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  1. Buzz

    Once we reach the point where the vaccine is available to every member of the general public, they should make it mandatory that you be vaccinated to go to places like theme parks, concerts, sporting events unless you have medical certification that you cannot take the vaccine.

    1. Alyssa

      No they shouldn’t. If you’re so afraid of getting the virus then you should get the vaccine. If you get the vaccine then you won’t have to worry about anybody else getting it or not because you’re “protected”.

      1. Yoda

        The scary thing about the vaccine having been rushed is that they have not done enough testing. With the current vaccines, they are leaning to believe that if you have been vaccinated, it will protect you from symptoms of COVID but you are still a carrier and can pass it on to other people. This could cause a problem when vaccinated people think they can stop with safety measures and there could easily be another large spike in cases.

      2. Kelly Connerton

        I think the point is, There are MILLIONS of us that arent even on the radar for the vaccine yet. The large majority of people who go to Disney are in that population.

    2. Kenneth Lloyd

      1% of the population has died from this how many have died from Cancer please stop it an experimental drug

  2. Larry

    It’s one thing for nation-states to require proof of any particular vaccination prior to entry, but for a private entity to choose this path will always come down to profit margins. Will it be worth the investment? Once the infection rate is under control such measures “hopefully” won’t be necessary for a theme park.

  3. Jeanine

    Oh my gosh, are we really at this point?? If vaccines are required to enter Disney, we are out! Sorry Disney. Please do your research on the vaccine outside of watching main stream media. I don’t need my Disney fix enough to inject my family with this vaccine. Research it. This is a violation of human rights.

    1. Susan

      Good riddance. A vaccine passport could have stopped outbreaks of measles linked to theme parks, including Disney, in recent years. I’m all for it. If wackadoodle people don’t want to get vaccines, fine, stay home in your cult compound away from society – how nice would that be? Of course other than those who have a medical condition that exempts them)

  4. Elizabeth

    I can understand requiring a vaccine or negative test for traveling to another country. I do not agree with having to have the vaccine for social events such as concerts or theme parks. There are many reasons some people cannot have this vaccine. Having to document why is releasing protected health information to companies like Disney. How is this information going to be protected? No one is certain how long this vaccine will be effective so how can you make it mandatory for admission to an event? I am a passholder, but if vaccine passports become required, I am out!

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m really hopeful that this will become a thing as soon as or soon after we reach a point where the supply of vaccines is at a point where anyone can get vaccinated if they want to. Even more so now with the encouraging news that early testing seems to indicate that getting the vaccine will also reduce your ability to transmit the virus quite a bit in addition to providing protection from serious symptoms that can land you in a hospital or worse. Hopefully that will also mean that masks can be done away with in most settings sooner rather than later, too! Given how WDW is much stricter on guidelines than Florida is, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they also required a vaccine passport at some point regardless of what the state says. They talk about the “Disney bubble” a lot and that could for sure increase safety and put people’s minds at ease- and again, perhaps lessen the need for masks. I’ve got a vacation to WDW coming up later this year that I’m decently hopeful will be able to go ahead in a relatively normal fashion and I’d be thrilled if this was implemented by then. And if people want to complain or choose not to get the vaccine… hey, shorter lines for me and others who are taking this thing seriously. So many complain about “getting back to normal” but won’t do anything on their end to help us get there.

  6. SG

    As a nurse who administors the COVID Vaccine (and has also been vaccinated) here in Hillsborough county, FL, I STRONGLY advise you to get the vaccine when it’s your turn. Vaccine distribution is moving slowly because of the tremendous demand and the supply not being able to keep up. Why? The current age range of 65 years old and up have seen, witnessed the literally life changing and life saving fact that vaccines work! Do you remember smallpox? Those of us 60 and up have the tiny scars on our arms to prove that the government demand that we get the smallpox vaccine worked! And it worked worldwide. Now smallpox only exists in labs. Ask someone 60 and up if they or their parents had or knew someone who caught polio. You never caught it because as a child you got the vaccine, along with measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccines. You are reading this because your parent did the right thing, they protected you from disability or death! Why is this virus such an issue? It kills or causes chronic illnesses to those who survive. You may be the lucky one this time. You caught it and nothing bad happened. Your body made you immune for 3 month, just like the vaccine does, but the immunity lasts longer. Scientists and governments have kept viruses at bay by worldwide vaccination. Remember hearing about the ebola outbreak in Africa? It arrived here in the US in 2014 and scientists and our government prevented the spread of the ebola virus, 100 times worse than COVID. Absolutely no surviving that one. So please, when it’s your turn, do the right thing. Protect yourself, your loved ones and those who cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons (of which I have not heard of this far). Herd immunity is only good for those who cannot take the vaccine. We the vaccinated are 95% immune and cannot make them, you sick. But we know to wear our masks until we learn otherwise.

    1. Connie Krout

      That is going to be the reason this virus will continue to travel around the world for the foreseeable future. There will be too many that will just out and out refuse to be vaccinated. The rest of us should have a proof of vaccination and be able to travel anywhere.

      1. ErinY

        Well if you’re vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about connie! you go girl!

    2. ErinY

      By you saying “It kills or causes chronic illnesses to those who survive” shuts down any credibility I thought you might have to begin with. How can there be any evidence of “chronic” illnesses from a virus thats barely a year old? And calling a virus with an over 98% survival rate “deadly” is laughable. There’s lot of reasons people are apprehensive about taking the vaccine. If you know anything of the FDA in America, it’s that it takes years and years to get anything approved. There’s all kinds of diseases and sicknesses out there that they can’t cure after spending billions of dollars on. Now a new “deadly” virus comes along and within 10 months they come up with a vaccine AND get it approved? How well has it really been tested? Most are advertising having a 90% effective rate. So sorry, I’m not lining up to take a vaccine with a 90% effective rate for a virus that has a 98% survivability rate! Like somebody mentioned earlier in this thread, if anybody wants to take the vaccine go ahead, after that you shouldn’t worry about anybody else because you’re vaccinated! 🙂

    3. Susan

      I strongly urge to start telling the truth, after all you took an oath to do no harm. Covid19 is no worse than the common cold or flu. The vaccine, masks and social distancing are NOT needed. The vaccine skipped many many many trials, animal testing and who knows what else. I strongly urge you and everyone else say NO to the vaccine. Say NO to masks. It is time for the medical community to start telling the truth. Numbers have been inflated 3 fold. There is a difference of dying from covid (its the only thing you have) and dying with covid (complicates pre-existing conditions). Asymptomatic people do not spread diseases of anykind – you must have symptoms. And, before you mention typhoid Mary do your research it was NEVER proven she actually had typhoid fever or that she spread it to anyone.

      1. WoW

        Susan, whom do you get your facts from? Certainly not from the medical community. I know several, including family that have had this virus and for everyone that had a minor sickness there were just as many that had severe sickness. The virus is very serious to anyone who’s immunity can’t fight it. These same people are not affected by the common cold in that way. How can you with a clear conscience advise people not to take steps at protecting themselves? Masks are a proven deterrent. The same with vaccines. It’s you whom needs to learn and tell the truth.

        1. Main stream Media Sheep

          WoW stopping watching CNN and educate yourself!

    4. MrsWeasleysTwin

      SG I have a couple friends who are nurses, who see it differently. They have had vaccinations before but aren’t taking this one. One tells me that percentage wise covid hasn’t killed more than the yearly flu. And we haven’t quarantined every year. They aren’t even afraid of going to the theme parks. If they aren’t worried, I’m not. My 74 yr old mother & I went to Universal in December and we’re doing fine. I won’t be a guinea pig. Even though it makes me sad to think of never going to the theme parks again, I won’t go if any vaccines are mandated.

  7. Ex dis fan

    When its my turn, i am doing the right thing and not getting it, i guess disney isnt getting my money and niether are all sports venues and anything that would require a vaccine passport, im gonna have alot of money on hand and as for grocery stores, i can go online, order and have food delivered, im all good and i dont live in fear, already had sharona and recovered, so you go get that vaccine and do the right thing and i hope you are ok

    1. ss

      Totally agree! If Disney and other parks mandate this they will lose TONS of money. So many people will boycott and so they should. These are still confidential medical procedures. Not everyone wants their medical information digitalized and shared with random theme park employees or airport employees etc. It’s an extremely messed up idea. What a sick world we live in that this can even be considered.

  8. Melinda Murphy

    Remember, these vaccines are all “For Emergency Use”. Mandatory vaccination with no long term studies and effectiveness should make everyone consider their own options.

    Also Covid is nowhere close to the mortality rate of smallpox. Covid is much more similar (including seasonal) to the flu than smallpox.

    1. Mike

      Exactly this is a experimental vaccine they are testing. Its very dangerous precedent thats being set. All for a virus with a recovery rate of 99.7%.

  9. Mike

    Experimental vaccine to visit Disney, this is a complete joke. This virus has a 99.7% recovery rate for most people. To take a experimental vaccine and potentially put people at risk to many side effects is definitely not worth it, for an experimental vaccine that was rushed in 5 months. DISNEY about to lose a lot of customers if this becomes mandatory.

  10. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I agree with Erin and Alyssa. And I sure hope that being vaccinated is not a requirement to go to theme parks, because if so, I won’t go anymore.

  11. katie

    I doubt very highly that Disney will mandate a vaccine. They have been operating successfully without one since July. Vaccines are not mandatory in Florida. I am an annual pass holder and have been frequenting the parks since they reopened. I have not decided if I will get the vaccine at this point however I do know that even if I do I will not go any where that demands I get one. Disney by law can not even ask what your medical issue is if you have a DAS pass so I just can’t see this happening but time will tell.

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