what they have become.

  85. D Hess

    I never heard him say he was of color or any thing. I never heard the color he was. I really do not know who this man is. Yet I do think an Autistic person , child should be let in over an above !

  86. John F

    I spotted tens of thousands of people all following the rules. There was no exception made for anyone inside the park. I’d use better judgment prior to arriving at Disney if you know a family member is unable to wear a mask. Follow the rules, they are for everyone’s safety.

  87. Bob Cottrell


    If we all run around naked and someone pees on you, you get wet right away.

    If you are wearing pants, some pee will get through – but not as much, so you are better protected.

    If the guy who pees also is wearing pants, the pee stays with him and you do not get wet.


  88. diane

    Notice the rise in ‘autism’ in recent years? Not going to be popular, but, as the cousin of an autistic 60 year old I know how devastating the condition is and I see too many badly behaved or entitled kids being labelled as ‘autistic’ by their parents to get privileged treatment.
    Look into the eyes of a truly autistic person and see how they are locked into their own private cell the cannot escape from. My aunt would break her heart having never been able to hug her son or have a mother and son relationship hr siblings had with their kids.
    Stop using the ‘my kid is on the spectrum excuse’ to get your own way!
    Amazingly someone once, with best intentions, suggested I was on ‘the spectrum’ and should be tested because of my quirks including saying I as I see it among other things. What nonsense.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Diane, “autism” is shorthand for “autism spectrum disorder” or “ASD”. You know that. You even used “spectrum” in your reply. There is an entire spectrum and not a single “truly autistic person”. You don’t know an autistic person; you know one person with autism. You know what that person’s symptoms are.
      I feel for your cousin. Not because he is on the spectrum but because his cousin is an ablest bigot.

  89. Tonya

    Dear InsidetheMagic,

    Please google the definition of “celebrity” and apply said definition to future claims of celebrity encounters.

    Thank you.

  90. Christopher B Pelton


  91. Amber

    Suddenly everybody’s got autism when it’s mask time. Gee I wonder how they trained him how to wear pants and shoes?

    1. HanShotFirst

      It cracks me up (because I’m long past anger at any inanity I read on the internet) to see the comments on autism here, especially the “suddenly they’re autistic but can wear pants” kind of notes. I knew ZERO about the condition, but lo five years later I’m looking forward to my son calling me “Dad” for the first time; we think it’s getting close, and amazingly he can wear pants and a shirt at the same time! So naturally we should have no issue explaining to this nonverbal child that his sensory issues and various spectrum conditions are no reason for not wearing his mask. [sacrcasm intended, for those not able to detect it].

      As for DisneyWorld/Land, it’s Disney’s house and their rules, they are within their rights to enforce them, and currently there is no exception for such conditions as ours. I’m surprised they haven’t followed air travel guidelines for special conditions, and we hope they may opt to do so in the future. The airlines make it extremely involved to fly with our son sans mask, but rather than take that as a singling out we view these steps as a welcome special accommodation that allows us to still make necessary travel. As a CaSP I am also fully informed on ABA and ADA requirements; Disney is not in violation regardless of the emotional arguments otherwise.

  92. TJohnson

    Why don’t all you Disney haters that can’t follow the rules stay home and allow those of us that appreciate the safety concerns -and by the way, the only way they would be allowed to open, -to enjoy the Parks. Go somewhere else and pitch your little fits. If you think you can walk up and get a special variance because your name is badass, guess again.

  93. Jo

    You know the rules for going to Disney. I feel sorry for those that can’t wear masks but just because your a celeb your no better then anyone else.

  94. Steven

    We went in Oct last year. It’s a whole different vibe at Disney. The cast members are just waiting to jump down your throat. I usually go with friends and family 2-3 times a year. We have decided to wait until mask requirements are lifted. Luckily, that is starting to happen. I expect Disney World will remove the requirement soon…who can say for Disneyland.

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