Comments for Pedro Pascal Actually ISN’T Leaving ‘The Mandalorian’

grogu touching din djarin helmet

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Kat

    It’s a total Disgusting Disgraceful shame that Americans cannot put aside their Political Differences and let people do their Job, this Cancel Culture has got to stop especially coming from Directors and Producers it’s completely unprofessional.

  2. JimInAuburn

    I figured he would get the axe, like Gina, for his abhorrent antisemetic tweet.

    1. No Idea What You're Talking About

      Stupid comment. There were no anti-Semitic tweets from him ever. His comparison wasn’t the same. What makes stubborn, pigheaded morons think they can say things over and over again without consequence? If she was warned by her bosses even once, she should’ve stopped! You conservatives are so dense and thick-headed.

  3. USAgent

    You need to be a little more clear when you say he wasn’t in the costume; what you seen to mean is that the actor was not physically in the costume, and a double was. (Don’t know what your source is for that) I think using the word “armor” made it confusing.

    1. OK

      He WAS in the costume at times, more in Season 2.

      1. Get into character Pedro wtf a Mandolorian doesn’t show his face or remove the helmet, this is the way, not wanting face time, get lost retire and let John Wayne grand son finish the job up right, no face time , not ever, this is the way, and the way I feel fans want it.

  4. anonymous


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