Comments for Volcano Bay Mask Policy Causes Some Guests to “Stay Away”

volcano bay

Credit: Universal


  1. Eric M

    The mask policy made it the highlight of our vacation!

    1. Victoria J Best

      Stay away. We don’t want people like that in volcano bay. You can’t be that serious about not catching it if your showing up to theme parks like this.

      1. John

        Sounds like you can stay home. People like you are killing the economy.

      2. cassie

        I completely agree. Cant believe the stupidity of some people. If you are so scared why come to a theme park at all??

  2. Stacy

    Anyone who thinks you should wear a mask in a swimming pool does not belong in the gene pool.

  3. The Liberty Tree

    Volcano bay closed every day after the pandemic reopening due to capacity and they haven’t had an outbreak of COVID with the staff which works very closely together….. I don’t think Universal is too concerned with that poll or if people who don’t feel comfortable don’t go. They can’t handle that many people and it would be a guest service nightmare. The capacity limits and the chlorine vapor in the air from the water seems to be doing a great job. Like anything else, if you don’t feel safe stay home.

  4. Cassey

    I am excited about this too!

  5. Donna

    FINALLY…. to Breathe freely and live life again, like God intended…MASKLESS. Stay away, stay home if you don’t like the policy. Give those of us that have a brain and common sense, to enjoylife agab

  6. Alicia

    YAY! We are MORE likely to go if masks are not required.

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