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  1. Disneyland without rides? Nope,can’t see myself doing that. I go to Disneyland for the rides and attractions ,not just the food and shopping. I wouldn’t bother going if there are no rides or attractions. Just my opinion.

  2. Eric M

    I would pay nothing

  3. Cj Brown


    If Team Disney Anaheim is finally catching up with Knott’s Berry Farm (next door in Buena Park) with their affordable Food Festivals? Then I wouldn’t pay any more than $45 …. yes I want Cast Members and Staff to go back to work, but if Knott’s Berry Farm can do it affordably (even offering curbside pickup from their famous chicken restaurant), then that’s exactly what Disneyland needs to do.

    The Disney brand name does not equal ‘pay twice as much’ , and it’s time for Disney Fans to stop endorsing ‘you pay more for our product’ (especially when the quality of the merchandise has gone downhill).

  4. Nancy James

    I would not pay anything just to come in to spend money on food and merchandise. If ticket included coupon for food I might pay $25-50.

  5. Why would I pay anything just to be allowed in to pay more money to buy food items? No rides equal no paying for me.

  6. Walt

    You forgot yummy tacos at Rancho Zocalo … and 20 dollars maximum to go with no rides gimme a break the food is lousy it only tastes good with rides open plus Disneyland is not transparent with allergen information thumbs down

  7. Cameron

    Hahahaha you can eat in DCA right now for free…why would I pay just to acces the same mediocre overpriced food?

    1. Jameson

      Yeah…that’s a no from me. Just spend the money you were gonna spend and put it toward a Disney World vacation.

  8. Think one place for both park.Becsuse there still Alot of people that are not working.25.00 because u still have 2 pay for parking.

  9. Brian Dean

    I would pay $100 if I could bring my dogs

  10. kns

    I would pay for parking. I would not pay to go and eat and shop. That is ridiculous. The reality is that Disneyland staff would be smart to allow a few 100-1000 folks in to test the spacing and listen to feedback.

  11. Sue

    Nothing… I would shop and eat..

  12. Sandicombs

    Would love to go just one more time.

  13. Fred

    Here is a better idea of how to open Disneyland early, without all the masks and distancing,in complete safety. At the moment, 1.5 million Americans are being vaccinated every day for coronavirus. If they were to reopen Disneyland, but limit entrance to ONLY those with proof that they had been vaccinated, if the only people inside Disneyland were those who had complete immunity from the disease, there’s no way they could be endanger each other. And as more and more people get vaccinated each day, the potential number of guests would grow at a steady pace, until things were completely back to normal. As a bonus, it would encourage people to get vaccinated, especially those who weren’t planning to, because quite a few people would go get vaccinated if it meant that they could go back to Disneyland in complete safety. 57 million Americans have already had at least one vaccination shot, so we are already talking about a significant number of people. I’m one of them, and will receive my second dose in March. I would go to Disneyland in a second if they reopened to only vaccinated guests.

    1. Ex dis fan

      So your saying, people who dont get the vaccine wont be allowed to go to disneyland, seems like a punishment to me, good for you for getting the vac, i dont trust it, its still to new to get, but if millions of people get the vac then they are safe so i dont have to get vac, ill pass on the vaccine and going to disney, ill keep my money, disney is way over priced and not worth it anymore, so enjoy yourself

      1. Lou

        It’s that kind of attitude that is going to stop the vaccine from ending this pandemic quickly.

      2. Fred

        No, it wouldn’t be a punishment.. If anything, it would be a reward for those who do the right thing and get the vaccinations to protect their neighbors. But mostly, it’s simple common sense to not allow people in the park who may well be carrying a deadly disease, and it’s something that insurance companies will almost certainly demand.. Which is why the park is now closed. But now that vaccinations are available, there is no reason why EVERYONE (including those who have had the vaccinations, and who now have full immunity) should be punished by being kept out of the park simply because there are some who refuse to do the right thing. It’s not a matter so much of excluding the unvaccinated, as it is a matter of NOT excluding those we know no longer pose a threat to public health. It’s perfectly safe for those who have been vaccinated to share the park together, and in the future, if the current shutdown continues, it should only apply to those unvaccinated who still pose a threat.

  14. Stacy Smith

    There are no “rides” at Disney. They are “ attractions.” They do not use the term “rides.” Surprised to see this headline with Rides in it

  15. Paul

    I’d pay for parking only. The rest is a like a super cool outdoor mall. I’m there to spend money on food and merchandise. The parks are the draw to get me there – let’s face it, it’s not exactly convenient for most of us.

  16. CarolineRN

    I’d pay very little to zero.
    I’ve always loved Disneyland since I was 10.
    It’s ALWAYS been there for all of us. The powers that be and the worst I hear, the gov. of California may have just shut it down too darn long. probably out of some bizarre political reason. It’s gone way beyond people being sick with corona virus.
    I have mourned the loss of Disneyland but I’ll live and so will my family and millions of others?

  17. em


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