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  1. Victoria Best

    This is pure discrimination to parents and families that want to go out and let their kids run around. I’m not gonna judge universal for selling to comcast but it sucks now. I’ve been in fl my whole life theme parks are the biggest hotspot for germs, and spreading. Don’t want covid, don’t go. Trust me no amount of prevention will keep it spreading at theme parks, there’s just no way. Don’t expect it to be safe in that way. You shouldn’t have to ruin it for everyone. Universal never had rides shut down for extended periods of time. Just waiting for kid stuff to be open again.

    1. A.D

      Excellent comment and I agree 100%.

    2. Anne

      Plus, a lot of us have already had covid-19 now at this point.

      1. Pam

        A lot of us have not have Covid already.

  2. John

    Don’t know about the rest but Poseidon’s Fury and Storm Force Acceleratron have already been down for quite some time.

  3. Theresa

    I don’t like anyplace that forces masks. I can’t wear one out in the heAt of all day so we lost almost 4 months of our passes. Won’t be buying them anymore. Too much money to throw down the drain.

  4. Kim G

    Oh man, I just finished passing for our trip for mid March… 😣 I hope we don’t regret it. ❤

    1. Theresa

      Yessss..planning to do a “get away ” in March…I pray we don’t regret this decision!!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Derek

    Does universal ever refund the portion of the ticket not used on the closed attractions? Of course not! I won’t be going until it’s open and no masks required!! They close 5 things and still charge full price. No thanks

    1. njyhrbgtfvr

      um OK
      didn’t know you were dying to ride if I ran the zoo or Dudley do right in the winter but ok

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