Comments for ‘Mandalorian’ Might Use Cad Bane to End Tragic ‘Star Wars’ Story Arc


Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Isaac Mounce

    Cad Bane is no Clint Eastwood. If Eastwood was any Star Wars character, it would obviously be the Mandalorian

    1. Greg

      Cad Bane is literally modeled after Lee Van Cleef’s character (Angel Eyes) in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. He’s not Clint, he’s Clint’s biggest foe.

      1. CraxyD

        If age weren’t a factor, I’d cast Jeremy Irons as Cad Bane

  2. Wander McMooch

    Yaay! Cad Bane! The coolest dude in the galaxy! Okay now INSIDETHEMAGIC.NET, write and article about how fans are clamoring for him to be cast as a woman.

    1. Antonius Lee Wallace

      Bane is a cool character but not sure how he transfers from animation. They would have to make sure not to have cheesy graphics.

  3. Mick

    Didn’t Boba Fett already kill him? Is that canon or not?

    1. Jet black

      Pretty sure boba already killed him in a duel, that is how boba got the famous dent in his helmet.

  4. Marik

    I hope, the Faverau/Filoni team don’t bring us right back to the main characters from the films and to some extent the animated series. What makes Mando so cool is that he is a new character. One you can watch walk his path in the SW universe. Once you introduce all the former characters. you are going to start rehashing stories. I hope they don’t use The Mandolarian and other new shows to tie up loose ends from the big screen stories. Make new adventures, the galaxy is a big place.

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