Comments for ‘Mandalorian’ Star Wonders If Supporting Carano Will Get Him Fired

bill burr as migs mayfeld (left) and pedro pascal as din djarin (right)

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. KenG

    I totally agree with Bill Burr!

    The point is this:
    Why is it the “progressive-liberal-BLM-all inclusive left” are so quick to void someone for their opinions and views if it does agree with theirs?

    Is that all-inclusive? No! They are just as bad as the extreme right!

    If you don’t like what she says off-camera then you have the right not to watch Mandalorian. Or love her character but not the actress if that is the case. I really don’t like Johnny Depp and his views or his off-screen antics, but I do love Jack Sparrow and want that character back.

    1. Bud E. Epsen

      If you are the employee of a company you are obliged, as a paid employee of that company, to represent their brand; especially if employed in a high-profile public position. Gina Carano was not, “cancelled over a tweet”. She was fired over an escalating series of tweets made after she was asked BY HER EMPLOYERS to stop making inflammatory social media posts. If you or I were employed by a company we would be just as obliged to represent that company’s brand. This perpetually disingenuous martyrdom and victimhood thing being weaponized by the right AND the left is TIRED. If you don’t want to get fired, then listen to your bosses when they tell you to stop making inflammatory social media posts THE FIRST TIME they tell you to stop making inflammatory social media posts. Everything else is just phony Conservative fist-shaking due to a misplaced sense of persecution. The first amendment protects speech from government retaliation.

      THAT’S IT. The 1st amendment does NOT protect speech from loss of employment, rebuttal, civil lawsuit, mockery, or the court of public opinion. People need to get right with that instead of blubbering on about suffering consequences for their actions.

      1. Y

        Based on what I have read, I would hate to work for this franchise. They’re going to destroy it all, if they’re not careful. That would be a shame. I enjoy all of the storylines. Get it together.

      2. JazzyGirl

        Seriously? Do people forget the book of Anne Frank’s or the movie even? Do people forget to research history facts, before throwing others under with Assumptions and accusations?

        I’m sorry truth and facts hurt…. Maybe grow a pair and stop getting upset over truth and history.
        I don’t like politics, but history is history and should be used to help us NOT get or be that way…
        It’s our own ignorance if we can not learn from it.

      3. Andrew Menees

        Well yes, but what she said wasn’t even inflammatory. It was taken the wrong way.

        I’m glad she no longer works for a company where she isn’t allowed to voice her opinion because they disagree with it. Disney/Lucasfilm is totally allowed to hire and fire who they want for any reason they want, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong. Your point is correct, I just mean to point out that there’s a ton of hypocrisy in this industry and it seems pretty backwards that she can only have an opinion if she compromises her job security.

        1. Rozalen Pober

          Exactly. Express NO opinion on ANYTHING for fear CANCEL CULTURE will RUIN your life. If you DON’T agree with the MOST AGGRESSIVE populous…you will LOSE your job. This CRAZY, BULLYING BS HAS TO STOP.

      4. Kate

        Very well said

      5. Frost3

        The issue isn’t “brand representation” the issue is that a campaign was launched against someone that began soley as a politically motivated hashtag. Disney wouldn’t have cared otherwise. Now that Gina is out, more politically motivated campaigns have launched -each with their own hashtags. That’s a problem.

    2. Dan

      Well Ken that is why she was fired because people would stop watching. And let’s be clear the right are very impressive cancellers in their own right… See the dixie chicks, keurig and Colin kaepernick.

      So feel free to get off your high horse.

    3. Kyle Forsythe

      Pedro should of been FIRED as well since he basically tweeted out how immigrates being held in detention areas in the U.S. is like the Jews in concentration camps. Is he still on show because he is the Star or is it because he is a Man?

  2. Mm

    His character won’t be missed

    1. Lando

      Maybe by you. I loved his character. The two episodes he was in were two of my favorite in The Mandalorian.

  3. Y

    Based on what I have read, I would hate to work for this franchise. They’re going to destroy it all, if they’re not careful. That would be a shame. I enjoy all of the storylines. Get it together.

  4. Kathy Johnson

    Leave her opinion out of her acting career! She is untitled to her opinion! We all have an opinion! If everyone gets fired for not agreeing, then NO ONE would have a job!
    You guys are so ridiculous! The world is in deep Doo Doo with people that want to correct everything that they don’t agree with.
    I will boycott The Mandilorian if you do take her out!

  5. E

    He shouldn’t have to feel threatened or be threatened in anyway for thinking differently or supporting a friend. No one should experience that.

    The fact Disney and the majority in the entertainment world despise opposition and can’t handle a different opinion shows they are the very thing they despise – a closed minded, backwards, toxic environment where viewpoints and emotions are not validated or shut out entirely.

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