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cinderella castle lights

Credit: Disney


  1. Dusti Hicks

    My vote is “no” to the holiday decorations during the 50th anniversary. I was at Disneyland in December 2015 for the 60th anniversary. And you’re right, they did not have much for holiday decor on the castle. I was planning on visiting WDW this December, but because of my previous experience. I’ve opted for a March 2021 visit (during my birthday)

    1. Krysti

      I just wanted to say that it wasn’t that Disney DECIDED not to do the dream lights in 2020. They physically were not able to put up the lights. When we were on vacation at Disney World we spoke to a cast member who said it takes several months for those lights to be prepped to go on the castle. And when everything was shut down due to the pandemic they weren’t able to have anyone working on the lights, and that time could not be made up once they reopened. So they were unable to have them ready in time for the holidays. Disney was just as disappointed as the guests were that there wouldn’t be any dream lights for the holidays. That distinction made, I could see them potentially skipping dream lights the next two years if the 50th anniversary decorations hinder their ability to put up the dream lights- but guests will be pretty upset. It will be interesting to see what happens!

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