Comments for Fans Want Another ‘Mandalorian’ Actress to Replace Gina Carano

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  1. Matt

    Why don’t you admit that its you want want Gina off the show?
    Your “Coverage” has been VERY one-sided.
    This is a hit piece and pure “opinion”.
    Perhaps its time to boycott InsideTheMagic until they replace you?

    1. Michelle

      Sounds to me like a petition for her return is in order. One was done for Johnny Depp.

      1. Michelle

        Just found a well-written petition at Change.org titled “Disney: Rehire Gina Carano.” I signed it and left a comment.

        1. Like it or not, we love in a country where there’s freedom of speech. That being said, in a high profile job, if you want to keep it, use censorship.

      2. Michelle is Nuts

        My fav part of Mandalorian was when Baby Grogu choked that Gina Carano out! Grogu knew she was a white supremist nutjob…

        1. Chrissy

          Nice, so death to people who don’t think like you.

        2. Chris

          Name one thing she has ever said that was clearly white supremacist (<= the correct way to spell that word, btw)? I guarantee you that it would require some generous misinterpretation on your part.

      3. RM

        Bring Gina back! Don’t you realize the cancel culture in NOT the voice of the general public!! Grow some brass one’s.

  2. Like it or not, we live in a country where there’s freedom of speech. That being said, in a high profile job, if you want to keep it, use censorship.

    1. ImRightUrWrong

      At least be consistent with your censorship. Don’t you recall Pedro Pascal tweeting similar Holocaust comparisons that were ‘abhorrent’?

      1. cderose

        What is so ironic is that you just proved her point. I loved the Mandalorian series. Enough with banning free speech. Your hypocrisy is showing. Is Disney about providing great entertainment or just about making political statements. Bring entertainment back, bring Gina Carano back or I won’t be coming back.

    2. Chris

      You’re missing the point. The point is that Disney only expects one side of the aisle to keep their mouths closed — they’ll cover for others.

      The question is whether freedom of speech is being respected or not (and yes, I do like freedom of speech, so should anybody who likes sharing their opinions in comment threads like this). One of the most powerful companies in the world – one with arguably as much power and leverage to censor and silence people as the U.S. government – has decided that it’s more important to shut down opposing points of view than it is to do their jobs as entertainers. It’s looking down its nose at half of the U.S. population with disdain and disgust, and firing up the tribal tensions in the country over very minor matters. Disney has a high profile job too, and they’ve used their supremely powerful resources to smear and reject a woman for thinking differently than them in her personal life.

      They can reject Gina. We can reject them.

  3. Y

    I like her in the part. Her personal life I choose not to follow. People are people. If you don’t like their opinions, don’t read them.

  4. Tamara Dowd

    Just like Disney has become, do as I say, think what I think, or else!

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