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  1. Chris

    There are some things that still need adjusting, such as bringing back character meet and greets, getting rid of masks and bringing back more entertainment.

    But there are things that have improved, for example always making QS food to order has dramatically improved the quality, the reservation system is allowing for better crowd management and having parks less crowded make things nicer.

    Then there is the in-between, like hand washing stations, it is nice to have more throughout the park, but they should be made permanent and themed to the lands they are in, as well as be truly touch free without a foot pump, as with foot pumps it makes it hard for those in mobility devices.

    So, yes, there is good and bad that comes with it all, but I definitely think reservations are here to stay, it just makes sense from a business perspective, although you may see modifications made to the system as more capacity expands, perhaps guaranteed reservations for resort guests, etc.

  2. KenG

    Personally I would hate a long-term reservation system, especially for Disneyland. Over the years for so many, particularly APs at Disneyland being spontaneous and being to decide at the last minute to go to Disneyland on a Friday evening after work as been huge. (And I’m sure the same has been true at Disney World)

    Reservations just bog you down – Who wants to plan out everything? And the worst part is, what if your plans change? Especially with kids that can happen. I can tell you right now, Disney is on the wrong path with how they are handling both APs and the dumb res system because other theme parks will take advantage of this and lure in the Disney crowd. There are just too many other options for folks who want an annual pass and the freedom that use to come with it.

    I perfect example of this in California is either Knott’s or Legoland. While I’m not a huge fan of Knott’s, they are embracing and loyal to their passholders. Legoland for families with young children is another great alternative. I know when my daughter was young we loved going to there (truth be told, I had media passes at the time). Actually for very young kids, Legoland is going to offer just a s much or more to them than Disneyland. And both of these parks have annual passes at around $200 or less.

    We are huge Disneyland fans, having passes for decades. But if they turn their backs on us APs they are going to pay for it, and all those “daily-tourist-hotel guest” will pay dearly with increased prices.


  3. Gina Carlson

    The reduced park hours, long waits for transportation, lack of fast pass and extra magic hours have reduced the appeal of staying on property.

    1. Rodney Simonson

      There is nothing in the “changes” that benefits guests. It is absolutely unimaginable that even a minority of guests could be happier with current options compared to those previously available. Hint : check out DVC sales and resale figures for 2019 compared with 2021.

  4. Hart

    This is mind-blowing to hear. Why on earth would guests be MORE satisfied at getting LESS for the same amount of money? Umm, no Bob, perhaps you’ve been out in the sun too long if you think that. Keep working on getting things back to normal and we’ll see what happens.

  5. Chase

    This is the biggest bunch of bull ever. How could anyone be more satisfied paying the same or more than before the pandemic with WAY less entertainment. If I didn’t currently live locally I would not pay for a vacation to come here. Every time I get the satisfaction surveys now I make sure to let them know how bad it is currently.

  6. Kyle

    How would he know he’s only been the CEO since April? I’m sure he’s been there a while to get the job but seriously we WERE frequent visitors annual pass-holders and since the pandemic have only been back once – APs and have been suspended from getting another for whatever reason that is So it sounds like the new CEO hasn’t talked to everyone yet! Cause I’m very disappointed with the new changes.

    1. Joe

      This guy is a clown… Guests aren’t happier waiting longer and not having any fastpasses…. Step it up Disney… Bring back some of the good things and let annual pass holders come in when they want….

  7. Rhys

    Now let’s not forget the magical express and extra magic hours he’s taken away as well.

    From business point of view to get back the money they have lost it makes sense.

    The satisfaction survey must have got to share holders not guests

  8. Paul

    Nothing is improved. not even any flower power concerts are back. my autistic son misses the old character interactions so much.

  9. Bob

    CEO Chapek is trying to save his job by say that guests are happier. This is absolutley not true and is a fabricated story. I have been to WDW over 100 times and the new park pass program is a disaster. Park guests have no control over their WDW vacation planning. Since January of 2020 I have cancelled three week plus vacations. There is no park entertainment, no shows, no fireworks, and no parades. Total wait times are in excess of 7 hours and park hours end before dark. Anyone going to WDW will spend most, if not all of their day standing in lines. I cannot believe anyone is happy with the wait times. All Disney has done is increase prices. No one should go to WDW, and that will sent a clear message.

  10. Bob

    2/22/21: Total wait time in the Magic Kingdom is 16 hours. Hope guests are having fun.

  11. Stacey S Storck

    I’m not going back until it’s back to normal…I’ll plan my vacation at Universal in Orlando instead. Disney has lost it’s mind…I’m not paying those prices for less entertainment, more hassle and more waiting in line. I’m a park hopper. I use that every. Single. Time. I don’t spend all day in one park…I’ve been going for so long that I know the best system to see and do everything I want to. Now that’s not an option anymore and so much less of a value for me. So sad too…I was a annual passholder for WDW for many years (and I live in Kansas)…I was planning on going in 2022, but I’m seriously rethinking that if this reservation crap is still going to be going on.

  12. Michelle

    More satisfied? Cue ear worm Agatha All Along music. Lyric change – “It was gaslighting all along.”🙈🙉🙊

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