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cara dune the believer

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Michelle

    Ben Shapiro is Jewish and apparently not “offended” by her Holocaust comparison comments. Why didn’t Pedro Pascal get cancelled for calling Trump supporters Nazis? Of course, he shouldn’t be. Global elites getting rich while trying to demoralize and rip our nation apart continues ad nauseum.

    1. Sorin

      You got mentally problems when you believe your truth is the only way

    2. Sue

      You need to get a grip. Pablo Pascal made the same comparison to Trump yet he wasn’t fired. So either both get fired or both stay on the job. You cannot have it both ways. Perhaps it is you that needs to sit down and be quiet while the adults work this out.

    3. Joshua C Bucholz

      Hahah this moron..

  2. TheGomJabbar


    What is it with Trumpers and rightwing wackos always picking over-the-top names that end up becoming laughingstock?

    Like Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” that turned out to be a slightly-undersized crawdad.

    1. Denise B.

      You godless commie scumbag supporters are the laughing stock. You are all so afraid of America-loving patriots, you all try to cancel us out. Just remember, none of you are fooling God.

    2. CFG

      They’re animated nut jobs, that’s why. They live in a comic book reality (which is an insult to comic books) and just make stuff up regarding fake election fraud, this Q idiocy and throwing out Black votes.

  3. Jason Jones

    And Disney just hired Krystina Arielle who loves to make racially inflammatory tweets, but it’s fine because her crazy is Lefist. 🙄

    1. Matt

      Lie. I read her tweets and they were honest notes about how people should be accountable in discussions about race… stop whining

    2. CFG

      Gee, MAGA, let me ask you…did any of Krystina’s tweets support five people being killed at a Seditionist riot, not wearing a mask for a virus that has killed hundreds of thousands or supper the throwing out of White votes to ensure a win for Biden? NO, SHE DID NOT. Define: False Equivalency.

      While you’re at it, did you support Colin Kaepernicks freedom of speech? I bet you didn’t, because he’s non-white and non-Conservative. 🤡

      1. Sue

        What Colin Kaepernick did is unpatriotic and he chose the wrong time to do it. When in uniform you are on the job and you have no opinion. He can protest on his own time about whatever he wants. He was a horrible player anyway.
        Tim Tebow took a knee after a touchdown to thank God and everyone nearly had heart attack. If Tim can’t do it neither can Colin. You cannot have it both ways.

  4. Lainey

    Take down the Death Star? Ok. I highly doubt whatever she is going to do will even come close to rivaling the Star Wars franchise. But good luck with that. 👍

  5. Barb

    It would be wonderful if Disney only showed allegiance to its customers. The company does not have a winning strategy with a political agenda to gain favor with the Democratic party. We will see if Michael Eisner becomes ambassador to China, but whether he does or does not, Disney is clearly taking a path that alienates a majority of Americans either working for or patronizing Disney in the US. If Would be wonderful if Disney took the high ground and publicly announcedbthey are not contributing or engaging with any political party any longer and are putting their customers dollars to work on providing the best entertainment experience in the world. Who could argue with that?

    1. BakaPenguin

      Of the $19,000,000 donated to political campaigns and PACs by the Walt Disney Company in 2020, a little over half went to Conservatives.

  6. Rich

    Gina, you go girl! And I’ll be taking my family to Universal now.

    1. Sue

      Agreed. We stop going to Disney a few years ago because of their disregard to handicapped people.

  7. Paul

    Goody – maybe now she can get some acting lessons. And I’m sure she’s got all the chops necessary to be a top-notch producer.

    I’ll start popping the corn now so I can watch her public crash and burn.

  8. Fred

    Many of the people complaining about cancel culture now, are the same ones who told Kaepernick to just shut up and play football, smh.

  9. Denise B.

    I commend her for standing up against these godless commie scumbags that are always trying to attack, cancel out, and silence American-loving patriots who believe in God and country and our freedoms and Constitution. Those who support these people live in a reality created by the media that isn’t even real; and, like parrots, they just repeat everything the media tells them to believe.

  10. Daddy Piranha

    “The Daily Wire is helping make one of my dreams — to develop and produce my own film — come true.”
    As long as you aren’t “acting” in the film, I’m sure it will do just fine. Too bad you won’t be making that Star Wars cash, but neither do I.
    Wish you the best in not repeatedly pissing off your next boss too!

  11. Sorin

    Lucasfilm completely target Gina months ago but Lucasfilm doesn’t loose her we the viewers we loose her but of curse Lucasfilm doesn’t care about people, it ALL ABOUT POLITICAL if you are leftist and said anything about right people you can be terrorist, criminal whatever, left will always welcome you because “you stand for your bs believe”.
    Natzi was leftist
    Communist was leftist
    Socialism is leftist
    Totalitarian is leftist
    When you force people to believe what you believe and force them to paid for your believe and force people embrace your believe….you are Natzi, Communist.

  12. Jeremy Moore

    Stickin it to Lucas Films. She’s gonna make dozens of dollars

  13. Did is Da way

    She hates making money

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