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  1. Rich

    Definitely a reduction in price is in order for AP. The disaster that is called Epcot alone merits the decrease, not to mention the unavailability of so many restaurants and the crowds that make the parks as busy as ever.

    1. Nick

      You didn’t answer the question.
      Here, I’ll do that for you, the answer is “yes, WDW annual pass holders should get more perks”. See how easy that was? You’re welcome.

  2. The Big One

    Yes, AP holders should get more. Those fees are money in the bank for Disney. Most AP holders, particularly those who aren’t residents and buy at the highest level of service, don’t really get their money’s worth from an AP.
    Platinum and Platinum Plus passes are over $1000 each and don’t include preferred parking, if you want to park closer you have to shell out another $20 every time you go to the park.

    1. Joe

      Yes . More perks… Should be able to reserve at least 5 days of park visits… At a minimum… Preferred parking would be nice but not a big deal to me. Bring back fastpass and I will go to the parks more!!!

  3. Dawn

    I just want to be able to get my ap. Ours expired in dec 19 and we were going to get new ones on our next trip, may 20….. you know the rest

  4. Maura

    I would love it if Passholders could still accccess access fast passes, the lines during the weekends which is the only time I can go are ridiculously long waits, I have no interest in making lines any longer. Been going to Orlando parks all my life and will not make those lines.

  5. Mike

    Yes I think some more perks would be great. How about sending us the passholder magnets every time there is a new one for a festival. It would cut back on people needing to wait in line for one at epcot ?

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