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Cabana Bay

Credit: Universal (background)


  1. Kelvington

    I love the Cabana Bay and stay there every time I visit. Between the 2nd Floor Bowling Alley, and the amazing rooms, it’s a great place to stay. You can get a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suite for a really reasonable price, compared to any room at Disney World.

  2. This report does not surprise me. Disney has been giving half the magic at full price. Good for Universal putting consumers first. I am sure their resorts will fill up offering these fabulous deals. My family doesn’t gravitate towards Universal. My college kid only likes the Harry Potter portion. This great news for Floridians. Enjoy.

  3. Julie

    We’ve been annual pass holders for years,,,, we also had Disney in the past, but now the prices are so high. We always stayed at the Hard Rock/Royal Pacific/Portofino and got the Express pass and never have to wait for rides… Disney doesn’t do that, even when you stay in their Deluxe resorts… Universal Win!!!!!

  4. Doug D

    We have been to both Universal and Disney numerous (>50) times, and I hate to break it to you but during non-pandemic times Universal offers tons more for your money than Disney as well. It is a better resort and park setup overall for every reason imaginable. It’s not that I dislike Disney; it’s pretty good. But Universal is great.

    1. S

      yeeepppppp that’s the truth!!

  5. Tamara

    After trying to get a new annual pass to Disney since October 2020, we went with annual pass to Universal and have not been disappointed! Loved the Halloween hunt, Christmas tree hunt and now Mardi Gras celebration! Universal rocks !

  6. Leah Firestone

    We have a trip to Disney booked in March with another family and I’m sad to say, I’m not really excited about going. If it weren’t for not wanting to disappoint the other family, I’d cancel. It seems like they’ve discontinued so many of the things that made them special. They’ve even cut their hours to close at 6pm and 7pm. ?

    1. Jamie Feeser

      I’ve never been to Universal just Disney. Loved it every year I’ve been there but all the magic & hours have gone away. Too many changes & noticing rides not working, rides closed for extended periods of time, & a good portion of the restaurants we enjoy are closed or shorter hours. Makes no sense when the CEO takes home 21 million in bonuses while workers get screwed. They are becoming way too greedy.

  7. Wendy K Brown

    I am a 59 yr old mom and grandma who took 3 of my grown children-ages 40, 34, and 25 to Universal Studios Orlando for their collective birthdays. I was intrigued by the online photos of Cabana Resort. At the 1st sight of aqua- and tangerine-colored vintage automobile as you enter the grounds, you can feel your extraordinary journey to a modernistic yesteryear has truly begun! The FANTASTIC ASTHETICS of Cabana Bay’s Retro themed resort is Spectacular! Bright! Exciting! Playful!
    Retro-Edgy! The swirl and flow of color and design reach out and grab your soul! The ILLUSTRIOUS black&white movie and cartoon images of the 1950’s seem to come to life, carry you away to a place you wish you never had to leave! Cabana Bay Resort is imbibed with a long-lost Innocence EVERYONE NEEDS to experience! It is a world within itself! AND THEN- we have the AMENITIES!! The FOOD CHOICES!! The BOWLING ALLEY!! The meandering LAZY RIVER!! The STAFF!!…Oh Yah!! AND. T H E N. YOU. GO. TO. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!

    1. Pamela Lambert

      Yup its a great place to stay. I have stayed there a couple of times. Love the retro decor and it is really affordable for families

  8. CJ Brown

    We are in Southern Nevada, we tend to get better offers (discounts) appealing to us from Universal Studios Hollywood AND Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park) …. so Disneyland / DCA (Anaheim) no longer gets yearly visits from US – feels like every 5 years to 10 years now.

    That’s what happens when you become overpriced, overcharged, overhyped!

  9. Jordan Brinkman

    Don’t you go giving away our secret! Great deals and an amazing, adventurous vacation can always be had at Universal. And now with their new coaster getting ready to open, I may never get a chance to beat the crowds!

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