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  1. KenG

    This just does not make sense and I would have liked to have seen in this article (if it was available) information as to what the safety violations this company is claiming where.

    The article says the violations were on one of the buildings. What I don’t get is why this contractor didn’t completely the work on the remaining 17 and simply tell Disney on this one building additional work needs to be done first to bring it up to code.

    Let me put it this way: I know our stairs in our house (built in the mid 1980’s) are not up to today’s codes. They are switch-back stairs and do not have a proper landing at the mid way point where they turn. But if I was going to have our kitchen remodeled as example the contractor is not going to say, “your stairs are out of code so we can’t do your kitchen”. – Right? But that seems to what is going on here.

    It also seems this contractor had money-flow issues from the start. Subs usually get paid some up-front money, sometimes 50% because they in-turn need to pay their workers. And if the works stops, at least the subs got paid up until then. So something is not right here. Especially if Disney paid more to another contractor to eventually complete the work.

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