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  1. Sara M

    I was able to purchase tickets. I jumped in the queue around 9:30 a.m. and stayed there until just after 12:30 p.m. I was able to get the Saturday that I wanted, which was amazing. Can’t wait to go!!!

  2. LC

    My mind is absolutely blown that people are spending this much money. I love Disney and have been a pass holder (and former cast member) for most of my adult life but I cannot imagine spending $75 for this event. For me, it’s absolutely not worth that much. Not by a long shot. If they had offered a tab card for food like they did with previous events, it *maybe* might be worth it. But even then that’s a stretch.

    1. Amanda

      Not quite the same as years past but they do give you a $25 dining card to use during the event. And parking is included. Also photo pass. I don’t think it’s really the worst deal. Just my opinion.

    2. MM

      But they do offer food credit, lol. It also includes parking and unlimited photo pass.

  3. Nansy

    Waited hours and even used my hotspot while in the car! Of course my boyfriend was driving and I have my laptop and phone in the queue! Finally got them! Ended up with a Monday! But hey! I had no date in mind!

  4. Courtney

    They give $25 food credit and parking is paid with the admission…in a time when happiness is difficult to come by, I am happy to go!!
    There are many Instagram worthy photo events that cost $40-$50 and don’t offer much!

  5. Insert name

    Bet on anything that Newsom is going to be such a wimp about all of this. Hahahaha!

  6. Randy King

    Logged in at 8:30 a.m, sent to Queue at 9:00 a.m, and finally got tickets at 1:30 p.m.

    Not as big a nightmare as the D23 snafu; but, pretty uncomfortable experience – probably will be worth it

  7. Crista

    Was on since they started selling waited almost 5 hours and was able to add them to my cart but would not It let me submit payment tried sooo many times and when I contacted customer service they said that my husbands credit card did not match my account BUT NOWHERE did it say must log in to account to buy tickets !!!! We have been pass holders for ever and on top of that the customer service was so lame . They used to oh be the best at customer service . Waist of 5 hours with all in my cart . No where in terms or anything did it say must log in to buy tickets !!!!!!!!!!! Disappointed!!!!! It was the only little vacay my family would had have

    1. Stacy L

      I have 4 extra tickets if you want to buy them from me.

  8. Bree

    I got a ticket !!! I went on the website about 8 am. Got in the actual que around 9 am . then it paused . waited until 10:15 to be put back in the que. Finally at around 1:45 i got to purchase my ticket ! Totally worth it !

  9. Gia Vazquez

    Logged in 8am, got in the queue at 9:02, and our tickets were purchased at 12:50pm! Stressful to say the least but over the moon excited to be going Home!! Rides or no rides, Disneyland and CA Adventure are our happy places and always will be!! The sights and sounds are worth every penny we spent on tickets! ♥️

  10. Christian

    I waited in the queue for 6 hours…received my tickets for the event. Awesome!

  11. Phoebe L Ho

    For me the queue opened at 9, was able to snag an early spot. Bought my tickets 3 hours later. But then not 2 days later I hear about D-land being able to reopen in April???
    Seems like they’re not taking advantage of this if this event is going on well into next month. But they do have a lot of people to call back and re-train. I’m betting that as soon as the appetizer course is finished around the end of April, the main course begins.

  12. Amy

    Do you all know when we’ll be able to make reservations at Carthay Circle and/or Lamplight Lounge for our ticketed days?

  13. GK

    I jumped into the queue at around 11am that day. I spent around 5 to 5.5 hours waiting. It just sat there while I watched TV. Even if your phone goes to sleep, you stay in the queue which was awesome.

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