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Tomorrowland Speedway

Credit: Disney


  1. Joe G

    I would one up those ideas and go with scrapping it and build a new ride themed to sugar rush from wreck it Ralph. So this way it will be a new ride design but all so give you the feel of the old tomorrow land Speedway. I would even go as far as disney replicating the Mario ride from Nintendo world.

  2. JZ

    I thought previously that they were looking at part of that space for Tron rollercoaster ride. Not the case anymore or just speculation previously?

  3. Fred Lievertz

    I think a partnership/sponsorship with one of the electric car companies or even Ingersoll Rand to create an electric self driving experience for young people would make it a future oriented ride again

  4. Gern Blanston

    The speedway is certainly a favorite in our family, but I do think an update should happen. For many, our children included, this is the first time they were able to “drive” a car all by themselves. At a traditional go-kart track, the age limit to drive the cart is well above what many kids at the WDW Speedway can be.

    Heck, my wife still enjoys being able to drive the speedway cars. Her siblings never let her drive when they visited as kids, so she is able to now.

  5. Jameson

    I’m on the scrap it train. There is so much space that Disney could put in a new ride.

  6. Matthew Brewster

    The Speedway is a noisy, smelly, polluting embarassment that lost its appeal decades ago. It BADLY needs to disappear!!! The acreage it has wasted can be put to far better use. I’d love to see a Matterhorn II built in its place. But, no matter what replaces the Speedway, I hope that Mgmt. save the grand, old oak trees that decorate this site. They belong in Town Square and the Hub.

  7. KenR

    Of all the attractions in the MK, the Speedway is the one that needs to be updated or replaced. I suggest reallocating the millions earmarked for Splash Mountain (which does not need to be changed) to the Speedway. Remove the ride, and build a dark ride similar to Beauty and the Beast in Tokyo. I suggest that the ride vehicle travel to different rooms which feature movies that are not represented at all such as Bambi, Alice, Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Sword in the Stone and 101 Dalmatians. That area has a huge footprint and they could move the entrance to Fantasy land near the rail road stop. It would be a huge hit and a favorite.

  8. Kris

    Make it the future of transportation and have electric go kart sized cars with self driving tech so kids can drive but the cars are smart enough to avoid collisions. Get rid of those awful rails. Get a sponsor like GM, Hyundai, Tesla, or whoever.

  9. Erin Barnes

    Test track and Tomorrowland
    speedway/Autopia should be switched to promoting Tesla.
    Give the child size cars electric overlay with quiet sounds to match the futuristic cars of today.
    It would not be hard to adapt test track to a Tesla theme but speedway/autopia needs this update badly. Walking by the speedway attraction is very loud and does not fit the ideal futurism of Tomorrowland.
    The speedway/Autopia cars breakdown very often due to the gas engines in them. Having electric motors replace this will make them last longer and be more cost effective and better for the environment.

    Can we start one of those signature things like they did for splash mountain? LOL

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