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magic kingdom crowds

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Tamara Dowd

    Now that you stay away from all the popular rides, you might as well stay outside the parks and look in. The article may have some truth to it , there is no true reporting on crowd levels nowadays. Parks are still very crowded and no magic to be found.

    1. Bob

      The only way to avoid crowds in Disney World is to just not go to WDW. Disney has taken away the ability of park guests to plan even the basics of a WDW vacation.

  2. John

    This useless article can be summed up in two words. “Don’t go.”

  3. EM

    So let’s see, stay away from ALL the popular rides and Main Street which is the only way in and out. If you don’t like crowds why would you go to Disney World in the first place. No One likes crowds but that’s what you sign up for when you buy tickets to Disney.
    Since there are no parades, no fast passes and most shows are canceled there are really no places that aren’t crowded.

  4. Sean McManus

    Our Disney cruise to Caribbean was canceled due to scamdemic.Was to be my younger granddaughters first cruise.Strike one.Scheduled trip to WDW as substitute. Hassled by mask bullies & park was dirty& many attractions closed.Strike two.Now as they join cancel culture and continue to suck up to their Chinese masters…strike three.

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