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  1. Daddy Piranha

    “What Are the Repercussions of the ‘Mandalorian’ Controversy?”
    Oooh! I know this one!
    Butt-hurt conservative snowflakes are going to whine when they find out that the cancel culture they created is now going to be used against them as they slowly slide further into the minority kicking and screaming about how they are being discriminated against when it is really just that they don’t like that facts don’t care about their feelings.

    1. bob

      you mean what liberals created

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Oh? Freewheeling hippies, inner city youths, academic liberals, and Bernie Sanders were out there trying to cancel rock and roll music (and rap and metal and…), the votes of African Americans, flag burners, gay people coming out of the closet, “communists” in Hollywood, anyone speaking ill of the military or police, people who wouldn’t recite the pledge of allegiance, people who wouldn’t stand for the anthem, Dungeons and Dragons, Marilyn Manson, Sinead O’Connor, The Dixie Chicks, and The Teletubbies?
        No, Bob. I was talking about conservatives. And apparently you.

        1. Daddy D

          Ok now that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day . . . . a complete wack-o on the left claiming the conservatives created cancel culture! What actually are you drinking or smoking? Any liberal will tell you that they created “cancel culture” but they prefer you call it “teaching diversity and inclusivity” go have another drink daddy!

          1. CFGodwell

            WRONG. “Woke” Liberals created the term ‘CANCEL CULTURE’, but the act of cancelling someone’s career over their political beliefs needn’t look much further than Colin Kaepernick, whose entire career was destroyed because he didn’t feel theAmerican flag represented nor protected Black people killed by police while unarmed. Conservative Cancel Culture at its worst was under the House Committee for Un-American Activities, who ravaged many a career because of actors/entertainers political beliefs. You, sir have nomgrasp.on reality nor history and you’re to ig orang to debate. Don’t respond ebcuse I won’t even read it. I don’t negotiate with supporters of terrorists.

          2. Mark

            Why can people no longer believe what they want in this country of ours? I don’t understand. How do we expect a person to go their whole lives without offending someone? When did people take opinions other then theirs as offensive? By having separate ideas and observing, accepting our differences, and working together, we create a better future. If so many of us get cought up in something miss said or badly worded to heart, no one is safe. Walking on eggshells becomes the norm and everyone becomes uneasy. I guess what I’m trying to say is, so what she had her own opinions on things. Firing a person for standing on what they believe could not be less American. This comment will probably call on deaf ears, but then again, maybe someone will read it and decide to try on someone else’s shoes for a while and not jump to offense, even if they don’t like that person. Peace and love to all.

          3. Zen Phoenix

            Conservatives have been cancelling for decades. Poster offered excellent examples.

            I would add N.W.A. for further hypocrisy as far as all these right-wingers go: you’re all saying it’s “the libs” who cancel anything they don’t like…but look how conservatives treated NWA. Were they offensive? Sure. But Cancel Culture has been embraced by the right for a long time now.

        2. Bob

          And you tried cancelling the lives of ANYONE who doesn’t think like you. We have to fire Gina for a comparison to the holocaust but in all actuality her post was on point
          She was saying how we are headed down the wrong road and we need to check ourselves because just because it’s a political party doesn’t mean it has no value so me not being friends with a democrat because they are a democrat is discrimination. Oh and her “transphobic” comment? putting pronouns in your bio is not a requirement to be on social media so when people are demanding that she put pronouns she put r2d2 sounds to be like shut. Up. I am not transphobic i have lots of friends who are but just because you don’t put the right pronouns in your bio doesn’t make you a transphobic.
          I would also like to bring up how you guys cancelled splash mountain or was that the cOnSeRvAtIvEs

          1. Daddy Piranha

            Wait, Bob. I thought your point was that liberals created cancel culture. Then you give a bunch of examples from the last year or two?
            Focus, Bob. Focus.

          2. Cancel culture is liberal

            What you mentioned has nothing to do with cancel culture because cancel culture came around in 2017 with the metoo movement
            A liberal movement
            But lets just assume that you are right and it did happen earlier than that
            The commuists in hollywood movement? That was liberals
            Listen to some Glenn beck
            Trying to cancel music artists thats more both sides than just conservatives (morgan wallen being an example of music artists on liberal side recently)
            Flag burners are not so much cancelling rather condemning people for disrespecting this country on an unbelievable scale
            Cancel culture is terrible and should never be used ever
            Personal life should never affect your job and yes gina carano should be brought back

        3. CFG

          Piranha, that’s as spot on. He’s so caught up on the title “Cancel Culture” that he doesn’t know the history of having your political and social beliefs held against you. He obviously has never heard of the McCarthy Hearings, Canada Lee, Hazel Scott, the witch hunts being backed by showbiz giants like Ed Sullivan who was accusing people of being “Reds”, House Committee for Un-American Activities infringing on Free Speech when it was as actually Free Speech and not Carano nor Trump’s FIGHT SPEECH, which is not protected by the First Amendment. Conservative Cancel Culture almost destroyed Humphrey Bogart, who they also branded as Communists. Conservatives, aside from the aforementioned cancelling if Rock n Roll, Civil Rights, free speech and the like, were THE first Cancel Culture and still are, but only if you’re Liberal.

          1. Daddy D

            Ha cfg! you’re hilarious! first of all, don’t pretend you’re not gonna read this because we both know you are 🙂 and for your information i don’t support any type of terrorist activity from the activities at the captial building to the countless “peaceful” protests that happened all summer (you know the ones where all the buildings were being burned, businesses destroyed, people getting murdered in portions of cities taken over by the “peaceful” protesters) and as for krapernick, he’s the one who chose not to play! he had a contract in his hand and handed it back! go have a drink with piranha!

          2. Kenneth E Hoffman

            Cancel culture attacks people. Censorship from conservatives attacks ideas.
            One is a closed minded movement. The other is ideological terrorism that goes often people

          3. Sue

            You have no real idea of what was going on in Hollywood or those McCarthy hearings or why so many people were unjustly accused of something they did not do. Hollywood was “weeding” out anyone who did not subscribe to the very well planned cancelled culture we are seeing now. As for Trump – he NEVER once said anything that could be construed as hate speech or inciting a riot. And Gina is spot on in her comparison.

        4. Jim

          You’re obviously a brainwashed liberal commie bastard! Move along now hippie! Your hateful liberal nutjob ideas are not welcome in reality.

        5. Nate

          Your just simply a moron! All there is to it!

      2. Nelson Kerr

        Do the 50s Blacklists, The Dixie Chicks and kneeling football players ring any bells?

        1. Nate

          Conservatives never tried to cancel the NFL for the football players disrespectful taking a knee we just stopped watching. The problem with you liberals is you don’t understand the difference between a conservative deciding to not watch something because we disagree with what’s going VS liberals getting people fired and trying ruin their lives over something liberals don’t like.

          1. Devin

            It’s the same thing. Nobody would hire Kaepernick because of the backlash the NFL was getting, so he lost his job because of it. And when Nike hired him as a spokeperson, the conservatives went out and burned their Nike stuff because of it. And I’m pretty sure the #canceldisneyplus isn’t a liberal thing

        2. Sue

          When in uniform you are on the job and therefore your opinion does not count at time. Colin had no business kneeling during the national athem as a protest. He can protest on his own time. Besides, from what I am told he was a horrible player anyway (I don’t watch football).

        3. Dan

          No it’s not the same thing. Kaepernick HAD a contract that would pay him $25 million. He OPTED OUT of that contract to attempt to get more money. That is unquestioned, PROVE-ABLE fact. And he did that on top of his on the field play getting worse and worse and worse. So a guy wanting more money, for worse play….WHILE causing controversy got him black listed. He’s not some innocent little pawn in this.

        4. Chris

          Colin K. was already sitting on the bench he wasnt canceled he just wasnt good. He got 15 more mins of fame with his kneeling it got him attention and people then think oh he was let go because of it no he was let go because he wasn’t needed.

      3. B

        I for one have already canceled Disney plus

      4. Pris

        Should be no controversy since one was anti Semitic and the other anti rascist. Pretty simple. Being anti Semitic is not ok and being a racist is not ok. Looking forward to seeing Pascal in the next Mandalorian.


          But he used a holocaust comparison and he compared trump supporters to nazis. I was told that anyone should lose their job because of holocaust comparison so- oh wait he’s a liberal ok never mind no issue here. YAY GINA CARANO IS FIRED THANK GOD SHE’S GONE FROM THE MANDALORIAN
          Let this be a lesson to you people who speak your mind
          be more woke
          (btw i was being sarcastic Piranha)

        2. Nate

          Nothing she said was anti Semitic or racist your just a moron who had you special snowflake feelings hurt! Good it must be a miserable life to be offended by everything! Grow a backbone and stop being so pathetic you might not be so miserable!

      5. Manny

        Liberals, aka creative types with college educations who create the content you consume have decided to make decisions about how their content is used and this is bothering you?

        From a business perspective that upper class family who watches the show, buys the products and travels to Disney to spend money goes way beyond the non-college educated white who is barely scraping by. At least you can still cling to the fact you are white and not educated as a point of pride.

    2. Ed Ross

      I’m butt hurt because I’m a liberal. Free speech doesn’t protect itself and the first amendment only protects it from the government. When corporations corner the market on media platforms and start dictating terms to us, liberals don’t cheer that on, corporate schills do.

      1. Michael a

        It’s liberals who want to break up corporations in monopolies the conservatives protect the corporations because they are controlled by them

        1. r kar

          This used to be true, now the liberals are in the pockets of the monopolistic corporations. Time to get caught up. Go look at who creepy Joe has appointed. Time to realize the democratic party is the party that has been bought and paid for.

        2. Mike

          No, just no.

          First you mean Republicans not conservatives.

          Second you don’t really understand who owns what.

          Finally the elite Democrats and Republicans like big corporations. The rank and file who are for small business do not love them.

          Seriously you sound comically uneducated.

        3. Paul

          Right… Well if liberals are all about taking down the big corporations, now is the time for us to join forces.

      2. In-The-Middle


    3. I am a liberal and I read what Carano wrote and what she said about Germany in WW11 was historically correct. So if people are going to get but hurt everytime somebody post the truth liberal or Conservative God help us all! Personally I think most conservatives are ether greedy selfish unempathetic jackasses! But I support their right to free speech especially when what is said is factually correct! If we start cancelling them for making truthful statements we don’t like! Then what’s next! The emplications are catastrophic. We are setting a very bad presidence! Next it could be you me the real news media. Not like the muckraker so called reporter that has been stirring the flames of this crap.This is all she seems to want to right stories about. They are always slanted. Reporting the Carano tweets! Like who cares what Joe Smho thinks. It’s know different then the Conservative crap on A.M. Radio and Fox News! Garbage! Develop a thicker skin American We have turned into a bunch Of whiney bitches.

      1. John

        Can we send all of the immigrants to your house so you can feed, clothe and provide healthcare? Or can we just raise your taxes to pay for entitled babies school loans? Do I need to go on about how your side is killing the country?

        1. Everyone Deserves a voice

          Will you just shut up man? I’m a conservative and Truthteller is telling the truth. Whereas you’re here just making the rest of us right wingers look bad.

      2. CC

        I am a conservative and I appreciate your point of view, although I don’t think I am a greedy unempathetic jackass. Lol! We are allowed to disagree. We need to be good to each other while doing that. This is why we love this country! ❤

      3. Desolate

        @TruthTeller, only reason I stopped to read any of this crap was your name Stood out from all these other individuals.
        I don’t read what people say generally cause I feel it lowers my intelligence and also makes me wish we could take post these folks and put them on the front lines as canon fodder or at least have them sterilized so they don’t produce anymore problems.
        That’s tough to say even for me but it’s a tough pill to swallow and hurts me to my very core to say it.
        but with all I’m seeing and everywhere I go I see the lack of common since which isn’t so common these days, much less the love for our fellow man leaving individuals do to social media brain washing. One thing is true even though they said it never passed. “The Dumbing Down Of America Act Of 1964” in Virginia. The effects can surely be seen and felt everywhere…
        Lord have mercy I got off topic quick fast and in a hurry. I’m sorry, please forgive me, all I came to say in the first place was God Bless you for taking time from your day to actually speak a little truth and being actually honest with your fellow peers. May God bless you and your family and may he keep you and yours safe and sound in these uncertain days and in our wild an crazy new world. Where it’s now safe for a full grown man to wear a pair of panties on his face. 🙂

    4. Michael A


    5. Ike

      She signed a contract with a morality clause and language to the effect of, “if you hurt the money, you are gone.” She was warned repeatedly to lay off the social media. She didnt, broke the clause and was terminated. No canceling, no drama, just a dumb employee testing their boss. Boss won. Again.

    6. Liza

      You sound so “mature”… Just your actions alone show how childish you sound… Please re read and try taking politics out and read things for they are.

      Also read Anne Frank’s diary to know your history and then tell me how small you feel. Rhetoric this shows incompetence.
      Try to be brilliant with a brilliant comment for discussion and conversation. Thank you.

      Sincerely a NON republican.
      Politics aren’t what people think or know… It’s not black and white, if people knew their history in government, etc.

      1. In-The-Middle

        Our shool system has failed, at least in teaching history.

        1. Heather

          Public school education in this country fails at EVERY level; they don’t teach enough in politics or government, and they spend too much time teaching about the Revolutionary and Civil Wars instead of teaching about the 20th century wars. There are so many low-IQ people in this country that public schools have to teach “low-level”, grade-school subjects even in high school, and so they’re FAR BEHIND private schools such as college preparatory academies, which teach even small kids college-level courses in many complex subjects, even business courses. It isn’t just the rural areas, either; I see inner-city and suburban kids who are just as ignorant.

          1. Gina

            I have a low IQ child. He is not capable of college prep curriculum and never will be. Should he not be allowed a “low-level” education? I suppose I could keep him home so as not to offend you with his ignorance.

          2. Heather

            Gina: A lot of people in this country are low-IQ because they’ve been dumbed down from the lousy public school system. Some may not capable of learning, but that’s a different story. I guess you’re also low-IQ, since you fail to see the point I’m making here. Those of average intelligence or higher deserve better education than what we’re given, but not everyone can afford to send their kids to a high-level school. I only wish my parents could’ve done this.

    7. Terence Flanagan

      Actually it’s the sociopathic, delusional Disney fans and two faced far left that’s the problem . She was right. You ARE the nazis you screech about

    8. stan kinaz

      Really? This all started because of Donald. Donald is gone. Get over it. He’s an awesome instigator. He was an awful president and an awful person. So, stfu. Gina lost too. DT and Gina won’t make a damn difference. They aren’t Elon Musk. They aren’t Bill Gates. Basically, they haven’t contribute shit in society to make any difference to impact humankind. Gina and DT will be forgotten and maybe be remembered as being the luckiest people in this planet that blew it for their idiotic beliefs.

      1. Nate

        President was the best president in modern history and in time he will go down as one of the best presidents in us history. I’m sorry he hurt your snowflake feelings but he got things done and made our country strong and prosper! Those are facts he did more in 4 years than Obama and Bush combined! He was someone who cared about this country and the people of this country I’m sorry you are a idiot and listen to liars like CNN but facts are facts even if you dislike the man he got things done and couldn’t be bought unlike Obama and Biden! Biden has already destroyed thousands of jobs and he hasn’t even been *president for a month! This conversation has nothing to do with either president but you libtards can’t not talk about him because he lives in your snowflake heads rent free its funny and pathetic!

        1. Heather

          You are mentally ill. Get some help.

    9. “Carano… divisive twitter posts…”
      Ever noticed how only conservatives are described as “divisive”? That tells you the column is written by a Leftist. Of course, Leftists are only described as “dissenters”. Utter bull pippy.

    10. Joe

      This is wild! What ever happened to the first amendment? I know there’s some stuff you can’t say but she wasn’t inflicting pain on anybody, just speaking her mine. People really need to grow up and stop being so damn sensitive. This is the way the world works right now. Speak your mine girl!

      1. Devin

        Your first amendment doesn’t cover free speech in general, it covers not being prosecuted for it. Any business has the right to fire someone if they are not representing them the way they want.

    11. Chris Kinney

      Cancel culture is stupid, period. An actors beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with their portrayal of a character. What is the end goal here? That everyone that has an opinion that someone else disagrees with lose their jobs, so the only ones left with a means to support themselves and their families are the cancel culture idiots, leaving them in control of everything? Hey, wait a minute…

      1. In-The-Middle

        Chris, what is it that you don’t understand in regards to breach of contract, Moral Clauses and Ethics Policies signed by Corporations, Production Companies and their employees. Your beef is with Disney.

    12. JB

      So because of someone’s personal political views they can now be fired and possibly financially ruined because of those beliefs. Obviously we have lost the right to support the Candidate of our choice.

      1. Todd

        Everyone needs to watch her interview on YouTube its very enlightening you might get a better perspective of what was actually meant and said. The thing is disney wasnt loosing much because of it now there has been thousands of canceled subscribers so if it was about the money maybe they should rethink this plan of theirs

    13. Robo

      It’s disgusting to give an emotionally incontinent whiny minority this kind of power over people’s lives. Im a libertarian and don’t agree with it left or right. We the adults need to put a stop to it. Neither Pascal’s or Carano’s comments are worthy of firing. If suggest the cast stand up and refuse to move forward without Carano, an actual strong woman who refused to back down from her simple inoffensive free speech.

    14. Chris P

      Yep, it hurts to have your own play book used against you, but it is a natural and logical consequence. Stop double downing on dumb and you might get better results. And stop using false equivalence to back up dumb, Pedro is not the same as Gina, thank goodness.

    15. FCR

      Cancel culture conservatives created? Son you need to get off the drugs get your facts straight. Spending too much of your time at “peaceful protests”

    16. Nate

      I’m sorry idiot but liberals created cancel culture no conservative supporters cancel culture! Now if aidiot liberals do and say things we don’t like we just stop watching what they are but we don’t try to get them canceled that’s all on you idiot liberals! If someone doesn’t believe in everything you people believe in you try to have them fired we on the other hand believe in free speech

    17. jaded

      Tipper Gore.

    18. J. Harris

      I used to believe in much of the same left right paradigm philosophy. Many years ago after countless let downs and endless frustration, I began to look at politics from a different angle. If you list all the things the power brokers of both parties in US politics agree on, that list is dramatically longer than the issues they seem publicly divided on. These “divisive issues” while not insignificant by any means, gay marriage, abortion etc they are crucial to some people individually but don’t directly effect the country as a whole. It’s these type of things we see them fight about publicly but it’s not much different than pro wrestling. When the rubber hits the road , these people are pals in spite of being in opposing parties. Where they agree is big banking , big business , major pharmaceutical companies, military spending and the industrial complex that has been with us since WW2 etc , these are the entities that are getting representation in DC. Certainly not any among us in these comments section where all you see is people going back and forth , blaming one side or the other , spouting talking points they just heard from their preferred propaganda outlets, cnn Fox msnbc , all the same. If you think your opposition is fellow American citizens and not this corrupt perversion of a republic we were intended to be , then sadly you are a major part of the problem and reason number one why things never seem to change unless they get worse. It’s a 2 party dictatorship. Heads or tails will always win and most are so far unable to realize it’s all the same coin, especially if the side they support happens to win , seems to blind people even further.

    19. Dan

      Cancel culture that conservatives created? LOLOLOL. Do you ever wake up and realize how utterly dense you are?

      Aunt Jamima….canceled due to being racist…..

      Uncle Ben’s….canceled due to being racist….

      Statues of Abe Lincoln….torn down due to being racist

      And the list goes on and on. You liberals are something else. Call everything racist…..then blame the other side for cancel culture. LOL

  2. KenG

    I did not fully read what either Gina and Pedro said, but Favreau needs to stand up and make a statement.
    The point is if both Gina and Pedro have said controversial things, they should both be treated equally! Either they both stay or they both go (and therefore the show ends????)
    And there in lies the problem in general these days. The one side that cry’s “treat everyone equally” is the very side that doesn’t! You cannot be appalled by one statement and not the other, otherwise “you” are part of the problem as well.
    If Gina was given a warning and told she would be let go if she spoke up again….OK. But let’s hope that applies to Pedro as well.

    1. CFGodwell

      WRONG. Carano, an employee of Lucasfilm, which is a subsidiarity of Disney, was repeatedly warned about her support of a White Nationalist President who was crying false “fraud” which was basically discounting Black votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania so that he could win reelection. The throwing away of Black votes is disgusting and I as a Black person take it personal. As a Star Wars fan, I took Carano’s support of Trump and false election fraud to heart because her star was erected by STAR WARS. She was basically no one prior, and don’t tell me Deadpool counts. She has all of two lines and is an ATROCIOUS actress. Secondly, she was told to not support the MURDERS that resulted from the Caption riots, she instead doubled down. She as again earned to stop promoting anti-masking, because these things will fall on Disney’s heads because they employ her a s remained publicly silent for too long. The forth and final violation came in the form of her absurdly comparing her uninformed decision to back a charlatan to thousands of Jews being outed by neighbors in Nazi Germany. They were who they were, she is who she is by choice. She chose to back a racist liar and got what she deserved. Pascal compared the Trump Admin locking kids in interment camp cages at the border to interment camps in Germany, which is an accurate analogy.

      Please go read and get out of your emotions. She’s gone and even now, instead if showing remorse, she’s tripling down again. Densely calling Liberals “Authoritarian” when she herself just lost her job for supporting Authoritarian dictator actions.

      1. Erin

        The throwing away of black votes? You’re really going to play that card? For the throwing away of every black vote, Biden got two from dead people! I have as much proof in saying that as you do in saying black votes were thrown out. We should all be scared of Gina’s fourth and final violation, because the first thing the nazi’s did was silence the jews and we all know what happened after that. I apologize if I come across as rude and arrogant. I live in California and learned this from watching our politicians like Pelosi, Harris, and Newsome.

        1. Burt

          Hey there fellow Republican, I too am a gay black man that hates Jews and gay black men.

          1. Erin

            you forgot to say OJ didn’t do it! lol

        2. Burt

          I’m a gay black man, but after reading your post I’ve been inspired to become a straight white man, thanks fellow republican for setting up to be white and right.

          1. La'Quisha

            If you’re looking for a job you don’t want to do that, just stay black and gay, that way any potential employer can check off two boxes 🙂

        3. In-The-Middle

          There was zero proof brought to court by Giuliani and co of dead people voting that would have flipped the tally enough for Trump to win. In total it was like a couple thousand nationwide and for both parties combined. Barr even attested to it as did the DOJ, Election committees, McConnell and Graham. Q, Trump and Guiliani will claim otherwise, but how often do they lie?

      2. In-The-Middle

        Exactly. And Trump asking Georgia to find the exact votes needed via phone call caught on tape, is taking votes from all the people who voted, black, white and everyone else, while crapping on those of the Republican lower ticket. No one was suing for votes to be recounted on the lower ticket, Repub or Dem. Hmmm. The entire “stop the vote” and “stop the steal” was a disenfranchising of Democracy itself, with literally zero evidence brought to the hearings. Thank Giuliani for that crapshoot. You can also thank Q for misleading you. If there is ever PROOF, I will apologize in horrified shock and disdain for politics as a whole.

      3. In-The-Middle

        Exactly. Although I will say I wish she wasn’t fired. That will only add fuel to the fire when healthy debate, education and love go much further. She apparently learned from Pedro that pronouns mean something more to others, while she hadn’t understood their significance before that. And she evolved. That is how education works and why it is so important. Progression not regression. Her firing will only instigate regression, anger and revenge. Watch what jobs she takes moving forward as proof.

        1. Heather

          We don’t need education on nonsense like “trans” people. Our schools need a massive overhaul for students to learn about how government and politics are supposed to work. Learning about the Constitution is important, pronouns aren’t!

      4. Dmagers

        You are absurd. The fact you cannot see the prejudice in your own statement drives home the point GC was trying to make. Obama built the cages and the pictures used by the media to stoke the flames of hatred were from 2014 before Trump took office. You go read please!

      5. Blindfools

        You are a perfect example of the problem. Rarely have I seen such unabashed and brazen ignorance willingly put on display. To paraphrase what you said: She disagrees with me and got what she deserves. Pedro is woke so he’s good, even though his post included a picture that wasn’t even taken in the US that he was trying to pass off as taken in the US. Stunning and brave 👏.

      6. Jonathan

        Forgot to mention, Pascal’s comparison of America to Nazi Germany was even FARTHER out of line than Gina’s post, on top of the fact that it WAS A FAKE PHOTO. Literal misinformation.

    2. Michael A

      I could care less if Cara humped Trump all day.

      But when she speaks out saying the virus is fake masks don’t work The vaccine is fake and doesn’t work When she has children young adults and the ill informed following her on social media that’s the problem.
      That could literally harm people.

      Freedom of speech has responsibilities and consequences

  3. EricJ

    Let’s simplify it: Gina was the Charlie Sheen of Lucasfilm.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Without the screen presence.

  4. Annoyed

    The consequence of maybe insidethemagic running out of asinine articles about Gina Carano. The desperate attempts of this site to squeeze out as much juice from her articles to get the same comments…

    1. Enough already

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I saw this come up.
      “Again with her? Jesus, these guys seem obsessed.”

  5. Nomad

    Oh come now. Gina used her social media posts to spread hate. And when she faced consequences for it she tried to take the victim pose. That’s what her Nazi post was about. Trying to gin up sympathy after she was feeling the heat as a response to her own actions. Calling out people for spreading hate is the exact opposite of what she did.

    Don’t even pretend to be so ignorant that you don’t understand the context and act like the use of the word Nazi regardless of context was the problem. I know this blog has become quite the friend of our favorite disgraced fascist actress, but the people writing it aren’t that ignorant. Don’t insult your readers.

    She screwed up, and when given a chance to repent she doubled down, egged on by her toxic fans. Well you helped her achieve this result. Revel in it.

    You were so proud of her pig headed refusal to compromise. Well here you go. This is what you and she gets. I hope you enjoy her propoganda films made for the Daily Wire. It’s wingnut welfare for her. Right wingers fail upwards, she’s set for life as a faux victim (if anything she’s only a victim of her own behavior). She can make a comfortable living spreading the kind of hateful messages that got her fired in the first place.

    1. Greg

      I saw her yet. I saw more truth than offense in it. In fact, the Jewish people I know are not offended either.
      Though Pedro’s post comparing the locking up of children in (Obama and Biden built cages) to Nazi’s with a picture that was not even from there is more than a little offensive and deceptive.
      I love the Mandalirian. But not enough to not cancel Disney because Disney denies free speech because bad actors in Twitter want her fired.

      1. Burt

        As a jew, I too hate Jews. We should only use trump branded boxes to keep our jews safe and separate

      2. Brad Smith

        It’s funny how the article tries to suggest Pascal’s post is of the same level. That’s hilarious. Did you look at it? He put confederate flag lost 1865, nazi symbol, lost 1945, and MAGA hat lost 2020. That’s true. All three lost. Maybe some are offended to compare all three, but maga folks walked thru the nation’s Capitol with the confederate flag. And many were white supremacists (oath takers, proud boys). Some of the maga crowd are nazi sympathizers. He didn’t say confed flag equals nazi equals maga. But there sure is some overlap in those venn diagrams.

        1. Heather

          Yes, white supremacists were there, as we saw a guy there with a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt on.

        2. Jonathan

          He also put the circle-with-a-line-thru-it over 45 stylized to look like the Nazi flag. Direct comparison of Republicans to Nazis. Used a fake, debunked photo to compare illegal immigrants in jail to Nazi death camps. Way worse than Gina using the historically accurate example of how the media drove people to hate each other to enable the Holocaust as a warning not to hate each other because of the media-driven division.

    2. Roland

      She may or may not wanted to cause hate among ourselves, but she was right about something. We are becoming the same thing we have destroyed, the hate towards others, the lack of free speech, and starting unnecessary wars because of greed. She is just warning us of the path we are going to, we are merely another empire going into ruins unless we change the way we do things, that was what she said, see it your own way but his is the way I see it.

    3. In-The-Middle


      1. In-The-Middle

        That Amen was in response to Brad, by the way. Well put.

  6. Greg

    Kudo’s to the author for presenting the other side. Thank you.
    As far as cancel culture is concerned, it has reached dangerous levels to the point that free speech is no longer allowed .
    Before you get your panties in a was read what Benjamin Franklin started done 40 years before the founding of America.
    “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.”
    1937 – On Freedom of Speech and the Press.
    And IMHO the tyranny is starting you arrise as differing social media platforms seem something dangerous with the protection of some federal law.
    I have been around over 50 years and see unfolding what we need Communist USSR to be in the 80’s. Before you say’So what’ , imagine what will happen when you’re speech is thwarted.
    Love me or hate me….I don’t care. I do know that I see what we saw USSR to be in the 80s

  7. Motor

    Disney is too big. Considering it’s male chauvinist cartoons and racist content, they are not in a position to throw stones at Gina Carano. We all need to grow and learn. Just because a few loud voices screach doesn’t mean people should be fired. I grew up watching Bill Cosby. It was known what he was apparently. No one did anything until he was convicted by a court. Gina hasn’t broken any laws. She was harrassed terribly on twitter. People need to get over themselves.

    1. Devin

      What content are you referring to?

  8. Your Mama

    Here is the main thing for me: The Star Wars franchise is an escape from reality. A fantasy world that I’ve been obsessed with since I was a kid. I loved the Mandalorian and even enjoyed the Cara Dune character. But after she started posting pretty pointed and charged political opinions and being involved in one controversy after another, everytime she came on screen all I could think about was the drama of the week. She took me out of the Star Wars world. She let her need for attention from the reactions to her social media overtake the story and the fantasy, so her no longer being included in the show means I can focus on the story and nothing else. We don’t need the drama, just the talent, the story and the fun of the Star Wars characters and world.

  9. Seditious

    They need to beg her to come back. I’ll be boycotting Disney until they do, not that I contribute any considerable portion to the corporation’s profits, but it’s the principle of the thing. I liked that character, I don’t care what she says or does off screen, I am content so long as her acting performance doesn’t break my suspension of disbelief.

    What’s next, firing lead actors because they have unpaid parking fines? Blacklisting celebrities because one of their 8th grade essays contained a morally ambiguous perspective? This entire fiasco is completely surreal to me; perhaps it’s yet further evidence for simulation theory.

  10. Frank

    Tipper and Al Gore led the crusade against Rock, Rap and Pop in the 1990s. They founded the PMRC. Common knowledge. The assertion that conservatives are behind censorship and cancel culture is laughable.

    1. Frank's vision isn't 20/20

      Yup. Bob Jones University in the 1960’s cancelling The Beatles was some liberal stuff. You know those hippies at BOB JONES UNIVERSITY? You must think they had a time machine.
      Like Pat Robertson in the 80’s? He was a pot smoker too, right? I guess you think Footloose was liberal propaganda to misplace blame.
      Your pale attempts to rewrite history are laughable. Own up to it.

  11. Latino heat

    As a liberal I even feel cancel culture is just awful. Whatever happened to free speech? They should bring her back. Other people have said worst things and continued working.

    1. In-The-Middle

      Free speech isn’t exactly a thing under Production Companies. They make ALL employees sign NDA”s and Ethics Policies that severely limit Free Speech at the company’s sole discretion. Signed before production begins. The execs make the final calls. They did give her some leeway and had asked her to make a public apology for her final post. Apparently she made the decision to break contract, according to Disney. That was on her, fortunately or unfortunately. Her form of protest I imagine. She is a fighter afterall. She knew the ramifications. She signed the contracts. They have to go over that stuff with her. Unless we see a lawsuit on her behalf, we KNOW she made the decision for herself, otherwise Disney or the Production company may have broken contract. We have no clue what happened in the discussions with other employees with their posts. There are protocols involved like arbitration and mediation that are options prior to lawsuits. So we will have to see if anything comes down the pipeline.

  12. Jennifer Napolitano Harris

    Disney and Lucas films should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Revan

      Don’t worry they are crying into their sacks of money while everyone screams at them.

  13. Heath Harrington

    There is a huge difference between comparing your “suffering” to that of jewish people in nazis germany to being a conservative in the united states. One, you are not being murdered.
    As, far as Pascal’s statements comparing Trump supporters to Nazis and confederates is nowhere near the same, because Nazis and Confederates are Trump supporters. And they committed violence on the capital of the united states. They planned the kidnapping of members of the senate. They wanted to overthrow the democratic process.

    1. In-The-Middle

      Heath, well put!

  14. In-The-Middle

    Many of you don’t understand how Production Companies work. Free Speech doesn’t rule there, at all. In fact, Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and Ethic Policies are contracts that limit, by lawsuit and/or firing, what can be said or done by their employees, not just actors. So they can’t just spill the beans about the upcoming episodes and much much more. They also have to act in a way that doesn’t go against their ethics policies to hold the company in the light the company desires. In Disney’s case, inclusivity. Employees kind of sign off from their Free Speech Rights. That’s just the way it goes. Directors and Producers get little to no say when the Executives make a decision regarding these contracts. And she had been warned multiple times. Now coming from a big fan of hers going way back before her fight with Cyborg, I could separate the athlete/actor from her political speech. That was until the Nazi comparison. A mistake that required an explanation if not an apology. Say what you will about the Bipartisan effort under the Obama admin to separate children at the border until hearings were concluded and to keep coyotes away from kids they claimed, that may not have been their own, and the numbers of them being far far less than the hordes stuffed into cages, to the brim with little health care, beds, food or blankets under Trump… the Nazis needing to be called out marched chanting “the Jews will not replace us,” they wore swastikas and pro holocaust sweaters. I kinda think they are pretty chill being referred to as Nazis. Hitler’s Nazis not only silenced and KILLED the Jews but also LGBTQ, gypsies and other minorities, while putting out propaganda about them being pedophilic children killers that drank blood. Sound familiar? Q uses Hitler’s same tropes to turn good caring people, wanting to save others, and those not so good already, into angry Jew hating, liberal hating nationalists. People need to start reading about WW2 before we see history repeat itself on OUR homeland.

  15. Sith

    Trump supporters are Nazis the problem is they are too stupid to realize it.

  16. In-The-Middle

    And just for facts sake, the eradication of the indigenous Native Americans, slavery and Japanese Internment camps can be compared to Nazism. But I don’t see Dems or Libs shutting down the media as a whole. Newsmax, OAN, Fox News and Alex Jones’s Info Wars (which used to lean left back in the day – fact check it) still exist and are flourishing. I don’t see trains of people dropping people into internment camps separating those that can work hard labor from those to be gassed. I don’t see Repubs being forced to wear distinguishing arm bands or Republican book burnings. So it is a false equivalent to compare Libs to Nazism. I’m all for healthy debate and freedom of speech and I absolutely despise cancel culture. I even cherish the 2nd ammendment while wanting license laws and limited bullet capacities. I am a pro choice man that doesn’t like abortion but believe there are reasons why only a woman and a doctor can understand and should decide. I’m all for borders and immigration laws, but know we are the true melting pot that reaches out with open arms to those most in need. So I’m right in the middle. But there truly is no middle anymore on either side. We are becoming civil war divisive once again. We need to learn to embrace our differences and love again.

  17. Keep Crying

    Are really this ridiculous myopic? You don’t see the difference between Pascal calling actual Nazis and white supremacists as he sees them and Carano comparing HERSELF to a Holocaust victim?! You really think the issue here was comparing anyone at any time to a player in WWII?

    You don’t realize the issue is trying to make herself and other white conservatives, who have lived most of their lives as a political majority and had not a single thing expected from them that’s not expected of every member of society, a victim on the order of people who were turned into slaves and killed, because they can’t say awful things and not be fired. She posted an actual photo of a Jewish woman being beaten when she did this. You don’t understand how repugnant that is? How different it is from calling Nazis, Nazis? This firing isn’t a controversy, nor is it hypocritical. It’s the right move by a responsible company with consistent and defendable employment practices. But you know what, keep trying to low-key defend racists with shit like this. We see you.

    And conservatives just keep of blubbering. These tears let us know we’re on the right track.

    1. Jonathan

      Ironically you are proving her right, calling all Republicans “aCtUaL NaZiS” because of what you suck down without critical thought from your media echo chamber. Hatred speech towards those you don’t like.

  18. Mike

    Who cares she sucked as an actress anyways!! Her acting skills is horrible and I’ve been saying that for years. She is the same character in every role the same monotone bad ass LOL it’s basically the same character she played in Deadpool but minus the super powers LOL

  19. Ryan

    She violated her contract after being warned to stop violating her contract, it’s not cancel culture, it’s Gina being an idiot.

  20. Mike West

    If your career is affected by the actions of your public opinions you should use care and caution on what opinions you voice. Sex, religion and politics are hot points and IMO should be avoided.
    Take a lesson from Dolly Parton.

    That being said, Carano’s social media comments weren’t any more inflammatory than others from Lucas Film i.e. Pedro Pascal, however Carano’s viewpoints are Conservative which is why she was fired – under the excuse that her posts were inflammatory.

    Everyone should see that, even Liberals. You know this.

  21. Josh

    I’m sorry, the two posts are not even remotely comparable. Pascal compared trump supporters that engaged in a violent uprising to confederates and nazis. Anyone can be compared to a nazi if the engage in hateful speech or actions. One could say “my mother in-law is a nazi” and not be offending anyone. When you compare yourself to an entire group of people that faced political genocide like Carano did, there is absolutely no excuse. Gina Carano does in absolutely no way have it worse than the murdered Jews of Europe, and that’s where you have to draw the line.

    1. Brian Clark

      Did you even read what either of them actually said? When did the Left decide to just stop acting in good faith? Every criticism of Corano, from Disney’s statement, to virtually every news article, to thousands of negative comments blatantly misrepresent what she said. I mean, are you just intentionally lying when you try to claim Corano compared herself to Holocaust victims, or do you legitimately think her statement said that? It objectively didnt, but I feel like someone needs to ask how so many people can read what amounts to
      1. a brief explanation of how the Nazi’s started laying the groundwork for the holocaust by spreading anti Jewish propaganda and encouraging violence. And
      2. A warning for people to avoid the same hatred toward their neighbors today.
      But come away thinking they read “someone was mean to me on twitter, this must be what Auschwitz was like!!!”

    2. Jonathan

      Pascal made numerous references to Republicans being Nazis well before the Capitol Riot.

      Additionally, the ACTUAL message of Gina’s last “controversial” tweet was that the Holocaust didn’t happen overnight, but it started years and years earlier by the propaganda media sowing discord and division and getting Germans to hate other Germans, to the point that regular citizens would attack other citizens. They spread misinformation, called them hateful things, until people would flat-out bar them from public discourse, ban them from jobs, attack their businesses so they would fail… ALL of which are happening NOW in the United States. Cancel culture is trying to strip people of their public platforms and ruin their careers, the media makes wild accusations with no accountability often enough that people simply accept them without critical thought, leftist news anchors are calling for drones to be used on American soil against Americans, and leftist politicians are literally calling for Republicans to be “re-programmed” and put into re-education camps. If you cannot see the parallels, you are willfully blind.

  22. Susan

    What happened to each person voicing their opinion?? Last one checked, didn’t the constitution give us the right to free speech? Don’t we have the right to our own opinion? Where did the road turn to my opinion is the only one that matters?

    1. Brad Smith

      Hear we go again…. Free speech means the government can’t restrict your speech. Disney is a private corporation and can hold employees accountable for saying things the company disagrees with. Carano’s speech wasn’t infringed, she was held accountable for saying crappy things and being a bit of a jerk about it by digging in her heels. She can say whatever she wants, but that doesn’t mean there are no consequences for what she says

      1. In-The-Middle

        Brad, exactly. Well put.

    2. In-The-Middle

      Susan, no one stopped her right to free speech. She can say whatever she wants. And her employer who had her sign NDAs, Moral Clauses and Ethics Policies has the right to fire her for breaking her contract with THEM. She still has the right to Free Speech. She has not been censored or even edited. Why aren’t people understanding this?

  23. Someone's Dad

    Imagine being upset for Pedro comparing concentration camps to concentration camps! The horror!

    Oh dear snowflake conservatives, before you say “it was under obama!” That is correct. Trump added steroids to it and made it much worse (which is documented).

    Gina Carano thought being disagreed with because of political opinion means she is being hunted and put into camps.

    1. CC

      They want conservatives re-educated. And deprogrammed. That doesn’t ring a bell? I would protect your leftist beliefs as well if they tried to silence you.

    2. In-The-Middle

      Someone’s Dad, exactly!

  24. Brian

    All Carano’s fans are asking is for Disney to operate in good faith, and they repeatedly failed to that in this case. No one cares if they decide to fire actors for making political statements. The problem is they put out and official statement that intentionally slandered Carano by saying she “denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities,” which is a total lie… Whatever you think about the wisdom of her analogy, it certainly wasn’t denigrating anyone (although it did fairly criticize Nazis). What’s worse is that the star of the show they fired her from literally denigrated millions of people when he compared Trump supporters to Nazis and confederates, and Disney just ignored it. Bad faith l plus bad faith plus bad faith.

  25. DisneyMom

    Excellent, well-balanced article on this issue. Too bad the first comment (Daddy Piranha) I see, regarding it, is so full of vitriol and off topic arguments. Regarding his comment that now conservatives get to feel what they started— I dispute his examples stated as facts— but even if true— DaddyP still admits that the behavior was WRONG. Therefore, what is happening now to Gina is still WRONG. It’s a double standard and it’s the worst kind of person who truly has suffered an unfair fate that can turn around and enjoy watching and support another suffer the same. I am dismayed by the continued double standards displayed in these issues across Hollywood, politics, public demonstrations, etc.. It’s incredulous that someone can actually state an opinion, comparing the dangers of the terrible events of the past and compare it to what is happening today— and that opinion be labeled as “racist”. The people that labeled Gina’s comment as racist and canceled her only further gives strength to her comments. People need to understand what kind of harmful group mentality thinking went into Nazism rising to power- we need to recognize it so it cannot happen again. Canceling people talking about it is a dangerous step towards repeating the event. I do Not like actors who are actively working for companies to be expressing their political views, they should all have rules about that. I would Never been able to enjoy the Marvel movies had I seen all the political comments I see now. Fortunately, I enjoyed The movies first— I will forever be able to enjoy them. Maybe if Captain Marcel actress didn’t get political right before her movie- I would have like her more— who knows? I’m a huge fan of Disney— the parks, the cruises, Disney+, Star Wars, etc etc. I havent always agreed with Disney politics but the world is big enough for people to live with all kinds of beliefs. This time, it’s VERY different. I ‘ll be watching this issue unfold- but unless this is rectified- I may cancel Disney from my life.

    1. In-The-Middle

      Disneymom, they do have rules about that. Hence, her firing due to breaking their contract. All their employees sign NDAs, Ethics Policies and Moral Clauses. That’s what this is all about. Disney wants their company to be portrayed in a particular light and has their employees sign off on a particular code of conduct. She has the right to say whatever she wants, just not as their employee under their contract.

  26. Chuck

    Pedro should be fired because he did the same exact thing or Gina rehired. If we are going to make a standard, it should apply to everyone equally. In this case, it could be seen as validation for Ginas point, which is counterproductive to the reason why she was fired.

    1. Tony

      The easy to spot difference is that Pedro called Trump supporters Nazis, Gina called the left wing groups Nazis. Apparently Disney has chosen which one is acceptable.

    2. I think actors who take their work seriously need to do just that. If they want a platform to stoke controversy, then go into politics & earn your following for just that. Nobody who watches Star Wars, wants to hear politics. She knew what she was doing & instead of just doing her job, she chose otherwise. She earn her following for the show & obviously had other intentions of her work. She stated lies & things that many viewed disgusting. I don’t feel bad, she had a dream job with many percs that would of put her in Star Wars legacy. She obviously didn’t care about her fans that much. She will be forgotten & irrelevant now that she doesn’t have a huge platform to abuse.

  27. Splinter6

    Do better than defining women by their relationship to men- mentioning her father in the introduction implies her notoriety is because of him, and diminishes her responsibility for her successes and failures. She earned and lost work because of her actions, let her own it.

  28. Jim

    And with all the Buffy and Angel controversy and it didn’t start there Ray Fischer had problems on the X-men set! Curious to know what Disney’s views are on Wheldon?

  29. Brian Clark

    You said she made a comment “that many deemed anti-Semitic.” Do you really think that’s true?

    Are there really people who think it’s anti-Semetic to explain how the Nazis laid the groundwork for the Holocaust by vilifying Jewish people and turning the neighbors against them? What about warning people to avoid developing that same feeling of hatred toward their own neighbors?

  30. Ava Newton

    Glad a chose to avoid Disney + !

  31. Ken

    Two heards of mindless sheep trained to hate by politicians as pawns in a game of power.
    If you support her losing her job you support Kaepernic losing his. Same reasons, embarrassed employer.
    If you justify your evil by saying someone else’s did it two you are evil. The rest is just lies and excuses for being bad humans.

  32. Thrawn

    She shouldn’t have been fired. Plain and simple. We don’t fire people over political beliefs otherwise Pedro should have been dumped too. But because no one gets outraged when it comes to conservatives or Trump it’s fine. Different standards for different folks. I’ll be following her next project as well as the Mando. Just baffling we get a strong female character and then cancel it.

    1. In-The-Middle

      Thrawn, with all due respect, who is “we?” The Production Company fired her for breaking her contract, not “we.” Now if you want to debate cancel culture and if fan sentiment played into the Production Company’s decision, we can argue that until our fingers fall off. But until that company says that fan sentiment instigated their decision, “we” didn’t have any effect. What their statement said was that the company felt her words and actions were offensive enough to break her Moral Clause and Ethics Policy, in a decision made by them, not “we.” They warned her and she chose to continue, knowing full well the consequences. “We” had nothing to do with it.

      1. Jonathan

        So calling half of the country Nazis and used fake photos to denigrate people of a different political party doesn’t violate this policy, but a historically-accurate warning about the slippery slope of divisive media does?

  33. Kenneth

    Comments on this thread further prove to me what I know is true: no movement or political group today is about equality or ending hate. They’re only about changing the balance of power and changing who we’re allowed to hate.

    1. Chris P

      No, that’s a false equivalence. Standing up for facts, science, and inclusion is not hate.

    2. In-The-Middle

      Kenneth, with all due respect, “changing who we are allowed to hate,” really? What does that even mean? Why would we be so focused upon who we are “allowed” to hate? When love is the answer, why are some so stuck on our grip with hate? Has modern Disney taught us nothing?

      Some want to decide who others can love and marry. Others are fighting for inclusivity and equality across the board in regards to marriage, pay, healthcare opportunity, schooling, infrastructure, etc. That’s love, not hate. Now if you want to call that socialism, we can debate that. But “changing who we are allowed to hate,” I don’t understand that rationale at all.

  34. John

    “Cancel Culture”….. Aka consequences for your actions…. Personal responsibility… Etc.

  35. Clear Thoughts

    Fvck Disney, canceled that’s BS, as quickly as I stopped watching Lethal Weapon, when they fired “the lethal weapon”, aka Clayne Crawford.

    1. Devin

      So you got mad at a show for firing a horrible person, that wouldn’t get along with his co-workers?

  36. Glenn Blankenship

    Thank you Rebecca Barton for an excellently written article, with unbiased facts!

  37. Frank Anastasio

    Why would you want to get a person fired for having their own opinion? Why is it if peoples opinions aren’t the same as yours they should shut up. It’s a Stupid way to live and really just moronic. Fire someone for an opinion… WOW.

    1. Devin

      I don’t agree with the harassment that she got, that was immensely uncalled for, but I can see why Disney wouldn’t want a person, who has made fun of trans people, mask wearing, and posting an image that compares either political party as being anywhere similar to being treated as the Jews were around WWII. Especially after they had warned her about it.

  38. Paul

    Freedom of speech, better watch what you say. (Ice-T album). Gina is a strong woman and should be able to speak her mind. If don’t like what she says, that’s her opinion and all those snowflakes should understand that not all people are sheep some have a mind of their own and have the right to say what they want. I hope that Disney grows a pair of BALLS and PUT GINA BACK ON MANDALORIAN and to hell with crybabies on what she has to say. If Gina is not back then I hope the directors and actors and actresses stay up for her and shut down Mandalorian.

    1. In-The-Middle

      Paul, that Ice-T album was censored by the PMRC, yes Tipper Gore. Gina was not censored. She gets to say whatever she wants. Companies have the ability to set standards of conduct for their employees. The comparison of that album is apples and oranges. Govt restrictions vs corporation restrictions. Not that I agree with either.

      1. beepboopbop

        You keep making this argument… and also keep IGNORING the fact that Pedro made the same politically charged posts and he wasn’t punished. Disney didn’t fire her for “breaching contract”… they fired her for being a conservative AND YOU KNOW THIS so stop lying.

  39. Ed

    Misogyny is acceptable if it is against conservative women. Also, kinda ironic that a series based on fighting for freedom and rebellion fires a person for exercising their freedom when not on company time (Colin Kaepernick).

  40. Nate

    All liberals do is destroy everything great! You snowflakes can’t handle free speech and have to cancel everything you disagree with! If you don’t like something do what conservatives do just stop watching what you disagree with and stop trying to cancel and destroy people lives just because your feeling got hurt its pathetic!

    1. In-The-Middle

      Nate, with all due respect, the Libs didn’t cancel anything.

  41. Lowell

    In regards to Pascal calling trump supporters Nazis and Confederates, have you seen the videos of the Capital riots?? They are, literally carrying Nazi and Confederate flags!! So there are no repercussions for calling people what they are!!

  42. Phil

    All of this happened because manbabies and womanbabies are too immature and ignorant to understand a metaphor.

    Listen, 60iq sjw ; one day, they are going to come for you and then nobody will defend you because you approved every censorship corporations did.

    By the way, thoses that say “it’s a corporation, they have all the rights to censorship.” are the worst. Corporations are starting to have very big monopoly and are starting to have so much power that i would not be surprised if they started their own army. Most contracts corporations do are unacceptable and people sign it because they have no choice except leave or accept.

    1. In-The-Middle

      Phil, I’m confused, we are “the worst” for stating the facts about companies and corporations, but you then further agree that corporations have that power and those contracts? Are you factoring yourself into the “they” in “they are worst?” You are stating our exact point. Free Speech is not corporate. However, I do agree with you that corporations have too much power. But that doesn’t give employees a free pass. They still sign. It is their choice.

  43. In-The-Middle

    Ed, I actually agree with you that it is a bit ironic. However, within the company’s discretion. It’s not a government agency.

    With companies like the UFC, employees are even contracted to wear certain gear (Reebok) and to not participate in certain activities that may endanger the employee. Donald Cerrone is a perfect example. They do not have a policy for speech and can say whatever whenever. It is up to the individual company.

    The WWE has NDAs and codes of conduct policies and also limit what can be said in social media, to the tune of taking over an employee’s social media account. They can take a percentage of their social media income as well. Its contracted that way.

    Colin Kaepernick is a great example of a man standing up against police brutality (clearly not all police are guilty of this) and standing up for equality by kneeling, knowing full well if he CONTINUED to take a knee he may be fired. And he continued to do so in protest, just like Gina.

  44. Chet Kwiat

    Why is it that actors can present views that many perceive as very liberal with no consequences yet if they have views that are conservative they get punished? You don’t need to tell me, it is because the media, including movies and television are very liberal and stick together. Sad to me!😥

  45. Jeff D

    Social media posts should almost and outcry for or against them should almost never be the cause of any action to hire or fire someone.

    We might as well just submit to mob rule in all things of this becomes the way

  46. Mateo Makurasuki

    Wow. Most of y’all are stupid AF. Cancel culture is practiced on both sides. It’s in everyone’s faces now because the media is mainly left and terrified of the woke left (smh). The right isn’t as effective at cancel culture because it’s based on hate or fear or ignorance and the left is effective because although based on ignorance and hate, it is couched in “I’m a good person and this is what the left says a good person does now”.
    Carano’s mistake was comparing conservatives to the Jews who died in the Holocaust. Pascal compared trump supporters to those killing the Jews. There is a difference but it shouldn’t have led to carano being fired. It wasn’t anti Semitic but it was an ignorant stretch of the imagination.
    And lol to those conservatives here who think that the right didn’t try to cancel Colin Kaepernick and the NFL. They def canceled Kaepeenick because teams were deathly afraid to sign him because of the right-wing backlash that would’ve come.

  47. Dan

    No they’re not, just shut up for the love of Christ 😒 drama drama drama just let em be for crying out loud

  48. Kathy B

    Let me boil it down for you.

    1. Both actors likely have a whole page included in their contracts about social media, as ALL big companies require now.
    2. Pedro was told by Disney to knock it off and he did.
    3. Gina was told by Disney to knock it off and she didn’t.
    4. Favreau went to bat for her and this was how she showed her appreciation.
    5. No doubt she was also warned by her agency, which is why they dropped her because that’s a fat commission check they’re not getting anymore.
    She’s not special and she’s not a victim. And she’s too damned old to act like a stubborn, spoiled brat.
    Anyway, it’s not like the show is losing a GOOD actress. She was the weakest link in that cast. Even the puppet had more range.

  49. Rhonda J

    Whether what she said was right or wrong shouldn’t matter. We’re supposed to have freedom of speech in this country. Why shouldn’t she be able to express her opinion? You don’t have to like it. You have the option to ignore it. Even better, it could actually open up an intelligent conversation that others can learn from. We need to stop “cancelling” people because they have a different opinion. It’s no different than the censorship other generations have fought against. Remember countless generations of Americans died to protect these freedoms. Its time to stop this insanity before we destroy democracy.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      I think the people telling lies about the election and storming the Capitol to overthrow the government did a pretty good job of trying to destroy democracy. Gina got fired because Disney did the math and decided there are more people against her that would stop spending money than there are people that would stop spending money if she stayed. It just means the people upset with the firing are in the minority. Just free market economy at work.

      1. beepboopbop

        Which lies are those? The ones about the 2016 election not being legit, or that Trump was “colluding” with Russia and a pawn of Putin? Those lies were spouted for 3 years straight and you didn’t care. As for the storming of the Capitol – that side has 300 million guns, and they all forgot to bring them, while wearing capes and viking horns and minding the purple rope barriers. So scary! You do know the Capitol was bombed twice before? Once by Clinton’s friend whom he pardoned, and once again by Obama’s political mentor. Again – you didn’t care because its all just team sports.

  50. Very Amused

    *grabs popcorn*

  51. Porky

    Would be cool if Favreau found his nutsack and put a stop to this garbage. Don’t really care about American politics, being that I’m not American and don’t consume as much CNN as my fellow commenters here; I just want Mandalorian to be a good show.

    1. Heather

      He saved her job once before. She kept being stupid and eventually got fired. She dug her own grave.

  52. Scoobydoo71

    This is not about politics or cancel culture, it’s about hypocrisy.

    I am a left of center thinking person but abhor hypocrisy in any form, I will veer right on some occasions if the ideas make sense.

    Posted today on Twitter when talking about funding billboards against Ted Cruz:

    Posted by Stronger Forever @CapricornDani

    “I wonder if we could put one up that says Josh Hawley is the next Hitler…

    Have you read his story? It’s reminiscent of the early parts of Hitler’s rise. Also Voldemort’s.”

    So as a left leaning person I can’t agree with the fact that liberal/left leaning people are saying these things with no pushback.

    If it’s wrong for one then it’s wrong for all.

  53. Joshua Blankinship

    Kathleen Kennedy is a garbage human being. The best thing she could do is “fade in” to a new job washing dishes and knitting sweaters. She doesn’t belong at Lucas Films she belongs in the unemployment line.

    1. F0ffDunce

      Troll and miserably fail harder you pathetic geek twatwaffle

  54. This Lady

    I came for disney magic and what I ended up having was a strong desire for popcorn. I must get away and can’t stop staring. The crazy is leaking out of twitter and staining my favorite happy place. Wtf trolls?!? This part of the internet doesnt want you!

  55. Kate Morton

    I came for disney magic and what I ended up having was a strong desire for popcorn. I must get away and can’t stop staring. The crazy is leaking out of twitter and staining my favorite happy place. Wtf trolls?!? This part of the internet doesnt want you!

  56. Rob

    Honestly who cares?! The insurrectionist right like to bad mouth HOLLYWEIRD but take up for Carano like she’s some kind of war hero for blabbing her mouth. They think Disney gives a poop what they do? Disney has grown more and more inclusive despite the soccer moms threatening to cancel their 400 dollar super saver coupon vacation packages! Fools!

    1. Heather

      Soccer moms? What I see on the internet are a bunch of angry, ugly, Taliban-bearded Gina fan boys (especially on YouTube) who make hate blogs, who spout rumors, lies, and other nonsense, who talk trash about women who aren’t conservative, who demand Pedro Pascal be fired, and who scream about “cancel culture”… then they turn around and put in a hashtag about cancelling Disney! Their stupidity is unbelievable, and they’re too dense to realize what hypocrites they are. They’re like spiteful 4-year-olds who don’t get their way.

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