Comments for New EPCOT-Area Resort Sets Opening Date!

swan reserve

Credit: Marriott


  1. Tamara Dowd

    $278 a night is good for the middle class and seniors on a fixed income. Not. Plus good luck with reservations and passes into the parks, unless included.

  2. KenR

    The Bob Iger Years feature the worst possible Disney Hotel architecture and design. He leaves behind a legacy of boring hotels with no theme what so ever to be built: Bay Lake Tower, Gran Destino, The Riviera, and allowed this new square office building eyesore to open at the gates of Epcot. Could Disney management not veto that glass box design or exert even a small amount of pressure to design something with a bit of theme more fitting for Epcot’s entrance? In full disclosure, I love BLT (for it’s location) and enjoyed Gran Destino, but I love and desire to stay at the highly themed resorts with beautiful grounds like the Grand Floridian, Port Orleans, Old key West, the Polynesian, etc..

  3. Nicholas Reale

    We passed by the new hotel last week on the way to our stay at the Grand Floridian and the new hotel is a beautiful hotel on the outside. I agree the price point is what Disney needed now and I am glad it is part of the Marriott Bonvoy program.

    I disagree with the previous comment posted, if you want to stay for cheaper than $278 there are plenty pf hotels on route 4 outside of Disney World to stay.

  4. KenR

    While Michael Eisner ushered in an era of growth, new parks, highly themed and unique resorts, Bob Iger’s legacy is one of reductions, take aways, and the design and construction of hotels that lack theme and resemble office buildings. Bay Lake Tower, Gran Destino, The Riviera, and this bland cube hotel all green lit on his watch. I know that Disney did not design and build the Swan Reserve but they allowed it to look that way and it’s close to Epcot. Disappointing. In full disclosure, I like BLT but mainly for the short walk to the Magic Kingdom. I also liked the technology of Gran Destino but again, it has no theme or “magic”.

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