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disney world reopening

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    I think in general it’s time to open the vaccines to everyone. Yes seniors needed it (my dad is 90), but truth be told the front line workers of all types, or office workers, teachers of course, have all more susceptible over the last few months.
    Yes, many seniors sadly died, but a lot of that happened before strict precautions were taken by care facilities (all of which are a money-game and change management as often as I change my socks!)

  2. Kenr

    At this point it should be first come first served. I’d love to see the ESPN facility turned into a major vaccine site where not only the Disney employees get vaccinated but any one and everyone can get in line. The more vaccinated the better. Let’s get back to normal.

  3. Sue

    First off, the union in the State of Florida has zero pull or say as this is a right to work state. If Disney wanted to vaccinate their employees they can afford to purchase the vaccine.

    But I would advise taking a vaccine that has NOT gone through the proper protocols or testing, something that takes upwards of 7 plus years. This vaccine is based off of Scars 2 and there is proof that all in animal trials the animals died.

    All of this fuss for a virus that has proven track record of a 97% recovery rate and at least 2 therapies that work. No need to be come a lab rat.


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