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  1. KenG

    I am local, and I agree there should be some non-local benefits for all Legacy APs.
    But we never got discounts on Shop Disney and I’m not sure how that can be implemented. If you try and link your annual pass to the Disneyland app it says “this pass is no longer valid”.
    So Disney would have to update the app, Shop Disney and all so we could all link our “legacy passes” – And since all these extra discounts are only for a few more weeks, I don’t see that happening.

    The point is, except for discounts on resort hotels and some vacation plans, I don’t think there has ever been discounts for APs unless you were in the parks, as is the same for other theme parks.

    So yes, it would be nice to mail out pins or some other trinket, but other than that I’m not sure what can be done.

  2. KenG

    Sorry, I misspoke on my last comment and meant to say for Disneyland APs we never had a discount on Shop Disney or the Disney Stores, which would be nice right now!

  3. MYF

    I am a Signature Passholder (family of 3) and I live in Northern California. I find it unfair that Disney has only given perks to people that can visit their property. I can’t take advantage of the discount, photo ops, and previews which is particularly frustrating.

    Even a special section for Legacy AP holders on shopdisney would be nice. I would love for previous AP exclusive items sold at the parks to be available online (i.e popcorn buckets).

    I think they’re missing out on the chance, opportunity, and profit to keep the # of passholders outside of the people that can go to the Disneyland area.

  4. Art

    We live in Oregon and grew up in So. California and buy 6 annual passes for us our children and granddaughters and we didn’t even get a chance to do the survey for the new passes they are thinking of using! I think it is really too bad that unless you live in Southern California Disney doesn’t care about you!

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